Tuesday, July 5, 2011



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Anonymous said...

Hep x3 Hurray !

The son of Ali-baba : " shit shit shit !"

bruno said...

In the end Ms Ambiga and her committee acomplished what they set out to do.Congrats to her and the committe and the supporting NGOs,bloggers and participants.

elizabeth said...

Lets look at the silver lining... Tks to the govt's concerted efforts to outlaw Bersih, Bersih 2.0 had a lot of publicity in both the MSM and alternative media. In 2007, I did not know what Bersih was all about, this time I do and so do many others who are like me. Having it in the stadiums is not all bad, as more people may feel more at ease and join.

Jong said...

Is there any truth, are we supposed to believe the 'Polis find' of bags of yellow Bersih t-shirts, petrol bombs and parangs allegedly linked to Bersih?

Those Mata-Mata better buck up and be more professional and responsible in their work, swing into action and get to the bottom of who is responsible and behind planting those 'find'.

More than RM350m a year of tax-payers money(not Najib's, not Hishamuddin's or UMNO's) have been spent on them for their training and maintenance. We expect nothing but the best that they protect the Rakyat/citizens from evil-doers, not allow them to be framed just to please their political masters!

bumi-non-malay said...

We now need to take this win-Lose to win - win. We won the heart and minds of the people and still Lost because UMNO-BN and Election will do NOTHING on the 8 Point.

I am angry that the Myth Titah did not even Titah the EC make indelible ink - COMPULSORY for every election.....remember come 31 August we Wear Black on Merdeka if nothing happen or done by Agong / Sultan.

secondly if a rally/march causes disruption......should all Rally/March be Banned forever. Ban the awal Muharram March, Thaipusam or Lion Dance March in future too. Marching and Rally cannot be contained...it is a basic freedom we Malaysia must be allowed to express.

So we can now Play Politics and March from those ORIGINAL site to Stadium....we need to disrupt UMNO hollow victory and means to control BERSIH. Come 31 August we send reminder to Agong/Sultan on Merdeka Day on HITAM.....Wear Black on Merdeka.

I am confident nothing will be done to the 8 points.......does it mean there will be Bersih 3 and the New Agong titah again....and we the gullible rakyat need to March to remind again the Royalty.....I say pretend to hold rally at stadium but Continue the March from Original Points to Stadium. Because STADIUN TUTUP on 9 July!!!...Stop playing the Perception game Raja Petra so want to sell......Play the ENFORCE game of BERSIH or Else....Jordan, Bahrain, Nepal....

Anonymous said...

Ha ha we believe in the police force

Old Fart said...

Just consider everything that UMNO, the police, the Election Commission and UMNO bloggers had to do just to discredit Bersih. In the end Bersih gets a Royal audience. That must surely be a major let down for all the anti-Bersih people. Ibrahim Ali must be hoping for a Royal audience himself. But if he does not get one in the next few days, wonder how he is going to face his wife and other girlfriends. After all most of his posturings are only to impress them isn't it? And fools of course!! Would seem like Mahathir is impressed and so he keeps company with dungus like Ib Ali.

What about the police? They must surely feel so let down when their own ultimate boss, the King, meets up with those they would consider criminal!!

Anonymous said...

As MB Khalid Ibrahim have said, in the stadium, no "oomph!"

Coz there won't be live audience.
It's just us, no one else. No one else to see us demonstrating!!!

Let's go back to da street !!!!

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of jokers.

When suggested initially to use a stadium many were adamant and dead set on taking it to the streets.

Now look what happened. Legs between your tails.

Nothing is going to change la. In 2007 you jokers marched, what has happened? Nothing change.

Hello ... this is Malaysia la.

zorro said...

Nothing changed after Bersih2007? These jokers who marched won 5 states from the thieving BN. If there were no cheating Pakatan would have won more states. These jokers are really great.
BTW, what is "Legs between your tails"? First time hearing this...where from you?

Anonymous said...

bro..we should get all motorists to switch on car/motorbikes/bicycle/tricycle/becha headlights to protest the stupid road block by POLIS RAJA DI MALAYSIA ..

Anonymous said...

planning to walk from puchong 14mile to kl city to beat the traffic jam...considered my walk-a-marathon (and exercise), whichever stadium or location it will be.

Rain or shine.

Anonymous said...

Which ever party win or loss does not matter, as long as the message (Bersih’s call for the 8 points) has been spread out nationally and internationally + it has even got the participation of the king. More ever, Bersih could invite BBC, Aljazeera, CNN etc to telecast live the Bersih Campaigns, may be in many stadiums throughout Malaysia. This is a great success to Bersih! What more do we expect and ask for??

Anonymous said...

Johor is a remote chance of being captured before PR takes Putrajaya. It can win some seats but that is about it. But the truth is with ANY UMNO/BN organisation – its core is competitive BUT it quickly deteriorates outside the core because of their very feudal nature of everything they do.

So if the core is weak itself i.e., Johor, other states are have more than an even chance of being captured. Terengganu, Negeri Sembilan, parts of Melaka and Pahang.

PR don’t need to capture Johor, even if just dented, its enough..

new fart said...

Ha...ha..."legs between your tail"! Fark....AMENO educated dumbo!

Anonymous said...

Samsam: I give our mata2 many pinches of salt when they claim that they find "bags of yellow Bersih T-shirts, petrol bombs and parangs allegedly linked to Bersih. Parangs are items they would always find whenever they shot or detained some suspects. Yeah, they claimed they found parangs in Amirnudin (the Shah Alam boy that was shot dead) car driven by him.

Anonymous said...

Yup! They probably keep the same batch of parang in their car boot and take them out and place them on the alleged crime scene.

These people are damn top class. Give them a bit more time, ya. They will find Bersih links to the Al Qaeda, the Talibans, the CIA, the MI5, the Isrealis, Hamas, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, the Transformers, X-Men ... even to Lord Valdemort, Don Corleone, Karl Marx and Arnold Schwarrrr ...!

Bersih people are bunch of dirty folks!!!

Anonymous said...

i got a bad feeling about the stadium thing... i dont know what but just dont feel good, can i just watch you guys over my 52" HD plasma, with 'kuaci' and coke?

Anonymous said...


Won 5 states?? Cheating by BN?? You drunk or what??

Think carefully, what caused the fall of Perak?? In the first place, u fools in PR selected the wrong candidates, who in turn played ur arses.

Ok tell u what old fart, go to the stadium this Sat. Shout and scream all you want and lets see this GE13 whats the outcome.

Dont cry should u jokers lose Selangor.

Anonymous said...

anon July 6, 8:39 PM

Let them "menang sorak kampong tergadai"

Here's the outcome for GE13;

Selangor, Kedah, Penang back to BN and PAS will reinstate Kelantan with reduced majority.
Anwar will be back to his 'hometown' Bamboo River and Karpal will continue to look for big case after lost Anwar.

Ambiga’s struggle since day one has always been 'ambiguous', but she seem to enjoy the popularity and some said she's the new hero after Karpal.

Federal will regain Putrajaya with land slide 2/3 majority and best of all...

...we will all unite again as 1Malaysia.

Najib will get rid all his corrupt ministers and put in more new and young faces in the cabinet.

Also worth mentioning, closer to the GE, more PAS, PKR member cross to BN and Zorro will commit suicide (not sure how).

Anonymous said...

I was watching TV7 and they got that silat master who would encouraged his followers to beat up people who want a peaceful rally to say that he was not out to cause trouble although that was exactly what his intention was. Then then got others to come other to hammer Bersih when all Bersih did was to have a peace rally which others wanted to disrupt. Never in my life would I have thought that there are such people who would go against the rakyats' voice for a fair and clean election. And they said we are democratic enough to voice our opinions!

Jong said...

This is disturbing that Prime Minister Najib has gone to such lengths, calling this silat master who obviously is a thug through and through, to beat up participants of peaceful Bersih rally!

No exponent of martial arts be it Silat, Karate, Taekwondo or Kungfu in their right frame of mind, will be that irresponsible to beat up unarmed and peaceful citizens of Malaysia coming together to call for 'transparency, clean and fair' election!

We have had enough of this prime minister, he has to GO, no ifs no buts!

Live "bersihly" said...

There's bad feeling about this, in a sense!

The response and feel last night when BN lashed back via their media.

What's worst, the Agong's position has be prejudiced. The Office has been dishonoured by UMNO!!!

Now you know even Stadiums won't do for BN! So they USED the Agong.

I hope Bersih organizers have pretty smart operators around. Sure they have. The reason being the FEAR the BN has is seen through their response.

But Amiga has what it takes for this and lets hope those helping have same!