Tuesday, July 19, 2011


ZAID IBRAHIM has been off my blog-radar since he resigned from PKR. I wish him success in what he wants to do although deep inside, yes, quite deep, he cannot lead a political entity when he is surrounded with insipidly bland, superficial, superfluous parasitic wannabe aides/advisors. Zaid cannot be a politician. He is too nice. Many politicians are not! He is honest. Most politicians are not. Most politicians are cunning. He is not….he only shoots his mouth when he overreacts, and that was too often during the PKR elections.

I have kept this chose to my chest. But I’d like to get this off my chest. Zaid could serve well, leading our plethora of credible NGOs which is really our THIRD FORCE per se, despite it being the flavor of the present. Bring all these under an umbrella organization empowered by the rakyat. But before you do this, get rid of your advisors but keep your son EZRA close to you. I have strong, good vibes about this young man.

Anyway, this post is not about Zaid really. It is more about our spendthrift Defence Minister Zahid whom Zaid warned about.

Reported in Malaysiakini, Defence Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi has refuted his former fellow minister Zaid Ibrahim's allegation of spiralling costs in off-shore patrol vessels (OPVs).

Ahmad Zahid said the ministry has just signed a letter of intent for the project.

“We (the ministry) have not agreed on a suitable price for the project or the main contractors involved or its sub-contractor to provide the systems for the OPVs,” he said.

“How could Zaid know about this when there is nothing concrete being worked out yet. It seems he knows more than us and there is no deal finalised," said the defence minister.

Then quickly he shifted suddenly into a feared danger facing the world – Bioterrorism!

“The threat of bioterrorism has the potential to grow incrementally in the coming decades," he said.

Asked how ready Malaysia was to face such attacks, Ahmad Zahid agreed that the country's preparations had to be stepped up further. He revealed that besides hospitals, the country had little to fall back upon.

For this occasion I will agree with DM Zahid. Let’s go for preventive bioterrosism…..our two submarines can snuff out any maritime invasion and we certainly don’t need any OPVs. Don’t forget we have the third line of defence who could man the subs, yah? So, don’t snub our subs!

Even if our third line fails, we could take the cue from what Paris Hilton is reading:

Upon publication of his principles of war, Sun Tzu was summoned before a leading warrior king and asked to submit his theories to a test; Sun Tzu consented. Two companies of women, untrained in military matters, were formed up and each placed under the command of one of the king’s favorite concubines. They were armed and given cursory instruction in the then-current manual of arms and close order drill. Then, to the sound of drums, Sun Tzu gave the order, “Right turn!” The only response of the “companies” was one of laughter. Sun Tzu remarked: “If the words of command are not clear and distinct, if orders are not thoroughly understood, then the general is to blame.” Again uttering the same command and receiving the same response, Sun Tzu then declared: “If the words of command are not clear and distinct, if orders are not thoroughly understood, the general is to blame. But if his orders are clear, and the soldiers nevertheless disobey, then it is the fault of their officers.” So saying and much to the consternation of the warrior king, Sun Tzu ordered the two company commanders beheaded and replaced by a member of each company. The execution was viewed by all, the drum was again sounded for drill, and the companies thereafter executed all maneuvers with perfect accuracy and precision, never venturing to utter a sound.

Since an embarrassing no-show after so much noise from our fierce 3rd liners we can fall back on our 4th liners.

This would be our fourth line of defence….. our COWs …..
Club of Obedient Wives! Hidup Malaysia!


Anonymous said...

Really? Zaid Ibrahim is sincere?

Anonymous said...

Zaid Ibrahim too nice ?
Because he buy you flers beer ?

He is a certified idiot, because
he pun Malay

Hawkeye said...

Aiyo Guru,

When your girlfriend start to read SunTzu you are in Big Trouble..

Paris Hilton and Sun Tzu is a good photo but would it help if Zaid start reading it. haha

And oh the Submarines will soon be Sunk or should it be Skunk?

Anonymous said...

Bro Zorro,

You mean the 3rd liners that was mentioned by the foaming and frothing PEE YAM ???

Ahh.....now I get it....the silat and silambam (or Silam-Bum) blokes....who crowded excitedly around the Pee Yam .

The residential Maha-gulu who represents my vicinity, spoke to me about the reasons for their conspicuous absence on 09.07 (Bersih 2.0 day).

He hollered...."wakil silat keluar kejap, depa semua pergi makan salad pada hari itu"

And now the COW'S can feast on Salad too !!!


patrick said...

That half-wit of a minister,Zahid Hamidi is a real embarassment to Malaysians!Did you see him struggling through a prepared speech in English for some defence conference?Certainly didn't sound like English!And the foreign participants were sitting at the edge of their seats trying to understand whatever crap he was spewing!Runs a close second to that infamous Zainuddin Maidin/BERSIH interview on Al Jazeera a while back!

Anonymous said...

subs that dont sink. opvs that dont float. Truly UMNO in display.

mamak pas member said...

no no uncle

he betrayed us..(betul ke ini spelling)

Anonymous said...

Zaid is honest? He has been ill-advised? As though he is stupid or what- he can't think for himself? Zorro, you are having more than enough of malt? Zaid is finished. Any takers for his books - going dirt cheap; if not I might throw them as rubbish.

zorro said...

Patrick...DumbZam who told the world that we have erections every 5 years.

mabuaya said...

With the greatest respect to you, Uncle B and to Zaid Ibrahim the Third Force is not a plethora of NGOs and it definitely doesn't need leading by a failed politician. The THIRD FORCE is the RAKYAT and natural leaders are already emerging. I personally think that if Zaid wants to work towards building a fairer country then he should stick to what he does best, namely law.

chan mali chan said...

Zaid? Just consign him to the dustbin.
Useless fella. Had his day but he blew it.
Tata Zaid. Good riddance.

flyer168 said...

Bernard & Patrick,

For your entertainment & enjoyment...

Must watch - Malaysian Information Minister Zainuddin Maidin defends police action against protesters calling for changes to electoral process.-BERSIH 1 in 2007

OMG... listen to the way he talked:( HE TALKED LIKE AN UNEDUCATED LABORER & A Thug)


You be the judge.

Cheers & take care.

Anonymous said...

To Zahid Hamidi tell him Lancheow. He is an idiot and doubtful whether he reads Tsun Zu.
To Zahid Ibrahim for cheating people of Selangor just wait if you come across, I will definitely give him two fingers to F43k him Offf.....
Both are idiots.

Anonymous said...

Bro, could all bloggers put headlines 13th SEP 2011 Dateline for Registration for Voting? ITS NOW OR NEVER!!! PLS DO NOT FORGET, YA?

patrick said...

Zorro..an erection every five years?No wonder he's dumb!Haha!Cheers!

najib manaukau said...

Zaid is a typical Malay from Umno, do you need any more reason to understand what he is saying.

Anonymous said...


You still trust him ah??? He no longer has credibility with Malaysians lah!!!

zorro said...

Mabuaya.....I do not court respect. If it comes my way I acknowledge it. What I do here is to get, what I feel deeply and honestly about, across to the ordinary people. As I remember the "third force" got airing as a proposal to create a check & balance to PR coalition as and when they veered. It even proposed that the third force would be credible candidates to replace erring incumbents. Originally acceptable I took a silent stand when hints abound that if PR were recalcitrant, the third force candidate would force a three cornered fight in elections. When this was received negatively a revised "the rakyat is the third force" evolved. Yes, the third force is the rakyat. But aren't the groups of non-political NGOs from Aliran to Sisters in Islam etc incessantly fighting for civill liberties the ORIGINAL THIRD FORCE?
Mabuaya, if you read me well, you know that I tease to elicit feeds! Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Hey Utusan & Awang Selamat,

Bersih 2.0 rally could open the door to Jews and Israel to infiltrate Malaysia?

They were here before Bersih: AIG Insurance, Intel, Compaq Dell Computers Goldman Sachs, we wear Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Benetton, GUESS, Hugo Boss, we eat/drink Starbuck McDonald, Nestle, Haagen-Dazs ice cream, Dunkin’ Donuts with their many local outfits here with our politicians’ cronies as as shareholders or directors. All aspects of Internet has got something to do with Jews from manufacture of Dell computers here use of Microsoft Google, Facebook, Oracle, etc.

Even Astro beams to us movies and tv programs from Warner Brothers/Fox, MTV,ABC, Paramount studios, CBS, Bloomberg (with substantial Jews interest)? Aren’t we already well infiltrated ???

Anonymous said...

Did Blogger Raja Petra Kamaruddin claim that the Umno government is stockpiling arms? He alleged the government has been using a slush fund to buy “millions of rounds of ammunition and tens of thousands of pistols, submachine guns and stun grenades” in a clandestine shopping spree!

Rela and chauvinist crackpots Perkasa have also set up a joint “special” unit. Umno Youth members have also been sent for “commando-style” training!

These are forces that najib can unleash if he lose the next GE, beside his silat masters?

Anonymous said...

An off point subject.

Read earlier that Azmin Ali was one of the first people arrested on 9 July.

Something doesn't jell here.

Throughout 9 July, there were tweets and flash news of key leaders of Bersih and Pakatan, either somewhere in the middle of the march at some places, making speeches to crowd, or getting attacked before being arrested. Every key leaders were in the thick of the action in one way or another, even Anwar was wallop by the police.

Now, Azmin get himself arrested way before 2pm on 9 July, without a single scratch. What was he doing that got him arrested? Was he putting on a show? After his arrest, did he ended up having a cup of tea at some posh office of some BN politicians, viewing all the actions from the window?

Something smells here ...

sam said...

dear bernard,

i share your same thought about Dato Zaid. He has never changed,he always speak the truth and being fair all this while as true malaysian.
Malaysian must undertand that when some one commit wrongdoing, it's wrong it cannot be the case of if UMNO cheat it's wrong and if PKR does the same it's ok. it's well documented how bad the PKR election was...what you expect people with credibility like Dato Zaid do? stay with PKR and condone what they do or leave?

Since malaysian are so angry with UMNO n BN they're prepare to live with all wrong doings of Pakatan Rakyat ecpecially PKR's . it may be short term releive but it wont change anything in the long run especially with so much problems the country facing today.
so every critics of Dato Zaid shall take a depth breath and analyse carefully. with Pakatan rakyat and PKR our problems will remain there for a long term.

we need long term solution with clear vision, sincere and honest leaders. Of course Dato Zaid need to get rid of selfish advisors and avoid getting tangle with petty issues.



Anonymous said...

WTF is Utusan Malaysia and Awang Selamat screaming about the Jews interfering and taking over the country?

Najis has already given the honour to APCO to guide him and the country? Doesn't Awang Selamat know 1Malaysia is the brain child of APCO, an International Jewish PR firm?

Utusan Malaysia may be better off if they got a bona fide Jew to be the Chief Editor to guide them to write responsible journalism.

BTW the Jews are showing the middle finger every day to Awang Selamat and his Muslim brothers what a bunch of morons they are. They can hate the Jews and be jealous of them but these morons can in no way be better than them. These dungus are only good at spewing hatred and sending young gullible youths on suicide bombing sprees.

abusyukri said...

Anonymous 11:14,
You conviniently left out Apco and
Jacob & Co ,the permata negara project...?

Anonymous said...

Even if the MPs change and the govt change, butt the servants still work in the same administrations, do u thinks thing will change?
Look at Selangor!