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Global solidarity walks and demonstrations will be led by Malaysians residing abroad in London, Paris, Geneva, Hong Kong, Taipei, Seoul, Tokyo, Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Auckland, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York and Washington next Saturday.


Donplaypuks said...


Even if it's underwater or a hole in the ground, I, my wife and children will turn up in YELLOW.

And if we have to work smart, my boy and I will wear yellow underwears and my wife and daughter yellow panties and bras.

So, all you guys and girls out there, DON'T be deterred by the change of venue. Little acorns grow into mighty oaks and a root can cleave asunder a massive rock!

We need persistent action to get rid of the Govt of PM Najib which openly promotes racism and religious bigotry.

And if the Selangor, Kedah or Penang Govt offers one stadium a week for us to show our displeasure to these extremists, so be it. Let's turn up in full force!

Rome was not won or built in a day.

Great VICTORY for Ambiga and Bersih. Najib has been forced to climb down.

And Ibrahim Ali's threats about 'derhaka' and Ambiga meeting the King? The King just slapped his face and I heard it all the way in Shah Alam!

Whoa, what a great day.

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

zorro said...

Shank, we celebrate on Thursday at CITTA.....Bersih 2.0 aka ZA ALTERA!

Anonymous said...

He's a she, mate. Great post anyway.

zorro said...

Whatever....same difference.

Anonymous said...

No cannon water will stop me.

Anonymous said...

I want to know if ambiga had asked for every state stadium to be used...as definitely 1 stadium will not be enough. She shld have done that and then we will see the crowd.

zorro said...

My post says STADIUMS, yah?

Jong said...

Which stadium, has it been decided yet?

Anonymous said...

As long as you dont appear in front of my truck on the road, go have your day at the stadium.

You can run, roll on the ground, somersault, breakdance or whatever.

As long you don't disrupt traffic and other peoples business, that is fine.

So Ambiga had to retreat.
Maybe you guys can have concert or freak shows.
Have it every weekend, go and celebrate!
Hope the stadium stays bersih too...

Anonymous said...

Yes, Zorro, every stadium in every part of Malaysia. Can we include Balai Rayas in the kampungs, too? They do want to have their say, too, you know!

zorro said...

Anon913....as a truck driver maybe you missed Sun Tzu's "Art of War". We are going to have a real blast of a time. Happy trucking.

Anonymous said...

Now, stadiums also welcome lah!
Before this, nothing less than a walk from Sogo to Istana.

Hehehe... sour grapes.

bruno said...

The Umno GOM compromised for the rally to be held at a stadium is a victory for the people.Bersih being earlier outlawed and banned by our HM Hishamuddin and has now being allowed to hold its rally is a first in Malaysian history.What is most important is that this compromised allow both sides to save face.

Now let's not be to harsh on Najib.Credit must also be given to PM Najib for doing the right thing.Although I suspect that the recent rowdy trouble making incidents of Perkasa and Umno youth were actions of factions oppossed to Najib.Being the PM he took resposibility by not blaming it on others.And in the end he did let the rally take place.

A rally whether it is held on the mountain top of MK, on the streets,in a backyard or in a stadium,a rally is still a rally.It is how big a crowd that is going to show up.In the end it is all about numbers.And it will also be much safer for rally participants given the present very tense situation.

Now that the rally is going to be held in a stadium the pressure will be on the authorities.It will be their duties to maintained smooth traffic flow and security.The authorities have to make sure that trouble makers Perkasa and Umno youth mat rempits stay away from rally participants.

So now that cooler heads have prevailed let us make sure that this Bersih rally has its maximum effect.

p/s to all rally participants.have a safe and peaceful rally and have fun.

Bedul said...

Confident sangat nampak? Kita tengok dulu ya apa jadi hari itu. Kita tengok juga siasatan ke atas Ambiga yang menerima wang asing untuk demo haram ni.

Anonymous said...

Dear Agong,

Does this mean the BN can continue cheating at elections....

wandererAus said...

Bersih 2.0..don't be too trustful...it could be a trap! These untrustworthy UMNO bastards, you cannot trust them with stray bitches running in the streets. I got a funny feeling, this alternative arrangement stinks!

The Sri Lanka govt wiped out the remaining Tamil Tiger, together with the innocents in the so called, "Safe Zone" designated.
Bersih has the upper hand don't allow these bastards demolish us!

Anonymous said...

By Ah Chee , Kah , Goh.

Saturday in the Stadium somewhere in KL , I think its the 9th of July.
People will be dancing , laughing and a man will be shouting Burger panas ,panas , panas and singing P.Ramlee's song.

This is the Saturday I've been waiting such a long time and a band will sing DONT GIVE BERSIH A KOTOR NAME for us all.

Will you help them to Realise Their Dream (yes , I can).SEA OF YELLOW will FLY THE COLORS OF THE DAY and I am waiting such a long time for the day.

Peolple will reach ,share , a real breakfree celebration waiting for us all.

If we want it , really want it,
You and me can do it on 9th July.
That's the day !

Charlie Oscar said...

Thank You Very Much to the Pembangkang Rakyat (PR) for Accepting To RALLY in STADIUMS!!!
As long as the Rally is Off the Streets, The RAKYAT would be Very Grateful to PR!!!
Once again Terima Kasih!!!

Anonymous said...

Victory? Nah!
It's victory to the people who wants to get on their usual business.

Bersih simply got a shoo to a stadium.

There rest is just "syiok sendiri" or " layan diri" or masturbate among yourselves! Ha! Ha!

And did Ambiga forwarded that memo to Agong while she had the opportunity? Agong is definitely not going to the party to collect the memo.

Aah! Maybe she just email it the next morning.
Have fun wankers!

SetiaSelalu said...

Daulat Tuanku ! Our wise King has shown how idiotic Home Minister is to simply declare BERSIH illegal .....thats purely blatant abuse of power to just declare an honourable organisation such as BERSIH an illegal entity -just because BERSIH & Ambiga is a Threat to Umno/Bn.
We must all come in huge numbers -fill and overflow the stadium to show your support for a very URGENT & IMPORTANT CAUSE....FREE & FAIR ELECTIONS !
We must put a STOP to cheating of postal votes & Phatom Hantu Voters ! We have seen how highhanded and bias Polis has been esp with the arrest of BERSIH supporters yet not one of Perkasa threatening thugs have been arrested !
Come and say out loud and speak up against Injustice,Fraud & Corruption for the sake of our future Generations !

wandererAus said...

Stadiums or the streets, what does it matter...as long as the message, the 8 points reform demanded, got through to the tainted EC and to the satisfaction of the electorate. Let us achieve our objective with calm and dignity...unlike the Kotor camp, comprised of samsengs and bastards!...yet, they have the cheek to called themselves Patriot!
That's Mafia UMNO for you folks.

Anonymous said...


Siasat akaun bank Ambigake, jumpa parangke, jumpa bom molokovke dan jumpa itu ini semuanya itu cara UMNO nak tutup malu

Anonymous said...

Anonymous July 6, 2011 1:50 AM

"Syiok sendiri" or "layan diri"
can I have your sister to give a helping hand?...we can syiok together!

Anonymous said...

I bet ya Najib will chose the crappiest stadium at some remote corner, big enough to fit a small football field, where cow grazes the field, the road leading to it is a footparh. He will have horde of FRUs conducting roadblocks after roadblocks 10 miles from that "stadium".

The RAKYAT will have a very tough time getting there. Many will give up and go home. When the "stadium" is filled to the brim (3,000) people, the FRUs and police will use batons and water cannons to charge the other 150,000 who are standing on the footpath and roads leading to the "stadium" on the excuse that they are all gathering illegally at public places.

Najib will also grant Perkasa permit to rally at the padang next to the "stadium", to create another explosive situation.

So, Zorro. Don't declare victory yet. There needs to be a Plan C.

najib manaukau said...

Everything I wear on the 9 of July will be yellow, from my underpants to my shirt and the pants I am ordering now will be yellow in colour.
I suggest the quarter cooked police now is to build more prisons to hold the people wearing yellow that day. The quarter cooked deputy IGP said just a few days ago that there will be no more talks. So do stick to your words and have every one wearing yellow arrested and prove that how tenacious you are.

Anonymous said...

It would appear that in substance, Ambiga and team had successfully deliver the 8-point message to the Agong by virtue of the audience yesterday ... or better still, handed over the memo during the audience itself.

The upcoming stadium rally is a reiteration of the rakyat's support for the contents of the memo.

stephen said...

Right on brudder. Cheers cheers and courage display on that day.

Anonymous said...

Uncle ,

I think the next headache is the Stadium location.

This one cannot already booked for frog race , that one under renovation .

Yeah one STADIUM left but wowrks wiLl be completed by 2020.

Roadblock begins from sunlit to moonlit.


Anonymous said...

roadblock? hmmmnnn...that block you on...what about your pair of legs?