Sunday, July 24, 2011


I have watched with great alarm the worrying deterioration of inter-racial and inter-religious harmony in recent years and if I add to this the actions of some groups and individuals to unobtrusively, perhaps deliberately destroy the institutions of unity in our country to serve their own interests, I must confess to you that I am deeply troubled.

For too long, those of us who belong to the voices of moderation have stood aside and avoided the specter of confrontation because we wanted to just live our individual lives that are free from problems and unnecessary troubles. Such an attitude is no longer acceptable because standing back now would result in dire and irreversible consequences.

Read the full speech of Tengku Razaleigh at the inauguration of AMANAH, as produced HERE by Dato Mohd.Ariff Sabri, aka Sakmonkol AKA47. In a posting of 1 July HERE, I did ask: Will he make his move soon? Presently, I harbor a wish that my friend Dato Ariff will make himself available to AMANAH.


Anonymous said...


Don't get your hopes up on this. This is Plan C for UMNO. Perkasa screwed up, so they start Amanah and use a different tack. Idea is to split the opposition's votes and let BN retain majority.

You will be crazy to trust the likes of Razaleigh and th UMNO people with him. Their conviction to UMNO is stronger than their conviction to Malaysia, that goes for Ariff too. That's why they are still with UMNO.

Anyone who sees Malaysia and its people being raped repeatedly by Barisan Nasional, and only write and speak about about it, and continue to stay with the party all these years ... go figure!!!

Anonymous said...

Tengku Razaleigh is a rich man, a "Malay", direct beneficiary & product of UMNO, a bit like that Zaid the Mad fler.

People like him can only talk but cannot do. Show us he means it, resign from UMNO or start UMNNO terbaru, otherwise he just talking cock lah

Dream on "Prince"

Anonymous said...

If we just open our eyes, we will know that the reason for this disunity is the fact that some so called malaysians chooses to live in their cocoons while holding dear the culture of mother land china.

After so many generations here, this aliens still cannot speak the national language and they demand to be called malaysians and be treated as equals?

We come from different backgrounds, different races, different religions. All things in our lives are different. Yet the 1 and only unifying factor, the only thing which we can consciously do to make us one in our national identity, is the very thing that this aliens refuse to do - Speak our national language satisfactorily. The east malaysians have no problem with it. Even 2nd generation pendatangs from indonesia and bangladesh have no problem with it.. yet this aliens who have been here a good 3 -4 generations seem to have a problem with it.
It is their egoness and their refusal to assimilate with the majority of the people of this land. That is the problem, so stop crying UMNO this and that when your own kind keeps staying away from an important unifying factor of national identity.
In fact, although I am a PAS supporter, i do agree with some UMNO politicians who say that you should just balik china , since you speak chinese better than you speak bahasa malaysia

Jong said...

Tengku Razaleigh's "AMANAH" looks to me like a convenient 'bus-stop' for those dropped from the UMNO/BN cart.

Let's see when the bus will come.

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

Too early to tell.
Amanah & Perkasa could be umno's Dr Jekyll & Mr.Hyde.
Might be his last will to save umno and bn from further disgrace.
We all remember ABU right?
Asal kan bukan umno / Anything but umno.

Amanah or not , KuLi is still an umno man.
Say NO to him as well.

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

Will amanah turns out to be umno's Dr Jekyll just like perkasa is umno's Mr.Hyde?
Too early to tell but worth pondering.

SSrahman said...

Satu lagi project 2 CARMA

Anonymous said...

Anon 1117: Please every Malaysian of all races pass their BM school exam papers. Wat tok you?

Anonymous said...

The apple does not fall far from the parent tree. Right now the parent tree is rotten, diseased and bald. You expect the ugly duckling to grow up into swans eh?


Anonymous said...

i think sakmongkol is more dangerous to than out-in-the-open racists like ibrahim ali.

ppl like sakmongkol misleads some of us that apparently there are still sane and reasonable voices in umno.

umno is good only dead for at least one term; as the opposition in parliament.

nothing else stands a chance. no reforms until umno is the opposition.



Anonymous said...

Anon @ 1117

Extremely sad that you profess to be a PAS supporter but you have a shallow mindset befitting UMNO and Perkasa. The PAS members and supporters I know think like their leaders ... open-minded and actively living the Islam lifestyle of kindness, harmony and understanding.

I think you are an UMNO cybertrooper.

Let's see whether your shallow brain can understand this:

If loyalty to the country is guage by what language you speak, then over a billion people will qualify as loyal subjects of the Queen of England (including you). And hundreds of millions of Indonesian will qualify as bumiputra in Malaysia. Where would you fit if this should happen?

While fluency in one of the common languages will go a long way towards national unity, it is NOT the most important one. It is the deeds and conduct of the people in a community or society that matters most.

This group of aliens who have been here for 3 - 4 generations whom you claim do not speak the 'national language' has contributed a lot to the economy of the country, pay tax diligently and live in harmony with their neighbours and much more. To them this country is HOME. Their ancestors were buried here!

Contrast this with the so-called 'non-aliens', some who have been for less than 1 - 2 generations, who claim to speak the 'national language' (which sounded more iike a language of a neighbouring country) who are members of UMNO and have been plundering the country and amassing personal wealth illegally at the expense of you and your family's prosperity and well-being. These are the scums and you pray to them just because they speak what sounded like the national language!

And I wouldn't want to go into the debate of whether we have a national language or an "official language". Much less what quality should a language possesses that will make it a national language or a world class language. Such debate will be too complicated for your shallow brain to understand.

And I wouldn't care to explain to you about the historical evidence of who are the original inhabitants of this country and who emigrated here at different times. This is much more complicated and will cause a short-circuit in your shallow brain resulting in aggressive irrational thoughts and behaviour. We wouldn't want that to happen because the rest of us Malaysians (Malay, Chinese, Indians, Kadazans, Dayaks, Ibans and many more), we prefer to look at what unites us against the evil regime of BN / UMNO / MCA / MIC.

Just continue to hang out with your UMNO & Perkasa folks at the gerai near your house, okay! And leave us alone.

In your language, pergi main jauh jauh!!!

Fadilah yusuf said...

I shall not trust Amanah as it is another offshoot of umno.

If they are sincere, they should have contested within umno to bring internal change.

Ku Li has shown us many times that he can only talk, but no concrete action.

Anonymous said...

Amanah, Kita - wats the difference?

Same x umno, same rich same corrupt

Razaleigh, Zaid, AK47
All kanot be trusted.

Bernard Lorro, you dun hv killer instinct like real Zorro. Easily tricked, like most Malaysians. Tragic