Saturday, July 30, 2011


Although suspended the three MACC investigators, former Selangor MACC deputy director Hishammuddin Hashim (HH) and enforcement officers Arman Alies (AA)and Mohd Ashraf Mohd Yunus (Porno) received temporary relieve by being appointed to question two questionable couples alleged to have amassed prodigious wealth. The couples are DS KayTee (KT) and wife (KTW), and DS Nah (NAH)and wife(NAHW). They could be reprieved if they did well without torture.

HH: Datuk Seri KayTee, how did you become so rich?

KT: Well I……

KTW: Diam lah

Porno: Cannot say diam lah….must answer.

AA: you diam lah

HH: both of you diam lah

KTW: I will tell you how my abang got so rich.

KT: You shut up….diam lah

KTW: You diam lah also

Porno: We have our duty to perform, please answer our questions.

KTW: YOU diam lah….go watch porno.

KT: Good one sayang!

KTW: Diam lah!

AA: Daim lah both of you….my turn to ask auestion…how much…

HH: Diam lah, I am your boss.

Porno: You are suspended, you are no more our boss, so diam lah.

AA: hehehehehe

HH: Diam you!

Porno: Why should we….you taught us the tightening of the belt method to diam the victim!

KTW: hehehehehe

AA: Why you….

KT: Diam lah, she is my wife.

HH: Diam lah

(Since everyone was told to “diam lah” the investigation was postponed to another day.)

HH: Call in the next couple

Porno: No next couple next door.

AA: Maybe they are in the new padded room.

Porno: (returns with a note) “You 3 diam dicks….my facebook people told me to diam lah and I got to respect my fans.”

And the couples lived happily for another day. Not so the three damn diam pricks.


bruno said...

Zorro,when Umno goes to the cleaners the new PR GOM will get these three MACC murderers and sent them over to Monyet King.Then Monyet King will have them neutered.Then they will be batangless.In otherwords Monyet King has converted these three MACC murderers into pondans.

Anonymous said...

ALL DIAM>.. so no case to answer... so good! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Dream on, PR GOM, podah

zorro said...

Anon345, only if one is brain dead, then one is incapable of dreaming. Pundek!
And pundeks only get nightmares aka bad dreams. Enjoy your weekend, pun!

wandererAus said...

"Silence is golden" these UMNO bastards think. When we kick them out of Putrajaya, we have their diam pricks properly roasted!

Anonymous said...

I thought I saw Daim been mentioned here.

AA: Daim lah both of you….my turn to ask auestion…how much

zorro said... you are sharp to notice the intended! How much? The Whistler told me that it is in the region of RM10million(between him and A.N Other) just to get Anwar out of the picture. Interesting times yah?

Anonymous said...

Use this puasa and raya period to educate the rural folks on the need for a change. Only then can we be confident of a regime change.