Sunday, July 10, 2011


Anonymous A commenter Hishamyidin said...

Very strange to see that Zorro Bernard was silent on July 9. Are you muzzled by Perkasa or the Patriot thugs?

July 10, 2011 10:48 AM

I knew Hisham, that you were going to make this comment so I wore this Tee Shirt. (Can ah see your name under U? Click on image to get your enlarged name) If you cannot understand the message….then it is confirmed - you are dumb. Have a good day dumbo… I am on my way for the mother of all fish head curry. You want me to tah-pow you some bones for a good suck!


Anonymous said...

HAHAHA nice one unker zorro

charleskiwi said...

I won't even tah-pow the bones for this Hisham to suck. It is too good for him he is from the sewage tank together with the grand son of the untouchable pariah shenanigan Mahathir.
Just let him feed on what is in the septic tank together with the shenanigan and vomit out what the food they feed on.

Anonymous said...

glad 2 c u back online. this is just d starter...d AH didnt learn anything at all

Old Fart said...

All of UMNO are just too stupid to get the message la...Even wondering about it you are already giving them the benefit of the doubt. Don't have to be so generous.

Anonymous said...

Uncle zorro,

your lady freind YB DATO NURAINA has said in her blog that" she didn't join BERSIH this time cause it's been hijacked by politions.

PLEASE tell her the rakyat knows the reason better, the last TIME she joing cause she and her freind YB DATUK ROCKY BRU lost their job at NST but after BERSIH 1 they got back their job and some titles and many more other perks and rewards. so why the hell they should worried about RAKYAT.
if you dont want to join rakyat hell with you but dont insult RAKYAT INTELLIGENCE . WE'RE NOT ass licker like you (nuraina and rocky) we're for RAKYAT.


wandererAus said...

Bersih and honorable citizens, you have made us proud. Your great effort have turned the wheels of Democracy again. Bravo!
Pigs in blue have gone off the handle and behaved like motherfu*kers. Kerimuddin, was that your best shot to send in the mad will be answerable for all your evil actions. Where was the Eunuch UMNO PM, hiding in Fat Mama's sarong?...bloody rotten coward.
UMNO/BN you have dug a very BIG HOLE for yourself. We shall not be denied to achieve our goal by you uncivilized and uncultured low lives.
MCA, MIC and Gerakan, the beggar parties, you can kiss each other posteriors before saying good-bye to Malaysian politics….you are the biggest parasite assholes!

Anonymous said...

Zorro, missing u, Good 1 to hisham

Anonymous said...


Where can we get this T Shirt.
Very creative lah,

zorro said...

Anon552pm I designed it for my Manufacturing Director for him to wear when he went back to Akron. I printed only a few. Was a great hit in Akron, Ohio.The black is fading.
The two guys on my left were my minders,appointed by our security detail.

najib manaukau said...

Hey Hisham,

The septic tank are homes of the cockroaches and rats they are there to accompany people like you and the grand son of the untouchable pariah shenanigan Mahathir company. The fish bones Zorro mentioned he wanted to tah-pow for you is too good for human like you and your kind to suck.

Anonymous said...

shouldn't "zorro" be at the front lines?????

just keeping your distance eh? watching the melayu-lembus doing the donkey job!

Anonymous said...

El Zor , dun dirty your screw : let saifool f him !!

GOOD news : young ones esp Chinese took part in the mission-possible !

It's time to change : turn turn TURN !!

Anonymous said...

Zorro, the free loader, is feeding himself on fish head curry, on someone else's expense. RPK is not here to buy him free beers' anymore, ha, ha.
Zorro, you arse hole, if someone says that you were not there, just point out to him that he is wrong lah, you don't have to be f__king crude about it.
That's why you are shit, and you will always be shit.
You will have no balls to publish this anyway, or you might it, and maker another f__king crude remark. That is the mark of a coward, an intellectual zero, just like RPK, Harris, etc.
the self appointed heroes of a society, that doesn't need them.

Anonymous said...

anon 609pm : so sooori you are BLIND
kesian : dun you see ...oops , you cant see , the YOUNG Chinese were there too !?
Kesian ....!

Anonymous said...

Anon 609
Zorro will be at the front line when time is right, dont worry.
just tell the Pm to heed the rakyat. What penerangan perdana we rakyat no longer buy.

Anonymous said...

hisham is the best home minister as he is always at home. wow no wonder million illegals are on our shores now waiting to be given amnesty. a clean nation

Anonymous said...

Kerismuddin, not bad ah kejam betul taktik kamu hari tu.Kita takkan lupa

Anonymous said...

tha freak's just gonna change another anonymous name.

uncle zorro, i was there trapped inside tung shin!

Anonymous said...

Good one Zorro.
Hisham is a disgrace to all.

Anonymous said...

Home-science in school for MOH !