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I am posting this with the hope that TOKZ (aka Jerry Chin) will watch this. You can know some about this UGLY Malaysian HERE. He disappeared after this posting and surfaced for 709.

Charlie Oscar, you have a choice to watch or not to watch, because we have laws in Malaysia… freedom to assemble, YES?


Anonymous said...

Even though Najib and his servants continue to insist on racial hatred, we now know all races can march together and support one another. Malays and non-Malays alike are fed up of umno theft of our common resources, while ordinary people get gassed for protesting against crooked elections. Let’s get all our colleagues and families registered as voters. Hidup Rakyat.

bruno said...

Malaysia,three decades ago was one of the few rising tigers in Asia.Today it has became a nation under a pariah Umno GOM.Instead of becoming a full grown tiger like Japan,South Korea and Taiwan we are now on par with or below the likes of Vietnam,Cambodia and laos.

Mugabe of Zimbabwe is laughing at us for coming from a democratic to an authoritarian government.Does our Umno GOM knows that an authoritarian government is an pariah government.Only pariah ministers would order their goons to attack women's hospitals.

Anonymous said...

It makes me want to puke seeing najib on tv shouting with his hand raised. What a liar.

How do he sleep at night? He is carrying too much "excess baggage" to be an effective PM. He has to please a lot of people to be able to stay on as PM. That is why his motto " You help me I help you".

Najid still doesn't get it. He has been in power too long and begins to believe in his own counsel and to that offered by his court jesters. Increasingly, his stupidity gets more and more ridiculous. He claims divine rights to lord over the people, treating them as objectives and tools, but he is completely ignorant that that the voice of the people is the true voice of God.

Anonymous said...

Funny, not much uproar of the protester who passed away - The late Baharuddin Ahmad. Same lukewarm response to the death of Ahmad Sarbani.
Compare the death of this 2 with the response PR gave when TBH was found dead.
I wonder why the difference in response? where is the uproar? the banners and street protest?
Maybe if Baharuddin was called Ah Lu Lin , and Sarbani was called Ah Baa Nee - the response would be different.

Maybe now LKS , Nga-Ngeh, Teresa Kok is behind the scene saying "YESS ONE DIED! Thats what we want ..muahhaha" evil laugh and all.

When will the malays wake up?

Anonymous said...

bersih is an illegal body,yet you want to be part of one!

the march is without permit,yet you want to march on!

the MB of selangor offered the shah alam stadium,yet you want stadium merdeka!

you march because you want to give the King a memorandum for a clean and fair election,yet when Ambiga met the King she did not present the memorandum!

so what are you complaining and crying about?you do not respect the law and the King,you deserved what you get!

Alphard Liow said...

The theme was the same in all the BN-controlled papers: the turnout of Bersih 2.0 was small; the gathering was taken over by Pakatan Rakyat’s (PR) reformasi group and, unlike what the Bersih organisers promised, it was an unruly mob and the police were very professional.

The Star had the cheek to say “Game Over”, and its pseudo journalist Wong Chun Wai also hammered Bersih. These newspaper bosses must be congratulating themselves, happy at the praises received from their political masters. Some may even be thinking about a Datukship or Tan Sriship.

When you whacked Bersih, you were whacking me and the guy next door: your readers. You were insulting your readers by saying that only 6,000 people turned up. The YouTube shows up the NST, Star, China Press, Utusan Malaysia and TV3 (you said that protesters were paid RM200 to attend the march) for the lying scum that you are.

Every sentence damning the people who turned out for the Bersih rally was aimed at your readers. Every inaccurate headline and report in the newspaper was an insult to the thousands who turned out for a noble cause.

In most enlightened countries, it is the media who fight for noble causes. In Malaysia, they are doing the dirty work of a repressive regime and insulting the people who pay their salaries.

that's why we shall stick to reading the first hand account from blogs like Zorro unmasked!

Anonymous said...

The real reason why Ibrahim Ali did not show up is because Mahathir told him not to.

Mahathir is about to dump Najib.

KoSong Cafe said...

It looks like we will have such a rally every four years until the elections are really clean and fair to our satisfaction.

We have seen how the sheer number of people who attended have made the police warnings ineffective. For whatever reasons each of them went, different people in disparate groups seem united against unfairness and injustice. The leaders can ignore at the risk of losing the next general election.

bumi-non-malay said...

Anonymous -10:56 AM

ha ha ha.... you must be happy ordinary malay died opposing UMNO Racist..... you must be sad that Malaysian of all races came out in Bersih 2.....more is coming out in August 31 & September 16. When you see hand clapping you know time for Najis and his UMNO leaders + cronies to buy Asylum ticket to Saudi!!

and you think you can hide under Anonymous and keep posting your crap..... Just keep your eyes open as you walk back every NIGHT..... I will give you the same treatment as I did to those in MACC murderers until the stress of life make them cry and demand 24/7 police those with Ahmad Sarbini also facing the same stress of life.....some of the police giving 24/7 protection also ended in a big longkang.....and their stress of life also increasing like those Kugan Killers. Its no good taking another persons life....and murderers and their family must live a HELL on earth life.....jaga baik baik yah ....malam ini...dan esok...LOSER.

bruno said...

Has our once peaceful and multi racial country being turned by our Umno GOM into a police state.It harbors thugs,terrorists,rapists and murderers.Now it has send out the police to tear gased,water cannoned,charged and beat up protesters and arrest them.

When one of the protesters who was in a crowd was tear gassed and water cannoned tried to escaped the charging rowdy cops but was arrested.After he was handcuffed he suffered a heart attack.The arresting cops refused him medical attention.Now a man has died because of police brutality.A nd in plain sight of hundreds of witnesses.

The PM,DPM and HM must take responsibility over this fiasco and resign immediately.Be responsible leaders and do not pass the buck.The Umno GOM's cabinet condones corruption,terrorism and harbours rapists and murderers.

neparakat said...

mate, the majority have not spoken.
the majority have not spoken. the majority still have not spoken!

heard of "empty can make the most noice"?

..whole lot of them here 'ZERO unmasked'

Anonymous said...

After weeks of hype, so what is now and next?

Reminiscing ?

Back to cave? ( if you want to use indelible ink)

It's back to normal out there!
No unemployed youngsters camping day n night to force Najib or BN down.
Everybody got their own things to do.
Life goes on as usual,
So if there are more interuptions from Pakatan, the rakyat will teach pakatan a lesson.
Rakyat already send their MP as lawmakers in parliament, more than 1/3. so propose for amendments in parliament for debate laar!!!

Why go to streets? Uncivilized you know!
Why uncivilize? > Back to top

TOKZ said...


"WOW"!!! I'm amazed.

You still remember me, don't ya??? This showed how POPULAR I am to you. No wonder they said people always remember a GENIUS & you had just agreed this is TRUE.

Anyway, back to BERSIH. Here I go:

May I ask who is to blame for the CHAOS -PDRM or Illegal Protesters a.k.a BERSIH Marchers???

ANSWER: Even my DOG also know the answer, my dear OLD MAN. If BERSIH didn't have started that STUPID MARCH, nobody would need to suffer from teargas & water cannon attacks, right??? Moreover, traders will get to do business, while Malaysian families are able to drive downtown to do shopping, picnic & so on.

Becos of BERSIH, even weddings & funerals got to be CANCELLED & the worst of all...ONE DUMB & WEAK PKR MAN just DIED due to BERSIH heart failure. This DEAD MAN must be quite DUMB when he should know if you're WEAK...just stay home & peel KUACI. Now that he had MAMPUS KAW-KAW, maybe he can enjoy TV from up above or maybe from hell below.

I NEVER enjoyed LIVE CIRCUS so much till what I saw on Saturday. MONKEY MASTERS (PDRM) bashing & splashing thousands of MONKEYS wearing YELLOW.

Bladdy Hilarious man!!!

I hope next year I will still get to see this CIRCUS again.

Jerry Chin said...


1) Why does PDRM release GAS & SMOKE near Tung Shin Hospital???
ANSWER: To get rid of a type of insects or better known as PEST. To be exact..."YELLOW PEST".

2) Why does BERSIH MARCHERS shout while marching???
ANSWER: Becos' these Stone Age BARBARIANS never saw a HELICOPTER before & when they saw one flying above them....they thought they saw TUHAN & this is why they are shouting out of sheer excitement.

3) Why does BERSIH MARCHERS fancy YELLOW colour???
ANSWER: Becos' they are MONKEYS & by seeing YELLOW might help them think of BANANAS.

4) Why does BERSIH need a big group of monkeys to gather???
ANSWER: They hope they can engage in ORGY SESSION. It's MONKEY MATING season.

5) Why does PDRM shoot WATER at these BERSIH MONKEYS???
ANSWER: Weather is very HOT & MONKEYS require a BATH.

Geronimo said...

Bernard, just checking with you on the yellow issue. As you know BERSIH has been outlawed and with it any thing that is associated with it is deemed illegal, e.g. the colour yellow and the digits '2.0'. So what do we do now, now that the event of July 9 is over. Can we wear yellow again or is it still illegal since UMNO have yet to reverse its recognition of BERSIH as a legal body, OR do we have to wait until the government issue a gazette to say it is now okay. You know how dim witted our policemen are. They may still arrest you for wearing the colour as they could say they have yet to receive orders from the top. On the other hand, if we start to wear yellow, does it imply that we recognise BERSIH when UMNO is not?

This is the problem when you get block heads like them making decisions without thinking ahead. It is just like the 'Allah' issue. The ruling is that Christians cannot use the word 'Allah' but should use the word 'Tuhan'. So when it comes to singing the "Negara Ku", you know the part which says, "Tuhan kurniakan", by right Malay Muslims should not participate as they would then be singing to a Christian God. But what if they change the word "Tuhan" to "Allah"? Now that would put the non-Malays in a fix because they are not supposed to utter the word "Allah" as it is sacrosanct to Malaysian Muslims only. Somebody has yet to come up with a solution, but none so far. In the meantime, it is business as usual, where Malays and non-Malays happily singing the national anthem together. Any enforcement from UMNO? None, and you know why. These bloke heads did not think ahead of the repercussion, so they just let the whole matter float until it becomes an issue again. They are simply driving us nuts!!

Asril Sani said...

So those arrested got good food just like a wedding feast. I saw on TV they were given prayer facilities too.
That's good police we have and not a brutal police force.

sonofdad said...

I like that Jerry Chin and that was one nice shooting back TOKZ!!
But so sad a moron, 'Geronimo' asking long list of silly questions.. his still not sure if its ok to wear 'yellow' now..
dam'ass!! - too much banana drains out your brain, i guess!

best part is, zorro have no answer to any of those...

sonofdad said...


You are nothing more than a stray dog, barking and barking, no action..
The only good i can think of is you could be used as a blueprint to build an idiot!

zorro said...

Sonofdad 946pm....patience lah....tomorrow can ah? You remind me of this ditty:
ginger man- oh dear you've messed up once again
impatient man- god damn you ginger mong.

Let me make it simple:
quite possibly THE worst insult ever phrased; meaning not only are you ginger{every mans worst nightmare}but also implies that the receipient of the insult is also somewhat retarded.

So be patient Ginger Mong....tomorrow will come. You learning something today, yah GM?

zorro said...

Asril....I will tell you WHY they were given food. Dont be impatient or I might label you Ginger Mong too...I dont want to...though I figure you want to I wont!

sonofdad said...

thank you zorro
what can be worst than you..
a major nincompoop!
find any similarity? tell you what, I be in London next week and I promise buy you a good cigar...than we can be friend but that will not stop me whacking in your blog. Hey, afterall I did add spices to your posting right?

Anonymous said...

tokz , hey ...u & your dog having the same feathers ...oops sorri ...fur !?

Anonymous said...

sonofdad , hey...u dun NO the difference between 'then & than' lah!

najib manaukau said...

The picture clearly shows the quarter cooked IGP who said that only 6,000 people and the Home Minister who said that only 10,000 people attended the rally. Without mentioning the ban ,the threats and the intimidation to the people who wanted to attend the rally.
They were clearly either blind or never to count numbers just ask them to look again at the pictures before opening their mouths. How stupid and ignorant they are ?
The more they try to play down the true figures the more the people will know the lies they are saying.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday traders union wan to sue the organizer.
During the TV interview some of the traders cannot even speak bahasa malaysia properly and correctly.
One of the criteria for Malaysia citizenship is to be able to speak and write bahasa malaysia.
how on earth these people can become citizens of malaysia if they cannot talk and pronounce well inbahasa malaysia?
who in menteri rumah approve them?

sanofdad said...

i know, i know... and that is one time typing error ok?

Anonymous said...

6000 & 10,000 !!??

ok, see u 2 @#$%^&* in BERSIH 3.0 !

Charlie Oscar said...

Thank you for the invite to watch the 2.35min video clip!
It is Very Professional and Very Well EDITED for the Oppositions' Publicity against Police Brutality and also against GOM!!!

Surprised that the Police Firing Tear Gases into Tung Shin Hospital was not included!!!

What led to ALL these Chaos???
It has Got Nothing to do with Bersih This or That!!!
After a Series of Losses in By-elections and the Dipping support for the Pembangkang Rakyat (PR), the Oppositions Have To Do What They Are Good At!!!
It Is PR's Agenda To CREATE CHAOS in Kuala Lumpur and Try To SMEAR the GOM!!!
Don't you agree???

Bersih Requested for an Audience with DYMM YDP Agong!!!
Our Most Gracious YDP Agong Granted the Audience even though Bersih is declared an Illegal group!!!
Bersih DID NOT Hand over the so called Memorandum!!!

MB Selangor OFFERED Shah Alam Stadium!!!
PR = Bersih or Bersh = PR INSIST on Merdeka Stadium!!!

After watching numerous video clips and also on tv, it was Ambiga walking Closely BEHIND Anwar!!!
If it is a GENUINE Bersih Cause and Bersih Is APOLITICAL, Ambiga Would Be LEADING Infront!!!
Don't you agree???

With due respect, En. Baharuddin Ahmad and his wife are PAS Members. They are only following Team Orders!!!
Deepest Condolences to Baharuddin Ahmad's Family!!!
May He RIP!!!

Anonymous said...

This traders that want to sue organizers rm100 mil.
1. 90% of the workers are foreigners
2. 80% of their salary earned r send back to home country.
3. Even the traders sent 50% of profits to home counyry.
Therefore the organizer actually helped in the foreign exchange leakges of at least 80% from this group.

Anonymous said...

12.54pm , just admit dat you tak tahu lah, ok !?

Anonymous said...

TOKZ (aka Jerry Chin)

Are you very sick? Why you hate Bersih & PR? What have they done to you?

Where is your conscience? Do you think of what you said before you sleep? You cannot fool yourself!! Ask yourself if you are sick?