Thursday, July 7, 2011


The police want Bersih 2.0 to apply for a permit for its rally on Saturday, but admit that the movement does not qualify for one.KL.

'Yesterday I said the gov't will meet (them). The gov't doesn’t mean me, personally.'

Bersih 2.0 is still illegal and subject to legal action, says Hishammuddin Hussein.

The police will proceed with legal action against those arrested in connection with Bersih 2.0 activities.

Selangor police chief Tun Hisan Tun Hamzah as saying the roadblocks were set up this morning in order to prevent “undesirable elements from smuggling weapons” into the city.

“We will not stand in their way if they want to hold the gathering in a stadium, as long as it is a peaceful gathering and will not trouble the public.

“Personally we in NSB hope the organisers of the rally would not pick our stadiums as the venue for the rally because we are worried that the place will be vandalised.”

The Bersih 2.0 movement is still illegal and is subject to legal action, Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein said today.He said that although the Agong had granted an audience to the Bersih 2.0 leaders...

“Among the unclear reasons provided by (the) Stadium Merdeka officer were (about) an 'internal management sports event' and 'renovations'. “(This is) despite the fact that until very recently, there were plans to hold 'Konsert Raksaksa 2' on July 9 at Stadium Merdeka.”

Reezal Merican Naina Merican, the Umno Youth information chief, said Stadium Merdeka is of historical significance and should be denied to Bersih 2.0.

“I believe if there are evil enemies who want to attack the country from without and within, ‘anak-anak lincah’ will rise to fight them,” said Najib in a fiery speech last night.

“But tonight, we do not gather to fight,” added the prime minister. “We do not gather to wield the keris (dagger). We gather for the loyalty and unity of our country.”

It’s OK, it is the nature of dogs to bark. Vetinarary Science has a procedure to cure chronic barking. HERE

Patience is a virtue. We await GE13 to DEBARK the howlers.


Yusri said...

Hidup Bersih 2.0!

bruno said...

As my eagle friends told me they overheard Najib telling the Agung that his hands are tied over this Bersih fiasco.No matter what he wants to do the Umno warlords are always telling him no.Najib was telling thr truth when he said that he is a lame duck.To his supporters he seem so helpless.

If Najib dissapoints and caused the rally to be cancelled the public will surely punish him.He will fall flat on his face.In doing so he will pull Hisham down with him.Then the quite as a tikus Muhyidin will come out and declare himself the winner.

All this while when the kitchen sink and even the toilet were thrown at Bersih and the opposition Muhyidin was MIA.While Najib and Hisham will take the heat and the stick Muhyidin will emerged unscratch.Najib and Hisham will emerged from this Bersih fiasco bruised blue and black.

This is a well planned strategy by Najib's enemies.Muhyidin is a hyprocrite and not a smart strategist.Must be the puppet master,the infamous Dr Mahathir.Najib was being honest when he said that after the GE his political career is over.

telur dua said...

These evil oppressors will burn in Hell.

Anonymous said...

Sigh... how much progress could we achieve without these donkeys in the driver's seat of the nation.
Rakyat Sedih.

retarded kraken said...

well, his gameplan is that of his father. however his deputy is also setting the scenario which the older razak had for the Tengku, well the chraka is comming the full circle. Fasten belts for rough ride amigos;

najib manaukau said...

I said a day ago what Najib is going to do.
Just to appear that he is willing for the people to protest he offered for the rally to be held in a stadium but he smartly did not say which stadium he is offering.
In fact he is not offering any stadium in particular and cunningly at the back he has instruction to all the stadium managements not to let any one of the stadiums to be let out for the rally.
Just the way he swore in the mosque that he did not ever meet the mongolian woman, which might be right, but he did not swear that he has nothing to do with her being C4.
His deceits are only making people aware of what he is, a typical deceitful and corrupted Umnoputra. He and all the Umnoputras are running scare that their days as the ruling party are numbered.
Best for the Umnopputra, the untouchable pariah shenanigan Mahathir, the IGP, the AG, the CJ just to name a fewer, are for these deceitful, corrupted, lackeys and morons to start planning to hide or to immigrate to countries where their loots are hidden.
Malaysia will no doubt be a much better place to live in or even for the immigrated professionals to return to serve !

wandererAus said...

These barking dogs from the 'poo'-ki Najib Kotor farm are creating history..."Barking without a cause"
Mad pariah dogs must be terminated...or, the stink from their waste will contaminate the whole nation.

Anonymous said...

Since Bersih is still an illegal organization, ie, not registered, why don't just use PKR or DAP or PAS to apply for the stadium ? What is so difficult? Police has no qualms then.

By the book, even Selangor state has to reject applications from unregistered organization.
Say UMNO organize an unregistered organization eq KOTOR, surely selangor state government will give the same excuse!

Bersih is about cleaning up things by the book.

Are we playing games? or just hypocrite ?

J. D. Lovrenciear said...

Banking hopes on GE13? Logic and reality dictates that if they can derail even what the King has acknowledged with dignity and wisdom, and right under the very eyes of 28 million citizens and the watchful global following, what hope are we counting on that GE-13 will not be wrenched clean from the bosom of the rakyat's heart? We must be fooling ourselves.

Anonymous said...

Go in your birthday suit....proff that the goons with the weapons are the police, fru, umno and perkasa !!!!!!!

wandererAUS said...

UMNO and its Kotor bunch, how many innocent true Malaysians do you intend to kill?..and, how many do you think you can silenced?!!
You have placed us in a position, “Tolerance has reached its limit, fear knows no boundary”…UMNO you are just a bloody buly, bring it on!

Anonymous said...

Bro Zorro,
Yesterday morning dem men in blue were already manning 4 main arteries around JB leading into the North-South highway.The clampdown is happening in many places away from KL bro.
Me thinks some"demo" will be staged by dem planted ignobles after Friday prayers at major cities.This will give dem men dressed in brutality to sweep across the nation and arrest the so called troublemakers.Troubled Hisham will invoke ISA and Ambiga and maybe a 100 odd ngo leaders and politicians will be snared including Katak Ali.Instead of peaceful Bersih on Saturday....all major towns and cities will have an increased presence of gun toting mean looking army and police personal.
For most of may appear that we will be huddled at home watching on goings on telly or pc.

Hope my thoughts are misplaced


Anonymous said...

High time to CLEAN UP the whole bunch of monkeys and doggies!

Anonymous said...

If I have to start walking to the stadium the night before, I will. My feet have carried me around for many years and they will carry me to the stadium.

I will not be provoked by the federal government or PDRM into saying anything stupid.

I will not be provoked by the federal government or PDRM into doing anything stupid.

In the face of barriers after barriers brought upon by the federal government and PDRM, I will keep calm and stay focus. And I will press on.

I will smile and wave to the PDRM as I walk past them. They are all born of mothers and they have a heart. They are just following the orders of the evil few.

We, Malaysians, have a right to free and fair elections.

I am not afraid. I have everything righteous on my side.

I am not afraid. I have my Malaysian brothers and sisters with me.

If my feet should give up on me and I am unable to be there on 9 July, I will wear yellow, wherever I am.


Anonymous said...

First of all, why you people so desperate to rally?
Your demands already heard, fully exposed all over the media and the King already noticed it.
Lets put yourself in the government shoe? Will you allow the rally? Be honest about it.
So its all about power grabbing, greed and more.

We are the people of unique nation. There’s one instant I saw, a young couple, malay male and Chinese lady, having McD and the lady put fries into the male mouth and they seems to enjoy every moment not noticing others putting eyes on them. To them, love is made of two sincere hearts and one dream and they continue teasing and eating.
And there are many more out there sharing life without borders, no issue of ideology, skin colour, PR or BN.

How we wish this could last forever.

The street rally will kill everything we have. As we all know very well, there will be always 2 groups, the pro and the anti and that is when everything starts to go wrong.

Before we regret, think again, what other option to address opinion? How much destruction our stubbornness and ego will cause?
Vandalism may well be calculated but the burn and the scar are left forever among races.

For the sake of our nation and for our next generation, let’s ‘rally’ in the next GE silently instead.

Zorro, you can do your part to save the nation from living in hates and anger, here in your blog. It’s not worth it to pour petrol when theres friction.
Think again, after all we don’t need high IQ for it.

Anonymous said...

1. Is Bersih2.0 an entity? It is not registered anywhere. Therefore it is not an entity.

2. How do you ban a non entity?

3. The PM is not the government, therefore he is no an entity. Can and INDIVIDUAL named Najib dictate what cannot be done in Malaysia?

4. When the PM goes to overseas to meet other Head of Government, who does he represent if he is not the Head of Government?

5. If the PM does not represent the Govt, then why should tax payer money be used to pay for his & wifey travel overseas?

6. All the glc stadium must proved in their accounting that their staff payroll, maintenance and renovations are not from tax payers money if they are denying the tax payer to book and pay the fee for usage.

7. Who pays for the salary for the Man in Blues? Can the Man in Blues prove in their accounting that they are paid by someone other than tax payers' money?

8. Aren't the constitution and legislation being tabled by the MPs who are elected by the people and should work for the people?

Therefore, Malaysia is not a democratic country but a communist country as the elected representatives are only working for themselves!

bumi-non-malay said...

UMNO Racist and their tools in Police, Rela, FRU, Stadium is winning the disrupt agenda.....but we will still march to gather....just that we do not tell them where we Gather to march...Original Plan still in place....maybe we do another Bersih to trick on Police again....and disrupt their agenda.... Keep up the DDOS attack on Malaysia as listed on my blog site....almost there to disrupt UMNO and their tools.

Make sure we sack all those POLICE, Stadium Administrator...etc in collaborating with UMNO.....time to show no mercy....Hello Perkasa, 3 Line, UMNO.....Bila turun padang....

PAS jadi Perisai, bumi non malay dan rakyat Malaysia jadi Lembing.
kita akan gotong-rotongkan awak......Perhaps we bring cangkul and broom to BERSIH-kan kawasan Stadium, dataran Merdeka....etc..

There you go more ideas to tell those stupid Rela, Police, Fru when need to disperse,,,kita Gotong Royong....perlu permit kah?? Mari Ramai ramai 9 July....turun padang seluruh Malaysia. UMNO Losing Big time in thier Planned regime crack down. All Foreign Media already notify of UMNO-Police-Army coming Genocide to Malaysian...!! Like Gadaffi.....UMNO racist days are numbered!! Muntahdin-Mukriz, Hisapcandudin.....Jangan harap nak jadi PM dan TPM......semua akan ada nama BEKAS...TPM....dll

Anonymous said...

Despite apparently calming down the UMNO created heated poltical situation by the King, UMNO has gone now cold on the stadium. Such dishonesty on UMNO’s part is no longer a surprise.

Bersih has no choice now except to go back on the march.

This is what Brig Gen. (R) Dato’ Arshad Raji’s said in his blog page:

“I believe orders (hopefully not from Minister Hishamuddin Hussein) are out for the military to be prepared for deployment; should serious and uncontrollable rioting breaks out during the rally.

I am firmly against the use of the military, and they ought to be steadfast in remaining neutral. The police have enough resources, and after all it is their primary responsibility to ‘battle’ a public order situation.

The military today is not geared nor equipped for Public Order. In the days gone by, we even had a camera to be used for public order in the ‘equipment table’ in all infantry units. Today, that item is out, and along with it, the gas mask, the stretcher and the banner. Even the Public Order Manual is today a museum piece.”

The danger is that the Army is not geared to control public order. They are taught only to shoot.

Anonymous said...

Where were all those Seni Silat Lincah buggahs when Malaya was under the Japs from 1941-1945? Cowering in fear under their mothers’ sarungs! The only ones fighting the Japs were the MPAJA!

Anonymous said...

The regime is on self destruct mode. Just wait and see. It won't be long InsyaAllah.

Anonymous said...

As usual Najib did not specific which stadium he was offering just the same trick he used when he said all top students regardless of their race will be given scholarships without specifying which university the non Malay scholars will get to send to. He did not lie did he ?
By now we should no longer be taking his words for granted …
… like when he swore in the mosque that he did not know who the mongolian woman was..
… One more thing why were the two police officers indicted in court for killing her had the right to cover their faces in court and above all allowed by the court. Where are they now ? Only God or Allah knows where !

Anonymous said...

The BN Govt and their insitutional thugs and “third line of defence” can do their worse and may even succeed to thwart the rally to some extent. But they may win the battle but they have lost the war.

This whole episode has shown up the hypocritical and total lack of principles and integrity of this group of idiots. They have confirmed and proven to the whole world that they do not keep their words and you can bet your life they will do this again and again. And this revelation also cast serious doubts on the honesty of those mosque swearings denying involvement in the murder of some Mongolian lady.

In short, the people could not and should not believe a single promise this Govt made anymore. Period.

zorro said...


Thank you for your comment. I produce again what I wrote about the audience with the king:
To Bersih 2.0 Steering Team:

Your message has been clear of uncertainties, free from partisanship, and fair in demands. It has resonated well with the rakyat as evidenced by the prodigious support. Tread carefully, stay focused as you follow your heart, be steadfast but not vindictive, be civil, seek judicious advice and let only good sense prevail. We have faith in what you will collectively and consensually decide. Seek our King’s counsel and Honor our King!

That much I can urge. I continue to hope and pray that good sense prevail. Thank you again....we think alike.

Anonymous said...


Could there be bloodshed this Saturday as BN is mobilising army and silat exponents to aid the police?

Anonymous said...

Can you ever trust Najib and his gang? I never did and never will. Met him years ago on a golf course and overhead his playing partners saying he never pays up when he loses but always collects when he wins. Such a cheat.

We are ALL Malaysian said...

Reezal Merican Naina Merican, the Umno Youth information chief, said Stadium Merdeka is of historical significance and should be denied to Bersih 2.0.


It's going to be a historical significance when Malaysians of many ethnics come together to ask for a clean and fair election.

With or without the rally, this BERSIH has already awakened many Malaysians to make a wise choice comes next GE.

Anonymous said...

Freedom of speech and the right to peaceful assembly are enshrined in the federal constitution, but the Barisan Nasional government flagrantly suppresses people's freedom of thought and action and ignores the separation of powers. The more it acts, the more it contravenes the constitution.

Must all laws - regardless of their nature and form - be upheld? This is nothing but feudalism.