Friday, July 29, 2011




Just received confirmation from two sources that EO6 have all been released.

The power of prayer and people!

Maybe we should continue to have the vigil in thanksgiving?


bruno said...

PM Najib,you and your ministers and the pariah IGP have done a great injustice to the EO-6 and their families.Why I said great injustice.Because you blurdy pariahs sons of bitches knew pretty well from the start that these charges were false.Yet you pariahs kept on detaining the accused suspects instead of releasing them.

Up till today your blurdy bastards of HM and the Pariah IGP have not been able to charge the six accused of any crimes.Don't you Najib as the fucking PM do something instead of always sitting on your hands doing nothing,acting like a fucking useless cripple.

Don't you and your pariah cousin Hisham and the batang sucking IGP think that this circus act has backfired and gone on for too long.You bastards are fucking clowns and the laughing stock of the world.Najib,Hisham,Patail,Muhyidin,
IGP and the rest of your cronies,your families will forever be cursed for generations to come becaused of your fucking screwups.

Anonymous said...

They will be freed eventually becos the fear of loosign votes but not justice !

Anonymous said...

Just caught a glimpse of this Tony Yew - Chan Lilian spat. Amazing that the police act so fast on Lilian but Ibrahim Ali is still walking free.

Who is this Tony Yew anyway? He seems to have a lot of contempt for his fellow Malaysians.

Oops, better stop in case he lodge a police report against me.

zorro said...

Tony can be viewed at

zorro said...

If that is not enough go to

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! Move over Ibrahim Ali, "Datuk" Tony Yew's more imfluential than you! He could lodge police report and get people arrested. Ibrahim couldn't even get his Perkasa members to stroll around Lake Titiwangsa.

And move over Ridhuan Tee, "Datuk" Tony Yew is more eloquent in bashing anyone that upsets his masters in his writings.

Just wondering which church he goes to. I'll make sure I go to another church. Dont' want to be arrested for religious sedition if I happen to sneeze while singing hymms in church. He's a powerful man!

Charlie Oscar said...

Do you agree on this tweet by Chan Lilian???
'i think all Christians shud march for all the PERSECUTION they had done to us and our Lord. Don't you think so? I go sleep now. Bye bye'

RPK AVOIDED this Statement and Talked about Cock & Bull Stories About Christians!!!
Ever Heard Of Christians PERSECUTED In Malaysia???

Freedom Of Speech!!!
Just Say Anything You Want, Whether It Is True or False and You Are NOT Responsible???

Anonymous said...

Some people still don't get it.

It doesn't matter whether who agrees or disagrees to that tweet.

Arresting someone for expressing her thoughts is 13th century mindset!

Selective arrest of people for expressing their thoughts ... that is political prosecution!

Charlie Oscar said...

Anon 5:49PM
If this is the 13th Century, that "someone" would have been already put to death!!!
Kindly read with Eyes Open!!!
Christians are PERSECUTED in Malaysia???
Do you know the difference between Expression of Thoughts and Malicious Accusations???
You Still Don't Get It???

samgoh88 said...


Isn't it a horrible thing
When no one can freely think
What's best for nation and king
Without going to the bar for a drink

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng
Sun.31st Jul.2011 .