Monday, July 18, 2011


The Cool Point Hotel
Cameron Highlands, Pahang

The Cool Point Hotel provides you a different world where casual simplicity and a perfect getaway point. Enjoy the hospitality that we have to offer whilst you are being pampered by a family of devoted staff who are specially trained.

“provides you a different world”

It sure proved to be a different world to some DAP aides! HERE

Enjoy the hospitality that we have to offer whilst you are being pampered by a family of devoted staff who are specially trained……..

to report you to the police for wearing Bersih tees in the privacy of your room.

24 hour message handling….(FOR THE POLICE?)

They probably have direct link to UMNO or MCA.


The hotel is located right
in the heart of the quiet scene town of Tanah Rata. This is the main administrative town in the Cameron Highlands where the police stationand the only hospital, the school are placed.

THE COPYWRITING SURE SUCKS…..scene town….what’s this?

Big promotional items are police station and hospital!

Dang! This sure is weird!







Anonymous said...

But if some people lao jio , lao sai ,many young children, got chickenpox ...The hotel's management will be happy to welcome you .


bruno said...

Must be run by running dogs from Umno or Mca.When we have the Umno and it's cronies running the country as a police state,we still have citizens who would gladly and happily be running dogs to them.Traitors and pariahs to their fellow countrymen.These lowdown sons of bitches.

uncle zorro fans club(PAS branch) said...

i will uncle,
stayed there before,will tell my family,relatives and friends in ipoh and taiping.

Anonymous said...

Yes!! I agreed with Uncle Zorro. Stay away from this UMNO crown owned jamban. This is the hotel that against with us, RAKYAT. Generasi 709...

-Some one from CH-

Anonymous said...

I will definitely stay clear of this hotel and would inform all my friends about it. By the way, did the polis have a warrant to enter that room?

Anonymous said...

If they can do this, I bet they even peep at guests taking their shower or changing their clothes.

How can anyone trust a hotel like that?

Anonymous said...

Polis said : hand over all videos to show the evidence of polis punya brutality & cruelty !

Connie : stupid cupid !
Frank : something stupid ! BUT...

'Fools rush in' & ALL evidence be destroyed .... polis : mana ada evidence lagi ?

The Mongolian father handed the ONLY photo & now NO proof of his daughter having dinner with 2 vvips in Paris !!

Joe said...

Check out their funny website!

Anonymous said...

What are we coming to. I used to read stories of the hated KGB, the Stasi and the Savak and I used to think how lucky we Malaysians are... but not anymore.Now the insidious state aparatichik seems to be everywhere.No wonder during my last trip, I notice people looking around before the speak. The East German Stasi motto was "Schild und Schwert der Partei" (Shield and Sword of the Party). What is the Malaysian equivalent of this shield and sword? Ours show 2 hands shaking; they forgot the handcuffs on the other hand!

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

We already have the Bini Puaka.
Now we have Hotel Puaka as well.

Anonymous said...

They are getting negative publicity for their stupidity. Serve them right. Let us see how bad they will have to suffer financially.
Pak Tua

Anonymous said...

Noted with thanks. Will definitely boycott hotels that does not welcome BERSIH supporters like us.

Anonymous said...

Porno Chua & UMNo adulterer should also avoid this hotel coz they will also report you to JAWi and JAIS

badBoyzs said...

We been here before!
Then there was no bersih
How things change
The Empire is strong, beware!

Old Timer said...

This hotel is owned by one Azman nicknamed Azman Rimba in Cameron Highlands.He is also a construction contractor. He is married to one of the sisters of Maznah, an UMNO Pahang State Government ExCo.

Anonymous said...

MCA porn star & UMNO adulterers will be welcomed. They won't bite the 'hands that feed them'.

new fart said...

The thing about the handing over of videos on the march to show police brutality must be the biggest joke of the century. And only in a third world country like this can the PDRM make such stupid request! As if they are the angels protecting the ordinary person on the street whereas everyone knows they are nothing but crooks patrolling the streets!

bumi-non-malay said...

Next stay away and buying Petronas petrol or any petronas Gas.....never mind if petronas supply all petrol station with petrol....just that you give them cash flow hiccups to UMNO and DISRUPT their supply chain........We need to hit them one by one like those DDOS internet attack as suggested from my blog site...low level but enough to keep their IT on the toes....he he he....while other disrupt are being planned.....

Anonymous said...

This is the way how non-malay sabotaging malay. Bloody fucker to non grateful poeple like you!

Anonymous said...

Such hotel may have hidden cameras to capture your action to serve its political master.

We should boycott this hotel.

Anonymous said...

We should boycott New Sunday Times and Berita Minggu that are responsible for the photographic falsification of a PAS Unit Amal volunteer as a violent 709 protestor armed with knife when he was holding a Malaysian flag and not throwing rocks at police should step out and own up.

As for that Cameron Highland hotel, it must have hidden camera connceted to PDRM, elase how could they know what you are wearing inddor?

Anonymous said...

Katak Ibrahim is grooming its successor?

He is sponsoring the RM5,000'Ibrahim Ali leadership award' for Universiti Teknologi Mara to students who are consistent in upholding the Malay race.

Be very afraid!

Alif Bakar said...

Malaysian censors have blacked out parts of an article in the latest edition of The Economist which had called Putrajaya’s handling of the Bersih rally overzealous, even as the Najib administration struggles to deflect the barrage of criticisms in the international media about the government crackdown.

Among the parts blacked out are mentions of the heavy-handedness of the police and the accusation that the government withdrew its offer to protesters to use a stadium for the rally.

The article titled “Taken to the cleaners — an overzealous government response to an opposition rally” chronicles the chaos on July 9 when police fired tear gas and water cannon to disperse the tens of thousands who took to the city’s streets here to demand electoral reforms.

Although the full article is available online, the Home Ministry still inked out four lines in the article, one of which notably reported on the death of one man during the rally.

Baharuddin Ahmad, the husband of a PKR leader, collapsed while trying to escape the chaos on July 9 and has now been elevated to “hero” status by rally supporters bent on ensuring his death had not been in vain.

The Economist wrote “The police fired tear gas and water cannon into the crowd, and one man died of a heart attack” but the second portion of the sentence was blacked out.

The ministry also inked out three other lines in the article which spoke of “heavy-handed police tactics”, the alleged chemical bombardment on the Tung Shin Hospital which is now being investigated and how the government withdrew its stadium offer.

The blotted out parts read: “The march itself was then banned, although the authorities offered Bersih a stadium to meet in — and then withdrew the offer” and “The heavy-handed police tactics have provoked a lot of anger; the government has conceded an official investigation into claims of police brutality. In one instance (caught on film), police seemed to fire tear gas and water cannon into a hospital where protesters were sheltering from a baton charge”.

Anonymous said...

Unlce Zorro,
Could you please send me a link to the story on Malaysiakini, I am not a subscriber of the online newspaper. A family member of mine manages the hotel and a shareholders of the hotel is a close family member as well and I can assure you that I will do my best to look into this matter. Thanks

Ex-Cool Point Hotel Employee

Anonymous said...

For information the owner was Ex Ketua Pemuda UMNO Tanah Rata or Cameron Highland. Ex Komando officer. Pakatan Rakyat members must stay away from umno cool point.

zorro said...

No there can never be cameras in rooms....corridors/aisles maybe. The DAP guys were making too much noise and a neighbor-guest complained. The hotel asked them to change rooms. Whist this was happening, somebody reported to the police that these DAP guys were wearing Bersih tees.
One has to be considerate of others when in a hotel.
They were not wrong in wearing Bersih Tees, but their boisterous behavior distrubed others.
The hotel was wrong in reporting about the Tees. It was worn in the privacy of the rooms. They were arrested when the guys were in their rooms.

zorro said...

Ex-employee of Cool Point. Pls read my comment above to Anon1242 and 1255.

In my post, third paragraph, hit on the word HERE (in blue). That should link you to the site with the story.

Anonymous said...

"The DAP guys were making too much noise and a neighbor-guest complained."

And they havent even taken over the government and turned malaysia into a republic and already they are behaving like a typical chinese hooligan. Imagine if they rule malaysia , how?

sinleong said...

isnt this the ye olde smokehouse? anyway, boycott this hotel

Anonymous said...

Don't be so stupid la. Any hotel would turn them down.
Wearing yellow T-shirt with Bersih logo is illegal.
They don't need business from such people.

zorro said...

Anon514pm....I let you thru....go collect your reward. My insider UMNO blogger friend told me that every time some selected bloggers amongst us let their comments thru, they get bounty reward....tell me if this is not true. You BN guys cant be so hard-up....crutches again?

Anonymous said...

That is true Uncle Zorro, it is never right to arrest someone in the privacy of their rooms. I will look deeper into this matter to find out who is the individual that complained to the authorities. But in the meantime, please do not boycott this hotel, the current owner might be an ex-Pemuda UMNO but that does not mean that the the 'future' owner of this hotel does not know what is right or wrong. Anyways, what's done is done.

Ex Cool Point Hotel Employee/Potential future owner of Cool Point Hotel :)