Monday, August 1, 2011


“We can also talk about changing the present election system where professional thinking is preferred. We should start thinking of not just cleaning the electoral rolls, (because) that's like tweaking an old car... I want a new car," quipped Prof Shamsul Amri Baharuddin, the director of the Institute of Ethnic Studies at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), to cheers from the audience of 500 students at the 5th Annual Malaysian Student Leaders Summit in Kuala Lumpur.


We can send the old “car” for a good wash with chemically laced water to raise its value at the GE13 junk yard.


KoSong Cafe said...

Using this analogy, who is more important - the owner (voters)or the drivers (PM and EC Chairman)?

A pristine vintage car is good to look at and has great value, but is likely to be impractical. Yet in the hands of a good driver, it can take us from A to B safely.

A brand new car is definitely more efficient in terms of speed and braking efficiency, but left in the hands of a reckless driver?

Currently, the owners of the car has no say over whether to maintain it in pristine condition or to replace it with a new model. The driver is dictating to the owner that he prefers to have a badly maintained old junk because (I think) he wants to continue driving until the car breaks down. He is prepared to take the owner with him on each of his precarious journeys. Meanwhile, while the owners are scared stiff because of the risks involved, the driver is enjoying himself while it lasts.

Willy said...

The current BN is probably the weakest since independence. Partly it is a result of its own doing where party members are mostly for profit rather than for rakyat. The current leadership is as weak where it was unable to revamp BN to make it relevant to the rakyat despite a wake up call in 2008. All the lip service and contradictory actions make everything worse.

I do not believe that the current BN will make things any better for the country if they stayed in power and Malaysia definitely needs a breathe of fresh air politically. I think that drastic changes in BN will only happen if they lose the next election.

bruno said...

What the professos was saying is than Umno has been tried for 54 years and is considered long overdue for the junkyard.Now why is Umno long overdue for the junkyard.Because it cannot do anything right in the people's eyes.

It keeps on making fumbles after fumbles.It is like an old car which keeps on breaking down after a short visit to the mechanic.Then the mechanic kept on repairing and changing the spare parts.One day the owner brought the car back again for repairs.As the mechanic had a bad night before,he screamed at the owner.

He cursed and yelled at the owner.Don't bring that fucking old jalopy into my shop anymore.My regular customers kept seeing that piece of shit always in for repairs and that they thought that it is because of my poor workmanship.After 54 years that piece of shit is beyond repair and should be fit only to be used as junk.That piece of shit(Umno)is beyond redemption.

All Is Well said...

Lately the Indians have been a pampered lot, thanks to sugar daddy Najib. So many goodies were given to them: Najib's frequent walkathons in Brickfields and Little Indias; Thaipusum being declared a national holiday; the MIC demanding a special NEP programme for the Indians; now a non-elected MP being given a minsterial post. The Indians are taking a leaf out of the book of Perkasa.

Perkasa is a pesky mosquito NGO but it has deep teeth. It threatens Najib with the withdrawal of support; it ridicules Najib's new-born baby, 1Malaysia; it creates havoc with the racial harmony of the country; it carries on demonstrations with impunity and has Hishamuddin coddling them with his blessings; it always gets the moribund police into action with its police reports against Bersih and the Christians. Perkasa is pulling the strings around Najib's nose and Najib responds like a puppet.

telur dua said...

Before GE = Berkhidmat untuk Rakyat.

After GE = Berkhidmat untuk Sendiri.

You only have to look at their 'Before and After' lyfestyle.

Anonymous said...

While speaking to student leaders, Najib said BN is a faithful follower of democracy as demonstrated by 2004 election when BN did not “disturb” PAS in Kelantan although BN only lost by only 1 seat.

Wait a minute, but the PM IN 2004 was Abullah, the God fearing Hadhari man.


Anonymous said...


You talk about change here and there BUT do we actually have an alternative out there?? Look at PKR, honestly please. There are a bunch of wolves in waiting in PKR actually, a bunch of UMNO Team B. Should we take BN out in the next GE, wont we be removing old crooks with a set of new ones???

Look at DAP ... look at the likes of Ronnie Liu and that Lee Kee Hiong for example. DO you actually think Ronnie is clean?? The people of Klang especially Pandamaran knows what he has been up too. Lee Kee Hiong is another crook who gave out State business contracts to her uncle. She is the reason why Teoh Beng Hock was hauled to MACC but what has DAP done so far?? They have been extremely quiet. And that Jeff Ooi guy up in Penang ... who is not only arrogant but thinks with his arse. Teresa Kok??? She has her favorite developer ....

The only credible party in PR is PAS.

I think we are screwed either way unless Barisan Rakyat bloggers can put up a list of credible candidates.

Kadir said...

Najib said: “1 Malaysia is our guiding philosophy. It does not matter what you say, just as long as you follow (the 1 Malaysia concept)”.

So what is he saying? That he expects all Malaysians to practise this noble idea while he and his Deputy happily go and practise their racist agenda? “Do as I say but don’t do as I do”?

He is pathetic. This poor excuse of a man, let alone a PM, does not even have the guts to stand up and be counted. If you agree with your deputy, say so and explain your stand. Likewise, if you disagree with him( as he had openly and blatantly done with your 1Malaysia concept) also say so and explain why you disagree with him.

No stand is the stand of a coward.

zorro said...

Anon1239pm.....I agree with you re PKR and the likes of Ronnie Liu whose path I crossed recently. I wont go into the latter yet. There are some bad apples. Lets give credit to those MPs and Aduns in PR who try their best and work against some insurmountable hurdles put up by a BN-loyal civil service. Lets put them in Putrajaya. If they fail us they should know that we can also pull them out of Putrajaya. You and I have that power.

Anonymous said...

Najib, you appoint MIC deputy president Palanivellu as pm dept minister, you only help him, you do not help the 1.9 millions Indians as they have voted for Umno, MIC and MCA for the past 12 elections. Now you are asking the Indians to help you and you will help them. In what way, you help them. Give them a free copy of history textbook Interlok to study, is it?

Jakaria Jee said...

I agree with you on this one Br. Zorro. The thing now is to stay FOCUS really FOCUS on outing the corrupt,the incompetence,the liars, the oppressors and a long list of etc. etc. Show them who can put them and also pull them out of P/Jaya.A lot of articles will be very very well written to deviate our attention and determination from carrying out what we should have done years ago.It's sickening to read what some of them write (see those paid BN bloggers).So I think the message is to reinforce our resolve and FOCUS in getting BN out before we as malaysian have a future for us and for the generations to come!!!!!!!!! HIDUP MALAYSIA>

Anonymous said...

Since when did this Prof kangkung Shamsul Amri became a turn-coat.
All this while he was a very vocal anti-opposition. TV3 and Utusan mouth-piece.
I think he must be side-lined for promotion.
Another opportunist which we don't need.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The flames of religious bigotry are being lit again by the very authorities who are supposed to be the gatekeepers of fair play and justice. Instead of ensuring peace and harmony, these very people elected to power seem to be hell-bent on causing strive and distrust.
Those so called religious bigots in Jais have nothing better to do. Their racialistic dickhead Hasan Ali should be dumped into a garbage truck and buried. PAS should disown this idiotic no brains bum if they wanted non muslim support.

Ultimately, what is the ultimate goal of all this? Creating tension? Hoping for a vitriolic reaction? Sowing distrust among people of different faiths? Insulting another faith? Showing that their very faith is the best in the world and nobody can interfere? Probably all the above.

And they have probably succeeded in none of the above. Why? Because the citizenry have grown up, unlike the racialistic and holier than thou leader HA and his political masters.