Monday, August 22, 2011


Judex habere debet duos sales, salem sapicutiae, ne sit insipidus, et salem conscientiea, ne sit diabolous..

'A judge should have two salts, the salt of wisdom, lest he be insipid; and the salt of conscience, lest he be devilish'.


It is so easy in this country to denounce a judge as a bad judge. THIS case is a classic example.

The judge (Mohd Zabidin Mohd Diah) did NOT know the law on judicial bias while the rest of us ordinary people, who have been apprised of the law by this article, know what judicial bias means.

But only in THIS country can one find INCOMPETENT judges.

You don't find mediocre judges in Singapore or elsewhere in a common law country. It is not possible to fault a Singaporean judge for incompetence because he knows the law.

The moral of this unsavoury episode is this:

If you appoint MEDIOCRE lawyers to the Bench you will get SUBSTANDARD judges.

From what we have experienced so far from the Perak takeover cases, the quality of most of our judges is suspect.

In the meantime what should we do with so many bad apples in the barrel?

If only the opposition won in the next general election, then we could get rid of all the bad apples through Parliament.



At 11:47am the Judge asked for a copy of Anwar’s statement HERE made from the dock.

Read carefully and rest well. We will be watching you….as Agustine Paul presumably will too, from WHERE he is!


We fervently pray that you will prosecute and not persecute.


wandererAus said...

YB DSAI has just coached the Monkey Judge presiding in this infamous trial... how to write a factual report on the verdict...not, a balls licking judge that oozed out rubbish based on made-up "facts", this man is a shame to his Creator! Monkey judge, have you a sound mind, don't your conscience ever prick you? should not only removed yourself from the bench, better still, from the face of this earth.
This UMNO Kangaroo Court, is all out to crucify an innocent man. Najib, you have a peeled dick but, no balls!...Malaysians challenge you to take the stand with your link to Altantuya's murder? Bloody coward!

Anonymous said...

Only losers to be (Anwar) and his supporters blame the judge.
What about his delaying tactics? Isn't he be unfair to his victim Saiful?
That fella wants to be judge, jury and lawyer. Bo Layan.

bruno said...

Incompetent,mediocre,corrupted and half past sixers of judges,cops,
politicians,robber barons etc.Where
can one find these type of characters plus a blurdy moron of an corrupted AG.Only in a land of kangaroo courts in Bolehland.

Anonymous said...

dun blame the judge. he thought he got a position where he can sit back and let the lawyers write his judgements while he collect kopi money. he was unfortunate enough not to pay enough homage to zaki and got landed with this case. he was ordered to make sure anwar loses come what may but he was so sorely lacking in legal knowledge and command of english that it is already a miracle that he lasted so long in this trial. this poor guy must be having sleepless nights because his conscience is pricking him. he couldn't understand what anwar's lawyers are talking about and yet he has to deliver his judgements and try not to sound lacking in depth. Poor guy!!!

Anonymous said...

"Guidelines For Muslims Celebrating Religious Festivals Of Non-Muslims"
Why are u playing firecrackers and homemade boms during Hari Raya?

Anonymous said...

aiya , IF the copy is in inglis ...gone fart la !!

Donplaypuks® said...

"Only losers to be (Anwar) and his supporters blame the judge.
What about his delaying tactics? Isn't he be unfair to his victim Saiful?"

If there were deliberate delaying tactics, why did the judge allow it? Was the judge incompetent or sleeping on the job or both?

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

BZ said...


nganga said...

先是封杀 Bersih 和一切关于它的、后来就抹黑栽赃、现在则终于承认净选盟的8大主张是国会遴选委员会的工作重点,国阵再次自打咀巴!只要敢敢改变、希望就在明天!

straightalking said...

Oftentimes, when a Malaysian, more so a Malay, gets a position in the civil service where he has the authority to spend money, he'll quickly see, and want, some IMMEDIATE changes to his lifestyle, such as:

One or more, younger wives/mistresses in addition to who he already has.
One or more, bigger/more expensive mansions in addition to what he already has.
One or more, expensive cars in addition to what he already has.

And to help him achieve the above lifestyle and other expensive habits/thoughts, he will have no problem meeting the right persons, RIGHT AWAY, who will introduce him to CORRUPTION.

If you don't believe or rubbish the above statement/opinion that I've made, then you are just being dishonest or refuse to accept the current reality that is created, nurtured, and greatly encouraged by BN.

Your argument that PR does not have what it takes to govern and we should give BN more time to improve the micros and macros of the country, reminds me of a movie I saw years before. That movie was about a female government psychologist who argued, and won, with her "professional" contention that a convicted serial rapist should be released from prison and given a second chance to rehabilitate as a normal person against the advice of an experienced and street-wised police officer who countered that the rapist is beyond redemption and WILL go back to his old ways.

The lady was eventually raped and murdered by the same sicko.

Did we give BN a second chance? Of course we did. BN was already given TWELVE CHANCES and was BN ever rehabilitated?

Don't just vote with your heart. Vote with your brain too.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Zorro,

So what if the whole Malaysia is watching the judge? The end result will still be the same as Sodomy 1 with the then judge Augustine Paul throwing out all the defense evidence. Even Augustine Paul, a judge with a double biblical name can "succumb" to the might of UMNO so what more of this current Sodomy II judge.

Anonymous said...

Aiya...Anwar sure go to jail one!
This is Malaysia ma!
Most of the judges must follow directive ..No choice la! GE is coming ba!

zorro said...

Anon632pm....that time there was no internet. When everything was over the internet arrived. A paul had hell and we reminded him of damnation. He died a horrible death, no? So we tell this bloke we are watching too.

Anonymous said...

UMNOputra dunggu.

Lugan Ligin said...

When I read blow-by-blow account of this Anwar fella's trial. I feel like giving him a blow-job.
First give him a tight slap and then blow him away to kingdom come with my blow-pipe.

Anonymous said...

Can't blame the judge. He only serves the Agong and all that have his majesty's picture on it.

Anonymous said...

And this man has Mohamad embraced with his name.

Wak Domo said...

Our law makes an offence of “carnal intercourse against the order of nature”. In a word it means inserting the penis (by even a mere fraction of an inch) into the anus or mouth of another person – whether same or opposite gender – is criminal. This is curious. Here Nature is not bothered such an act said to be against it but Man is. Why so? If one says its society’ repugnance against people of same gender having this kind of sexual expression, it is really not so because: even between a man and a woman anal & oral sex is criminal. Funnily no two female lesbians can ever have “carnal intercourse against the order of nature” because neither is possessed of a penis! The roots of this crime is based on ecclesiastical law (taken from the book of Leviticus in the Old Testament) since 1534 in England!

Anonymous said...

can we have his house and office addresses?

perhaps some of us want to print some info and distribute to his neighbours to read... and to judge his character.

we have to do something.


Anonymous said...

Please use the Hari Raya Aidilfitri and National Day break to check your voter status, following rising claims of irregularities.