Friday, August 26, 2011


McDonald, who is the fourth defence witness, testified yesterday that chemist Dr Seah Lay Hong's testing was not according to international standards following errors in labelling and not swiping the sample on a receptacle.

This follows the discovery that two out of 10 samples having faulty labels when it was stated on the container that they were taken on June 26, 2008.

This was despite that the medical examination was done on the alleged victim, Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan, on June 28.

On Dr Seah

McDonald says you cannot assume Saiful's sperm is in his own rectum.

McDonald says, "We cannot discount Saiful's sperm was up in his own anus."

"I would say Seah's evidence is a guess."

McDonald also testified such incompetence behaviour could have resulted in the chemist being “sacked” from his or her job.

On Nor Aidora Saedon.

“If these tests were done in school, she’d have failed them” Dr McDonald said of chemist Nor Aidora Saedon.

The Judge should throw out this case and I guarantee he will have a blessed Hari Raya…..otherwise it will be shameful to appear in public and in open houses!





Anonymous said...

Wow...what a cup-full of cringeness!!!!

bruno said...

Zorro,from the very beginning,Umno
was all out to get Anwar.Whether Anwar is guilty or innocent it does not matter.The medical report is fixed to convict him.After coming this far Umno GOM is not going to let Anwar walk.Even Anwar knows that he is cooked.

Anonymous said...

Leaving aside the few errors committed by the chemists, I think they did an excellent job of identifying male Y sperm matched with the dna profiles in the good morning towel.

You can't blame them since the samples were given by the Police. If Saiful's own sperm was in his rectum which was later extracted by HKL, the possibility is that the good morning towel & items used by Anwar at the lock-up were also given to Saiful by the police to leave his dna profiles on it.

The chemist did a good job of identifying that the dna profile of male Y matched with the swabs taken from Siful's arse. That was the best they could do. So male Y is either Siful or some police officer who inserted his sperm into the rectum and who interfered with the towels and other exhibits.

Anonymous said...

Ini macam siapa mahu percaya sama Malaysia. These peopla are pakar bodek la brother!
All claim pakar in Malaysia but I say "lancheowwwww"! sorry ma fasting month.
Nothing can be trusted under the present regime....
Wowwww! rakyat Malaysia mari berubah and kick this BN/UMNO and the liar PM.
So if PM pun kaki tipu then you know the rest la.... sekarang banyak geram la, P*k^mak itu dr Seah and Nor Aidora!

telur dua said...

They insist on prosecuting a case which is lacking coherent testimonies and evidence. This case is like a fishing net i.e. full of holes.

What a f--- waste of time and money. Would the Judge dare throw out the case?

Pak Zawi said...

Somehow they will come up with something to do a damage control. This is the problem when you are lying, the truth will crop up in mysterious ways.

KoSong Cafe said...

Any other trial would have the case thrown out to give the accused the benefit of the doubt. But this is no ordinary case as we know it. It is more like an atmosphere of bending over backwards to accommodate in order to have a case to go on.

We have the first case to compare with, which was overturned later, yet they see fit to go through another charade to destroy another person's life.

Any doctor or chemist or police IO should know that what is expected from such a high profile case is higher than normal standards of care. Instead, we have bungling officers and judges who condone sub-standard procedures.

wandererAus said...

Aided by the monkey judge Diah, the so called chemist and scientists presented their "exciting findings" like those given from rising stars in their profession. Now they are exposed as frauds!... they were really oozing out shit at the the inquiry of this trail. They are now placed by this overseas reputable DNA expert Dr McDonald as maggots who thrive in an UMNO shit hole!

Anonymous said...

Prosecutor Yusof, cut your losses, withdraw and concede....before making a complete fool of yourself. Also, save your political tainted masters committing suicide. Judge Diah, stay sane! was your shitful still a creditable accuser? Augustine Pauls have his balls completely roasted in hell...UMNO bastards and C4 are not worth all that!

Anonymous said...

Will any be surprised if these two
overseas experts in their own field will be denied visa of entry to Bolehland when the trial resume in September?
What ever the outcome, the cat is out of the bag!...The existence of Kangaroo Courts are confirmed and thriving healthily in Bolehland.

Jong said...

Madness, this is shameful!

This UMNO-led BN government is making a complete ASS of themselves with this trial. It has demonstrated for the world to see how corrupt Malaysia is and the sitting government under Najib Tun Razak is not fit to be trusted anymore!

wandererAus said...

Dr.Wells and Dr.McDonald, you are hired in advance for SodomyIII by UMNO low beings! Letter of intent will follow soon from arselicker Rais Yatim ministry.
As principled human beings their reaction...return to the senders!

bumi-non-malay said...

Dr Seah Lay Hong is Unemployable Now....Like Hee Yit Katak of Jelapang.... These are the Munafiq Buddist/Christian ..... When Money talks BS walks true in malaysia. now their immediate family members are under seige....What is there to pity when they take $250-500K as bribery and set themselves for life while people still suffer??

same goes for the UTK/MACC/PDRM Murderers who are walking all over KL daily and nightly with their Silence corruption $$$$$.....they are the ones we need to lightning to strike!!

Anonymous said...

Of course they did. These two chemists are half assed themselves, notwithstanding the Phd.

Anonymous said...

i feel so ashamed to say that I am from Malaysia. This trial has shown the world how low class our so-called doctors/specialist are and how low standard our laboratory is. BN has really make Malaysia looks like a fool to the outside world. May god bless Malaysia!

Anonymous said...

“If these tests were done in school, she’d have failed them”
That says it all doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

Kemaluan manyak BESAR/long : no wonder sperm sendiri PUN bolih sampai lubang sendiri la !!

Anonymous said...

boleh kah anda semua bayangkan bertapa teruknya kes ini yang telah mendedahkan BERTAPA cacatnya sample dan ujian DNA dilakukan. Cara ujian dilakukan pun salah dan meragukan sama sekali. Bagaimana perkara yg begitu penting ini diabaikan serta tidak dilakukan dengan betul mengikut prosidur yang betul, jelas serta memenuhi standard tertentu. Mahkamah bukannya kedai kopi, mahkamah adalah tempat mencari keadilan. Seseorang akan dipenjarakan jika terbukti melakukan kesalahan!!! Sungguh memalukan....bodoh kerana tidak dapat membezakan mana yang penting mana yang tidak. Apa-apa pun perkara tatacaranya perlu ada, protokol perlu diikut, prosedur perlu dipatuhi....ini main bantai ikut suka hati. DAN INGAT, KEBODOHAN ANDA AKAN MENYEBABKAN SESEORANG AKAN DIPERSALAHKAN DAN DIPENJARA DAN MUNGKIN ORG ITU TIDAK BERSALAH TETAPI SEBAB KEBODOHAN ANDA ORG ITU BERSALAH. Berapa banyak lagi kes-kes begini yang telah berlalu dan org telah meringkuk dalam penjara yang pada dasarnya dia tidak bersalah. HANYA SEBABKAN KEBODOHAN ORG LAIN ATAUPUN SEBAB MEMUTARBELITKAN BUKTI MENYEBABKAN DIA BERSALAH. Apa maknanya undang-undang dan mahkamah yang dimanipulasikan dengan mudah. yang lebih teruk ORG LUAR BOLEH MEMBERITAHU YANG KITA BUAT PERKARA YANG SALAH ATAU KITA MEMERLUKAN ORG LUAR UNTUK MEMBERITAHU KITA BUAT KERJA BODOH. Tak malukah kita???

Donplaypuks® said...

From what I heard, it was a full ass job. Where is aunty pet hiding?

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

Jong said...

I second Zorro's call - Stop the trial! It must not be allowed to be used to politcally assassinate Anwar with the lies and half-truths and incompetency of their civil servants. Not because he is Anwar Ibrahim but another human being who does not deserve to be condemned and treated this way and with total disregard for his family!

HEADS must roll! The Prime Minister and his UMNO-led BN Cabinet must resign en bloc if they have an ounce of credibility and integrity left, to take full responsibility for the mess and to have allowed the case to have gone this far. Disgraceful!

zorro said...

Jong....time to get a shut eye 131am. lah....I know it is 247am now.

Loctor Seah said...

Saifool's rectum/anus is invaluable to medical science as it could keep sperms in pristine condition for more than 100 hours. Certainly can qualify for Guiness Book of Records.

Jong said...

Zorro, from where I am the night was still young and I just needed to get if off my chest!

It's devastating, makes one wonder how the hell this trial has gone on for so long. It's upsetting they are adamant to fix him despite incompetencies of government chemists, police and Anwar's missing 'good morning towel' together with his stolen DNA.

And the original copy of medical records of Pusrawi Hospital on pretty boy who cried "wolf" that went missing too?

Donplaypuks® said...

That’s the precise reason Inspector Jude Blacious Pereira illegally opened up the chemistry dept’s samples and “stored” it in his own room in Brickfields police station "for its own safety" against the advise/protest of the chemistry dept and police SOP!!

Also, there was no real mix up in labelling dates; the parties who scribbled the “wrong” date did so subconsciously.

Now it becomes very, very clear when, where, how and by whom the DNA samples were tampered with.

UMNO bloggers also can’t seem to differentiate between DNA samples, semen and sperm.


we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

Donplaypuks® said...

It also explains why Sighfool had to invent the story that he did not s**t for 2 whole days and only had a light shower. This was from the beginning the most incredible claim by Sighfool that should have raised the red flag with the police, AG and SG.

It's pretty obvious now that Sighfool provided a sample of his semen/sperm/DNA to JP to tamper with DNA obtained from the towel etc.

I hope the "learned" judge can now see the conspiracy that took place, the actors and actresses involved and will not decide like Augustine Paul and Ariffin Jaka who ruled in Sodomy 1 that Azizan was a "credible witness' even though he commited khalwat in the middle of the trial. Where then is/was the higher moral ground claimed by the accusers?

Judge Zabdin has also made 1 mistake in allowing the towel, toothbrush etc in being admitted. Hopefully he will not make another by closing an eye to the conspiracy!!

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

Anonymous said...

Its a shame that the Judge in one track thinking. Clearly so far he has been favoring the prosecution team.

Jefri said...

That our printed/TV media ventriloquises the official BN line in service of political propaganda is something expected at least amongst the educated/literate readership, so there is no need belabor more to stress this point. (The goal of propaganda is afterall not upholding truth. It is to manage people’s perception and prevent people from questioning the message or from thinking critically outside the perameters of the message so that the message is considered an unchallangeable truth). What is interesting is that this “linking” of PR leaders to Murtads in Malaysia & Singapore” Facebook group represents (1) an attempt to cross over to the unregulated/unlicensed Internet space and utilise materials there for propaganda leverage the licensed (news/TV) media space (2) a shift to less nuanced and more blatant approach at scare bogeyman tactics focusing of late on sensitive race/religious issues.