Sunday, August 21, 2011


PETALING JAYA: The biometric registration exercise for foreign workers in the country, which has been extended until Aug 31, has thrown up a surprise for the Home Ministry.

The latest figures from the exercise have shown that there are more illegals than legal foreign workers in the country.

As of Friday, 2,088,358 foreign workers have registered under the exercise, over half of whom - or 1,135,499 - are illegals.


He banned Bersih2.0!

He did not allow us to wear Bersih Tees!

He locked down KL on 9 July!

He banned 21 of us from entering OUR city!

He didn’t allow us the use of the Merdeka Stadium!

He let loose his “dogs” to chemical-pee on us on 9July!

He locked up the PSM6 for waging war against the Agong!

He continued to lock up the PSM6 for being communist!

He finally decided that the PSM6 organised Bersih 2.0!


he allowed 1,135,499 illegals into the country…. more illegals than legal foreign workers in the country.

AND…..YET…. he aspires to be the next DPM when u-no-who topples his cousin the PM!

AND…..YET…..Najib still keeps him where he is!

AND …..YET…. Najib has forgotten Psalm 109.8!

AND …..YET ……FLOM has not acted?


Monyet King said...

excuse me ..... all the monyets do not want to be associated with him

bruno said...

Zorro,the moron who locked down KL city on 7/09 is a crazy power crazed idiot.He can only be the DPM when Muhyidin topples his cousin,but only in his wet dreams,or rather in their wet dreams.Because how can they both aspired to be the PM and DPM when Umno is soon to become the next extinct dinosaur.

wandererAus said...

This feral pig has a brain the size of his ball! This bastard simply has no bloody insult to the Muslims and a curse of his Maker!

Anonymous said...

I remember the govt of malaysia introduced KPI for all ministry. Home Ministry had exceed by 110% of under performance. Therefore the Immigration staff shall get half month bonus for Hari Raya.
The Home Ministry had achieve 110% KPI to increase side income i.e. hire consultants to implement biometric. 100% Bonus.

Anonymous said...


You also forgot to mention that he freed the 8 corrupt immigration officers who let in the illegals in the first place. This idiot of a homo minister is one sickening a**hole!!

Anonymous said...

kemaluan BESAR !

Tiger said...

Following Westminster,
he should resign, but we all know that BN people have no shame and do not know the meaning of retribution.
We, the Rakyat, KNEW A LONG TIME ago that there are MORE ILLEGALS than legals.
Just that they chose to do it now to generate some cash ammo for GE, using Mooyidin's family company to provide the biometric machines and of course Budak Hingusmudin to control it.

bumi-non-malay said...

2 million wear Black On Merdeka 2011 on National parade to clap hands against ruling UMNO Elite would be good....

See the Happiness that comes with Sacrifice from Libya..... Munafiq Terrorist Islam Gaddafi and Award Reciepient of Peace Award Tun Dr. M ...days are getting closer to the Gallows for YOUR Crime against Humanity....Including that Malay person who died on Bersih......Rakyat Bangkit Sekarang!!...Hapuskan PDRM, MACC Dan UMNO!!!!

zorro said...

Tiger, spot on Taiping lang!

zorro said...

Monyet King, sorry did not mean to insult. Was referring to some in the Bukit Nanas clan.

Khoo Nai Kong said...

Yesterday, a police lance corporal in Penang was caught for selling stolen watches in Lorong Kulit and three policemen supposed to arrest him asked the suspect to leave freely.

Today, two armed soldiers were robbing an illegal video game center in Sungai Buloh and cross fired with two plain-clothe policemen who were said in the scene for an operation. A robber was shot dead and another one was injured and arrested after a short escape.

Let us ask a question?

Why the police and army personnel who supposed to take care of our security are becoming criminals. They are more dangerous than normal criminals for having weapon and trained in handling firearms.

Anonymous said...

Khoo Nai Kong,

Don't you know that the police and army personnel full time profession is to engage in criminal activities such as extortion, robbery, beating up defenseless people to death in custody, firing armed weapons at juveniles driving cars without licenses, shooting tear gas and chemical water cannons at peaceful marchers, stealing jet engines, drug peddling, tangkap-tangkap peaceful candle holding vigiliers, etc, etc.

Their part time hobby is donning the police uniforms escorting the UMNO VIPs from their grandiose mansions to kenduris, parties, golf games, make pretend cabinet meetings, etc, etc. The army personnel's part time hobby is also donning the army uniform for Merdeka Day parades, stand as puppets on roll call for foreign VIPs visits, etc.

And of course the Home Minister's full time profession is to wave his tiny pen knife and spew racist ketuanan taunts in UMNO conventions, appear in press conferences in support of cow head protestors and Perkasa demonstrators, etc, etc. His part time hobby is attending cabinet meetings with his fellow half past six idiot colleagues and trying to look intelligent and drinking beer with his cronies.