Monday, August 15, 2011


RAIS Yatim said some of the participants were paid RM50 each to wear a yellow-coloured T-shirt and join the rally.

You have no proof of this. I was one of the 91 banned from the city on that day but I went in the day before and my one night stay in a budget hotel was paid by a FRIEND and not by Bersih

We donated to Bersih but we particularly donated to PAS who appealed for funds to house their people coming from out of State. When the cheque of RM3000 was given at PAS HQ, the front desk asked us how the receipt should be addressed. Our donor-rep wrote this on the receipt:


Besides money, the participants were also given free meals, he said.

Again you have no proof of this but we have proof that the PDRM feted our comrades who were arrested with nasi bryaini and fried chicken. We were reliably informed by our friends in PDRM that it was meant for Khairi’s boys. It would not look good if they were given preferential treatment so the food was re-ordered for all arrested. It was staged of course and your boot-licking MSM made capital of this magnanimity. Of course we all had a good laugh, if you did not know!

"This proves that the action taken by those wearing the yellow shirts or their leaders was moved by political rewards," he said after breaking fast with residents in Felda Lui Timur in Jempol today.

How dare you spred this lie during a break fast session in this holy month? And you think you can bluff Felda people? You have lost it, if ever you had it! Honesty and credibility, that is!

Rais said the matter (payment for joining the street demonstration) was stated in reports compiled by the ministry's agencies including the Special Affairs Department (Jasa). Just because you said it, we have to believe you, is it? You have lost your credibility the moment you lost two little outcrops to Singapore and when you begged off from some top- dog post in the Commonwealth Organisation. You would have cringed in embarrassment had you known what we speculated in our watering hole sessions and teh tarek forums. Maybe that should be fodder for GE13 IF UMNO will still nominate dead wood! Anyway show us proof of this Special Affairs Department report.

Meanwhile, the minister also called on the public, especially the Bersih 2.0 rally participants, to learn the lessons from the London riots.

The British goons, criminals, thugs and looters SHOULD learn from the Bersih participants whose only “crime” was to wear yellow tees or kick back tear gas canisters to the police.

Look at the courtesy showed by the Royal Malaysia Police when dealing with the Bersih protestors and controlling the situation during the rally as compared to what happened in London," he said.

He said the police in other countries would not hesitate to use brutal tactics in enforcing the law in their country, but the Malaysian police had displayed high level of patience and tolerance despite being provoked and bad-mouthed by aggressive demonstrators.

COURTESY? Is this how the police dealt with and controlled the situation. In London, the water cannons were not commissioned. Don’t be embarrassed by these:

In London, Paris, Canberra, Singapore, Perth and Auckland, Bersih participants had safe passage! The authorities in those countries knew OUR right to assembly.



bruno said...

Rais Yatim is a reject who was neglected all along in his career.Just look at him.After so many decades as a cabinet minister,he is now known as the senior minister.For a senior minister he sure is given such an inportant position.Minister of misinformation.

Any of his peers would have not excepted such an inferior position.Only he would hang on,because he has no where to go,and with his thick skin anything is better than nothing.
The beauty of it is that he doesn't know that his staff are laughing behind his back.Such a moron.

telur dua said...

What can we expect from guy who thinks with his 'small' head?

Lying is a way of life for these f.....s. said...

It is about time to change the yellow color in the Malaysian flag to a different color.
Since this Rais appears to be very free he might as well design and come up with another one and also a new flag.

Anonymous said...

90% of the illegal protestors in KL are Malays.
Almost all the illegal protestors overseas are Chinese.
What does that tell you?
Syok ya ucle Zorro eating free food after being arrested.
You, Ambiga, Haris etc are shameless, taking the free food when you should be fasting as protest.

abd razak said...

Dato'Rais,i earn rm21,850.00a mth plus kereta thrown in.I have paid taxes to the government since 1983.I participated in the Bersih walk b'cos on my own volition together with 3kawan2 who earn as much.I am a UMNO member from cawangan Bandaraya.My frens and i don't need 50ringgit untuk join Bersih brader bukan macam mamat2 Umno yang sanggup ambil rm200 dan tak pilih mantan pm.Perbedaan antara kita dan kamu datuk adalah jatidiri,class dan kemampuan grey matter yg tinggi.You and your ilk r going southwards!We know but you guys still don't!

wandererAus said...

Rais Yatim, Bersih supporters need not stoop to your level of a desperate old fart, who screwed his maid and paid her off to be silent. You are not only an arselicker to Najib regime, you have proven to be an expert spinner, a master spinner!

Charlie Oscar said...

When Hooligans take to the streets in KL as though there are No Laws and Orders, What Do You Expect PDRM to do???
When Hooligans REFUSED to Disperse After Numerous WARNINGS, What Do You Expect PDRM to do???
Do you expect a Stand-off between the Hooligans and PDRM indefinitely???
In football, Attack Is the Best Form of Defence!!!
The "Bobbies" in UK have a lot to learn for the Street Demonstrations which went Awry!!!
Hats-off To PDRM!!!

Charlie Oscar said...

"In London, Paris, Canberra, Singapore, Perth and Auckland, Bersih participants had safe passage! The authorities in those countries knew OUR right to assembly."
Where Do These People Assemble???
Selangor MB OFFERED Shah Alam Stadium!!!
The Oppositions REFUSED!!!
Isn’t It Obvious???
The MAIN Objective of the Oppositions Is To CREATE HAVOC in KL, period!!!

Anonymous said...


yatim is a special case of an old man - getting more stupid instead.

this is pride of malaysia - unmo's way.


Anonymous said...

Charlie Oscar,you have licked so many
UMNO blowholes that your twisted tongue ncan only ooze out foul air! Asshole like you will be satisfied to scrap a few dollars to post as UMNO dickhead in this blog...fu*king low being!

Anonymous said...

Najib is determined to hang Bersih with the London riots. It doesn’t matter that he is already starting to draw flak and ridicule for his poor ‘intellectual’ judgment or that the international community gets treated to another dose warped logic just so he can hammer out his point of view to benefit himself.

Does he not worry about giving the world an image of a stereotypical banana republic dictator?

Charlie oscar, what say you?

Anonymous said...

Hello uncle,

if you lot really want to bersih this and bersih that, why dont you lot by em' thousands pick up some cangkuls and go clean up the Klang river???

Then we can have a bersih environment la.

Anonymous said...

This guy is perfectly dumb. How can he become a minister speaks well of the quality of people runnibg such important port folio.
He will be much much better off if he goes back to sell "Rais chcken" in his kampong. Iwill be the first one to patronise.

Asril Sani said...

Thumbs up to the police for saving Uncle Zorro that day.

zorro said...

Anon1059am...don't be an ass. Why do yyou think think we pay taxes and assessment for? My young bumi boy asril could teach you a few things. Like Rais, you are becoming THICK. You need a THINNER...don't drink though...or you make turn out THICK as a STIFF.

zorro said...

Asril, don't be dumb! Thumbs up to police for saving me on 9 July.You have not yet mastered sarcasm and innuendos yah? It was a kiosk girl who saved me. As I walked towards the exit of the LRT station, three coppers were chatting up this good looking girl. One looked and me and found that the girl was more interesting to look at. Thanks darling whoever you are.

Apam Balek said...

$$...We were reliably informed by our friends in PDRM that it was meant for Khairi’s boys. It would not look good if they were given preferential treatment...$$

Really? Polis got money for this? Possible, maybe the Polis were earlier bribed or passed some dough, unofficially by generous kronis or from Mr Rosmah's 14.0b budget.

Asril Sani said...

So you were saved by a belle. Lucky you.
Your thinner reply to 10.59 am reminds me of the novel Thinner by Stephen King. Scary la that book.

Anonymous said...

This ex-46 man is impotent lah! This senior minster with a PhD for for anti-ISA thesis ended up serving his master with his tail between his legs.

What great things has he achieved for the nation for being one of the longest serving cabinet minister ??? Obviously, his pockets are full now that he is one of them unlike the days of S46 where he was in the wilderness of sort.

Anonymous said...

BN have gone to great lengths to prevent Bersih 2.0 from having its demonstration. They have gone to great lengths to lie about some of the events happening during the demonstration and they are still doing it now. They even declared Bersih 2.0 illegal and arrested people wearing yellow T-shirts.

But what did Bersih 2.0 advocate? Free and fair elections. If BN was for free and fair elections, why did they go that far to stop Bersih 2.0 and declared the movement illegal?

There is some hanky-panky going on with the registered voters, and the Election Commission (EC) is a party to it. Whoever responsible has to be charged for treason.

To prove the government is sincere, Najib should publicly apologise to Bersih 2.0 chief S Ambiga, and a few members from her steering committee should be invited into the proposed parliamentary select committee on election reform as well.

All seized Bersih t-shirts must be returned!!!

Anonymous said...

btw this dickhead doesnt even believe his own thesis which gave him the PHD-Truly Permanent Head Damage Dickhead from UMNO.