Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Whilst some politicians in Pakatan and BN are playing the CYA (read cover your ass) game over the uninvited visit of JAIS to DUMC, none is as despicable as the stand taken by the MCA taikor. I compare him to the nextdoor neighbor who comes into your house and disrupt the harmony of your house by pitting one member against another. Nothing as worse as this yah? Ibrahim Ali might take issue over this – upstanding him! Given the opportunity I would force-feed the soiled leg Chinese leader of an expired party with castor oil.

But Azrul Mohd Khalid, (in his letter to the STAR) was a welcome breath of fresh for many of us who have been assailed with a load of foul air by some “champions” over the last few days:

LAST week’s raid of the Harapan Komuniti event held at the Damansara Utama Methodist Centre by the Selangor Religious Department (JAIS) has served to highlight a gap in the welfare system.

Despite efforts by the state and Federal governments as well as numerous bodies, people in need are still being left out of social assistance programmes. It is not for lack of trying that this is happening, but it underlines the need to improve upon these programmes.

There are many in the Muslim community who are being left out or denied help and assistance by their own brethren and religious welfare systems.

For reasons which range from the moral and undesirable (e.g being transgender persons, sex workers, living with HIV and AIDS) to the bureaucratic (insufficient or incomplete paperwork, no address of residence, non-national), many members of the community, especially the poor and homeless, are left with palms outstretched to access services which ironically were established to help and serve them.

Each year, millions of ringgit in zakat are collected from Muslims in Malaysia. In 2007, RM806mil was collected.

Data from the Centre for Zakat Collection also clearly indicate an appreciation in alms on average of about 20% each year. That is a lot of money.

Very often, these systems expect people to go to them rather than seeking out and identifying possible beneficiaries.

This could involve the needy travelling to a town or a city far from where they live, using money and other costs which they could ill afford to spend, only to find out that this is the wrong office, or that they have insufficient documents to qualify for the aid or arriving after office hours.

There have also been incidences of selective charity and of aid being tied to political figures, where the provision of aid is dependent on when it is convenient rather than when it is needed.

Thus many from the community have felt the need to access

services from other sources, and in this case, those which are faith based.

Small wonder then many of the poor, homeless and marginalised access whatever service is within reach and which bothers to do the outreach to the communities regardless of faith.

I am disturbed and disappointed by the reports which have systematically sought to cast the humanitarian work of the non-Muslim religious community in an insidious light which does the latter much dishonour and disservice.

The insinuation of conversion behind the motive of helping those not of similar faiths has gone on long enough and must stop.

These reports have demonstrated a clear “katak di bawah tempurung” attitude, and ignorance of how non-Muslim charity systems operate, and how they play a critical and valuable role in plugging gaps in our social protection net.

A large number of Buddhist and Christian charity services such as soup kitchens, shelter homes, drop in centres, hospices, skills training, and to a certain extent limited financial assistance, are available to all regardless of faith and ethnicity.

These services, which are volunteer driven, often reach out to poor communities and actively seek out those who are most in need of assistance.

They are designed to be as accessible and open as possible and do not require that you first become a convert. Most importantly, they also respect the principle that there should be no compulsion in religion.

I once served at a soup kitchen organised by a Christian based welfare organisation.

Those who have made accusations of proselytisation and have caused ill feeling and distrust towards the Malaysian Christian community should be made to produce the evidence to back their assertions and be accountable.

We have all seen how Malaysians are able to extend help to each other in their time of need regardless of religion and ethnicity, as it should be. It should not be wrong for non-Muslims to assist those who are Muslim and vice versa.


Kuala Lumpur.


Anonymous said...

Well Written.In humanitarian aid there is no creed or color. Everyone unfortunate are entitle to assistance. So please don't bring religion in.Its only the blind ego people want to show how religious they are but only with their own kind.This people are coward always hide behind their position to try to show they have power to do as they please. Sad to say many people are taken in by this crooks in robe.

Anonymous said...

If only there were more azruls around, then we would truly be Malaysians everyone regardless of religion and ethnicity. Non-muslims are not like muslims who only extend help to muslims only so dont view others with your jaundiced eyes

Anonymous said...

Uncle Zorro,

Azrul Mohd. Khalib is a rare breed of a Malaysian Muslim who is totally strong and secured n his Islamic faith. He is also a rare breed amongst Malaysians Muslims who understands the key objectives of charitable organizations which is to help less fortunate people and communities regardless of their race, religion and creed.

Pariahs like Chua Soi Lek, Hasan Ali, Ibrahim Ali and a host of overzealous religious extremists cannot be mentioned in the same breath together with Azrul. Azrul stands heads and shoulders above the low life pariahs mentioned above.

We do hope that there are more Malaysians like Azrul who speak out for righteousness of any organization, religious or non religious, whose sole aim is to help the less fortunate.

Anonymous said...

Although some of the points by Azrul are valid, he obviously does not know the real details.

There was no raid, no doors smashed open or aggression.

It is JAIS obligation to investigate and they have every right to do so under the law. JAIS was only making inspection and statement was taken from individuals.

The one is in the hot seat is the church / organizer.
Explain why three individuals escape thru the back door. If it was an innocent, humanitarian, welfare event, why the reluctance of the organizer to admit JAIS investigators?

Proselytizing Muslim is illegal and there is strong evidence of this taking place.

Read all the details here


and stuff of the law here


bruno said...

CSL has always been a political chicken and the community's coward together with his assitant LTL.Or else how come he is called the porno and chicken king of Mca.Then he lick and suck Najib's bola and batang to get his useless son a nobody appointed a deputy minister.

Coming back to Jais,this department is a pariah unit of the political tool of Umno politicians.
Under the guise of the religious department,it has carry out many raids under the pretense of receiving unsubstantiated reports.
And they always get away with murder because they are under the jurisdiction of the ruler.

Many of the poor Malays or Muslims are denied help from their Malay or Muslim welfare authorities is because those in charge are appointed beacuse of their connection,and not because of their expertise.They are there only to chair warmed and get paid,and not to serve.

That goes for their staff too.Most of them are relatives or friends of the stooge.And when needy recipients go to their service centres and ask for assistance they are shunned or look down upon.
The receipients are treated with much disrespect to discouraged them from coming back.

Whereas like from Chrirtians and buddhists charities they are manned by a few salaried staff.The rest are mainly volunteers.They are there as volunteers to make their presense felt,and that is to help the needy.That is why the poor and needy go over there.It doesn't take a genius to figure it out.

Welfare workers should be trained in handling recipients.They should treat the poor and needly with respect and courtesy.If the recipients feel welcome they will come back regularly,especially in the soup kitchens.

In the west,for example in the US.
Social workers are well trained.If the poor and needy apply for assistance they will try and facilitate the applicant as best as possible to made sure that they will get the maximun benefit available to them under the law.

Jais is a failure in such as being used as a tool for politicains.It has failed in executing in its duties in respect of arresting participants of khalwat.Those arrested for khalwat are publicly humilated and shamed.That is why people trying to escape from these animals in fear of humilation have fallen to their deaths.

Kulaan Niring said...

Salam perjuangan. Saya telah link blog tuan ke blog saya. Harap dapat follow & link juga blog saya ke blog tuan. Terima kasih.


Anonymous said...

Azrul is not from UMNO.

zorro said...

Anon 1146pm....so what? Everybody must be from UMNO? Now we know where the decent guys are!

Anonymous said...

FYI Bruno,

JAIS is mostly PAS supporters. It's kind of obvious if you care to observe and think a little bit.
What is your basis to link it with Umno?
It's the dumbest idea to come from you especially now PAS has direct control being part of the state government.
Yes, Jais is under state government which is pakatan!! Duh!
Ever wondered why PAS is now running around like headless chicken between the church and Jais?

This is real shit for PAS. Coz DUMC is in deep shit as JAIS has got enough evidence of DUMC ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES , which is actually playing with fire.

Asril Sani said...

Hi Uncle

Majority of Malays and Muslims are like Azrul.
But it's just that we are silent. We are not affiliated to any political party.
But in the cyber-world and MSM, you see only two sides - for and against the government or opposition.
Our voices are made known only during elections.

wandererAus said...

Charity s blind and faceless.
Giving alms to the unfortunate is what is expected from our Creator but, we get assholes religious pretenders who practice their activities with a tunnel vision!...their act of charity see through only from their blowhole. Playing the religious game for ulterior motive...what hypocrisy!!
Jais set up, by the UMNO/BN coalition bastards is a typical such
organization...to gain political mileage...it is simply politics at its lowest tier.

Anonymous said...

Now the poor malays have to get financial assistance from the church. It is a failure of Jakim!

Anonymous said...

Put it simply this way.
1. The zealous idiots soiled the very religion they meant to preserve.

2. They serve their political masters and wrought outright shame on their very own religion.


Anonymous said...

Uncle Zorro,

U mean u still read The Star ah? MSM, u know.
So, if letter, ok, ah?

Nephew Z

zorro said...

Heard of StarOnline?