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Managing religious relations amicably.


The Myopic Malaysian



bruno said...

During our childhood days there was no such thing as Malay,Chinese,Indians or Serani.
Everybody can go to anybody's house,and nobody talk or ever notice any difference between the different races and religions around them.Racial politics have caused an end to all the good childhood memories.

Anonymous said...

fyi : saifool's supporters with their banner:

* Justice for Saiful
we will be with you forever ....
( Justice Delay Justice Deny )*

malu-nya : jika tak pandai dalam inglis macam xmb yang carried millions in a traveling bag in Oz , TOLONG lah guna BM , ok !?

btw : malay ministers pun tak tahu the difference antara 'kami & kita'
sighs ...their 'inglis & BM' pun
setengah enam , SIGHS !!

motherchell said...

Oh! this sure makes Gods of all religions smile with pride as that is what is taught in their references.
There are too many"" Gods"" in Dumno. They are Gods because they are paid well at the end of the day . They may look holy --becos they go for a refill thro back doors.
A.B.C were the ones who built Malaysia to what it is today.dUMNO may fight for claims but they made monuments of themselves that will crumble in no time . Its just a time bomb waiting to explode.
The Tuns , Datuks , and Tan Sris do not want to be AB or C as honey is always sweeter . They find God as a convenient bogeyman now--with young punks as ZUL and Ezam taking a cue!!!
My dear Zorro, thank you for the wonderful piece!!Wish you lots of cheer and good health!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 9.31pm

You purposely didn't mention that the supporters call themselves Bersihkan Malaysia dari Si Peliwat.
That's the important message.
Who cares about the grammar or bad English. Only nit-pickers like you.
And yes, they wear yellow T-shirts too.
Serves you right Anu-War. Two can play at the game.

VQ said...

Bruno put it correctly...!

My daughther told me yesterday night that her school project meet with classmates at one of the student's home has to be cancelled because a muslim classmate couldn't attend or be at friend's home who happened to be a non-muslim.

I sincerely hope my assumption is wrong!

Anonymous said...

Uncle Zorro,

The MACC trio who? What trio?

Anonymous said...

Mohd Adzib Isa said whoever questioned Jais is seen as disrespect to Sultan. His reason is Jais come under Sultan and not Selangor Government. So his argument is Sultan cannot be question regardless. But then if my memory serve me right, during Mahathir administration UMNO go ahead not just one sultan but all the sultans and the King as well to change the constitution. Where were this Mohd Adzib Isa the defender of Sultan then?

Taking from Mais Chairman statement, at least we now know this raid by Jais got nothing to do with Pakatan Government. Since the body come under Sultan, did the Sultan gave the order to raid? I doubt it. In fact, I doubt they even bother to consult the Sultan on this matter. If that the case, how can criticising Jais has anything to do with the Sultan?

The time has come for all not to use the Sultan names at the convenience. Similarly, the time has also come for the Sultans to stay above politic and decide what is good for the country. Remember as Sultan, you are the King for your subjects and your subjects include people of all races. Don't allow yourself to be used or intimidated by the government of the day.

To Mohd Adzid Isa, think before you speak in future otherwise it made you look like an idiot. Malaysians at large are educated, peace loving and respectful people. We love our country and we respect our friends regardless of their religion. At the same time, we hope our friends will also respect us.

Jais was wrong to raid the church and they have to apologise to the Christians in this country. Try to imagine how the muslims in US and not mentioning in the world would feel and react the police in UK or USA (good for them not to waste money of establishing body like Jais) raided the Mosque on the excuse that the muslims were trying to convert Christians to their religion? Compare that with how the Christians in this country and this world behave for what Jais has done. They did not react violently but that does not mean they are not angry and felt betrayed in their own land. What Jais did is wrong and is against the constitution. Just apologise and move on.

Anonymous said...

If some people can use C4 to accomplish some bad intention and get away with that, what do you expect to happen in GE13 with all the dirty tricks with the cohort of EC?

So stay awake now.

EC talks of law to be changed to improve the Electoral system. What a shhhit!!!

You don’t need any new laws to do some good arithmetic at the counting centers to check on the discrepancies of the Ballot Papers Isssued in Parliament seats and state seats under them.

Any doubt on the polling, no candidate should be declared winners at the nite of counting.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

The Malays are permanently split in to those who were religious and those not so. Then the not so are split between the corrupted and the enlightened who knew they had been cheated by Mamaks.

Mamak thinks that only Malays defend the nation because the police, the armed forces and the civil services are manned mainly by Malays. But they are firstly the instruments of UMNO, and secondly the defenders of their own interests.

Malaysia could be colonized sooner or later whether Malays are united in their ketuanan Melayu concept, or split into groups pursuing their common interest because the ruling party has never been concerned about the interest of the nation. If they had, they would have utilized the human resources of the country rather than reserving positions for persons so that UMNO can remain in power.

Najib said that even after 40 years of discriminatory racist policies, Malays in the rural areas are still weak and poor. If the poor and weak are the concern of Najib and UMNO, then register them and give them assistance according to their needs and aspiration. But then Najib cannot be trusted to wanting to eliminate Malays poverty group in the rural areas. It is the rural poor Malays that give UMNO the justification to enrich those who are similarly classed, but not necessarily having any blood or cultural relationship grouping them into one ethnic group called Malay. Indeed how could Calicut Kakak-Mamak from Kerela India bear any relationship to Bagis from Pahang. But for common political interest they called themselves Malays. So Najib is not concerned about poor rural Malays. He is happy that rural Malays remain poor so that he could use the racist policies to fool those who hope that one day UMNO leaders would do what they preach. Or have they been brainwashed to the extent that they are happy to remain poor so long as non-Malays continue to be discriminated?