Sunday, August 14, 2011



courtesy of Vijayan


Minah said...

Poppycock. My 70 year old grandma is still healthy. Radiant and glowing.
She's born there and will die there.
Good if you guys don't come to Kuantan. You pollute our air.
More toxic than Lynas.
Take your crusade elsewhere.

bruno said...

Zorro,tourists and visitors don't visit Kuantan from September upwards because of Lynas starting operations.What about Kuantanites.Where can they go or hide.Maybe to Najib's and Mamarosmar's mansion.

zorro said...

Oh Minah, can you read simple Inggeris? Come September, can ah give us a report on grandma?

Anonymous said...

Lynas can do anything. People of Kuantan welcome them with open arms(wallets).

What can Zorro offer people of Kuantan (hero worship)?

Anonymous said...

Uncle Zorro,
Why is Lynas starting operation in Sept? I thought the IAEA conditions had to be met first before it could start op? HELP us Kuantanites! We don't want to die glowing in the dark!

Anonymous said...

Take your stale political hogwash and get as far as you can away from Kuantan. We dont need you west coast chauvinists making your way here and creating chaos. Let kuantanites decide, not you power hungry chingkies who keep demanding more and more.
What more do you want chingkies? control the whole malaya and convert it to another singapore then u happy ah? Control the commerce and having the biggest spending power not enuff isit?
Want to sapu the malays back into the kampung then u happy rite?

Minah said...

Uncle Zorro

It's only KL people like you who worry about Lynas.
It's business as usual for us. We carry on with out daily lives.
Weekends we go to the beach.
I think it's more to do with you supporting the opposition.
How about championing for us the high cost of food in Kuantan?
Then we can support your cause.

Cucu Mat Kilau said...

Uncle Zorro,

Rightly so. Putting the Kuantan people at risk for an industry that nobody want. We need help from GreenPeace to put Lynas under international pressure.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Zorro,

Pls ignore those ignoramuses' comments about you and others who support our anti Lynas grp. What is the next step now that LYnas has kind of told every one who opposes it to go fly kites?

zorro said...

Anon112pm...not to worry...Minah and her little boys peeing in public tells much how they are brought up. We continue to focus, yah....and gather more supporters ok?

Anonymous said...

Defence Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, in Feb this year, announced via a Bernama statement that the government has agreed to allocate RM6bil to build six second generation patrol vessels for the Royal Malaysian Navy for the purpose of “boosting the economy while benefiting 632 vendor companies”.

However, the Australian announced that AUSTAL has won a $330 million contract to produce eight new patrol boats for the Australian customs service. The eight boats will be built in Henderson, south of Perth. The contract is for the design, construction and through-life support of eight Cape Class patrol boats for the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service.

What is most interesting about the report is that the total value of the project is $330 million, including a $280 million design and construction contract and an In-Service Support contract worth $50 million.

So the Australians can build EIGHT NEW PATROL BOATS at AUS$330 million (RM1.016 billion) @ 127 million per boat while in Malaysia, six new patrol boats cost us SIX BILLION RINGGIT at RM1 BILLION per boat.

Can you see the RIDICULOUS DIFFERENCE in figures?

Os Pocot said...

If British PM Cameron see your posting, he must be regreting not engaging PDRM to fight the recent rioters in London.

PDRM can now sell its service for its brutality in handling 'rioters' with baton, tear-gas and water cannon.

Anonymous said...

Dear Uncle Zorro

The vast majority of Kuantan people (and Kuantan-born people such as myself) strongly oppose Lynas.

Thanks for supporting the anti-Lynas campaign!

Associate Professor Dr Phua Kai Lit
(Kuantan-born and actively supporting my friends, relatives, neighbours and the people of NE Pahang and S Terengganu against Lynas the corporate polluter)