Wednesday, August 17, 2011


The easiest way to make a person do as he is told is to use an arm lock on him from behind On the other hand a policeman would simply put a pair of handcuffs on his wrists behind his back He can then be led to the window without a struggle In most cases the suspect is docile so that you don’t even have to disable him There are other methods but any trained policeman would know how to do it.




Anonymous said...

Uncle Zorro,

What MACC trio?

zorro said... just came home yah? Go catch up with events.

Anonymous said...

Penang is having a journey to hell where relatives of the departed can visit the dead.
This is in conjunction with the Hugry Ghost Festival.
Can someone ask Teoh whether the police killed him.
The dead tells no lies.

Anonymous said...

Electoral Reforms would never be perfected in Msia where electoral corruption is common in line with other corruptions in other agencies/department/ministries.

EC just waiting to be corrupted in every five years and you know what is waiting like to be given that opportunity and so go all out for that. The fruits of evil with impunity are too tempting.

So stay awake now.

EC talks of law to be changed to improve the Electoral system. What a shhhit!!!

You don’t need any new laws to do some good arithmetic at the counting centers to check on the discrepancies of the Ballot Papers Isssued in Parliament seats and state seats under them.

Any doubt on the polling, no candidate should be declared winners at the nite of counting.

Nuri said...

A Singaporean has posted on Youtube how a Johor polis take duit kopi for traffic offence.

Check it up.

POTS said...

Excuse me, THB was not driven to suicide. That was just the (biased) view of the dumb Royal Commission.

TBH was brutally murdered.

Anonymous said...

BN is a cancer of corruption to Malaysia land.

Anything they touch their cancer will spread to it.

To save Malaysia we must terminate it as soon as possible before too late.

Nuri said...

This is the video clip showing a Malaysian traffic officer in full uniform, arrested and accepted bribe given by a citizen of Singpore:

mata kucing said...

For Malaysians who have yet to register as voters the whole process of registering as voters will usually take about three months and if all information has been verified to be true and correct they will be registered and eligible to vote. But for the “instant citizens” , a BN fraud aided by NRD their approval is almost instant.

We demand an extensive and detailed investigation and audit of NRD records and data.

zorro said...

Moron Guy, I just did - delete you. My jottings is part of anger management. It is my right to write and yours not to visit.I believe they call it free choice.

Anonymous said...

The true really hurts, isn't it?

Are you still wearing your underwear inside out? Or you are still boycotting all goods that are made in China?

Grow up Old man. There is such thing as second opinions, and not just yours!

From the Moron guy!