Wednesday, August 3, 2011


The NRD online verification system, which allows users to check the status of an individual, shows that Mismah holds MyPR card No. 640704715238.

About four hours after yesterday's report, Mismah's status on the NRD online verification system had been'upgraded' to that of a citizen.

And it took my cousin’s Filippina wife 18 year to get her PR last year. Its all in the name is it?





Anonymous said...

What's happening in NRD is just the tip of a an iceberg bigger than any you can find in the North Pole or Antartica.

We need the whistle-blowers on their hanky-pankies.


Anonymous said...

It is cheating of course...
Pak Tua

Anonymous said...


With such rampant cheating by the EC and NRD, how are the UMNO goons going to be kicked out from Putrajaya?

They are going to rule till kingdom comes.

We the rakyat are going to suffer till kingdom comes :-(((

zorro said...

Anon730pm....remember, where there is a will there is a way. I am an irritable optimist.

bruno said...

Zorro,these guys have been cheating their asses out since the days of Dr Mahathir,especially in Sabah and Sarawak.Why haven't Anwar come out and publicly damned these guys to kingdom come.Maybe Anwar can come out and clarify why he let such an important scandal slipped through his fingers and not used it to score political points.

Anonymous said...

Dei! Did you see Najib, Muhyidin, Mahathir and them UMNO scums batting an eyelid about all this brouhaha about citizenship or illegal immigrants?

NO! They don't really give a fuck to what you people say or write. You guys should be damn blessed to have them as your leaders.Question them and you get arrested under ISA and EO.

Don't waste your time writng. Just send out Bersih 3.0 and vote them out.

Anonymous said...

This is an outright treasonous act!

Those behind this scam should be barred and be prisoned for life! Politicians, senior civil servants and their cohorts... be forewarned!

Unearth the project M for all to see...

We are all very thankful to Bersih 2.0!

wandererAUS said...

Crooked minds do not walk the same path with Integrity and Dignity. These UMNO pariah bastards have just one outstanding talent...dirty cheating!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Finally, Indonesia will conquer msia after years of trying.

THeir moles, is AJIB... a

Anonymous said...

Instant 1Malaysian coutersy of Najib & his NRD!!!

bajib manaukau said...

I have always maintained that one of the many deceitful ways Umno is using is to expedite approval for the unskilled and unprofessional muslims, Indonesian muslims and Southern Philipinoes muslims to become citizens.
This was done mainly for two reasons, the first is for the muslims in the country to be the big majority and also these new immigrants (citizens) will cast their votes for Umno.
This gimmick was first introduced by the grand son of the untouchable pariah from Kerala shenanigan Mahathir. Also that was done for the abaci mentioned two reasons plus he also had another reason to do so.
He played around with the census figures to show that the Malays were the big majority in the country. And just to justify his mark up he expedited the approval of citizenships for those citizens before his dirty trick was exposed.Needless to say he did all that without any consideration for the country's security to cater for such an influx. He did so just to remain as P.M. for 23 years. Not that he was so popular but merely through deceits so that he was able to continue stealing. That is why he is known as the shenanigan Mahathir and the actions of a pariah.
Something else most readers may not be aware of was that his untouchable pariah grand father could not even find an Indian to marry and to satisfy his lust because of his status as a pariah. As a result he ended up having to marrying a Malay !

Anonymous said...

For a country that purports to have law and order and aspires to be part of the civilized community of the world, how on earth is it possible for the system, presumably with appropriate institutions and law enforcement agencies in place including a clear separation of powers between the lgislative, executive and judiciary as provided by its constitution, to condone such glaring abuses such as ursurping the law itself, suppression of overwhelming evidence of his link to a gruesome murder, blatant and obvious corruption, wrongful detention of innocent people including its own citizens, wrongful persecution of a political opponenet, flagrant human rights abuse. etc. The list goes on. It’s an indictment against the country especially when that someone is the prime minister. It’s small wonder then that Malaysia has become a joke, the laughing stock of the world.

samgoh88 said...


Guess who's coming for dinner
when it's meant for all self confessed sinners
Under whatever known public banners
Except for intruders who forget their manners

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng
Thur.4th. Aug. 2011.

bruno said...

With the raid on a dinner funtion at the DUMC,it seems that the religion Christianity is fast becoming the bashing boy of the Umno GOM.Upon PM Najib's return from the Vatican he threatened Christians that they have to respect Muslims for no reasons known except to him.

Umnoputras are in a desparate situation,screaming,punching and kicking at shadows and anything that moves.It is already looking more like a sinking ship.

zorro said...

Just confirmed. Hassan Ali behind the raid.

zorro said...

The guy who is morbidly bent on being MB of Selangor! Such creatures we have.

Anonymous said...

In my experiece, there is no church activity that does not have the agenda to convert people to Christianity. Anyway, there is no reason for the malays to be there unless they are willing to denounce their bumiputera status.

telur goyang said...

Najib’s refusal to tackle Muhyiddin’s glaringly conflicting stance is seen as a sign of weakness, that he is not confident of his support and filled with worry that Muhyiddin’s clout might exceed his.

But few people felt sorry for Najib as they initially did when the rightwing hardliners in UMNO slammed the 1 Malaysia as a piece of fluff that no one understood. Instead of riding on the people’s support, Najib buckled to the wishes of the power-brokers in UMNO and backstabbed those who had encouraged him to make a stand for himself.

Anonymous said...

The Indian community, most of whom are living from hand to mouth, will rejoice that they have an additional Minister and scramble to vote for BN. Next there will be an additional Indian movie or two to prove that BN cares for the community.

Never mind if they have no food on the table and a roof over their heads – at least they have a new minister and more MGR movies on TV.

Thank you BN for caring for the Indians. You see, how cheap the Indian votes are!! See how easy to fool the commnity.

Anonymous said...

Tales of Rosmah: