Wednesday, August 10, 2011


PRO-LYNAS groups like the Hakka Association has forwarded samples to the Municipality Council in preparation for the expected startup of the LYNAS plant in Gebeng, come September.

News have filtered thru that this was the favored one:


bruno said...

Zorro,let us assumed that PR wins GE 13th. What are they going to do with the Lynas plant.Are they going to shut it down and chased the blurdy Aussies home to Australia.Or are they going to honor the deal signed by Umno GOM
and let them carry on.

I think now is the time to put pressure on PR on where they stand on this matter.Just to be sure in case that they might win the GE and still let them be.If their answer is that they have to honor the deal signed by their predecessor than there is no point putting pressure on Umno GOM because no matter who wins the plant would still be here.

Now what has the blurdy Hakka Association got to do with Lynas.
Maybe Lynas has some contracts for them.Maybe these Hakka Chais are beginning to suckered up to the Aussies.Maybe the ringgit is king after all.Safety be damned,money talks says Hakka Chai.The head of the Hakka Chais must be Mca CSL's bola carrier and batang sucker.

najib manaukau said...

I hope and pray for all the Malaysians and in particular the nation the opposition will win.
But I hate to say that it will surely be a tough fight and at best the results will be almost the same as the last GE.
Needless to say Umno has learnt from the last GE and will not be as complacent as the last time, when Umno led coalition won almost 93% of the seats. This time round, however, the ruling party will no doubt be a lot more cautious and will come up with a lot more bribes, under hand tactics, and put a lot more deceits in placed to win the election. They have said so that they will defend Putrajaya at all cost. No one will ever know what kind of deceits and how low can they go to do that.
This is so because with lusty and liar Anwar and barking mad dog LKS as the opposition leaders there is for sure no chance of capturing the parliament.
Most if not all the right thinking Malaysians they don't want leaders like them as P.M. and cabinet minister respectively.
Malaysia has better and more creditable leaders than these, what kind of Malaysia will it be with them as leaders ! So start looking around right away.

HakkaKid said...

The Hakka Association chief in Kuantan is known to be an embarrassment. A known womanizer who abandons his wife for other women when she is pregnant with their kid. What men with dignity does such a thing? The Hakka Association chief needs to fuck off from holding the position! This is an example of the Chua Soi Lek legacy.

Anonymous said...

u meant hakka teow?

Anonymous said...

Why MARA can study in PPSMI but not the rest?

Anonymous said...

Village folks who still support umno are usually senior citizens. They still carry with them fond memories of umno’s early struggle. Umno are them and they are umno. That is the sentiment that binds them to this day. But as a group, these aging village supporters are certainly dwindling in number.

Younger malays are more disconnected with umno and hence they are less sentimental about the party. Like the rest of the voters they too are (more likely than not) pursuaded and moved by issues rather than sentimental ties.

At the same time umno is distancing itself from the malays – old and young. Umno have (since dr mamak’s time) created a new super race called the umnoputras. Umnoputras need not be malays. Dr mamak molded that new elite race single-handedly. Needless to say, he ensured that indians too would qualify as umnoputras. As a matter of fact today umnoputras of indian origin seem to benefit more from the party, proportionately speaking, then the rest of the umnoputras. That is why they are so passionate about the party. But these are the corporate people. Their support and passion for the party is only skin deep. Anyway their cries for more contracts is actually meaningless to the Joe Ahmads now cobbling away by the side of some KL streets and the Johnny Ahmads now ploughing in the fields.

Joe Ahmads are fully aware that umno does not help them at all but Johnny Ahmads do not. How do we reach out to them? Umno controls the traditional media and the virtual media is still a novelty to them. So its down to leg-work. This job is cut out for PAS I suppose.

Jerry Chin said...


1) Lynas plant project is indeed a GOOD THING becos' it brings in 'Foreign Investors' into the country of which would help boost Malaysia's economy.

2) Lynas plant DOESN'T pose any health threat to anyone (not even a mice). This had been proven scientifically via numerous test. The only reason why "HUMKEYS" (referring to HUMANS with DONKEY brains) still think Lynas plant would cause health hazard is becos' these "HUMKEYS" had fallen prey to PAKATAN RAKYAT's usual 'Fairy Tale' (just like how ANWAR IBRAHIM fooled IDIOTS with his '916 Crossover' bedtime story & how ANWAR IBRAHIM fooled SAIFUL BUKHARY to enabled him to DRILL Saiful's ARSE by telling he just wanted to catch an ant that crept into SAIFUL's backside).

3) PAKATAN RAKYAT hadn't been saying what they'll do to Lynas plant should they conquer Putrajaya is becos' Pakatan Rakyat knew very well this Lynas project will bring ADVANTAGES instead of DISADVANTAGES to Malaysia & Malaysians. Getting RID of Lynas plant is as good as throwing all your $$$ into the toilet bowl. PAKATAN RAKYAT is FAKING stories about Lynas simply just to FOOL 'the rakyat' as part of their PROPAGANDA. Well...."Believe them & CONGRATS!!! you had just qualified yaself to be called another MAT BANGGANG"

4) Lynas plant will eventually create more JOB OPPORTUNITIES for Malaysians, while, it will also generate FOREIGN INVESTMENTS into our beloved country. Soon, there'll be more & more BIG TIME FOREIGN INVESTORS lining-up just to put their $$$ into our economy. Lastly, all MALAYSIANS regardless of race & religion will PROSPER, while, laughing all way to their BANK.

5) PAKATAN RAKYAT is running out of IDEA to dethrone BN. All Pakatan Rakyat is capable of is just to create HAVOC & UNREST among 'the rakyat'. Pakatan Rakyat need to be seen coming-up with more CREATIVITY in view to challenge BN & so by FAKING the Lynas plant story might help them to win BROWNIE POINTS. However, what Pakatan Rakyat DOESN'T know is that the more they TALK; the bigger they get (in terms of growing to be a BIGGER & BIGGER FOOL).

Say "YES" to Lynas Plant!!!

zorro said...

People, the worm YOKZ aka Jerry Chin returns:

Before the Sibu by-elections he predicted that SUPP would defeat Wong Ho Leng of DAP....

Jerry Chin a.k.a. TOKZ has left a new comment on your post "AS IT IS HAPPENING IN SIBU THIS POLLING DAY.":


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Did I say worm or maggot?

Jerry Chin said...


Only the GREAT ONES will be remembered & ZORRO had proved I'm indeed a GREAT one.

Aiyah!!! wonder there are sooooo many people pushing & begging me to run as a candidate in the next G.E.???? I don't even need to FORECAST my chances......CONFIRM 10000000000% SURE WIN!!!

ZORRO will certainly second this, rite??? BTW Zorro, pls. control your ADMIRATION for me, ok???

Take it easy...I'm just a HUMAN (a GREAT HUMAN, I mean)

Truly Malaysian said...

Hakka or Cantonese really has no place in this comments. It only reflect our mentality. So what if the guy who happened to be a Hakka is pro Lynas. Does that means there is no good Hakka around. Come on, when are we going to grow up brothers and sisters.....& Bernard

zorro said...

Truly Malaysian? You obviously have not be following closely the movement against Lynas. If you were more proactive you would have noticed that I made reference to the Hakka Association. Did I condemn the Hakkas. Go read up on what the Hakka Association Chairman said. said...

Zorro, I respect you and have high regards toward your contribution to Malaysia but we must be careful of words used which we know can side track any discussion. Readers comments must be also taken care of when one put across a point especially 80% of human including me are not as intelligent and wise as you...whether Hakka or not, I feel bad that we can be unhappy with any one but not his family or race or even clan. I suppose you are family with the words happily responsible.

Anonymous said...

Dear Zorro,

Please dont worry to much on this matter.
Come September 2011 & onwards, not only us in Malaysia but the whole wide world have to worry about comets, asteroids, brown drawf,stray planets and other rocks coming our way to Earth.
Radiation levels will be like oxygen everywhere now.
So till then just make peace with your respective God and HOPE for the BEST!!!


Anonymous said...


Malaysia under Najib is being made into a dumping ground -

-first for radioactive rare earth which when pollutes remains for years.
-second the refugees.

is there something the gov. doesnt want us to know about????


Mat Kuning said...

Dear Deputy IGP

Let's not compare what happened in the UK with the peaceful Bersih march we had in KL. In UK the thugs were the cause of the riots. We did not have riots in KL - no properties were damaged,no cars or shops burnt and so on....

And please do not fool the kampung folks with your story.

bruno said...

Mat Kuning,August 11,2011 11:55 AM

I have always said it that our neighbours and the Western civilised countries would be jeolous of our peaceful,disciplined and civilised mass Bersih protest.There is no such thing as no rowdy crowds,no damage to properties,no looting and no clashes with the authorities in modern day mass protest and demonstrations.

Only in Malaysia can we see such peaceful protests.And we have to have the babarians attacked and brutalised the protesters.The GOM and PDRM are more suited in other rowdy countries,not in peaceloving Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

"Oil, like the stock market, has been volatile. Benchmark crude has ranged from $78 to nearly $86 a barrel this week."
Will ron95 drop drastically soon? now that oil had drop by between usd14 - 22.

Anonymous said...

do u know who makes more in the mas/airasia tie up? of course la airasia, now they will depend on mas for the aircraft spareparts which they hv not been keeping and their aircraft is nearing maturity. out tajudin in tony!

Anonymous said...

Nazri is in no position to 'advise' GLCs to settle the legal disputes with Tajuddin Ramli, let alone 'instructing' them. The power of the GLCs to decide on the issue lies squarely with their respective boards of directors, taking into account of the best interests of the respective companies.

The management of the GLCs should learn from the on-going trial of PKFZ that they are not supposed to take 'instructions' from politicians, ministries, let alone from their turnkey contractors.

The power of decision in any incorporated companies, statutory bodies rests with their respective boards of directors, for which they are ultimately responsible for their decisions. In the event of any decision going amiss, their political masters will not be there to absorb their responsibility.

Ah Yoke said...


倫敦騷亂是沒有明確的目的和計劃的,主要是為了製造騷亂的局面,但709大集會是有清晰的目標和計劃,當天的議程,集會的地點和時間已經提早公佈,而且政府, 警方和媒體已經知道詳情.

Anonymous said...

50 years have shown that Malaysians from every race are peaceful and harmonious, who will never riot indiscriminately, but with the influx of foreigners who do not value our culture and peaceful co-existence, we could one day experience London Riots in downtown KL. Our Malaysian culture will disappear slowly but surely and so will our future.

And it will not be as the Deputy Inspector General of Police and the Najib administration has tried to suggest – due to the Bersih movement for free and fair elections. The fault will lie fairly and squarely on the BN for endorsing and allowing Najib and Hisham to get away with allowing such an influx of migrant workers, all for the sake of clinging to power.

Anonymous said...

annoyAugust 12, 2011 8:46 AM- come 31aug, petrol will drop by 25 sen, duit raya la..but one month only than up by 15sen and by december its back to RM1.95

Anonymous said...

your beloved pm say this way back in "KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 25, 2011 — Datuk Seri Najib Razak promised tonight that the pump price of RM1.90 per litre for RON95 would be maintained despite the escalating global oil price." when the price is at USD113 per barrel and ringgit is RM3.0309.
Today the price of oil is at USD87 per barrel and RM2.98 to a USD.
Meaning our RM buy more USD, the price of oil have Dropped..our beloved is keeping quiet.
TQ for nominating our beloved into Power.