Friday, August 5, 2011


“As you all know, Siemens have recently signed a letter of intent for a JV with Lynas Corp to operate a plant to produce magnets here in Malaysia,” said Fuziah Salleh, MP Kuantan. “Even though the JV has nothing to do with rare earth refinery and extraction, it does provide justification for the existence of LAMP. At the same time it also contradicts Siemens corporate values of supporting Green technology.
This is a great concern for the folks in Kuantan. Thus I have asked to meet Siemens, to which they have responded well.”

Our Values - responsible, excellent and innovative - have been the basis for Siemens' success for over 160 years.

Responsible: Committed to ethical and responsible actions

Excellent: Achieving high performance and excellent results

Innovative: Being innovative to create sustainable value

Responsible: Committed to ethical and responsible actions

At Siemens, we are determined to meet – and wherever possible, exceed – all legal and ethical requirements. Our responsibility is to conduct all business according to the highest professional and ethical standards and practices:

there must be no tolerance for non-compliant behavior.

The principles related to "Responsible"
serve as the compass by which we navigate our way through our business decisions. We must also encourage business partners, suppliers and other stakeholders to adopt a similar standard of ethical behavior.


Sometimes I wonder if corporations’ Vision, Mission Statements, and Core Values are mere sugar-coated platitudes, from the Public Relations manufacturing mills.


Chong said...

Hi Uncle Zorro,

Don't have to look too far. My son's insurance was declared null and void by Prudential because they accused me of non-disclosure of information. We submitted the claim because my was diagnosed with Leukemia early last year. He is still undergoing treatment.

Prudential's vision statement "Always Listening. Always Understanding." They didn't even call me, visit me or whatever. Just send me a letter to cancel my son's insurance policy.

Argus Eye said...

more often that not, i believe it is. we just worked with a new SME company in Edinburgh and we, the postgrads, were asked to draft a marketing plan. when it came to CSR and ethical related issues, we were told to include 'all that other companies have mentioned'. clearly, there is no commitment. but for larger companies, i believe they have better compliance. lawsuits, strikes and similar actions can prove to be a setback for them.

Mej. A R Ramachandran (Retired) said...

Ref your last paragraph. Of course they are. Didn't you know?

Anonymous said...

There are still a few million eligible voters out there, which have not registered as voters. How many of us have actually gone out to convince them to register and vote?

Meanwhile, the BN government is doing all it can to register illegal workers in the country with the biometric system, and to legalize many of them in Sabah and Sarawak!!!

Anonymous said...

reminds me of how PR sugar coated their promises of tolerance and unity. Muhibbah was the slogan..

as if lah.....

Ended up , a PAS person from Pakatan rakyat masterminded a raid into a church recently. Even becoming as bold as to announce his support for the raid!!

Hey blogger - when you point 1 finger at another person, 4 dirty fingers point back at your lot.

What other promises will PR fail to keep ??

zorro said...

Anon522pm, mana boleh lah 4 fingers pointing back at accuser....3 more exact and yr thumb must be deformed if it points back at you!
And if your read from the alternative media....his own PAS is demanding answers from this bigot.

Antares said...

Seems to be a general principle in operation: the richer, better connected and more influential you are, the less truthful and honest you become. Years ago when I visited what was then called Burma, I found the people extremely honest and warm-hearted despite their acute poverty. What a striking contrast with the obscenely rich families I have encountered elsewhere in the so-called developed world, who seem to only care about their own public image - how others perceive them - and so they factor into their budgets a hefty public relations effort.

Anonymous said...


All the same la. Even your PR leaders also cakap tak seropa bikin. Look at that Ronnie Liu for example.

Anonymous said...

Simple. Get publicity in places where Siemens operate and CSR is a big thing. Greem groups will then pick it up and embarassed Siemens like hell for the contract with Lynas.

Anonymous said...

If what they say can be trusted, then check the link below. This would never have happened if the mean what they say

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Siemes GHQ is in Germany...try pushing it there, link up with German grassroot activists. Germans are pretty stringent on environmental issue. Worth a try.

Anonymous said...

Siemens used to make handphones but now we have our own Bolehland's CSL brand!!!

Siemen Semen said...

The recent evidence uncovered by PAS shows a BN plot to stuff the electoral rolls with foreigners who have been given instant citizenship. This itself warns us that BN is not going to take the General Election for granted. Due to all their fumbling and flip flops, Najib with Rosmah tagging sheepishly behind, have been given clear signals that their time is almost up. This is why they are trying to make sure they win by a huge margin so that their enemies in UMNO cannot unseat them.

Perak Boy said...