Monday, March 26, 2012


ever he declares that he will not protect Malaysia with his life! I am comforted by the fact that he will protect Malaysia should some cousins and nephews from across the straits or South China Sea take up arms against US. Because we were brought up right by our meter-reader Pa.

We would have left the country together with the 2 million Chinese who have emigrated since Merdeka. We could have because we had just completed our Senior Cambridge Certificate exams!

At 13 I left home to join the religious teaching order -the La Salle Christian Brothers who funded and founded schools like St Patrick’s Kulim to St Jospeh’s and St Patrick’s in Singapore and to St. Jospeh’s in Kuching. However, much later but sadly I found that the religious life inhibited my free spirit and maverick inclinations and aspirations about how I should lead my life. It was not my vocation, period. But I have always appreciated the discipline and it was for this reason that I continued in the teaching profession although the late Tan Sri Zainal, (one time father in law of the current Sultan of Selangor) Chairman of then National Electricity Board had promised my Pa a job for me in then LNN. I did not take the offer, but my brother did and retired as an employee of Tenaga.

We, my brother and I stayed on, worked, saved and sent our four children to Universities overseas despite the foreign currencies soaring every year.

There is no land fairer than my land. The only disaster we face is flood and all this is caused by some grand design to impede with smart tunnels! We are not on any fault lines and our fault is our blatant disregard for the environment.

And now comes along some lancheow bins (penis face) announcing lately that ABU means the negation of Malay political power! Dang, political power has been with the Malays since independence and ringgit trillions have taken capital flight offshore. The Chinese were said to possess the economic power but that is so because of the will to survive, duty to put food on the table, to clothe and provide education. No frills necessary! This same can be said about the not so lucky Malays and Indians! Period.

Don’t blame the Malays if political power is lost (to foreigners?). Blame UMNO!

ABU is Asalkan Bukan UMNO….nobody is shouting out ABM, Anything But Malays. I will floor the next guy who promotes ABM, because my best friends are

M A L A Y S!

I leave you here because it is not right to write when disturbed. I leave this piece by a Malay for you to ponder HERE.





Admin said...

Dear Sir,
I have always refered to it as ABU-BN in my comments, as I could see this coming. There are still many Malays who feel insecure for no real reason except their own, as it has been instilled by the bn govt, to divide and rule forever! They see umno as a symbol of Malay 'survival' eventhough umno is an English acronym & the party has long been accepting non-malay, non-Muslim bumi's from East Malaysia as full members.
Is there any way ABU could be expanded to include ALL the bn parties so that the campaign can be more easily accepted by the rural voters, especially in Sarawak, where there is no umno?
Also, ABU could also mean that all the other race-based parties in bn are good, as long as umno is eliminated.
Just my thoughts.
Thank you, Reverend..oops..Sir!

zorro said...

Admin, your comments noted and appreciated. Over to you Haris.

baDBoyzs said...

This wishy washy "ABU" thing while well-meaning probably confuses the ordinary man in the street ( as did this 3rd force MCLM rubbish/fiasco ), who are not necessarily well educated &/or English or Malay super-literate.

To us , the constant reference/ highlight of ABU in bold gives the perception that your Blog and some other cutting edge Blogs are fighting for Malaysians to give their vote to another new 3rd Party called ABU which happens to be:

anti UMNO/BN & anti Pakatan Rakyat.

In War, perception is everything, and you are inadvertently encouraging a 3 way fight in GE 13 !!

The effective & down to earth battle cry to save Malaysia shud be:

1. "Down with UMNO/BN !" or
2. "Kick out UMNO/BN"
.....Vote Pakatan Rakyat !....

Do not play with fancy marketing language/mantra, just make it simple !

Pedantic Haris & Gang should sober down

Edi神 said...

security is from above!

Anonymous said...

Don't bull-shit us, you racist Uncle Zorro. When it comes to Chinese issues, you will be the first to support it.
Destroying Umno is destroying the Malays. And we will not allow it.
Liking the Malays, my foot. The Chinese are always jealous of us Malays getting scholarships.
Jealous of us in house discounts, Malay Reserve land and other provileges of our race.
And we have Malays emigrating too, not only the sepets and the kaplamyanga..

Anything UMNO. Always UMNO.

loveMyKris said...

dear bernard,
we have disowned certain brothers before, like that bru fella, whom we used to partake in mee rebus by the monsoon drain in pj together. whats another wayward brother? everybody's got their price and i hope i will not know whats mine.

Hawkeye said...

There is only one real party in BN, the others are just sidekicks or cow-workers.

Anyway ABU was launched as "Anything But UMNO/BN".

Watch this video for clarification:

zorro said... to Hawkeyes comment please. Thanks Hawk.

BaDboyzs....thanks for feedback. All noted. ABU is not a party. It is not a 3rd Force. It is a concerted idea that the rakyat must nurture into an effective force to oust UMNO. The people heads ABU where I am concerned.

Anonymous said...

well then ,explain the racist demand by dong zong backed by dap.perhaps ,now is the time, we start to be honest about everything...

Hawkeye said...

An Extract from the ABU facebook page:

ABU ~ Asalkan Bukan Umno/BN ~ Anything But Umno/BN
ABU reaches out to the people and especially the deprived people impoverished by the corrupt system in the rural and interior areas all throughout the nation.

ABU communicate and educate through the creative use of videos, visuals, forums and engages the local community through ceramahs, seminars, workshop and meetings.

ABU is a movement by the people of Malaysia that hopes to reinstate the democratic institution that has been destroyed by the UMNO/BN government.

ABU works to unite the people as a force to throw out this corrupt, cunning and crooked government that has impaired the quality of life and cause great sufferings to its people.

This UMNO/BN government has impaired the basic rights and freedom of its citizen, is cunning and has deprived the people of its voting rights through unfair laws and rules in the electoral system.

This government is highly corrupt and controls all major businesses in the nation through appointed cronies and relations of their leaders.

Go to ABU Facebook Page here:

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

In a few years time, the Bangladeshis whom are already in Malaysia will be the new economic power.This group is willing to slog it out and saved enough money to open up shops and businesses all over Malaysia and yes, they will not be going home.
By then, umno still blames the Malaysian Chinese?
Anyone who are still pro umno should wake up and think.

najib manaukau said...

The smart tunnel was set up to enable the grand son of the pariah from Kerala, the shenanigan Mahathir to steal, Just like all the white elephants the bigger the projects they are the bigger the 'commissions' they are. It was indeed not a very smart way to name it a 'smart tunnel ', look at the chaos in K.L. every time when the rain comes, how smart it is !

Tiger said...

Yeah yeah, a 10% discount on a RM 2 million semi-D in PJ will help the Malays in the kampungs?
That Anon is totally misguided.
UMNO is the real reason why the Malays have not progressed. They have been raping and plundering the Malays for the past 32 years to enrich the UMNO elites.

Anonymous said...

Kalau BN beri status BUMI kepada bukan yg dilahirkan di TANAH MELAYU/MALAYSIA,tergadailah negara kita. Saya selalu argue dgn suami kenapa rakan CINA /INDIA tak puas hati dgn kita MELAYU, kerana kita terlalu manja.Dana dpt tapi disalah gunakan, apabila muflis ditaja balik,muflis lagi.Sampai bila, NFC kalau dana sebyk tu diberi kepada kaum India yg ada kandang lembu disebelah highway sebelum UPM rasa saya, lembu lebeh ramai dr rakyat Malaysia. Tq

A Single Vote said...

Who are the Malays?
She is that Muslim nurse who respectfully taped the little bottle of "holy water” from the temple onto the mattress next to the pillow of mother-in-law so “your Gods can heal and protect her”.
The same people who shielded and took elder brother home during the May13 riots and shared with him their limited food for two days till it was safe for him to get home. Their keris wielding leaders instigating all that hatred had not foreseen that greater Malay goodness that would not only protect but feed another teenaged Malaysian in need.
Let us be very clear with ABU, no it is certainly not about our Malay friends. Let us all Malaysians work together to rid the nation of the UMNO/BN parasites.

Jamal said...

UNMO-BN is all about maintaining the status quo so that they can continue plundering the country.

To them, it is not really about helping the ordinary Malays, Chinese or Indians. Whoever helps UMNO-BN stay in power, let it be Syed Mokhtar, Vincent Tan, Ananda or Indonesians or Banglas; they will 'lu tolong gua, gua tolong lu'.

PKR-PAS-DAP is not perfect but they certainly smell heavenly if compared to the shitty UMNO-BN.

Carry on Zorro.... ABU ABU ABU

Anonymous said...

Senor, as long as Pakatan Rakyat embrace Anwar Ibrahim, the Malay majority will shy away from PR and your ABU will forever be just ash. Wake up Senor!

Anonymous said...


To each his / her own.

I will not blame your brother if he will not protect Malaysia with his life!

Recently, I started 2 lists. On List #1, I count my blessings to be a Malaysian. I stopped at number 20. On List #2, I count my curses to be a Malaysian but not treated as one because of institutionalised discrimination by Barisan Nasional. I finished at number 642 last night and I am still counting.

I spent my lifetime in Malaysia, studied in the national school where an "F" in Bahasa Malaysia condemn you to a life as a 'pariah' but you know very well that outside of Malaysia, everyone think it is actually Bahasa Indonesia.

I worked in a company in Malaysia where you can go up the corporate ladder quickly based on your race, not your capability.

I pay my income tax and other government levies diligently and see them being stolen by government officials for their own spending.

Everyday, when I read the news, I hear Barisan Nasional leaders talk about "Melayu", "Cina", "India". Likewise, Pakatan leaders screamed back "Melayu", "Cina", "India"! No one talk about "Malaysia". No one embraces that you can be "Melayu", "Cina", "India" and still be a Malaysian.

I can go on and on about how fucked it was to live and raise a family in Malaysia being not a preferred race. But I will survive!!!

In the recent years, I have found a place outside of Malaysia where my family and I can live everyday looking forward to building a life that we aspire ... one that is limited only by our own ability, not by institutionalised discrimination by Barisan Nasional.

And you know, Zorro. I am actually forgetting about Malaysia. I am beginning to see Malaysia as a temporary abode even though I was born there and lived a better part of my life there under the oppression of the Barisan Nasional government. Barisan Nasional called my great grandparents, my grandparents, my parents and my family "pendatang" even though my family has been in Malaysia for generations. And actually, I do not mind that label anymore because Malaysia is a temporary abode for my family.

That Malay guy who wrote that insightful piece us right. Soon, Malaysia will be part of Indonesia. Najib, Hishammuddian, Muhyiddin, Soi Lek, Ibrahim Ali, Hasan Ali, et al will be licking the arses of the likes of Khir Toyo and other Indonesians. I look forward to the day watching this happens. People like Guan Eng, Anwar, et al will have to change their names to Indonesian sounding. Malaysians will work as domestic helpers and chauffers to the Indonesians.

And me and my family will be in a faraway place, watching what happen in Malaysia like a soap opera.

Malaysia did not love me, so why the fuck should I give my life to protect Malaysia.

It is stupid to pledge your life for a place like Malaysia. At best, they will talk briefly about you when you die. Then, they will forget about you. They will not even let your deeds be recorded in the history of Malaysia. In the meantime, the people who will grieve forever are your loved ones!

Sorry to burst your bubble, Zorro! Malaysia is a hopeless case. Best you all leave soon and leave the Barisan Nasional people to the Indonesians.

zorro said...

A Single Vote1240pm
Spot on Sir!

zorro said...

Anon1251pm....but the phoenix did rise from the ashes, no? Don't worry, ABU will be patient. When we want something good we must be patient. Lets see who gets the last laugh.

zorro said...

Anon149pm. Thank you for your valid comments. I can empathise with you. I agree, if you cannot stomach these discriminations, it is best you muster enough courage and resources to seek better pastures for you and especially yours. I too can anytime go to the Bahamas and have a good remaining years in my life. However since I have started on a mission I ask for prayers that I accomplish this mission as best as I can. Even if I fail in the long battle, I will rest well and easy that I tried to contribute my insignificant bit towards the betterment of Malaysia. Malaysia is WORTH SAVING!
Yes, of course to each his own. I wish you all the best to effectively put to fruition your quest for a better life.

zorro said...

Anon235....when you do not get what you were promised for more than a lifetime and if you believe in what you asked for, you do not give up. You press on. it is called perseverance. Despite Operation Lallang, they pressed on. Did they not include the Tamil Schools and Religious schools in their appeal. Racism? It is such an easy word to throw around when you cannot make your point. Can't we all respect our differences and endeavor to make this beautiful country we were born in the best place on earth. I will die for this country but not for THIS current government that uses religion and race to tear us apart. God be wth you brother.

Anonymous said...

I am amazed at your preseverence Senor. But for the betterment of your Bernard, Ryan and Patrick and whoever Kevin fathers, this nation will be better off without AI. Let us all have the last laugh together, shall we?

zorro said...

Anon248....why not! Laughter is the best medicine but I doubt you can enjoy a genuine hearty laugh when you still have spite and venom mixed. Anyway a guffaw would be more becoming and at least an effort if you cannot manage a good laugh.

Anonymous said...

i think you miss the point on dong jzong demands,have you read the demands?
because anyone who is sincere against discrimination and racism can not or will not agree with some of the demands made by this organization.

Anonymous said...

I saw a photo : PM bending his body
head down, very humble & ( a bit takut)listening to the CUEPEC BOSS who looked straight away from pm , with fingers pointing/moving , talked about the SMM ( saya sayang MONEY) new salary scheme for gomen servants !!

WOW WOW WOW is VERY2 takut losing GE13 to BOW for the bumi votes from the +1,000,000 kakitangans !!!!!!

Reminder : dr MM has said : " 90%
of inland revenue comes from the Chinese !!"

Hey, calling ALL members of the 'downfall & hopeless' mca & gerakan , COME join under one
MORE-Chinese-Suppotive one ie: dap
(saya BUKAN member) ...then....PM
shall bend & LISTEN quietly WHAT we want for 'fairness & justice', OK ???

Anonymous said...

Christians made scape goat to threaten Muslims to vote for BN. Christians should continue to pray for peace, harmony and justice and the ousting of BN.

rexuan said...

Nice intro but hypocrite as always. For you to promote and support abu shows how unusable your thinking is. How can anyone sane enough to blatantly support abu without any contingent is beyond me. If some leaders in umno is bad then you don’t vote that guy laa isn’t it more sane then rejecting all umno regardless of their quality. if u reject umno, who r you going to vote for? Do remember this, that pakataiks of dap-pas-pas choose anwar Ibrahim as their leader. This fella has major moral issues (with video and court case and dna in sumone buthole) but still picked as leaders for the pakataiks. Tell me how low is that?
Dap’s tailorgate scandal in perak as well as ali-baba issues coined by tbh-rci. What do you say to that? Let spare pas and pkr out this time. Still abu and vote dap? Got brain or not?
And the most recent.. zongdong demand of only Chinese (speaking) teachers for srjkc.. whf? Totally isolating Chinese kids from other races from primary schools, even learn bahasa in mandarin, where’s the logic in that?.. Unbelievable.. And you say nothing to that.. and you still have the guts to say your best friends are malays..

Hypocrite to the extreme…

zorro said...

Rexuan, what are you raving about. Go ahead and vote UMNO/BN. It is your right just as it is ours to not vote UMNO/BN whose monopoly has seen corruption and plundering. What is tailorgate compared to the 250million ringgit cowgate? Learn Bahasa in Mandarin? Did you read this in Utusan? Isolating chinese kids from the other races? Some 50k Malay kids are enrolled in Chinese schools!Of course zongdong demanded what was promised over 40 years. My best friends are Malays. Do you need guts to have best friends outside your ethnic group? You need to come out of the tempurung, breath in some fresh air and tell UMNO to change or they will be changed. Being a sourpuss will not score points for the imploding UMNO. Good luck to your BN. Me, I will stick to Pakatan thru thick and thin. Come out from the tempurung, can?

Anonymous said...

resuan, pls check your inklish :

'than & then' bukan the same.
'zongdong & dongzong' bukan juga !
'whf & wtf' = @#$%^&* lah !!

U tak tau lah : Chinese kids tak dapat faham how guru2 bumi using BM to explain one ; u have to use their mother-tongue to teach/explain barulah they understand in the primary schools esp. std 1,2&3 !

fyi : for past umpteen years since 70s , 90% of trainees are bumis till 2day = over-surplus of them in SRK ...they'll be jobless
IF not pushed to srjk Cina !

ok, faham !!??

BN !? 'corruptions' appear 1st thing in our minds ...SIGHS !

ABU 1st then shall CHANGE !!

Anonymous said...

rexuan , fyi : malay ministers pun dun NO the difference between 'Kami & Kita' lah ....SIGHS !!

rexuan said...

stealing is stealing no matter how small it is, those thief should be punish, if found guilty, punish them regardless of their party.. that is the right way!! .. so now u admit dap stole in tailor gate is it? r u also saying stealing small allowed if pakatan won ge13? if that how u think then no wonder your brain n ur dungus can support abu..

yes zongdong demand will eventually isolates chinese kids from other races.. what 50k plus malay students compared to hundred thousands chinese kids.. when will the chinese kids have the opportunity to speak our bahasa kebangsaan? 45 minutes a day? r u serious?

what tempurung? i tot pakataiks who r still under tempurung. fighting and conflicting with each other. want to stop lynas but built solar panel factory. want malaysian malaysia but fight for total chinese in srjkc. bn is changing under najib. a good change if u haven't noticed. but because u r still under tempurung, so unfortunate u can't feel it..

nobody questioning ur right to vote anyone u like despite that anyone chooses sumone who left his dna in one's butthole. ahhh.. cum onn.. that's just plain stupid man.. vote wisely laa.. aren't we suppose to vote for the best?

zorro said...


Anonymous said...




Admin said...

Dear Sir,
Thanks for the clarifications from your goodself and Hawkeye on ABU.
It will help in my discussions with friends from Sabah & Sarawak on getting votes away from bn.
BTW, it's me, Sir, Bernard Morais!

Cheers & your words are re-energising to carry on the Good Fight for PR!

Anonymous said...

Singapore was recently ranked as the ‘Happiest country in Asia’ in a study reported by ABC News.

Among the various races in Singapore, the Malays are found to be the happiest!

This is contrary to UMNO’s claim that the Malays in Singapore are marginalized!

Perhaps, it is time UMNO open it’s eyes!

Anonymous said...

Thank You I am now a happy Ahli Baru Umno...ABU jugak.