Friday, March 16, 2012


My daughter Patrina put this up on her son, my grandson Bernard’s Facebook Wall:

Patrina Khoo Farquharson

March 6

Kony 2012: Tonight, my son Bernard Farquharson made me watch this video. And it has changed my life, so I'm sharing it with you because we all need to act for good. Just watch the movie, please. Thank you.





Anonymous said...


Dont la now be kay poh chee about some 3rd world country in Africa when Malaysians cant even treat their maids right in the first place.

zorro said...

Anon629....sorry that this stressed you so bad. Events like this is stressful no doubt. One way to de-stress is to not visit this blog or come chill out with me at Online this evening. Your treatment of our maids is infantile. Are we talking about thousands of mistreated maids or thousands of kidnapped kids? You really need a drink !

zorro said...

I would replace "treatment" with "reference"....but infantile remains.

Peter said...

For those interested in knowing more about Joseph Kony and his LRA, see Wikipedia: Joseph Kony. The story together with the video should shock you into action, otherwise I would not know what will.

SK Au Yong said...

Hi Bernard
My daughter referred me to this too. I was taken in and thought this is a marvellous way to use technology for something positive i.e. capture the beast of a man. Then to my proud amazement my dot warned me that this could be a scam or at least an abuse of people's trust or naiveity. I am amazed that I didn't think of this as i am usually cautious and sceptical.
All considered I think it is a darn good movie and creative use of technology.

zorro said...

SK, no elements pointing towards a scam. Joseph Kony (go to too many crimes to answer to.

zorro said...

SK, the author/producer will have to answer to his son Gavin if it is a scam.

Anonymous said...

The LRA is a real organization and Kony needs to be stopped and the fight to destroy the organization is real. However, IC might be using the opportunity to take advantage of people’s emotions for financial gain. Aren't we against UMNO/BN for the same thing - purporting to work for the benefit of the poor rakyat but actually talking the talk to line their own pockets?

Chk the links and scrutinise IC's financial records. There are serious questions. So, proceed with caution

SK Au Yong said...

Agreed with Anon 10:18.
All things considered, even if this is a scam (I think not), it is still a good cause and as i said a darn good effort.
In life, we need people like this producer to change the world for the better.


Anonymous said...

You know what to do, yah. Meaning what, Uncle? No BN politician is like Kony.

Bakee said...

We should create a similar one fo Najib for the whole world to see.

The unanswered questions:
1. Immigration Records: Who ordered the removal of Altantuya’s entry and egress records? Who actually sat there before the system and erased the records and why? And what was the motive for this act?

2. C4 Explosives: Who released this military grade explosive that is safeguarded under strict SOPs? Who gave the orders for the release of this explosive? What was the motive for using this explosive-of-total-annihilation and not any other weapon?

3. The killers: Who gave the command to carry out the heinous murder that saw the victim being reduced to nothingness literally? What was the motive behind this determined effort to completely remove any trace of human flesh and hamper any potential forensic investigations that could establish detailed information like was the victim also pregnant and if so what are the DNA and genetic origins?

4. Text messaging to Razak Baginda by PM: Why is the PM not being investigated to help establish what was the motive and the implications of the PM’s text messages to Razak Baginda? Why are there no initiatives to conduct a thorough court examination to help establish the PM’s motive and/or to clear him of any unfounded allegations?

5. Deafening silence: Why is the government – particularly the top leadership not taking this case seriously and making attempts to address the above four concerns that not only Malaysians but citizens around the world too are asking? Why the deafening silence and ignoring of the issues when the case involves citizens of two nations and has global interest?

6. National security: The way this fragile, unarmed, lone female was demolished is being questioned. People want to know was there a security threat to public safety, national position or public property? Was she in the likes of a terrorist who was about to carry out a deadly act in the likes of 9/11 that it needed a speedy and complete annihilation from the face of the earth? What was the motive for this strategy to be employed in finishing-off poor mother-and-daughter Altantuya?

Anonymous said...

Here's a great video parody:

Lembu Nak Jaga

to the tune of Moves Like Jagger.

Savvy Rakyat said...

BN is going to sell away our children's future. All voters must wake up to the fact that BN has been plundering the country's wealth and before we go Greece way, BN has to be voted out! Otherwise, your children and grand children might end up as Malaysian maids and labourers in the neighbouring countries !!! Save the country before it is too late. VOTE BN OUT!!!

Anonymous said...



bbbutton said...

Watch this video for a more balance view!

zorro said...

bbbutton: thanks a heap for the link.