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flyer168 said...

Zorro & Arun Paul,

That is well written and a great call.

Just to share this...

Pakatan Rakyat Buzz & Blog - http://pr.bonology.com/2011/11/mt-responses_20.html

Hi Pete, - With my comment under your article "Let's get it straight", I was trying to put across a subtle, subliminal message but, judging by the responses, I obviously failed big time to hit the target. I will be more direct in future!

My underlying message was: "All Malaysians must strive to bury religious and racial differences and work at becoming fulltime Malaysians". After all, peaceful cooperation is a two-way street, and blaming each other for the jams will get everybody nowhere!
Anyway, please allow me to elaborate, based on the way I see things from an interested outsider's perspective:

1. UMNO have deliberately kept the religion/race cards in constant play (and today, even more so), solely to ensure that (i) Malays are always driven to vote for UMNO and (ii) non-Malays will be confused as to the intention of the Malay elements of the opposition parties, so that retaining UMNO will seem a far safer option to non-Malays than voting for the unknown, possibly far worse political scenario. In this, UMNO is conducting an extremely Machiavellian game, knowing full well what it is doing.

2. As all past visitors to Malaysia will tell you, for so many reasons Malaysia used to be a great place to visit, the principal reasons being (a) the wide variety of cultures and food to be experienced across the length and breadth of the country, (b) the ease of travel and communication, (c) the cleanliness and attention to beautiful landscaping everywhere, and (d) the politeness and respect with which Malaysians used to treat not only each other but foreigners too. All those attributes within Malaysia combined to create a society possessing an exquisitely unique flavour, which I can only describe as "Malaysianess". All foreign visitors to Malaysia will know exactly what I mean by that – Malaysia's southern neighbour is nice enough, but Singaporeans just don't seem to generate the spontaneous warmth that at one time existed everywhere in Malaysia, plus Malaysians generally dress so much more colourfully than Singaporeans and aren't, well, boring……..

....Contd Pt 2/4

flyer168 said...

....Pt 2/4

3. Having said that, today Malaysia is not as nice, safe or friendly as it once used to be. The warmth at the Immigration Department coming by road fr! om Singa pore has disappeared completely, almost as if visitors from the south are no longer welcome. Taxi drivers in KL constantly bitch about the GOM in general and about the discrimination shown to non-Muslims and non-Malays in particular, the courtesy level shown to foreigners has dropped considerably, the streets aren't anywhere near as safe to walk along as they once were (in some of the less salubrious areas you can almost feel the resentment in the air against those with money), and some former tourist spots in KL seem to have been deliberately abandoned and left to become run-down (particularly in the predominantly Chinese and Indian areas).

4. In the process of deliberately playing the religion/race cards, UMNO have carefully avoided making "Malaysianess" the desired objective, contrary to what they should have been doing for the past 50+ years.

5. The Malaysian people should not let UMNO get away with having deliberately trashed "Malaysianess". In fact, it seems as though UMNO specifically concentrated on fomenting strife between (i) Islam and other religions and (ii) Malays and other ethnic groups. Malaysians themselves must therefore urgently resurrect "Malaysianess" from its half-burial if they are to stand any chance at all of voting UMNO out in the next GE!

6. To achieve the goal of resurrecting "Malaysianess", all Malaysians (including the current opposition politicians) must, regardless of ethnic and religious differences, start to develop trust in each other and work together to openly discuss the framework for the fair and just society that is so much needed in Malaysia. If ordinary Malaysians in the street (non-politicians) cannot begin to trust those with different religions or cultures to be committed to building a better Malaysia for all, then there will be no political change through the ballot box possible within the next 100 years! So the concept of "Malaysianess" must be worked at very hard if it is to stand any chance of succeeding –! it won' t work if it is only a half-hearted attempt!

Contd....Pt 3/4

flyer168 said...

....Pt 3/4

In my view, whole-heartedly adopting "Malaysianess" doesn't mean burying the differences between the various religious and ethnic groups - it means accepting those differences and showing compassion towards (and complete tolerance of) all others who don't follow your religion, customs or whatever, and recognising in word and deed that all Malaysians are equal in every respect.

My above comments are driven by the fact that, of all the countries in the world, Malaysia probably still stands the best chance of demonstrating that Islam is perfectly capable of offering all its citizens equal opportunities and equal justice in a well developed country that would be the envy of most others, including those supposedly well developed countries in the west.

However, right now Indonesia is doing its best to show the world what Islam can do, and it is making great headway ("Look At Us Now!"). Malaysia ought to be able to get there far faster, because it has the very useful advantage of the English language at its disposal!

Sadly, the main thrust of the responses to my previous comment is that, at best, Malaysian Muslims can't be trusted by the rest of Malaysian society to do the right thing, and that my comment is therefore somehow "theoretical".

However, I consider that there is nothing "theoretical" about building national unity!

It has to be done, or else society will disintegrate! In particular, if something is not done quickly to redress the negative perception about Malaysian Muslims (or to put the situation right if, indeed, that perception is indicative of the way things really are now going inside Malaysia today), then I fear that Malaysia has some extremely tough times ahead.

Contd....Pt 4/4

flyer168 said...

....Pt 4/4

This will mean that Indonesia will be allowed to stand far taller than Malaysia, despite Malaysia's magnificent Twin Towers and its very unique but currently eclipsed "Malaysianess".

Nobody but Malaysians can resurrect "Malaysianess" – Malaysians must become re-united through their own efforts! But, sadly, right now I can't see anybody at all recognising the need to promote "Malaysianess", let alone someone dedicated to driving those unification efforts. That is a pity, because I am confident that there must be many moderate Malaysian Muslims who are sitting on the fence because they are ashamed of the discrimination they see at play by the GOM, but who are afraid of changing their allegiance because of the anti-Malaysian Muslim rhetoric they see every day, especially in the comments posted in MT.

And just because ordinary Malaysians didn't create the religious and racial problems currently being faced in Malaysia, it doesn't mean that they can afford to sit there and do nothing, as if it isn't their problem. It bloody well is their problem, because UMNO made sure it is!

Anyway, now perhaps you can see why I tell my Malaysian friends here in Abu Dhabi (regardless of their ethnic background or which religion they follow) that, if they are not willing to close their eyes to religious and racial differences in Malaysia and embrace "Malaysianess" whole-heartedly, they themselves are therefore part of the problem and can't ever expect a solution for the religious and racial divide that they themselves help to perpetuate!

Warmest regards to you and Marina, Wally”

You be the judge.


Anonymous said...

To Johor Education department, how would you feel if somebody organised a seminar titled "The Growing Threat of Islamisation"? Wouldn't you feel offended? So why organise one offending Christians? You are the government of the day, for crying out loud. You are not supposed to pit the population against one another.

Jamie said...

Does strengthening of the muslim faith involves instilling fear of christianism overtaking the religion? come on! is Islam that weak that it needs to have a seminar to prove how weak it is against Christianity?

I believe every religion has it's own strength and one does not need to belittle or instill fear of other religion to strengthen one's faith. Faith comes from personal conviction and belief. Are all the believers so easily to be swayed? Then it's not the fear of other religion but merely the teachings and how it is being implemented.

There is not Freedom but merely prison of the religion.

Anonymous said...

Islam is an extremely difficult religion. On a scale of 1(easy)-10(terrible), Islam has a difficulty level of 10.

How so ? Each child born by Muslims must be a Muslim (or death).

Any person who marries a Muslim, must become a Muslim (or death).

The forcing of people into Islam is considered a devious rape, IMHO.

That started at birth. How can islam the forced religion command respect & loyalty ?

Then if you disagree, they can stone you to death - OMG (dun play play) !

Malaysia then as an Islamic country is also not an easy country, which is why there are so many deep seated problems now


Anonymous said...

Bersih 3 ?

The EC dun seem too bothered with Pakatan, Bersih & Parliament combined ! There are powerful behind the EC, and you know it. I know it.

Maybe you need Bersih XXX3D, lol !

note: then again, Malaysians are noted to be the most docile of the peoples of South East Asia

Rizwan said...

The "Threat" to Islam are NOT the Christians or any other religion, but muslims themselves. If we seriously looked around what is happening with muslims in our country or around the world,the muslims are sinking very low in every behaviour,sometimes very unislamic.Who do we blame for such behaviour? It's time to take a good look at ourselves as muslims and I sincerely believe we can get the answer. DO NOT blame others for our weaknesses and look it as a Threat. There is no such thing as a threat from outside but its within us. Our Iman is questionable.

mata kucing said...

The Christian Threat Seminar to be held in Johor is clearly the propaganda of UMNO through Ali Hassan, with the ultimate goal of sowing hatred, distrust and to ignite UMNO inflammatory battle cry that a vote for Pakatan Rakyat is a vote for Christian Proselytism. Although such dirty and unhealthy trend is emerging in West Malaysia and an instigation by UMNO against Pakatan, the Christian community in Sarawak and Sabah are not amused and would not sit back but shall warn UMNO for trying to plant the seed of religious hatred and and causing disharmony in its attempt to fish for vote from the Malays and Muslims to stay in power at all cost.

UMNO must be defeated in its stronghold in Johor. Dayaks working and living in Johor, who will not have the time and money to go back to Sarawak to vote must register themselves as voters in Johor to vote out this rotten and corrupted regime.

flyer168 said...


Just to share this...

Why are Jews so powerful and Muslims so powerless?
by Dr. Farrukh Saleem

January 8, 2010 - There are only 14 million Jews in the world; seven million in the Americas, five million in Asia, two million in Europe and 100,000 in Africa. For every single Jew in the world there are 100 Muslims. Yet, Jews are more than a hundred times more powerful than all the Muslims put together. Ever wondered why?...

Why are Jews so powerful and Muslims so powerless? :: Weekly Blitz - http://www.weeklyblitz.net/394/why-are-jews-so-powerful-and-muslims-so-powerless

You be the judge.


Selamatkan Pengerang said...

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Angry Lobster said...

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S : Siapakah penggerak projek pembangunan ini?
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(2) Petronas akan melaburkan RM 60 billion untuk pembangunan projek bersepadu Penapisan dan Petro-kimia. Kerajaan Negeri Johor turut serta dan memegang saham dalam kedua-dua projek.

S : Siapakah yang akan terjejas dalam Projek ini ?
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S : Bagaimanakah kempen “KampungKu SuaraKu” dapat membantu penduduk Pengerang menyuarakan hasrat kita?
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mata kucing said...

The Muslims in the Arab world and Indonesia which is home to the largest Muslims population in South East Asia never ever felt the need for a "Christian Threat" seminar to help in religious teaching. Why Malaysia, being a multicultural country and often referred to by the PM as a moderate democracy under UMNO controlled BN always felt threatened by Christians ? The Muslims in this country never said they felt threatened but it was always UMNO and its bigots who said so.

Anonymous said...

It is not only sadenning,cruel but the Hyphocrisy showed by our PM, DPM , Home Minister is so obvious. He asked the Indians for "Nambekei" . How can people trust him when he bahaves like this ? Silence is condoning !!, At the same scale your Grace what has happenned to the BN Christian leaders like Pairin,Bernard Dompok, Idris Jala, Ongkili, Maglin and even MCCBHST followers like Soi Lek, Liow, Koh Tsu , Paalanivel, Dr Subra etc. It is really sickenning that these racial based parties cannot even comdemm and stop the Seditious acts like what Hasan Ali gets away with, what Perkasa gets away with. It is not Islam that is the culpri, it is UMNO and our Non UMNO BN Leaders don't have the guts to counter them and defend one's faith. PAS truly espouses true Islam and thanks God for them