Friday, March 2, 2012


Twice this week I journeyed east to luxuriantly verdant Pahang. Last Sunday to stand beside my Kuantan brothers and sisters; yesterday to Mentakab to grieve over the passing of a relative, my sister in law..


Sometimes we guard our feelings
when we should let them go
and tell the special people in our lives
that we care for them so.
One day without warning,
they may be gone,
At every opportunity,
tell those you love
that you care
before the day comes along
and they are no longer there.

Last Sunday

Come toxic waste and burn in LAMP
Is our air fit for humans now,
Everything contaminated from grass to cow,
Noxious waste bring, deformity and Death!

Come, corporations whose own homeland says NO

to blow to smithereens the health of those in scenic Gebeng,
Toxic fruit, toxic meat, toxic milk, toxic fish,
Toxic minds, no clean air to breath.

Messed up the mess that was a town
A Cycle path millions of ringgit down
Incineration can poison a King, despite his crown
Lifespan lessened, by a dozen years.

And get the fool saying vote for him,
Particulates are safe and the young will sing,
“Doctor's cannot fix pollution using penicillin”

Evil will always cheat and try to win,
who washes their repulsive skin
in parents grieve and children's tears:

Don't smash the wills of decent folk
prevent the shattering of people’s lives in one foul stroke
Stop this painful dirty joke
15000 last Sunday in Kuantan yelled!

But spare the pathetic clerks who add
the profits of the stinking cads;
It's not their fault that they are mad,
they've tasted Aussie wads.

Taxes were paid all fair
In exchange they gave us radioactive waste and toxic air,

People poisoned without a care,
And profits soared.

No more contaminated waste suffocates,
Clean our air, we must somehow.
Preserve our Hijau Belt, here and now;
Our little corner of earth exhales.

(author unknown so I took the liberty to LYNASed it.)

A comment just received from an Australian reader:

new fart said...

As an Aussie, I fully agreed with this campaign to stop the import of this very dangerous "Rare Earth" to Malaysia. Hell, even our own government would not allow it to be processed on Australian soil, much less others! Maybe a campaign should be started by sensible Aussies to pressure their MPs to stop this nonsense and despicable business venture. There is enough other resource that they can mine from the ground without adding this harmful substance. Australia as a country is rich enough as it is!

March 2, 2012 2:08 PM


Anonymous said...


It will be naive to think that Australians will want to do anything about the plant in Malaysia. The alternative for them will be to relocate everything back to Australia which is what they didn't want in the first place.

Push comes to shove, no one will want this poison in their backyard ... no matter how principled or righteous they claim to be.

Just ask new fart whether he agrees to have Lynas built the plant in Australia instead. If you read carefully, he is saying we don't need that type of mineral ... you got to be kidding ...

new fart said...

Anon 11:11, use your brain instead of your backside when you opined, okay? I said our Aussies government don't even want and will never approve for the processing plant to be built in Oz. But they can't stop a business venture no matter how dangerous it might be. This is called true democracy. But you are forgetting one very crucial point here. It is the MALAYSIAN GOVERNMENT that has allowed this plant to be built in your country. Why? Well, you know as well as I do when comes to the mighty ringgit, your government will even sell their mothers to benefit their own lots, right? And you all know it is true!
And all I am trying to say is that all sensible Aussies, and believe you me, we have a lot more sensible ordinary folks than you have in your country, should pressure their MPs to stop the government from allowing this harmful resource to be mined at all cos we are a rich country and we don't need to have another mineral dug out of the ground. If we can do this, there will no mineral for Lynas to export to your country, let alone processing it. You got it, dickhead!

Anonymous said...

Wahhhh! new fart says there is "true democracy" in Australia ...

... nah!!! I don't wanna go into that argument. I can write a book about "true democracy" in Australia or anywhere else in the world and how this lie is screwing up the world.

I disagree with new fart that the Malaysian Government is absolutely bereft of humanity and they only care about making money for themselves. They are actually worst than that! No, they won't just sell their mothers. They will sell their wives, mistresses, daughters, sons and if need be, they will even dig an eye out, give a kidney or a lung ... if you offer to give them more money. They are an evil lot.

But let's talk about the Australian lawmakers and Aussies, generally. Do you have enough conviction to help the powerless ordinary Malaysians get rid of Lynas from Malaysia? What are your values in a "true democracy"? Wouldn't Aussie be mature thinking, compassionate and care for their fellow humans, wherever they are? Wouldn't Aussies come out and make know to their brethrens in charge of Lynas that they are going against the core values of Australia, the "true democracy". Wouldn't Aussies who are in charge of Lynas have good core values too, i.e. make money but do not take other's lives in the process?

We, Malaysians, need more than just words of support in blogs. We need Aussies (like you) to stand up and show that they care. We need Aussies to pressure their lawmakers and Lynas to abandon the Malaysian project.

So, new fart! What are you going to do???

new fart said...

Well, the least I can do or contribute even so minutely, is to raise this issue with our local MP. Whether it is of any use is immaterial but at least if I can do it, hopefully more would follow. I am definitely dead set on opposing the mining of such harmful material, least of all sending it to another country for processing. Just insane and inhumane! Sorry if I have offended any of you.

Anonymous said...