Sunday, March 11, 2012


My friend since the mid-60s, Vincent Fernendez, passed on this evening. I was a teacher in La Salle Sentul (the nursery) and Vincent was in St Johns (the factory). He was THE hockey coach whilst I coached football. It was from him that I learnt that our long end of year school vacation should not go to waste – he coached his St John’s hockey team during the vacation. It was also from him that I introduced the Quartermasters Squad in Sultan Abdul Samad, PJ.

However, whilst we shared many sporting moments together, we bonded most when regularly called to the bar, after every Merdeka Tournament and Malaysia Cup games at Merdeka Stadium.

Who knows him better than the students he molded! As such I leave it to Tony Mariadas HERE.

Zabedah, JJ, Zabrina, Joshua and Zacky

Thank you for sharing Vincent with me

And the thousand others

Whose lives he touched.

This blog will maintain silence for two days thru respect to Vincent. I have pledged 10 masses to be offered for the repose of his soul.


Anonymous said...

Both the Fernandez brothers, Vincent & David left a lasting legacy and touch many lives of Johannians. Vincent was my PE teacher in the early 70's. He was more than a teacher, he was a friend. Still remember the mini minor he use to drive around.

Al Fatihah. May his soul rest in peace

Anonymous said...

A touching tribute to a very dedicated man.

Most certainly Vincent reflected the very core principles of all that St'John's stands for. He lived it and instilled it in us...not by grandiose words but by humble and consistent service...from the scorching sun-baked school field to the cool corridors of RTM...he was very much the poster boy of SJI.

Vincent, you gave your best. Vincent, you lived your best.
Vincent, you deserve to rest.

Thanks for sharing with us a life so well lived in the spirit of Fide et Labore.

Andrew Gopal said...

Rest in peace Sir. You will always be remembered for your great contribution to sports. Thank You for inviting me to Radio 4 when Khir Toyo wanted to grab UKRC land. The people knew, we wanted green lungs not condominums.

flyer168 said...


Thank you for the article.

He was a great teacher indeed.

May his soul rest in peace...Al Fathihah.

Anonymous said...

I am a generation Y Johannian. Though I never knew Allahyaham, AlFatihah to him. May his soul rests in peace.My condolence to him
Yes, St John's teachers are superb.
And Aruah is an example of the dedication and commitment to us kids.
Uncle, though I do post some comments opposing you, I do respect you as a teacher and an elder just like my father.

Bumi Boy

zorro said...

Bumi Boy, I respect your role. Fighting for a cause is never easy and rosy. We have to take as much as we give.

How are you coping with your studies overseas?

Anonymous said...


NFC Skandal of the year!

splinky said...

Al-Fatihah. A sad day for all Johannians. I was his student once and I have only the highest regard and respect for Vincent. He is indeed a kind and generous soul. You will be remembered always. RIP..

mitchell said...

remembered him when St Paul's Seremban use to play SJI in the inter LaSalle Hockey tournament..He is truly one of the best, dedicated and honest man...Deepest condolences to the family and May His Soul Rest In Peace

Anonymous said...

Sir, is this Mr. Clements's brother? Looks like him but I thought he coached track at SJI as well.

Played hockey, football and ran track for LSPJ and vaguely remember seeing Mr. Vincent around. But the brother were fierce rivals when it came to sports.

Peace be with him and the family.

zorro said...

Anon 114am.....yes the late Vincent is Clement (LSPJ) elder brother. Clement coached athletics and football. Another brother David coached football at St Johns. LA the eldest brother was also a teacher. 4 brothers who gave their best for the LaSallian schools.

mauriyaII said...

Indeed there very few teachers today who can claim to be as dedicated to their profession, be in the classroom or the field.

What we have today are teachers who mark time in school and spend most of their dedication as teachers in tuition centers. Though teachers are better paid than their counterparts a few decades ago, they have become very materialistic and neglect their professional duties. Some even play politics for upward mobility, paying lip service as teachers.

Though I did not have the opportunity to meet him in person, he is what a dedicated ought to be as pointed out in glowing terms by many of his students.

The very fact they deemed it right and proper to honour him at a special gathering of his students speaks volumes about this wonderful soul.

May his soul rest in peace.

Ricky Pang said...

Master Vincent Fernandez, may uou rest in peace.You will always be fondly remembered.

A Johannian
(1969 - 1971)

Andrew Gopal said...

Beautiful piece Mauriyall.

cram said...

what has happened to "mind NO Evil" ?
been following his blog, then all of sudden, no post for so long....

zorro said...

Am wondering too.....will check.

Anonymous said...

Used to listen to his comments on hockey on the RTM Blue Network nightly at 8:45pm during the seventies.

RIP Mr.Fernandez

Anonymous said...

Coincidentally stumbled onto this news. My heartfelt condolences to his family.

Mr Vincent,... yes, i remeber him: Sometimes a smile, sometimes stern. You want to find him, go look for him at the school field. If he's not on ground, he's probably in the Quartermasters Room just below the school canteen. Often sporting a collared tee, tucked neatly into his slacks, and a pair of sleek, lightly-tinted sunglasses. For a PE teacher, his hair is surprisingly, always in place.

Strict as he may sometimes be, but mostly a really funny man, and known for being 'sporting' if you know him a little bit more. One thing for sure, Mr. Vincent and his brother Mr David, along with Mrs Kang, Mr Phua and Mr Gonzales (to name a few) all were dedicated, hardcore teachers during my schooling years, with a passion to give their best to the students, year after year after year (although back then, many of us never saw their love for their students, the school and what education stood for to them, until after we left).

Well, Mr Vincent, I have fond memories of you, and when I remember you, I remember St John's, and I remember the dedicated team of teachers who served along with you.

Thank you Sir, for those were some of the best years of my life! Fide et Labore!