Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Subject : Abuse of Religion & Race -
By Capt. Iskandar Dzulkarnain

I am utterly dismayed that Islam, such a Great Religion, is being constantly ridiculed, not only by Non Muslims, but even by our younger generation of Malays. We keep on saying that we will protect the Good name of Islam with our lives, but we fail to see that our radical approach has smeared the good name of our Religion.. Nowadays, Muslim does not even try to hold a topic over religion with our Non Muslim counterparts. We really have no rational answers as to why our Religion is so hypocritically abused by some half baked Malays.
 Perkasa wants to have the Syariah laws amended to disallow Non Muslims to enter Mosques and Suraus. They also want the MCA president and the DAP assemblywoman to be placed under ISA for desecrating Islam. In fact they want every Tom, Dick and Harry to go in. The video on Surau AL Falah is an eye opener to the amount of desecration tolerated. Sack the Surau committee and place them all, including the rest of the participants under ISA. Another picture apparently doctored, should be allowed the benefit of the doubt.
 They should place their members at the National Mosque and Shah Alam Mosque to turn away the tourists. Dont just talk, start the action now. Forbid non Muslims to gaze at the mosque, just like we forbade them to utter GOD's name. And why stop there? Mosques and Suraus must be built with the sweat of Muslims and not with the sweat of foreign kafirs. At the same time put a 50 meter perimeter, around the mosques, so no non Muslims can get near the mosque. Anyone entering or leaving the mosque must show their identity cards to identify themselves as Muslims.
 Perkasa should also call for Shops and Restaurants to close during the month of Ramadan, and open at the Break of Fast. Muslims are still not strong enough to withstand hunger and will be tempted, if they see the sight of food, according to Perkasa.
 Perkasa should also call for all Pubs and Alcohol and Cigarettes to be banned as it harmful to our bodies and therefore considered Haram. Ban non-Muslims from the homes of Muslims as well. While at it, All Muslims should be separated from non Muslims at the workplace, as Kafirs cannot work together with the righteous. Even better, segregate all the communities, kampongs and towns so that Muslims cannot stay together with the nons. Ban the community from celebrating our festivals together
 Kick out Astro cable TV as we have too many channels of shit to choose from.  Go back to TV1, TV2 and TV3.  Ban the internet, as it is a western tool to confuse the Muslims.  Ban the cinema and all forms of Western entertainment like in Iran . Ban women altogether from public life.  Ban women from driving.  Ban cell phones, ban cosmetics as we are not going to see their faces anyway.  Ban women from sitting in cars and motorbikes due to close proximity.  In fact just ban cars and reintroduce horses and camels.  Better for the environment anyway.
 We Malays love our Non Muslim brothers and sisters.  Your presence in this country is a blessing.  We feel sorry for making you feel sidelined.  Somehow, some of our leaders think we should not mix.  They think if we mix, we would be wrongly influenced to vote for the wrong party.
 We are supposed to be weak morally and religiously, easily influenced by the devil, our spines are still weak, and we need constant assistance, which only our government can give us. They always say, please be patient, and wait for the scraps to fall from the table. Sometimes, when the wind blows, the scraps do fall. They keep reassuring us to be satisfied with our meagre incomes, and to be happy with one meal a day. They say when you go to heaven, there will be a big feast. They tell us to protect Islam, these same leaders who are overweight and bulging. And after all these years, I still do not see the invisible enemy out there trying to destroy Islam and our way of life. As if I really have a life worth living!
 Perkasa must have been fighting very hard alone in the last half century to keep the enemy at bay.
 Lastly, the disparity with the Malays seem so huge from billionaires to abject poverty. This is such a big contrast between the non Malays that seem to have a majority of middle income earners. I scream at the thought of our younger Malay generation, so ill equipped to face the world, so inadequate to accept the simple challenges of employment in the private sector, and so stubborn not to accept that we are now in the 21st century.
 The Non Malays seem so at home, with their conventional attitude and command of language, and most of them are bi and trilingual. Is that why Perkasa seems so adamant at protecting us from sinking further ?  Even their leaders seem to fall into this category.
 So if our leaders feel that, in order for this country to progress, we must keep protecting our Racial and Religious Rights, we should in fact then ban everything and call it a day. Better go to heaven today as saints before it is too late, don't make a U turn and don't pay RM200. If we continue to stay on this earth and commit more sins unconsciously, we may lose our Right to enter heaven. Simply too many Satans around, for us weak sinners are easily tempted.
 With PERKASA's ideology, we don't really need 1Malaysia and we don't really need to exist.  It is really up to us now to make the ultimate decision.  Either we go or our leaders must go.

Perkasa, Mamak Mahathir ( The pseudo Malay ) and UMNO, you are the cause of the failure of the Malay race.  You threatened your own race by belittling them; gave rotten education that retard their thinking ability so that you can control them and manipulate them, for your own self interest.  The other races in Malaysia are no threat to the Malays. The REAL threat are the Mamaks. So please : All Hail the Chosen One !
May we have peace in Malaysia for all Malaysians.


Jeff Tay said...

I doubt PERKASA is able to do that. They are only capable of causing chaos outside anything that relates to rules & law.

However, if this article is deemed TRUE, then, the BIGGEST SUSPECT at sight would be none other than PAS. They had already started to ban cinemas, unisex salons, the usage of word 'Allah', the sale of booze in some 7-11 stores & so on. Give it time, I'm very sure all those things mentioned by ZORRO up there would soon follow.

However, some quarters will argue that PAS will NOT be able to do that becos' they would still need to adhere approvals from DAP & PKR. Well, this sounded very naive though but does anyone really think PAS gives a shit what DAP thinks??? Take a look at the 'Allah' issue. When PAS said that the word 'Allah' CANNOT be used by non muslims, DAP instantly kept shut like a dog listening to its' owner.

As for PKR whom many said ANWAR IBRAHIM would be selected to helm the PM post if they take over Putrajaya would surely stop PAS from implementing such ridiculous laws but many PAS members are now coming out to say ANWAR would not be selected but a PAS leader would be the selected PM instead. I wonder which is true & which is false??? ANWAR said it's NOT important who helm the PM post on behalf of PAKATAN RAKYAT but don't anyone think this is utterly UNFAIR to the people???

Are we gonna wait until after PRU-13 only to see internal fights between PAS-DAP-PKR to decide who would become the PM (that's if PR menang lah). Wouldn't this be a waste of time & resources??? I'm deeply puzzled how can a voter be voting for PAKATAN RAKYAT of whom claimed they could bring a brighter future to the nation when PAKATAN RAKYAT themselves can't even decide who helm as the PM before the election. They bitch so much about the future but they themselves can't even see any light in front of them. Isn't this amazingly hilarious???

Gosh!! If this is the way whereby as a voter, I'm NOT being convinced by a party of how bright the future would be...I would be better off voting for the current govt., right???

This is indeed confusing!!!

wmkon said...


Anonymous said...

A very inspiring article.Very aptly describe the situations that the malays are in now.
Damn the PERKASA and that mamak kutty.They are the real hindrance to our racial harmony.I would like to label PERKASA as an opportunistic NGO and that mamak kutty as a cunning man and a big HYPOCRITE!

Shahrina said...

Sir, I am a Indian muslim (mamak) and I completely agree with you on everything you said above except the mamak part. Not all of us as like Mahathir, anyway he is only one quarter Indian and three quarter Malay.


Anonymous said...

china quee lanchow retard mampus lah lu cepat

Rosli said...

In a nutshell, that sums up the pathetic, hypocritical stance of some of our rotten to the core so-called leaders. Islam is a complete way of life that does not propagate nor usher such despicable and skewed antics as advanced by Perkasa and others who patronize and launch confrontational actions, instigating opposing views to that enshrined in the al-Quran and sunnah practiced by all Muslims the world over for more than 1400 years now. These rotten leaders are sowing the seed of hatred to despise and challenge the intelligence of every level-headed, right-thinking people – as was the case in the recent act mooted by IA of Perkasa calling for the burning of the Bible instead of promulgating the spirit of ‘love thy neighbor’ and fortifying mutual respect to one and all. As a fellow Muslim, I felt ashamed and insulted when these people who are elected into public office by the rakyat sending the wrong message to intentionally disorientate the peace-loving Malaysians.

Anonymous said...

This article nails it, spot on. What PAS has implemented in Kelantan should not be a poser. The majority in Kelantan are muslims and the non- muslims there have adapted to the lifestyle in Kelantan. The ones who cant accept it are the umNO muslims... If you look carefully, you will find that there are no kedai ekor only in Kelantan and Trengganu as these are muslim majority states and the non-muslims there have no qualms about it, so whats the problem?

bruno said...

The gomen is screwed.In other words it is fucked upside down.

Anonymous said...

A very thoughtful, incisive and well written article that says a lot about the predicament or is it the dilemma created by the evil Mamak Kutty to promote his own vested interests and screw up the Malays big time. This pseudo Malay ridiculed, cajoled and disparaged the Malay race as lazy, incompetent and subservient to the other races in the country. His remedy was to enslave them by giving them crutches for decades while he implemented his strategy was to loot the country and make his useless children into multi millionaires.

This evil Mamak brought in other mamaks whom he can trust to do his bidding (remember the Forex fiasco, the Bumiputra Bank scandal and the half cooked effort to monopolize the world tin market which he orchestrated to spite the orang putih) and make himself, his family and his coterie of cronies filthy rich. That is the main reason why there is such a chasm between the wealth of the billionaire Malays and the ordinary Malays.

Now he is championing his religious bigotry and racial apartheid policies through PERKASA and his mouthpiece, katak IA.

If there was a more venomous snake alive, it is none other than the evil Mamak Kutty. For a octogenarian he spews venom whenever he opens his foul mouth. He advocated Ambiga's citizenship to be revoked even if it means amending the Constitution. He should be the one to be stripped off his citizenship and imprisoned under the ISA for his role in giving Mycard and instant citizenship to foreigners. He is a TRAITOR to the COUNTRY and the MALAY RACE.

Hope more and more enlightened and emancipated Malays such as Capt. Iskandar Dzulkarnain and Mariam Mokhtar educate the deluded UMNOputras and the fence sitters to vote in a new government. Then only there will be CHANGE for this resource rich country.

Anonymous said...

We use to go in groups of 5, 6, 7 even up to 10 and move consisting of chinese, malays and indians both boys and girls when we were in secondary school back in the fifties. We go to the cinemas to see films such as Samson and Delailah, The Ten Commandments, Rebel without A Cause, Fong Sai Yook, Wong Fai Hong; P. Ramlee's movies and even Indian films. We go to parties, picnics, swimming in rivers and at waterfalls. We visit each other during deepavalli, hari raya puasa and chinese new year. We wish each other parents as pakchiks and makchiks; as uncles and aunties. It was during such visits that we learn of each other cultures and most important learn to respect and honour them. It was during such visits that we were introduced to the bamboo cannons, bamboo spear fishing and ikan bakar river side style. Umno/bn choose to divide us into chinese/buddhist, malays/moslems, indians/hindus and other such groups and now our children and grandchildren will not be able to feel and experience what it is like to be real malaysian children; unless we try PR for 1 or 2 terms, who knows those days may come back. ABU!!!!!!!!!

Sam said...

Good day bro Zorro,

I like the picture...should get spiderman to bring down "U" and "M"...ha ha ha!

Anonymous said...

Tq for this inspiring piece.If only the malays could think n put into practise wat u have here. Malaysia would be a far better nation for all of us..irrespective of race or religion or creed or color & gender.I pray for this day.


Fuad said...

Umno terus menerus membuat fitnah dan pembohongan dengan mengandaikan bahawa DAP akan memerintah Malaysia selepas PRU 13 nanti PAS dan PKR hanya kuda tunggangan DAP. Suatu risalah yang dicetak menggunakan nama Wanita Umno Bahagian Bukit Katil diedarkan di sekitar Parlimen Bukit Katil dengan rancak sekarang.


Anonymous said...

Anon @ February 26, 2013 at 11:25 PM

Care to share with us how much you get paid by UMNO for writing that meaningless sentence?

If you are paid per sentence of what you write, I'm sure Uncle Bernard will be most happy to teach you how to write a few more decent sentences,, that way, you earn more money from your UMNO masters.

Shafie said...

There are always a group of Malaysians of all races and religions who are bent on creating confusion and trouble among our peace loving community. Their leaders who wanted to stay in power at all cost will indoctrinate their followers into believing that when a party or a Malaysian oppose UMNO dominated BN’s policies we are deemed to be causing disunity among the different races or even against Islam. It is not a surprise that it has always been UMNO’s leaders who are accusing Pakatan Rakyat of belittling or downgrading Islam. On the other hand BN Dayak or non Muslim leaders will feel stupid if they accuse Pakatan Rayak of belittling or down grading Christianity . We can see that UMNO will not hesitate to use race and religion to the tilt to preserve themselves and to hang on to power at all cost.

wandererAUS said...

I took my wife to the National Mosque, (she is a foreigner), first time to Malaysia, she was attracted to the architecture of the mosque. So she went down (which I refuse) to get some photos. She got the help of a young Muslim couple to help, the wife wa so gracious and embarrassing helpful. I felt so small! It was definitely not the majority Muslims who will not share their religion, it was the UMNO crooked bastards who were the cause of this unnecessary suspicion and distrust!

Anonymous said...

BN propaganda will include the following :-

a)Opposition members resign en block to join BN
b)Opposition candidate withdraws from contesting and pledge support for BN
c)Opposition campaign hits the rock when villagers chased them away
d)Indians and Chinese are deserting Opposition
e)BR1M recipients promised Najib full support
f)Senior citizens takes Opposition to court
and blah , blah..

Stop paying to be fooled. Stop reading main stream media. Stop tuning on to TV1, 2, 3, Astro Awani and government controlled channels. Every voter appoints himself/herself as election observer in their own neighbourhood and areas to detect cheating, harrassment and illegals from voting

God saves Malaysia..

Anonymous said...


Saravanan said...

Don't ever trust the snakes and cobras in Hindraf!

Why is Hindraf angrier with Pakatan than BN? It is becoming clearer now as time passes, Hindraf is seen to be acting as a spoiler in Pakatan's attempt to capture Putrajaya.

Once they declare their support for BN, they would be effectively neutralised and will be of no use to BN; so they make themselves appear to be neutral.

The net result is the Indian community got screwed once again.

Please don't waste time with these racist org. Pakatan should just work hard to get the 10% fence sitters of all races. These opportunists in HINDRAF are just out to make a quick buck just like all the rest.

Nepalputera said...

BN, বিনামূল্যে পরিচয়পত্র জন্য আপনাকে ধন্যবাদ
(BN,thank you for the free identity card).

Unknown said...

I fully agree with what is written but I disagree with Jeff. All these fear things are planted by Mahathir and Perkasa and not PAS. Go to KB and see how the non muslims live. If the PAS muslims are extremists then you should not see pork being sold openly under PAS. Not when it was under BN. Jeff is from MCA !