Tuesday, May 31, 2011


NADES’ interview with James Wong, the co-designer of the "Malaysian Gardens" at the Chelsea Flower Show on Tuesday, was shorter than expected. The question was: "Are all these plants from Malaysia or were they sourced from other countries?"

JAMES was blunt to the core and gave an honest answer. “They are not from Malaysia”, he said, “but similar species could be found in Malaysia. Importing from Malaysia would be a problem because of quarantine regulations. We cannot import anything which has soil in it."

For the sake of a medal, it was felt that some sort of "back-door arrangements" had to be made and it appeared acceptable because it was not the first time it had been done. Actually, it was the first time someone had found out!







“Don’t ever ask stupid questions again,” said my Pa as he delivered the first and last smack on my cheek.

Yesterday, after a trying day at the plant, I got down to get updates on YB Fuziah’s meeting with the IEAE at the Hyatt Kuantan. I chanced upon this post by one Trevin Kumaran who asked:

Can someone prove to me how Rare Earth waste can be harmful to anyone of us from a distance away: Not in close contact, and not inside the factory. As far as I'm concern, the only possibility of it even harming a person is thru direct contact or consuming it thru direct breathing of the dust. If it's within the factory compound, how is it going to harm us? Why is everyone dead worried like it's going to jump on us? LYNAS cant be so stupid to risk us closing them by showing exposure happen.

To me this stupid question could elicit from me a plethora of answers, but I will desist in the belief that some people cannot be helped. This bloke reminds me the waiter who asked a a husband and wife who walked into the restaurant:

Q: Table for how many?

A: One, my wife will sit on my shoulders.

Over the last two days my blogpost roasted one Lynas Engineer. Today you all can have this guy as a toasted piece, with no butter or marmalade (would be a waste, no?). I cropped his picture because his lady is not involved and I embossed his pic, so that nobody would stalk him. However, I am chucking away this over-burnt toast. (ASIDE: close to 90 over-toasted him!

Ok, why my Pa delivered that clip on my cheek:

Me: Is it raining outside?

Pa: Does it rain inside?

Monday, May 30, 2011


motherchell said...

Dear Lynas Rocket Scientist",

May i also assume that you are aka Apco??
Reading your letter with the "" we believe"" and "" we are" lets the cat out of the bag about who you truly are-- especially the mistakes in your tenses, adjectives and participles!!
You sure have to try to justify your patriotic actions in a better place!

For your letter's sake --let me put you in a better light today.
When Madame Curie was awarded the Noble prize for the discovery of polonium and radium . It was not as a Datukship is awarded in your Bolehland. Alexender Litvenko saw himself a different man when he fled the KGB a few years back. Even his waiter was not spared with what Curie told us about what the dark side of polonium is.

Time and again you see what the Industry is all about-- you have seen the tobacco industry;- They buy themselves into organizations , Political Ruling groups OR they set up a fully paid up with commissions study Fronts. In a land you live that has a craze for acronyms to fool the public--- you are nailed big time though i find you fictitious. It is sad to note you don't care for the fetuses that may be developing in your daughter , wife or your daughter -in -law!! You are living under a fundamentally dysfunctional regime held with a price tagged esteem. You are just one mute who has been given that so called counter web polity to raise the dead "beast" from its tomb. Your show of pseudo patriotism is like burning yourself to teach us the way to barbecue steak .

To accept with your beliefs and your dutiful submissiveness does not prove your readings of the evaluation of the govt findings. You have not done any sleuthing to enjoy your 8--5 pastime that you are so eager about in a country where oil and natural resources give abundant economic options. Im sure you are coy to even open your heart and tissues to you employers----- but do remember dear Rocket Scientist--- dead man tell no tales!!!--- and even if you rise from your grave the Home MINISTER WILL DISAVOW ANY KNOWLEDGE OF YOUR EXISTENCE!!!

To my Dear Zorro, thank you for keeping an eagle's eye on the ones who misinform. Your service for the health and well being of our communities is always noted the world over.
As always,wish you good health and lots of joy,---- and you take care my friend,
Much regards.

May 30, 2011 12:53 AM

Sunday, May 29, 2011


I like to share this that I picked up from Datuk Arif Sabri’s HERE blog. Have a nice Sunday people:

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


In response to my posting THEY TAKE US TO BE STUPID?, a Lynas employee made this comment:

Anonymous Lynas Worker said...

Dear All

Where do we go to make our voices heard in support to the Lynas project?

We are a group of people that will be employed in this plant and we also believe that this will be an important mechanism in driving our nations economy from job creation to various trickle down effects of the economy.

We believe that the government had closely studied the cost-benefit analysis and found this project sustainable. Such reports from independent bodies are well available to the public if your were not utterly blinded by political agenda. Some people who do not support this plant have nothing more than propaganda and mere rhetorics and hardly know the facts of our government's plans for lynas.

Me along with a few hundred other voting malaysians support this plant, and we outnumbered the protesters of an alien race who invaded the malay heartland of lynas.

Let Lynas proceed, the government has the blessings of those on the ground. Do not listen to aliens with political agenda.

-Lynas Malaysian Engineer-

May 25, 2011 4:57 PM

I am a bit perplexed by his last two paragraphs. I know some of you are angry at his outburst, so please disagree agreeably can? Don’t be abusive …..let’s try to win him over, yah?.....that is if we can!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Karen received this from her friend Mrs Chow and she forwarded to me. It has to be shared. (AUTHOR UNKNOWN)


Australia is 58 times bigger than Peninsular Malaysia. With a population of 21million and a government that answers to the people, Australia dare not take a bet that a Rare Earth Plant is worth its risk and investment. If Australia which is nearly 60 times bigger than Malaysia reject the setting up of a Rare Earth Plant, why would Malaysia 60 times smaller thinks it’s all right to go ahead?

The USA has closed most of its mines, and so has China. In Mongolia, vast tracts of lands thousands of square kilometres are rendered hazardous, with toxic runoffs destroying everything in their path, with high radioactivity, tainting precious water supplies and this chain reaction will continue for thousands of years.

And all this is just from one small factory which has also been closed down. It is surrounded by partly frozen red-colored 'tailing lakes' up to a square mile in size and the land is scarred with toxic runoffs from the refining process and pock-marked with craters and trenches. Larger Rare-Earth refineries sit around the banks of the world’s largest tailing lake, Baogang - seven square miles of evil-smelling toxic waste that shows the shocking extent of this industry's impact.

It is a scene that Chinese officials do not want the world to see. Several villages close to the lake have already been relocated because of pollution and security guards hired by the mining company.

And to think that Malaysia is building the world’s largest Rare Earth Plant is truly madness of the highest order.

Even massive Australia balks

Australia with its massive land size, could site it many thousands of miles in the centre of Australia, far away from populated areas and still be shielded should an accident happens but it will not even dream of building one in the country itself. But Peninsular Malaysia would be dead meat if the inevitable happens. And to think that it could never happen is fool hardy. The Chernoybl meltdown was not supposed to happen and neither was the Fukushima Nuclear Plant in Japan.

In the event of an accident the fallout could reach within an area of 80km radius, wiping out Kuantan, Pekan, Kemaman and most of the areas around Pahang and Terengganu. Long term the two states will be rendered useless and unliveable. It simply is illogical to site a Rare Earth Refinery so near to a large population and in such a small country.

Should there be an accident, the Peninsular will never be able to recover, and may even be sued by Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore And now that Australia with such a huge storage capacity would not allow the waste tailings to be reimported, shows Australia’s determination to wash its hands off the matter.

With Australia’s announcement that they will not accept our waste, what are we going to do? Hide it in Taman Negara, on Gunung Tahan, or drop in the sea? Or try to sell it to another unsuspecting third world country? All the profits we make will not be enough to pay for the disposal of the highly toxic waste.

Malaysia in its stride to become a global economic powerhouse, should seriously weigh the pros and cons of the project. And anyhow we put it, the cons do outweigh the pros. It would be downright silly to even think that we can outwit nature.

Childish reaction

The Pahang MB’s threat to pull the plug on Gebeng with the loss of 20 thousand jobs, should the Rare Earth Plant be called off, is really a childish reaction and a very weak attempt to resolve the problem. And to allow 20,000 people to lose their jobs just because the people rejected this insane project, when the Rare Earth Plant should not be there in the first place, is unbelievable.

It is also preposterous that Officials from the EIA saw if fit to announce that a comprehensive EIA study was unnecessary, EIA was set up for the sole purpose of protecting the environment of the nation, and it is downright insulting of EIA to ignore the people and to side the Federal Government.

If the BN government does not take steps to settle this issue immediately, it will only cause the people to lose faith in the government. Already the Bukit Merah incident is a black mark, and our government should take steps that such an incident should never be allowed to happen again.

How can our government be fooled by this Orang Putih Foreigners who continues to insult our intelligence? When will we ever learn not to play with fire? In our relentless pursuit for the extra dollar, we continue to mess around with nature without thinking of its disastrous consequences.

Rare Earth belongs in the ground and It should never be dug up and refined in the first place. Just like nuclear fusion, it will cause a chain reaction that may one day cause the end of the world. Chernobyl and the Fukushima Reactor in Japan is a testament to that.

180 countries in the world cannot be wrong to reject such a dangerous project. There is simply no mitigation possible should an accident happen. Gebeng is also situated very near to the South China Sea and a Giant Tsunami generated from a simple earthquake cannot be discounted from its list of failsafe emergency procedures.

One day we may be the laughing stock of the world by our decision to lose a country for the sake of a Rare Earth project. The risk is just too high. And it is simply not an option.











Monday, May 23, 2011


BERNAMA reported that the focus of the anti-Lynas campaign has shifted to the panel itself. Some critics are faulting the government for asking the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to appoint an expert panel to give it a second opinion on health and safety issues surrounding the proposed Lynas factory.

They allege that IAEA is "pro-nuclear", the suggestion being that appointed panel members may have a "built-in" bias which may favour Lynas.

8 paragraphs lauded the miracle that is IAEA. As laymen we will not dispute the workings of this august international body. But like us they are also humans, no?

But let’s get straight to the point. In Malaysia MONEY has worked miracles. Already money has changed hands and our nuclear headman is promised a job after retirement. With money, we can make elephants fly and entice a man-eating tiger to morph into a covetously coquettish shaved pussy! We have amassed encyclopedic volumes of how money moves openly, fluidly and UNASHAMEDLY.

When the 9 member-panel comes into Kuantan we will afford them the brand of hospitality that is Malaysian although they will invariably be gifted with thousand ringgit batiks, lavish dining, branded gifts (?) etc etc etc by our overly- patronizingly grinning government officials. If Lynas were to throw in dinners etc. it would be considered as a conflict of interest. However, the Kuantan public must insist that IN THE SPIRIT OF TRANSPARENCY, Dr Jeyabalan and YB Fuziah must INSIST to be present as observers when the panel conducts their investigations at the Lynas plant.

Aside from this we will put no impediments in their quest. BUT when they finally release their findings we want them to do it publicly in front of Kuantan rakyat. The people of Kuantan will insist that the findings in writing be available for anyone who asks for them.

YB Fuziah talked about the buffer zone where several hundred thousands reside. Lets have answers from the IAEA panel bout this! Hopefully the panel will UNEARTH SOME RARE RESULTS.


This toxic lake poisons Chinese farmers, their children and their land. It is what's left behind after making the magnets for Britain's latest wind turbines... and, as a special Live investigation reveals, is merely one of a multitude of environmental sins committed in the name of our new green Jerusalem.....

The lake of toxic waste at Baotou, China, which as been dumped by the rare earth processing plants in the background

On the outskirts of one of China’s most polluted cities, an old farmer stares despairingly out across an immense lake of bubbling toxic waste covered in black dust. He remembers it as fields of wheat and corn.

Villagers Su Bairen, 69, and Yan Man Jia Hong, 74, stand on the edge of the six-mile-wide toxic lake in Baotou, China that has devastated their farmland and ruined the health of the people in their community


Sunday, May 22, 2011


KUALA LUMPUR May 21 — Lynas Corp has revealed it deposited money with Putrajaya as an indemnity for potentially dangerous residue that may result from processing its radioactive rare earths in its Pahang plant which is now under review However Lynas did not elaborate on the deposit It also did not disclose the sum paid to the Atomic Energy Licensing Board AELB under the purview of the science technology and innovation ministry in charge of approving and monitoring radioactive industries “Lynas has also agreed to place funds with the Malaysian government to ensure safe management of any remaining residues as required by the AELB ” the Australian miner told The Malaysian Insider in a statement But AELB’s director-general Datuk Raja Abdul Aziz Raja Adnan denied his agency had made the deposit a requirement Lynas and the AELB insist the rare earths ore is safe “It’s got nothing to do with AELB You got to check with Mida Check with MITI ” he told The Malaysian Insider

May 22, 2011

H.E. Miles Kupa
Australian High Commissioner
Australian High Commission
6 Jalan Yap Kwan Seng
Telephone: 2146 5555
Fax: 2141 5773

Your Excellency,

We, concerned citizens of Malaysia, are of the understanding that Lynas Corporation has made one or more payments to the Malaysian Government.

We suspect and fear that this has somewhat helped to fast track the Lynas Advanced Materials Plant (LAMP) approval process - without public knowledge and through a very loose Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) despite a complex and hazardous project.

Under Malaysia's Official Secrets Act, we will have little, if any, hope of getting any truth out of our Government, even though this matter is of utmost national interest.

In the interests of both Malaysia and Australia, both Lynas and our Government should be transparent about the approval process.

As Australia has been a strong advocate of good governance and is committed to stamping out corruption, we call upon your good Government to compel Lynas Corporation to adhere to its stated value of honesty and transparency to reveal the deal it has struck with the Malaysian Government and also to make all payment records public. This is of interest not only to all Malaysians but also to the Australian shareholders of Lynas Corporation.

We trust that the Australian Government is committed to protecting the good name of Australia and will not risk one corporation's headlong quest for profit , at the expense of the health of Malaysians and the local environment, to tarnish the good reputation of Australia.

We therefore urge the Australian Government to investigate Lynas Corporation for any possible wrongdoings in its dealings with the Malaysian Government. We were appalled and disgusted to learn that Lynas Corporation had offered a job to the soon-to-be-retired Director-General of the Malaysian Atomic Agency Licensing Board (AELB), Yang Berbahagia Datuk Raja Abdul Aziz Raja Adnan, by his own admission. I am sure you will agree with me that such an offer is tantamount to fair dinkum conflict of interest, collusion and corruption.

Thank you,

Azlan Adnan
Founder, Green Party of Malaysia

Correspondence Address:
Letter Box 20, Wisma Chartis
99 Jalan Ampang

Fax: +603-7732 3300
Web: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=6850526636
Email: harithabhoomi.malaysia@gmail.com


Lynas oh Lynas HERE

Friday, May 20, 2011


The FRU, UTK and assorted un-uniformed personnel were all around. But they were very cooperative. As I passed them, the Light Strike Force officers were gearing up. I picked up a helmet when it was dropped as an officer was strapping on his knee protection. I held it for him until he completed his dressing. I told him that if the government did not do anything wrong, people would not protest. His remark made my day: Itu betol. I shook his hand and went to join the rally-goers who were already stopped from proceeding towards the Aussie Hicom.

Speeches were made by PAS and PKR. Met up with YBs Charles, Eli, Tian, Haris and Clement Chin, one of the Kuantan organizers. Jeya and hubby came from Kuantan too minus the baby. Conspicuously missing was the kindie chap who initiated this STOP LYNAS MOVEMENT. I particularly asked for him.

The boys in blue were disciplined and what surprised me was the duration of the rally. It was allowed to go on despite the rain and after the shower. Usually they threaten us with the count of 10, 15 and once 5. I left the scene at 4:15pm.

I was particularly surprised to see a green-jacketed Lions member amongst us. Sure was a good sight because these SERVICE clubs hardly or openly support the causes like this one . They go for VISIBILITY. Their mileage is WHO they invite when they make check presentations …..money that we ordinary people contribute to. Its about time these elite service clubs come forward, stand with us when we make a stand against injustice or unfairness.



Watch Malaysiakini Photo Gallery



Furtive efforts are afoot to recruit “plumbers” to stop the impending massive LEAKS that might generate into a tsunami of sorts. Word is out that “DIVERSIONARY” initiatives are being planned to plug those irritating leaks. Perhaps they should ask the little Dutchboy Hans Brinker (HERE) for help.

However until the leaks are plugged, if ever it will be, lets just put on our life-jackets in preparation for the fateful misfortune that our seemingly untouchables have inflicted on this beautiful piece of soon-to-be inundated land. THE SLUICES ARE JAMMED like during the Tenang by-elections.


Thursday, May 19, 2011


Dia is actually Datuk Ibrahim Ali. But the two Ms refer to him as dia as though calling his full name would leave a bad taste in the mouth. So it is “mana dia”, “suroh dia datang”, “apa dia buat”, “bila dia keluar hospital?” so it is dia this and dia that.


Over a tumbler of the best margarita in town to just go with the best Manhattan Seafood Chowder, ever, ever, ever, the WHISTLER walked me through how the two M finally picked dia to be their front man.

Things were not going as planned when Nazri shot back and called Big M a racist and Round M said that he was Malay first and Malaysian second. Continuing this route, Round M would not be the PM that would pick Small M, the son of Big M as his deputy. They had to distract the populace but keep Najib in their cross-hair.

They need someone who is hated. Somebody suggested the she-frog from Jelapang. Big M snarled, “Malay, we need!” “Sabah Bung?” “Too much baggage below the naval navel base”, “Rais?” “Reactivate Botak Hamid”, “Riduan Tee Abdullah orBadawi?” The last 2 names got Big M frothing mad. “Enough!” He thundered, “Get me a man who is not intelligent, a clown, a court jester, not owned by any party, rejected by most, must be a natural loud-mouth, shitty command of English, must not be pleasant looking, must not have a clean history we can use as bargain should occasions arise, somebody who will not be nominated for GE13. Give me a discard that we can easily discard in exigencies. Give me a desperate man who will do as I command. I want the man now! WHO?"

And the pack chorused, “Ibrahim Ali!”

“Oh, dia, OK. Dia seems tailored made,” Big M sarcastically mused.

So that is how brother dia got chosen….and the poor guy is kicked around from goal-post to goal-post and told to kick at any issues as long as it makes PM looks bad. He has to obey. So don’t be too hard on dia…..for all you know he is even scared of his own………….

SNEEZE. The Whistler said that this did happen when he he sneezed into the mike in front of the 150 crusaders-to-be. He shuddered…….






Nothing is more despicable than a professional talker who uses his words as a quack uses his remedies.
Francois Fenelon

Nothing is more despicable than respect based on fear.
Albert Camus




………and that is what we want to do.

Do we need a permit?


Aussie lawmakers are with us….HERE


A disgustged commentator wrote:

Whilst Malaysia exports brains to Australia to contribute to development and improve Australia it imports trash and nuclear waste to degrade and destroy our rakyat and homeland. What a deal!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


* Yesterday I informed my FB friends that I was realiably informed that my blog is amongst the top 10 that is daily monitored by MCMC. Is this good or bad? I have no worries because nothing encapsulates better and best summarises what my blog is all about:


Anonymous said...

* My dear PM, DPM, MPs and Ibrahim, the royal crest that you wear bears the word "unity is strength" "Bersekutu Bertambah Mutu" please be a loyal Malaysian, we need the strength to build back Malaysia. If others can do a better job, please go.......otherwise fight for support fairly for a better Malaysia.

May 18, 2011 10:04 AM

Benny Loh did this cartoon.

So, is this good or bad? Both ways I am not worried. I only worry over Molee’s and Danny’s wellbeing. They are my immediate neighbor. HERE