Saturday, May 14, 2011


Received this email with this message:

Dear Uncle Z,

I understand that Chua Jui Meng is still in your Fart Chamber and that a new Radioactive Detox Chamber is under construction. In the meantime I am sending my contribution, my flatus. I am freeze-drying future lots for Kamalnathan. . He is undoubtedly a smalltime poppycock parrot. Come lah Kamal, come to Kuantan and say this to our face. You dare?

Hulu Selangor MP P. Kamalanathan who holds no official post in the federal administration added that the controversial plant LYNAS in Gebeng, Kuantan would create “hundreds and thousands of employment opportunities and as far as investment is concerned, we are looking easily into RM2 billion.”

Kamal should read the comments after this clip. CLICK YOUTUBE.




wandererAus said...

"a smalltime poppycock parrot"...haha! How not to shout,it is time to show his importance (if any), singing UMNO/BN bastards favorite song, "How about me?"

Anonymous said...

Zorro has a very poor judgement. Chua JM is still better than bigdog but zorro thinks otherwise. Funny right zorro?

Anonymous said...

this thamby will play his slavery role for UMNO goons to the T.

Anonymous said...


looks like yoru grey matter is located in your hide.
approvals first and then investigation? typical UMNO idiocy.
which investor wants to put their money and then later be told that earlier approval is nullified?
and when why give the aussies 12 years ta holiday when nobody including their home country wants this toic investment? the Ministry responsible for this sell-out, if he is in China, will be shot. sheer stupidity or is there more than meets the eye?

mauriyaII said...

This is another clueless MANDORE talking through his arsehole. These are the very MIC idiots who have been apple polishing the UMNO warlords for their crumbs from the UMNO gravy train.

These scumbags do not mind selling their souls to their political masters as shown by the egoistic Semi Value who has been bragging that he has been doing a lot for the Indians. What he did was amass wealth locally and in India and to ensure that his stupid, good for nothing has a political future.

He even played into the hands of the UMNO warlords and agreed to sell off the shares of Maica holdings at below par value when the very same was offered a better price by AK.

Kamalanathan and his ilk should be booted out at the 13th GE. Did these snivelling mongrels do anything concrete about the racist book, INTERLOK? They could not even persuade (BEG) the stupid DPM to withdraw that book as a standard textbook. These perennial beggar mandores do not have any skills as leaders other than to fill their begging bowls to the brim with the crumbs thrown at them whenever the UMNO goons see it fit.

It is high time these arrogant, corrupted traitors of race and religion are shown the exit without any compunction.

Fart chambers are not enough for these morons. Wish there was a filthy and toxic chamber to make them see what rare earth industries can do to them and make them realize MONEY is not everything before they die a slow and painful death.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Zorro,
I am a Kuantanite and I couldn't help crying after watching the video clip. My beloved town and the people are going to be destroyed all in the name of $$$$$$. Our beautiful beach, our fishing and tourism industries, everything will be affected and ultimately destroyed. I pray Uncle Zorro will continue to highlight our plight and save our town and its people. I know many will be detained under ISA sooner or later so that the people will be subdued.

zorro said...

Anon218pm. Even of some of us would be threatened with ISA it is a still a SMALL sacrifice that we have to make to save the people of Kuantan. We have to be strong to make this sacrifice.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Uncle Z, I wish more people were like you and other activists. I pray we'll get divine help so that our town can be saved. Come GE13, I hope people won't be bought with a few crumbly notes or some new tv.
Anon 2.18pm

new fart said...

I am an expat Aussie....believe me guys, the Aussie government don't want this in our own backyard, and where better to dump it but corrupted country with third world mentality like Canland. Most of the big corporations here, especially the resources companies, are big bad wolves who will not hesitate to bully and bribe their ways to deals. They even have the power to threaten the government into backing down on imposing more taxes on minerals exports. I think this cause should be taken up with international human rights organizations like Amnesty International, highlight the grave nature of the issue.

Anonymous said...

Please do not be disillusioned by the fart from Big Dog.

telur dua said...

A two-bit politician, on the instruction of his political masters, putting in his two sen's worth. Yes, only two sen.

If he is worth anything more he should move there to stay after the plant starts.


Anonymous said...

Truely a BN MP, to the core, he substitute his brain with cowdung..... he don't even know how to hide his ignorance stupidity...

Anonymous said...

This pariah padikuuty is talking nonsense! Not even prepared for the interview with facts and figure! I suggest Camelnutan should relocate himself to gather with the CM and the peria padikutty PeeM to Kambeng! Yeah I say Kambeng because all those agree with the Lie-nas plant are like sheeps! If anyone of these nutties say Baa Baa, some of the population will do the same!
To the people of Gabeng, your "beloved"PM and the "hand language" CM have all play you out. They have no intention to back out because they have already taken the "commission" by Lie-nas.
Lie-nas is here to stay thanks to voters of B*** N***s!

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

Hello tambi kama, if "your" govt is so responsible does Mr.Hew deserves the ISA for 2 months?
Kama you and your prime minister must apologize to the folks of Bukit merah first.
Bukit Merah issue is not done and finish .It is still going on.
"People First" but none of the residents are consulted.
Direct employment is less than 400 and possibly majority will be foreign workers .
Kama , you a good spinner lah.
Kama, the Agung's RCI recommends the IPCMC but does your govt gives a fcuk?
Zorro, may i use the Pandi Kutty word to Kama in here?

mauriyaII said...

Pandikutty is an apt word for these little pandees because the father of all these pandikuttys is still in denial mode and clueless as to the sentiments and aspirations of the rakyat. The talk about 'people first' is all bullshit. To the UMNOputras and their cronies in BN it is always been Money First.

The prices of every commodity, especially fuel has been increasing all the time. The Barang Naik government might be under the impression that a few sen increase would not be felt by the rakyat. What these morons do not understand is that when fuel price goes up all services (even essential ones such as transport) and goods go up. Once the prices go up they do not come down.Has the 'People First' BN government done anything to alleviate the sufferings of the rakyat? Has the BN, especially the PM cum Finance Minister done deemed it fit to increase the wages of rakyat and the pension of the glorified 'warga emas' to help them out during these trying times? It is a BIG NO. He is still in his syiok sendiri mode.

While the rakyat are suffering we have pandikuttys like Kamalanathan and his associate mandores in MIC sucking up to their political bigwig pandees..

Just because these pandees are cluelsess and ignorant as to what is happening to the poor in the country, it does not mean everyone is as myopic and retarded as them.

People are better informed with the help of the alternate media as to what is happening in the country. The Barisan Neraka government can muzzle the MSM and their own media into spinning what is favourable to them BUT WHO BELIEVES THEM ANYMORE?

What this government has been doing since the time of the evil Mamakthir Mohamad Kutty is staging one sodomy sandiwara after another. It is so obsessed with SEX that it is bankrupt of ideas as to bring down DSAI.

What is ironic is the help rendered by the PDRM, Judiciary and MACC in these idiotic sandiwara. These institutions seem to have forgotten that they are duty bound to help the rakyat and not the arrogant and corrupted politicians.

Worse still is the absence of any officer with integrity, morals and righteous upbringing to put an end to the ongoing rot in the government.

Anonymous said...


you dont even have the freaking facts. thousands of jobs? dei,its only 300 or so. in any event, you want the toxic job? how about building a plant near your home? UMNO tells you to shit, you shit. UMNO asks you to die, will you thamby? another spineless thamby.

Anonymous said...

Ibrahim Ali said that he is willing to wage a crusade against the Christians.

Wow! I will pay ringside seat to see this. Ibrahim Ali leading him army holy warriors against the combined might of the US, UK, and EU. All of which are Christian majority nations.

Maybe Ibrahim will start small first and declare war against the Philippines

Lynn said...

Does anyone believe our BN YB after viewing the video? Did you note how many times he mentioned our Prime Minister and the phrase, I think, I believe? The bugger does not even know for heaven's sake and he wants to defend the Lynas project! And he actually said, better than never so many times! so the international panel was set up AFTER the public outrage, not because Kamalanthan's People First government thought it should be done before approval was given? Did you hear that the construction is 70% completed? Do you think the international panel, chosen by our 'People Last' Government, paid by them allow this international panel to submit that the project is not safe? What a joke! Makes me want to puke!

Anonymous said...

such nice words "pariah,pandi,etc",can you call yourself educated,commenters? zorro,you used to be a teacher. and using the word "thamby" to address ,so much for being malaysian.

Anonymous said...

Interview at the end of Aljazeera
programme on "Toxic Profits?":

YB Fuziah Salleh: facts and figures
YB Kamalanathan: meaningless, empty rhetoric

Phua Kai Lit

Anonymous said...

Christians in Malaysia are but a small, powerless minority. This makes Ibrahim Ali more like a bully rather than a crusader.
It is people like Ibrahim Ali who makes Islam looks like a weak religion which bullies and oppresses other minority religions. I am sure Islam is fair, just and compassionate to all people, unlike what Ibrahim is making it out to be.

Ibrahim is an intolerable Taliban in modern clothing, nothing more. In order to save his fading political career, he has to use Islam for his political agenda even if it meant sullying the image of Islam.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous 12:07 pm

Ibrahim Ali is nothing but a loud mouthed Malaysian fascist/Nazi and probably a fool too. The truly dangerous types are the ones who are sponsoring and egging him on.

Phua Kai Lit

Anonymous said...

Anon 4.43 what wrong with the "labels" we award to all these people.These are some (not all) people that started all name throwing like "pariah" "keling" "mamak" " cina kui" etc etc
By the pig is an intelligent animal; don;t believe go and get a video about Babe.
So when we use peria pandi or pandi kutty it means that person is a smart (greedy) pig because he knows how to hog!

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

Pardon me as i am not educated as you . ( as commented by an unknown anon )
But i've seen and heard words like " balik Cina" , " balik India" , " bodoh ", " pariah " , "kayu" and all sorts inside the Parliament of Malaysia and also inside govt depts.
Is PandiKutty sounds that offensive?
Can't be more offensive than the jihad by ibrahim ali right?

Anonymous said...

I have adopted what Patrick Teoh does these days after finished reading hilarious statement made by Malaysia Ministers with comparable quality… NIAMAH!!!

You just can’t help laughing out real loud reading what they say.

It is as if they are not breathing in what we are breathing in; as if not stepping on the same piece of earth as we are stepping on; as if they are living in a different dimension as we do…

I can’t wait for the next GE, really can’t wait…