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PM Najib.

Can’t be.

The man’s is in hock to Rosmah.

Dr Mahathir.

Well, someone in cahoots with that multiple discard, from Umno, from Pas from Semangat 46– Ibrahim Ali – cannot be as powerful as made out to seem.

Could it be the Tok Guru?

Well, he’s spiritually formidable no doubt. But we are talking here about the temporal world, the here and now.

Ku Li?

The de Gaulle in waiting?

Anwar Ibrahim.

Well, he’s a man of destiny.

And you know this thing called destiny – you can’t say how much is due to personal magnetism/charisma and how much due to historical circumstance.

There is a more powerful man than the ones mentioned above.

He’s in PKR and he’s really powerful.

How so?

Well, the man can bend things decided by the party’s highest policy making body that he doesn’t like to come round to his wishes.

That man is truly powerful.

And you know what?

This man will destroy the man of the moment’s chances of getting an opportunity to make the reforms the country so desperately needs.


We have to be lucky in the leaders we get.

Yah people, go relish what is left of the Merdeka Tengku Abdul Rahman bequeathed to us.

Monday, August 30, 2010


THIS name rang a bell immediately. HE/SHE for sometime, until I barred him/her, had been plying her "wares" in my Facebook.



HANTU and I were watching the Yonex WBF badminton beamed live from Paris, after I buka puasa with him at Soul Out. He was not interested in the other finals as he predicted that China would sweep all. He entertained a faint hope that our Tan-Koo stood a chance. So until then we traded happenings in between splashes of a Taiwanese single malt from his hip flask. He just wanted me to try it but insisted that I make no comments about his latest find. As such I held my tongue but it was actually smooth with deep oak tones, easy on the palate and likewise pleasurable with an H Upmann Magnum 46 he threw at me after the first sip. Just as the doubles-finals was to get underway he said: “Kassim of MACC is doing the right thing, using little life baits.” Earlier he had reprimanded me for being too harsh on Kassim and his netting small fries.

“Maybe” I said and his index finger on his lips meant that he was going to give a running commentary of the match. I will not comment on the side glances invited during his commentary.

I made a mental note to find out about the value of live baits. Over brunch I met up with some anglers in SS3.

KUALA LUMPUR: The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) is investigating three politicians, including two PKR Selan­gor state assemblymen for alleged involvement in illegal sand mining activities in the state.

It is learnt that the three are among more than 40 people, including 28 enforcement officers, who are being investigated.

My angler friends insisted that RIGGING live baits are important first steps:

Bridle rig using cable ties is an extremely effective method of rigging a live fish.


Rigging live bait with ganged hooks can prove very effective when targeting fast moving pelagics.


Live bait bridle rig is extremely popular in game fishing circles especially for ballooning, working through berley or slow trolling.


The live bait dorsal fin rig is best used when the live bait is to be suspended such as working under a balloon or in light current situations.


The live bait nose rig is best used when the live bait is to be trolled or worked in stronger currents. It's also a good method of attaching a smaller fish that might struggle with a larger hook in the dorsal fin or tail area.


Live fish with stinger rig is excellent when weed or coral around. Also great on large live baits.


The live bait via tail rig is best used when the live bait is to be worked with a weight or in deep water.

I just hope Kassim can see the parallels (in bold red) when using live baits in his endeavor. But my angler friends gave this parting shot:

Live baits are the ultimate in fishing baits. However live baits poorly rigged, will not only die before the BIG fish finds it, but also decrease the chances of enticing the fish to eat it. Don't spend hours catching live bait simply to drown them.

‘Nuf said yah?


big fish pics courtesy of TVSmith


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You have heard many things about politics and are probably bored by now:


it is the art of the possible,

the refuge of the insincere,

a most honorable adventure,

a dirty business,

frog farming,

………ad infinitum……..

ad nauseum

What’s left out from the above is that it is the art of compromise, of coming round from your position about halfway and meeting the other side so that you can achieve a modus vivendi - a temporary arrangement between contending parties.

That’s what is called for in the case of the Sabah PKR 12 who have been marked for expulsion. They were supposed to be off the hook for registering a party because of a peace pact last December. But details of the pact were not written in stone.

Now that has become the subject of a dispute that could rip Sabah PKR apart. Not just that. The party’s chances would be affected in the upcoming Sarawak state elections.

The stakes are high. PKR cannot afford a Borneo meltdown now. Also, if you think that by suspending and booting out the 12, there will not be another 12 to take their stead. Just you watch.

Unless you are in the business to promote

SERIAL factionalism.

Do we want that?

Compromise, it’s better than you think.

Compromise, it’s less difficult than you know.

DANG PAKATAN, I thought we are in this to WIN. Why go into the race if you do not want to win. Being second in a race means that you are the first amongst LOSERS!


YES, this would probably the first and last time I will SAY YES TO ISA. My friend ISA BAKAR passed on yesterday in Penang.

The last time I met up with Isa Bakar was during a ceremah during the Permatang Pauh by-election. He always greeted me in impeccable Hokkien, knowing my deficiency in that dialect.Truth be told Isa taught me a few choice expressions in Hokkien that stood me in good stead here in KL. I knew Isa from the early 70's when he represented Malaysia. When you hear laughter from the 6th floor of the old FAM HOUSE in the former Jalan Birch where the National Players were bunked in just double decker dormitory, you know that Ali Bakar is needling Spiderman Arumugam or vice versa. THOSE WERE THE DAYS OF THE MALAYSIAN FOOTBALL GREATS HERE..... those days that belonged to Isa, Mokhtar, Chin Nan, Santokh, Aru, Wong Choon Wah, Reduan, James Wong, Hassan Sani, Shukor, Nimat and of course his late brother Ali Bakar. Those days are long gone, but the memories of these greats, I will cherish.

To me the measure of a man is how he passed on and when. Isa’s demise was fast and in the holy month of Ramadan. ISA, now that you are with Tuhan Allah, shoot a few goals for us Anak Bangsa Malaysia.


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Friday, August 27, 2010




Parents say sorry over surau vandalism

SEREMBAN: The parents of four teenagers detained for allegedly vandalising a surau in Taman Pulai Impian near here have apologised to its committee and Muslims over their children’s actions.

In a special meeting organised by the Negri Sembilan MCA at the surau yesterday, the parents of the youngsters, aged between 16 and 18, issued personal apologies to the committee members. They also expressed their regret to Muslims and everyone who were offended by their children’s actions.

They said their children’s behaviour was a result of ignorance and that they didn’t mean to incite racial sentiments.

To me, this is a load of BS.....16-18 years old ignorant of the fragility of race relations....if they did not mean to incite racial sentiments, why use beer bottles.....these are all PREMEDITATED and planned to the T....and all these in this Ramadan month! Its unforgivable.

I congratulate the Police for apprehending these culprits.

Trader Cheng Kok Foo, 38, was hopeful that the Muslim community would forgive the youngsters for their irresponsible act.

Thank God good sense prevailed for now......for now.

“It is wrong to defile a place of worship and I am so sorry that the children acted without thinking,” he said.

How sure you are that they "acted without thinking"? If these 16-18 years old acted without thinking, the parents are wanting!

His sentiments were echoed by carpenter Wong Seow Wai, 43, who was shocked when the police showed up at his home to arrest his son.

“We had no idea that our son and his friends were involved. I hope the children will be released early and given a second chance,” he said.

Released early? They should be remanded until we know who is the leader, how they planned the desecration of the place of worship, were others involved, the whole works!

Housewife Leong Foong Kuen, 53, said she hoped that the committee would forgive her 18-year-old son for his immature behaviour.

Mechanic Loh Teck Ai, 53, the father of the youngest suspect, said he was saddened by the children’s actions.

“I hope the Muslim community will find it in their hearts to forgive them,” he said.

Forgiving is easy, but forgetting is hard, believe me.

Full of regret: Parents of the four teenagers Wong (left), Cheng (second from left), Loh (second from right) and Leong (right) tendering their apologies to Mohd Hasbi (fourth from left) while Dr Yeow (third from left) looks on. — Bernama

These four cannot be let off just because their parents said sorry and the muslim community thru En Mohd Hasbi are forgiving. The full force of the law must be used as a deterrent. If whipping is enforced, well and good. If detention is part of the punitive process, better still. If it comes to none of the above, they should do community service for a year......keep the surau clean.....their punishment must be equated with the gravity of their blatant misdemeanor. As for the parents, a fine should be imposed. Their actions and those of the children after this must prove that they regret their irresponsible tryst. No kid gloves please.....we can't afford these insanity to fester.


OVER the past week or so, there have been some developments in our country which are more disturbing than usual.

In particular, the two cases of alleged racist remarks by school heads; the accusations that Penang mosques have replaced the Yang di-Pertuan Agong with the Chief Minister’s name in their prayers; and the continued insistence that Article 153 of the Constitution is equal to an inalienable right that could not be questioned.

These events are interrelated and it seems to me that they indicate that there is a battle of ideology going on in the country now.

On one side is the idea that a person’s ethnicity and religion entitles him to be treated better than anyone else who is different. On the other side is the idea that equality is an aspiration that is both noble and necessary for nation building.

It is strange that in the 21st century we are still having to face the problem of institutionalised racism.

Is it any wonder then that a crazy accusation against a Chief Minister whose government has given twice as much money to the Islamic bodies in the state than the previous administration, can give rise to the belief that he is a threat to the faith?



Azmi......just be prepared for some smart-alec student, yah:

A young Law student, having failed his Law exam, goes up to his crusty old professor, who is renowned for his razor-sharp legal mind.

Student: "Sir, do you really understand everything about this subject?"

Professor: "Actually, I probably do. Otherwise I wouldn't be a professor, would I?"

Student: "OK. So I’d like to ask you a question. If you can give me the correct answer, I will accept my marks as it is. If you can't give me the correct answer, however, you'll have to give me an "A".

Professor: "Hmmmm, alright. So what’s the question?"

Student: "What is legal but not logical, logical but not legal, and neither logical nor legal? "

The professor wracks his famous brain, but just can't crack the answer. Finally he gives up and changes the student's failing mark into an "A" as agreed, and the student goes away, very pleased.

The professor continues to wrack his brain over the question all afternoon, but still can’t get the answer. So finally he calls in a group of his brightest students and tells them he has a really, really tough question to answer: "What is legal but not logical, logical but not legal, and neither logical nor legal? "

To the professor's surprise (and embarrassment), all the students immediately raise their hands.

"All right" says the professor and asks his favourite student to answer

"It's quite easy, sir" says the student "You see, you are 75 years old and married to a 30 year old woman, which is legal, but not logical. Your wife has a 22 year old lover, which is logical, but not legal. And your wife's lover failed his exam but you've just given him an "A", which is neither legal, nor logical."

Thursday, August 26, 2010


“Without the power to prosecute, only the attorney-general (AG) can give consent to charge someone. Maybe this has to be (re-examined).” Shafee Yahaya, former ACA Director General.

malaysians meantime hold their breath

Wednesday, August 25, 2010



By FMT Staff

KUALA LUMPUR: PKR supreme council member Zaid Ibrahim has diagnosed Dr Mahathir Mohamad with a psychological disorder, which has rendered his mind "convoluted and confused".

And a tell-tale symptom of this condition, according to him, is the former premier's "obnoxious and extraordinarily stupid" statement.

Commenting on Mahathir's latest blog posting on meritocracy, Zaid also took a swipe at the latter's Indian roots, by describing himself as "not just a Malay by constitutional definition, but by heritage (as well)."

In his posting, the former premier had labelled those who pushed for meritocracy as being just as racist as those who defended Malay rights.

Mahathir added that some Malays, “perhaps due to mistaken pride”, supported meritocracy and undermined the Malay position further.

However, Zaid disagreed.

“Many Malays want meritocracy for very good reasons. They want their applications for contracts and projects to be given fair consideration by the authorities. They do not want only those who are politically connected to have the upper hand. They want a level playing field.

“They believe that they can succeed on merit if only they get a fair chance. They want to succeed with their pride intact; and at the same time they want to tell their children that Malays who work hard and with the right attitude can succeed., like everybody else,” he said.

Zaid said many Malays wanted meritocracy so that they could get their dues like promotion and higher positions by working hard.

“They want to be judged fairly and not lose their position or seniority because some one else has the right political cable. They want a promotion system that is transparent and free of interference.

“They want to say that they have succeeded because they did it the hard way. Why does Mahathir have to belittle these Malays? Why must the Malays be scrapped off their self-respect just to prove that Umno is responsible for everything in this country?” he added.

'This is not misplaced pride'

Zaid, a former Umno leader himself, said he failed to understand why Malays who supported meritocracy were described as having misplaced pride.

On the contrary, the former law minister said, it was these Malays who carried the flagship of a proud people.

“We know our strengths and we have no shame of our limitations. But we will always strive to better ourselves. If by open competition and transparent policies the net effect is that some Malays still need extra help and support, then of course a responsible government will have to step in; to provide the incentives and the safety net to bridge the gap.

“But let us start with the notion that we must earn our success like everyone else. And the let the best amongst us prosper. We do not need to be instant millionaires. We can take our time so long as we work hard. All we want is the best education for the Malays,” he added.

Zaid said that his comments were aimed at reminding Mahathir of how wrong he was, and not because he had misplaced pride.

“Misplaced pride for a Malay is when he gets to be a minister because his father fixes it; or he has a few hundred millions in his coffers because he has the right Chinese partner to enrich him,” he added.


Either MACC is one dumb outfit run by misfits or like a dog it is on a very tight leash absurdly incapable and impotent to perform their duty of state. In their kennel, already their alpha prosecutors have become the butt of international jokes like as though they have to strive so hard to get a license to be imbeciles. For the moment let’s leave Kevin and Razak to lick their sores.

I made a misjudgment when Kassim took over MACC. I said that he had a pleasant face and might do only the right thing. I began to think that I was right when he said that he would resign if he was found wanting. How wrong I was. But I was giving the man a chance …….and he is still deliberating over those OPPORTUNITIES. As such I believe, at this stage, if his conscience could be surgically removed, it would be a minor operation.

Why? He is now pussyfooting with some Chamber of Commerce instead of going after the sharks. From the Star:

PUTRAJAYA: The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) has planned to work closely with several chambers of commerce as part of its effort to reduce graft.

Its recent anti-corruption campaign saw 240 people arrested, many of whom were businessmen and factory owners.

The exercise was not only meant to arrest bribers, but also to create public awareness that offering bribes is equally a serious criminal offence (as taking bribes).

To effectively fight corruption, the Commission said it is important for the public not to offer bribes as those caught will face a fine and imprisonment.

240 ikan bilis, yah?

An ex-minister launderd millions and one Tahir was prepared to be sued if the allegations were false, but warned, “I have all the evidence.”

Kapar MP S Manikavasagam, urged the authorities to take action, adding that the evidence would be submitted to MACC this Thursday.

Despite numerous attempts, Mohd Zin, now the Sepang MP, could not be reached for comment. Previously, he had denied any wrongdoing.

How now Kassim…..all on the platter, as always, for you. Mohd Zin first then Toyo?

Already prepared and simplified for you is the MAS case HERE.

And just in case this has conveniently escaped your memory I refer you pusillanimous bunch to this:

On the 16th May 2010, the Chairman of the MACC Advisory Board, Tun Abdul Hamid Mohamad had advertisments in most newspapers potraying that the MACC will take action on all reports made to them. The advertisement read :-

" No One Is Exempted, No One Is Special"

"To citizens of Malaysia, regardless of leaders or followers, the government or oppostion, politicians or their followers, officers or businessmen, writers or readers. I urge you, if we are sincere in fighting corruption ; the first step is to hinder ourselves from corrupt acts. It is simple. STOP GIVING AND STOP ACCEPTING. No one is excepted and no one is special. As long as there are people who believe that they can be exempted, then we will never win in the fight against corruption."

"Remember ! No Givers, No Receivers."

Can I take a few seconds off to have a good guffaw?

An additional budget of RM324,114,492.00 has been allocated for 2010.Already the MACC has spent RM156,845,500.00 of our tax payers money to prosecute the innocent like Lawyer Rosli Dahlan. Ling is not a big fish…..a big bait maybe.

MACC probably knows little about angling, so just cast the fucking fishing net and we will gut those sharks.

If you bunch can’t net them then you are nothing but odiferous octopus ooze!


and do heed the advise of your former Director General

“For those who are prone to corruption, he (Abu Kassim) will have to combat this within his own ranks. He has to remember to work without fear or favour because, in the end, he is only answerable to his creator.”

story HERE

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


uppercaise was attacked by three of four young men on motorcyles late last night while walking back alone after watching televised football at the nearby mamak shop.

uppercaise set upon by three men


"This is the photo of a man worse than a swine in the country as he continues his attack on the race that had rejected him because he is a hypocrite that claimed himself to be more islamic than the Malays to be accepted as a dog to the UMNO bastards. A traitor to his family and country because he just wanna earn money by attacking the Pakatan (Rakyat)! He is an asshole but not a son of bitch because his mum is really innocent but he is a animal with no value! This is the 1st and last time I will write on this useless scum in Malaysia."

MarGeeMar Stands Behind You Sister Helen Ang


“If it is true that the minister is a patriot, why then is he not supporting the MACC (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission) probe on the commission paid to Perimekar Sdn Bhd for the purchase of the Scorpene submarines as stated by the Dewan Rakyat speaker on July 2.

“Is it not the trait of a true traitor who uses public coffers to pay the high costs for the submarine to the government’s ‘golden boy’ (Abdul Razak Baginda) consulting company and to purchase equipment or the multiplied cost of projects to fill the pockets of the ‘chosen ones'?” she asked.

I am no traitor, Nurul tells the 'patriot'


I am worried. This is not an isolated incident. The situation is actually a tip of an iceberg. In my years of being a parent, I have met many racist teachers and headmasters. Many speak and do things quietly in the racialist manner. Others are as brazen as the school HM in Kulai. My sister for example was a teacher in a Chinese School in Perak.

Within us there are insane people. These are people who lives under coconut shell and failed to see the big picture. The story of a Headmistress in Kulai Johor which was highlighted in Malaysia Today is one such case. This case nicely illustrated the danger of having teachers to enter politics. I expect some people may argue that this is still a police case and it has not been proven. Therefore its validity is in question. When you have over a dozen police reports coming with similar statements then it cannot be a speculation or a fiction.

Political HM – where are we heading?


Prime Minister Najib may have championed his 1Malaysia message, but it is obvious that either his message is not filtering down to the population or that the extremist groups are more effective in creating disharmony.

Wasn’t it a few days ago that DPM Muhyiddin Yassin warned the MCA to “be sensitive to the needs of other races in the country”? However, he forgot to inform his own people – the Malays - to do the same. Didn't he say, “In Barisan, we always take a similar stand on issues affecting all races.”?

Perhaps, Malays do not listen to their leaders any more. Maybe the extremists have successfully turned insecure Malays like this school-principal into arrogant creatures.

A noble profession is disgraced

Monday, August 23, 2010


THIS morning I was in no mood for frivolities. Manchester United was simply slushy!.....and I know that my friend Lawrence was in no mood to say anything pleasant....so I did not ask. I opened my mail and did not like what I read. "Why no posting yesterday?" asked my Hantu III from Penang. I snapped back a reply, "None of your business as I have not had anything from you since May!" Within 10 minutes he alerted that he had just posted a peace offering. Here it is:


THE SATURDAY PROFILE; On Death's Trail, a Detective Larger Than Life


BANGKOK— THE mild-mannered bank manager poked his head into the doorway, then quickly pulled it back. His wife was at work, and he did not want to look. He has never looked. He is afraid of corpses.

If the body on the stainless steel table inside had somehow awakened for a moment, it might have jumped, too, with shock.

Bending over it, with hungry fascination, was a woman whose head was covered with dark red spikes, whose lips were the color of dried blood, whose gloved fingernails, as she prepared to slice the body open, were encrusted with spangles.

Or perhaps the body would have said, as a dying accident victim once did, ''Oh, hello, Dr. Death.''

Once someone has seen Dr. Pornthip Rojanasunand, 47, the country's most famous pathologist, on television or on the cover of one of her best-selling books, it is impossible to forget her. She may be the strangest looking woman in Thailand.

Outlandish outfits. Platform shoes. Hair that seems to say, ''Surprise!'' in orange, rust, scarlet, mauve, chestnut. And, most unnerving, an absolutely straight face.

But Dr. Pornthip has earned her nickname not only through her flamboyance -- and this is not a nation of flamboyant people -- but also through her professional innovations and her straight talk about crime and social issues.

Almost single-handedly she has expanded the nearly nonexistent field of forensic pathology, has belatedly introduced DNA testing to Thailand and has brought some order to the procedures of her calling, detective work on the dead.

In a country where power and status are something like a business-class ticket that offers special perks and comforts, Dr. Pornthip's candor about high-profile crimes has made her a real nuisance to the police and to those they protect.

It may seem surprising to find a pathologist on the front lines of social change, but Dr. Pornthip, in calling a bullet wound a bullet wound, is a leading voice in the struggle to replace the rule of privilege with the rule of law.

''The chief of police hates me,'' she said, ''because the police use a double standard and for me, everyone is equal. An unidentified body is the same as a powerful man to me.''

When the police quickly announced two years ago that the death of a member of Parliament had been a suicide, Dr. Pornthip received death threats when she told the press that photographs of the body made that seem unlikely.

The police revised their report.

When the police claimed in a sensational case last year that they had immediately identified the dismembered remains of the victim through DNA analysis, she pointed out that such tests take much more time. Again the police backed down.

Until her public criticisms brought a change in procedure two years ago, the police alone conducted autopsies on victims of police shootings or people who died in custody.

''How can such a system be allowed to exist?'' she said. ''How can the public be certain that autopsies conducted by the police forensic institute in cases of extrajudicial killings are not modified to help the police?''

Dr. Pornthip is a self-made specialist as well as a self-made celebrity. Much of what she knows about her field she taught herself from books; at the time she began, there were only a half-dozen forensic pathologists in Thailand.

She found, in the tales told by the dead, a way to discomfit the privileged. ''I didn't like powerful people to take advantage of others,'' she said. ''I thought I could do something about that.''

The relatives of one murdered man asked for her help when the police said, unconvincingly, that he had been killed by gangsters. Her autopsy found a bullet that provided evidence implicating the police themselves in the killing.

It is dramas like these that make her four books compulsive reading.

Her tales of her medical detective work, interspersed with how-to hints on dissection and bone-cutting, are told in chapters with irresistible titles like ''My First Corpse,'' ''Death by Tapeworm'' and ''I'm Not Scared of Ghosts, I'm Just Scared of the Smell.''

On the cover of one book she is dressed in vestal white, cradling a skull. On the cover of her latest, titled ''Teaching With Corpses'' and published this year, she appears with her husband and daughter, all three of them in bright red outfits.

Dr. Pornthip is not, although she looks it, a person of the night.

Rather, she is a person of the predawn, when it is always darkest. She arrives most days at Ramathibodi Hospital by 5 a.m., and as the living world still sleeps, she is alone with her cold corpses, slicing, sawing and cracking bones.

From these swollen and discolored bodies she extracts the jewels of her craft, the liver, the heart, the kidney, the last dinner. Sliced and studied under an electron microscope, they reveal their secrets.

Her own secrets, hidden under her gaudy exterior, are harder to dislodge. Her parents, both scientists and teachers, tried, in vain, to steer her toward conformity, insisting that she study medicine rather than architecture.

Pathology attracted her, she said, because of the freedom and detective work involved and the chance to confront official hypocrisy.

Her artistic side found other outlets: drawing, cooking, homemaking, collecting popular music and the creation of her public image: long black dresses, leopard-skin tops, rainbow tunics, just about anything that no one else, not even rebellious kids, is wearing.

But she becomes suddenly colorless when asked the meaning of her visual statement. ''It cheers me up,'' she says, as if she had never given it a thought. Or, ''I think it makes me look younger.''

Special occasions hardly affect her look; perhaps a handful of glitter in her hair. ''I don't like going to parties,'' she said unexpectedly. ''I don't like a lot of people looking at me.''

If this is irony, it is seamless.

Her husband, Wichai, the bank manager, is her straight man, dry and low-key. For the first years of their marriage, he claims, he had no idea his wife worked with cadavers. ''I just thought she looked into a microscope and analyzed things.'' When at last he visited her workplace, he said, ''I ran.''

Their 9-year-old daughter, Nong Ten, seems to have a better idea of what her mother does than Dr. Pornthip's husband did at first. At school she has started drawing pictures of imaginary autopsy rooms and machines for extracting bones from bodies.

It is honorable work, her mother explains.

''I tell her that I have a duty to work with dead bodies to find out the truth about their death,'' Dr. Pornthip said. ''And if we do good, good will come back to us.''

For all her experience with cadavers, Dr. Pornthip does not seem to have given a great deal of thought to the manner of her own death.

She has worked on a man who choked to death on a banana and a snake-handler who was strangled by one of his pets. She has dealt with epidemics of suicide by jumping, hanging or swallowing rat poison.

None of that seems to have inspired her fertile imagination. Like just about everybody else, she said she would prefer to die in her sleep.


Thanks Hantu III,

Here is why I did not blog yesterday....

I had to find back my land-legs.

And who says, Jho Low and Paris Hilton have a monopoly on cruises.

My fellow-cruisers did not allow my posting of pics
to save their mothers-in-law from sure paroxysm of one form or other.
It was a good decision as a cruise-mate could nor remember how he came ashore!