Monday, April 22, 2013


See the mess that is TTDI today.
Of course the Federal Territory Minister has abandoned his duties to strengthen his bid to BULLY Nurul.

It becomes apparent that this same situation would befall the residents of Lembah Pantai, especially upmarket Bangsar should they reject the incumbent Nurul for the UMNO cucumber.

Many have asked Anwar to put Nurul in a safe seat where she does not have to fight against any moneybags. He did give her the choice and her reply is vintage Nurul:

The people of Lembah Pantai ARE my people and I will do battle for them.

This is not born of education.

This is the stuff good leaders are made of – the inherent amazonian pertinacity and propensity to sacrifice oneself, husband and two little kids, to go to battle against all stacked odds where otherwise an assured SEAT can be offered on the golden platter.

She seeks nothing but that the people of Lembah Pantai BELIEVE & TRUST her with their support on May 5.


Sunday, April 21, 2013


Pics courtesy form Lilians FB Wall



Why the right hand there?

But that is not all!
They are also nominated
for the following awards:

“The Couple that should NOT have been”
“Most LIKELY to be co-stars in Tanda Putera II”
“Most UNLIKELY to procreate from this Union”
“TWO Adam Apples”
DISTINGUISHED Extinguished MisMatch”
In a related communiqué the MIC sent this terse document to UMNO and HINDRAF:

"To be unfaithful in guarding, maintaining, or fulfilling: To betray a trust; to disappoint the hopes or expectations of; be disloyal to."


Ibrahim Ali is waiting….in line.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Friday, April 19, 2013


When I announced in my blog that I was attending the HINDRAF protest I received a call from a former student Terence Netto, formerly a journalist for the MSM but now a columnist for Malaysiakini, asking me not to. My reply to him was simply that I want to atone for my then helpless or insufficient responses to the abject poverty my Sentul students had to endure. No my participation in this historic event was not sympathy for, but more empathy with my less fortunate students, their siblings and particularly their parents.

In writing about this event prior to the rally I had my share of “bashing” in the form of an imposter. I was alerted by Susan Loone, who was based in Bangkok then and now back in Penang with Malaysikini. The offending article was carried by a friend-blogger Zianol Abidin of Mahaguru58, who when alerted immediately took off the posting and apologized like a gentleman he is. HERE and HERE.

My friend Commander Thaya, wrote today in Malaysiakini:
Now, Hindraf after accusing the present regime of “ethnic cleansing” and cataloguing decades’ worth of “crimes” against the Indian community asks this same community to give Umno-BN a two-thirds majority. This is a betrayal to everyone who advocated on behalf of Hindraf, but more importantly to the community they claim to represent. The MIC and their cyber goons have claimed that Hindraf belongs to or supports racists’ organisations from India with the goal of eliminating the Malay race. In the real world, Hindraf has not only been harassed by these same goons - I was there when Hindraf marched and know of those MIC cretins, who were egging on the police to shower us with gas - and by the outsourced thugs of Umno. Is Hindraf going to walk hand in hand with them and propagate the lies of Umno? HERE

Two days before Najib signed an MOU with Hindraf, they had already nominated sacked PKR Zulkifli Nordin as their candidate for Shah Alam.  And we thought that Ibrahim Ali was the devil incarnate! Will Shah Alam Indians smell Zul Nordin’s armpits? Or are they waiting for instructions from their new mandores? Or have the Hindraf leaders forgotten THIS?

Waythamoorthy said it was not the group's agenda to seek a change in government but only to seek upliftment of the Indian community.

I am sure the big wigs in Hindraf got more than a bag of rice and cooking oil. Word has it that UMNO even paid for an Australian property owned by one of the Hindraf top cats. I don’t want to believe that my Indian friends’ leaders are going so cheap. I have more Indian and Malay friends than Chinese friends and it is disgusting the self-appointed leaders, so used to being led by the nose-ring to force my Indian friends to give UMNO a two third majority!

You would not get Dr Jeyakumar or Arutchelvan to lead the Indians down that path! No you wouldn’t!
I have only one word to these Hindraf leaders: AMAVAIOLEE.
(I was told that it has something to do about doing that thing to one’s own mother! DAMN!) 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


PSM Decision: Hopeful Prelude to Opposition Avoiding Three Corner Fights 
We, civil society leaders and activists, applaud the Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) decision to use the symbols of other Pakatan Rakyat parties instead of its clenched fist logo in next month’s general election. 
We fully understand that this is a difficult compromise made by a Party that has struggled to get registration for the past 11 years. However it clearly demonstrates PSM’s willingness to listen to, and bow to the aspirations of the Rakyat to avoid three corner fights. It is an act of compromise which reflects a deep political maturity.
 We hope that this is a prelude to a general agreement between all opposition parties not to engage in three corner fights in the coming election.
Such a general agreement will clearly reflect the aspirations of the Rakyat and the sentiments of voters at the grassroots who want a regime change and are concerned that three corner fights involving PR parties and other anti BN parties will result in victory for the BN candidate at the expense of the opposition in their constituency.
We are of the opinion that three or more corner fights will only undermine the opposition’s prospects of capturing power at national level.  We hope that the PSM decision can serve as a basis for electoral agreements within the opposition to ensure that there will be only two party contests against the BN at the state or federal level.  
We note from media reports that PR component parties may land up contesting each other come nomination day. To avoid this unnecessary conflict that goes against the aspirations of the Rakyat we are prepared to establish a Committee of civil society members to act as mediators.
We urge the PR and other opposition parties – as well as all voters - to be especially vigilant of BN tactics in putting up independent candidates – with or without party affiliation.  Such a strategy will be employed with the intention of splitting the opposition vote.  This election ploy has been used by the BN during previous elections and is likely to feature strongly in the coming elections especially in East Malaysia.
Finally, we feel strongly that the voters in the country want a clear choice between the BN and PR in the coming elections. Therefore in the spirit of “Ketuanan Rakyat” espoused by the PR, we intend to use our collective influence and clout – publicly as well as behind the scenes - to ensure that the opposition parties avoid three corner contests at all cost.   
Issued by Group of Concerned Citizens:-
1.       Ahmad Syukri Ab Razab
2.     Al-Jafree Md. Yusop
3.     Anne Ooi
4.    Arthur Toh
5.     Bernard Khoo
6.    Dr.Azmi Sharom
7.     Dr. Lim Teck Ghee
8.     Dr.Kua Kia Soong
9.    Dr.Toh Kin Woon
10.Dave Low
11.    Fuad Rahmat
12.  Haris Ibrahim
13.  Ho Yock Lin
14. Janice Ti
15.  Jayanath Appudurai
16. Kee Thuan Chye


Sunday, April 14, 2013


I WILL NOT VOTE FOR Sivarasa in Subang, my Parliamentary constituent if PKR disturbs with a three cornered fight in Kota Damansar my state constituency. I have nothing against Sivarasa. I voted for him in 2008. It is the posture PKR is taking that I vehemently am opposed to. This is tantamount to BULLYING UMNO-style.

I have campaigned in all 17 by-elections and if there were three cornered contests it was created by BN. It was edifying to see PSM fully support every Pakatan candidate in those by-elections.

What is wrong with the clenched fist logo of PSM. Even the UMNO agency ROS finally approved their logo. The Polish workers union SOLIDARITI had a clenched fist logo and was the main thrust that brought down the communist Polish government which eventually led to the breaking up of Communism in the Soviet Union and East Germany. So don’t play God PKR! Do remember that the rakyat is your boss. I know that it is tough to get rid of the stink you inherited from your former UMNO party. We all have one common enemy and that is UMNO….not PSM, not PAS, not DAP and not even your own PKR in Sarawak! Isn’t this one of the main reasons why the people in Sabah and Sarawak do not like us in Semangung?

By the way, is this how we want to retain Selangor by forcing 3 cornered contests in Semenyih and Kota Damansara?

I am due for a major operation on April 29. I am not sure I will recuperate well enough for 5 May. As such I will see my surgeon to ask for a surgery postponement till after polling day because I want to vote for Dr Nasir Hashim who has been very proactive since elected. That vote FOR him is valuable especially if PKR force a three cornered contest. BUT I WILL NOT VOTE FOR THE PKR Parliamentary candidate! I and many others I am sure will not tolerate ARROGANCE as exhibited HERE. Haven’t you all in PKR forgotten that even UMNO members sabotaged UMNO in 2008 because of their arrogance? Okay, let me say it here. I have been asked by many why I am not a card carrying member of any political party. I always reply that if it became a necessity I would join PSM, because they had people like Dr Nasir, Dr Xavier and Arutchelvan in their ranks. Damn, you PKR pricks have spoiled my Sunday! I hope victory by Manchester United will bring back some cheer. BUT I WILL STILL NOT VOTE FOR SIVARASA IN SUBANG!


Saturday, April 13, 2013


Chinese school teachers will be HERDED bussed into Johore Baru. Moohidin will not allow any mooing about this directive as attendance will be compulsory, HERE.

Are Chinese school teachers so easily COWED? In my time when the Ministry of Education refused to do a salary revision we teachers went on a national country-wide strike. It was worth it even if the late Fan Yew Teng and I spent some three hours in the Campbell Road police lockup until our NUT (National Union of Teachers) legal team got us out. A directive came out from the Selangor Education Department complete with diagram on how students should keep their hair. Thru a letter to Malay Mail I countered the directive by sending a picture of a monkey (back profile) where I pointed out that the even the hairline of a monkey was below the ears and not as depicted by the Department. I was summoned to the Pengarah (a chinaman those days) and reprimanded. From then I kept my hair long. Months later I was called in by my principal, the late much loved and most affable giant of a Welshman Bro Bernard and told to keep my hair short. I went and got the result sheets of the Form Three classes. (I always chose the last class.) I asked him to look at the grades of the top five students in the form 3 classes. “Bro, did you notice that the top three in my class did better than the second and third in the other classes.?” He agreed. So I asked him what has my hair got to do with the performance of my students. We went to the canteen for a drink and I told him that I will TRIM my hair. My girlie barber did a fine job!
Even to my last day as a teacher and discipline teacher I allowed my students and my sportsmen that liberty. 

My football and athletics team (pic) were Petaling District champions despite their locks! Why fuss about hair when they performed beyond expectations? However for those who went overboard I gave free haircuts and was henceforth called Lee Bernard…..then a famous tonsorial artist.
How will the Chinese school teachers respond to this mandatory attendance at the Foong Yew School on 16 April? For sure they will be given goodie bags …..probably with the same contents that the 1 Star Generals and the former Special Branch Officers received. Don’t be surprised each bag will contain a NOSE RING too for good measure.

Friday, April 12, 2013


By threatening to revoke the citizenship of Ambiga Sreevaasan, former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad continues his tirade and insults all Indian Malaysians. Earlier, Mahathir irked Malaysians when he was caught denying his alleged key role for 20 years in the illegal issuing of blue ICs and granting voting rights to illegal immigrants to Sabah.

To divert attention from and to justify his illegal act, he accused first prime minister Tunku Abdul Rahman of giving out citizenship to one million legal residents of Malaya. To Mahathir, Umno makes the law and everybody else should just follow, regardless of how unjust the law could be.  

Historically, one million Chinese and Indians were offered citizenship as a precondition to independence by the Alliance government of Malaya in 1957 to develop this blessed nation and the Chinese and Indian Malaysians sacrificed and slogged with blood and sweat to build the economy of this nation.

Ungrateful Mahathir and his hardline Umno/Perkasa followers have forgotten the contribution of non Malays to this country. Mahathir himself had once said that 90 percent of taxes are paid by non-Malays, especially Chinese. This same Mahathir allegedly once ordered shooting to deter the coming of Vietnamese boat people.

Mahathir allegedly allowed illegals from Pakistan, the Philippines, Indonesian and even Indian Muslims get citizenship overnight. However, about 300,000 Malaysian-born Indians and Chinese are awaiting blue identity cards which Mahathir did not solve during his tenure as premier.  

 Courtesy of Mob1900

In the October 2012 parliament sitting, the MP for Pasir Salak proposed that Ambiga should be hanged for committing treason against the king for organising Bersih 2.0 and Bersih 3.0. Umno leaders just could not accept the fact that Ambiga, an Indian Malaysian lady, could organise such mammoth gatherings that challenged the unjust, anti-national and subversive activities of Umno.

Malaysia will be ruined if BN regains a two-third majority as requested by Mahathir Mohamad.    

All Indians with dignity, pride and honour will never support the political parties that support Mahathir and his apartheid policy. Mahathir could justify and find nothing seditious when Ibrahim Ali urged his supporters to burn the Malay Bible. But he could not accept Ambiga’s appeal for clean and fair election and deems it treacherous.

Impotent and subservient

BN component parties MIC and MCA have become too impotent and subservient to stand up against the like of Mahathir and Umno hardliners’ chronic abuse of power. 

Under Mahathir’s rule, lawyers allegedly fixed cases and cronies were the chosen people to obtain contracts and high positions. Responsible citizens like former auditor-general Ahmad Nordin and Lord President Salleh Abbas were removed for allegedly being a hindrance to Mahathir’s designs. Yet Umno continues to hero worship him.

If Mahathir has any respect for the rule of law, he must retract his statement and apologise to  Ambiga and the nation. Ambiga is a distinguished and honourable citizen who led a public awareness campaign on the urgent need for clean and fair elections, while Mahathir, on the other hand, keeps spewing venom and racially instigating statements to divide the country with race and religion.

Mahathir is the one who should be stripped of his citizenship for betraying all Malaysians by giving citizenship and instant bumiputera status to illegal and unqualified immigrants.

Not one MIC or MCA leader has come out to condemn Mahathir’s urging to strip Ambiga of her citizenship. No sensible, sane, thinking Malaysians will ever support BN in the 13th general election.

COMMENT BY: R Ramakrishnan 

Thursday, April 11, 2013


Despite receiving no reply from caretaker Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak to its invitation, pro-electoral reform group Bersih will go ahead with a planned forum to pit the BN chairperson and his Pakatan Rakyat counterpart and their manifestos against each other.
However, even if Najib decided not to attend and did not send a representative, Ambiga said that they will find a way for someone to deliver the BN manifesto during the forum.
Asked whether it was fair for someone not nominated by the BN to present their manifesto, Ambiga argued that this is the risk that Najib and his party runs if they refuse to take part.
If Bersih wants to be clean and fair about this, look no further for a stand in. 

Why are we so obsessed with the need that Najib must debate Anwar. Haven’t we forgotten to remember that Najib never got the mandate from the people? Haven’t we forgotten to remember that it was the UMNO Supreme Council who shooed him in without a contest to be UMNO president, and ipso facto Prime Minister! Such easy passage. Najib’s ascendency has always been easy-passage. Sympathy for his late father jettisoned him into the Pahang Menteri Besar safe seat. Characteristic yes-man-ship secured him the bland (by then) Education portfolio which was safe as safe can be. He changed sides on the eleventh hour and sided with Mahathir when Ku Li challenged Mahathir for the premiership. The Defence Ministry was safe-harbor (remember our submarines) and a just reward for a turncoat. Haven’t we forgotten to remember that it was Mahathir who whispered loud enough into Badawi’s drowsy ears to appoint Najib as Deputy PM? And surely we cannot forget that Mahathir chooses only those who are pliable plasticinewise.   Musa Hitam and Anwar Ibrahim were not pliable and compliant, you cannot forget to remember!

It would be cruel to force Najib into this forum. He would be doomed if he attempted to articulate his  signature “I help you, you help me” and “Are you ready for BN?”mantra, although he may be able to pay a few motor-cyclists or cabbies to don the trademark “I luv PM” tees. So please do not force Najib for he is just a mere puppet……roll out the red carpet for THE PUPPET MASTER aka Ibrahim Ali’s ventriloquist! HE is ripe for a swan song! 

Give HIM his last hurrah, yah?

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


RAVINDRAN, is Corruption NKRA Director of PERMANDU

Really Ravi boy? Your boss seems to have lost his ten foot floor mop or is Sarawak’s Taib an untouchable?

Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission investigation director Mustafar Ali speaking on the composition and functions of the agency, said it is more independent now and doing a lot to act without fear or favour.

Really Mustafar Ali……naughty MACC still fears and favor Sarawak’s Taib.
Good try Mus, but the award goes to Ravindran.

You help me, I help you

Even the kids learn FAST



Too often THEY zero in when they are looking for scapegoats and the nose rings have helped. One normally gets some form of enlightenment after a long fast but this does not seem to be the case. A moth get annihilated when it flies blindly towards a fire. After half a century f being led by the nose by your  MIC mandores, you still believe that UMNO is the savior of the Indians? You still sit on the same table to get crumbs…..or did you get any. I thought they sent you off by telling you that THEY will decide later…..probably after GE13 if they are still around.  They sent you away with a kilo pack of rice?

How will Najib help you when he can’t or will not address these immediate transgressions! Death in custody victim C Sugumar's body remains in the Serdang Hospital morgue because Umno's Najib barred (pathologist Dr) Pornthip (Rojanasunan) from coming to Malaysia to carry out the second post-mortem. Neither have THEY taken action against (Kulim-Bandar Baru MP) Zulkifli Noordin for insulting the Hindu religion and all Indian Malaysians. These two incidents are current…..stop mooing at the moon Wythaya. Lead well your people without the nose ring!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


This word is anathema especially amongst the Hokkiens in Penang. Blood have been shed in the triads battles along Carnavon Street, See Tiow Lor and Perak Road. Calling another Bangsat is one thing but treating the Hokkiens as bangsats who easily accept money is going too far! It is unforgiveable! As such, the giver is the BIGGEST BANGSAT!  But as it turned up…..some Penangites received such “charity” and “welfare”!

Louis from Penang commented:  We, Penangites are treated like 'bangsats' by this rich bastard. Giving goodies as if we are beggars, with the hope of winning our votes. To those rich and powerful bastard, money can buy everything. Yes, they are used to doing just that. With power or money, even some body's wife can also be snatched away. They are applying this principles to us, Penangites. My question is , are we that 'bangsat'? No. Can those bastards win our votes? No . We have pride.
Even Jho Low is unwilling to say that he donated the cash……because he knows it is bribery cash. What is the English word equavalent? Selling ass for cash?  Remember Patrick Badawi? Remember Tengku Wong? Remember Michael Chia? All “used” Chinese! LANCHEOW BIN, so who is the real BANGSAT. Penangites will give us the answer on Polling Day.

Sunday, April 7, 2013


BN will establish additional SPECIAL COURTSto deal with corruption cases, underscoring its unwavering commitment to fight the scourge……IF THEY WIN.

It is good that BN admits that corruption is pervasive but how can you fight this scourge when offered on a golden platter, MACC cannot find its dentures! Word has it that it is in Najib’s save deposit box in FLOM’s office.

Saturday, April 6, 2013


UTHAYAKUMAR of Human Rights Party will force 3 cornered fights.
That reminds me of the drowning man and the straw!
That says a lot about this loser!
If you lose, you condemn your supporters into the GHETTOS…..and that is not pleasant.

 However if you are determined on this mindless bravado


And do read
what others say

I urge my Indian brothers and sisters to burn copies of this video for

Thursday, April 4, 2013


Of course we knew this
was how
Voting for BN
means you are endorsing
this corrupt practice!
the Election Commission
who are all out to encourage
BN to propagate this
evil corrupt culture.


Wednesday, April 3, 2013


The nursing staff of Menara Timor (UH) 9th floor, already refer to me as either Pak PAS or Uncle PAS.

When the doctors do their rounds and I am not where they expect me to be,  the word that goes around is “he must be campaigning as usual….go get him back here.” Not all the time really……out of boredom I roam the ward and also as a form of exercise….. a bit like multi-tasking.
When my minders told me that my scheduled operation on 8April has been pushed back to 29April I was disappointed as that would mean recuperation time would eat into active campaign time for GE13. Anyway God knows best and I am resigned to do the best I can insha Allah.
But today, my spirits soared to new heights at the news of PAS nominating a Christian and a Hindu HERE as candidates. Indeed PAS UNTUK SEMUA! Good times are a-coming people! Chins up yah!