Wednesday, April 10, 2013



Too often THEY zero in when they are looking for scapegoats and the nose rings have helped. One normally gets some form of enlightenment after a long fast but this does not seem to be the case. A moth get annihilated when it flies blindly towards a fire. After half a century f being led by the nose by your  MIC mandores, you still believe that UMNO is the savior of the Indians? You still sit on the same table to get crumbs…..or did you get any. I thought they sent you off by telling you that THEY will decide later…..probably after GE13 if they are still around.  They sent you away with a kilo pack of rice?

How will Najib help you when he can’t or will not address these immediate transgressions! Death in custody victim C Sugumar's body remains in the Serdang Hospital morgue because Umno's Najib barred (pathologist Dr) Pornthip (Rojanasunan) from coming to Malaysia to carry out the second post-mortem. Neither have THEY taken action against (Kulim-Bandar Baru MP) Zulkifli Noordin for insulting the Hindu religion and all Indian Malaysians. These two incidents are current…..stop mooing at the moon Wythaya. Lead well your people without the nose ring!


Anonymous said...

1. Spot on comment

2. Very,very disappointed with this Hindraf group for swaying so far off from their original cause, started so well and with full of hope
for the Hindu community but now reduced to worth only taking a few photos with the PM for self glorification.

3. To Hindraf...LOOK AT THE BIGGER PICTURE!!! You may get 1 kilo of rice but they are burning the away the padi fields, can't you all in Hindraf see it.

Donplaypuks® said...

My exact sentiments. HINDRAF and Waytha would seem to prefer to be conned by Najib and BUMNO/BN than to do the right and sensible thing. How can they make any deal with the very devil who has been robbing and cheating them blind for well nigh 40 years?

My detailed view is at

we are all of 1 Race, the Human race

Anonymous said...

Let's not go around and hammer our fellow Malaysians regardless of their inclinations. What is more important is not who I vote but what I vote. My vote is precious as I vote for my children, grand children and their children and future generations. What I don't vote for is blatant abuse of power, racism, corruption,cronyism, discrimination, education and other discriminating policies. I repeat that I VOTE FOR MY CHILDREN, GRAND CHILDREN, THEIR CHILDREN AND FUTURE GENERATIONS. Don't want their future to be bankrupted. So I would ask, what do you all vote for? Yourself??? Looks like some of those so called peoples champions are actually voting for themselves.

Anonymous said...

Najib already toast. Lose he is out. Win he gets a kick from Mahathir. So go sign MOU with najib? Or you trying to blackmail Pakatan?

Anonymous said...


Please circulate:

A list of eminent Malaysian academics list financial and debt problems and demand reform from both PR and BN.

Bahasa Melayu version here:

bumi-non-malay said...

Hear hear...Well Said!

Like in Sabah....that Yong stupid was a MB and did squat on his rotation MB...Now Musa MB...way pass the rotation period. How did Sabahans get conned so badly?? PBS another Munafiq Christian Scumbags....

ABU - UBAH - Keluar!!

Anonymous said...


Protect your constituents - support ABU and the proposed Social Inclusion Act.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...


you may have noticed that there is a big spike in commentors in the blogs supporting UMNO / BN and spewing racial stuffs!

So sad if these people are really Malaysians. If they are actually foreigners paid by BN to write these craps, do you think Pakatan can get Interpol to flush them out and extradite them to Malaysia for trial and prison? What these paid foreigners do are no different than mercenaries and terrorists, except they hunt in the cyberworld.

Anonymous said...

People ! People ! Please !
Datuk Seri Wathaya and Datuk Uthaya is only doing what datuk thenidran did ! Its ok ! We understand !
But to condemn the future of indians is a very sinful thing to do by making a deal with the devil, its just too bad.
If every tom ,dick and hairy wants to contest in the elections, how ah like that ?
Every lorong must have an MP lah !
Datuk seri wathya and datuk uthaya, please lah dont pawn the indians so that datin seri gives you a blowjob.