Friday, March 30, 2007


At 1.25pm I received a text message that read: R Shubashini was granted an injunction by the Court of Appeal to stop her estranged husband from proceeding with his Syariah Court actions.

Zorro expresses profound gratitude for this piece of information. There is still hope?


J.T. said...

Living overseas and getting breaking news like this is encouraging. We may still have some hope left, Zorro. I await for more news on this case. Thanks for the update.

Anonymous said...

Kudos to the judges of the Court of Appeal. Kudos to the lawyers, too! Let's keep pushing forward to do the right thing.

LC_Teh said...

I have been following this case with a sinking heart. Until now. I thought all hope is lost when we have judges who lean towards one side when it comes to making such judgments. The intention seems to be ready throw out the social contract that was signed in the blood, sweat and tears of everyone who lived through the years of The Struggle. At least, now there is yet some signs of a light at the end of this bloody tunnel.... Thanks for this update.

shar101 said...

It ain't over until the 'fat lady' sings.

A temporary respite, nonetheless.

Let's hope and pray the song will be sung in it's truest form.