Monday, March 26, 2007


(Illustration courtesy of Mob's Crib)

Part 1: Corruption.

I am not anti-government. I am ANTI some contemptible people placed there by the government.

I especially abhor the Menteri Besars who until today have don't done much to rein in recalcitrants who break the laws of the country to build a mansion, import logs overtly or run a factory without licence! When you do nothing, you condone corruption. When you do this you invariably become impotent and sterile. Have these and other corrupt politicians got their MBs by the you-know-what? It is no more you scratch my back I scratch yours. Our untouchable politicians grab those things down there. They have progressed into more effective bargaining strategies. Goes something like this: You push me I will reveal. Stark-dark treaties. Are there these pacts? Menteri Besars, if you got nothing to hide, make sure these miscreants do not stand for the next General Elections. The PM recently said that all candidates are thoroughly screened. Maybe Pak Lah should do what the US does...confirmation hearings and live on TV. That way we know who the candidates are. Meanwhile we wait with bated breaths.

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mob1900 said...

The 'Dog-Brothers'(medieval name for sinister gangs of hired killers and mercs) conduct their dealings in the dark and secrecy, it is understood why these 'contracts' will be never be revealed(televised) to the peasantry like you and me.

Hence, they are called 'Dog-Brothers' with back-scratching tendencies.