Wednesday, March 7, 2007


Weekending Wednesday there was a plethora of candidates: ACA chief and two Deputy Ministers of Internal Security and Science & Technology. It was big guns week. And the award goes to the DM, Science & Technology Datuk Kong Cho Ha.

In December 2006 he said: "We need to have stricter cyberlaws to prevent the bloggers from disseminating disharmony, chaos, seditious materials and lies" He forgot rumours, defamation etc. Very panjang directives. I cannot help but add....and such a keen sense of premonition. In those olden days they use to call it prophecy because the modern science of extra-sensory perception (ESP) did not evolve yet. He should have kept his thoughts to himself knowing that bloggers are able to read minds too.

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monsterball said...

Strange...such speeches usually are spoken by a totally non corruptable government minister. No one is laughing and taking it seriously. But lets imagine this was spoken by Najib...or even Samy Vellu....trained how to speak like that...I think alot of Malaysians will laugh till get stomach pains and doctors will have a field day curing them.