Sunday, March 18, 2007

What about that seditious bit Addy?


Zorro and this Band of Liars (l-r Kak Teh of Choc-a-Blog (UK) MarinaM of Rantings, Maria the Sniper, and Noraina of Jalan Sudin) are still not satisfied with what you said at the Press Conference. We are smart enough to know that you always try to disarm with your smile and stilted humor, but we are not impressed. Your body-language throughout revealed that you wanted to apologise but cannot muster enough manliness to admit that you lied. In one sweep you absolved yourself by saying that it was Nila who is a liar. Confront her, get into her blog and say what you said. You of all person did not portray the world famous Malaysian Hospitality? Did she want to take pictures of our Mint, our Arsenal, Kamunting, Sg. Rengam, our Refugee Pound. Thankfully only the Star did a piece on your shaninigans. You think that by patronising Rocky, you will go scot-free. Now the big question we want answered. You may love all women, but Malays killing Chinese, Chinese killing Malays and Indians killing all the rest....will this rampant killing include women?
Get Silent Sharizat to help you over this brain-teaser. Meantime we will enjoy our mee-rebus.


Unknown said...

4 pretty ladies all in a row, what a pity almost all of them are liars and unemployed and still got time for mee-rebus. I am sure the mee-rebus joint is where they and Nila plan their lies. Shameful, shameful and dare you talk bad of a dignified man of royal lineage, a true blue blood, a minister at that of such a shameful act. Didn't he say that he LOVES women? Didn't he say that he was misquoted? Why do you still refuse to believe him?

Now go and see him and apologise and bring some napkin along to wipe the drool from his mouth.

I sure die if they come and ganyang me.

zorro said...

KTN I have no more tears to shed for pseudo politicians. I reserve my tears for joyful occasions like when MU lift the Cup.

monsterball said...

Zorro..MU will lift the cup...all planned by bookies!!
Your cheeky.. tongue and twist message with a touch of humour is unmatched by others bloggers.
Will you consider going back to teach english language in University if the government offer you post? Sad they are so blind.
But perhaps ...for a couple of beers will teach a week?
Take care my friiendly neighbours...zorro and spiderman......hahahaha

Unknown said... at that time of interview from too much of interviews..

no way gonna apologise and bring meself down to her am minister of i mean tourism

Unknown said...

Yeah, I think the guy is all bashed up already and the other one already had a sore rectum so lets wait for them to make another slip, which, knowing them, they will, and untill then let us visualise Gary Neville holding the cup up high.

zorro said...

monsterball...for my friends we never talk but without your camphor balls please...and MU games not planned by bookies, predicted yes.

yook hoong...he doesnt drink now like he used to.

Yes, I too would like to see GN lift the cup....but being involved in the game for more than 25 years....anything can happen. But lets keep our cocks crossed, MU will.

Unknown said...

uh, uh, i ain't crossing cocks with you man, bang balls maybe. Being an old school fella, what is the height of agony?

monsterball said...

zorro...some of my friends are bookies and meet at certain place every Mon to settle the bets.
Most bets are planned and very accurate....about 5 minutes before playing horse racings.
They must let MU win...or else next year tough.
But if any miracles from is Lampard!! This guy cannot score at world cup with 52 tries...yet he has a track record to score one out of three tries from his famous long range shootings. He is a vey rich man and bookies love him. more camhpor balls with beer to you....promise.

zorro said...

KTN, those days we say "keep our fingers crossed" now we say that...I wont dare do that with may laugh like that doctor.

Monsterball, u telling me your bookies are so powerful that they fix EPL match....they should be millionaire now...they fix Malaysian Leagues maybe, but you insult EPL. Sorry, but I am getting annoyed now.

Nora aka Anon Fm Miri said...

Band of liars????? Wahleh…… Out of 4 pretty ladies in the pixs, two of them are my virtual friends in the blogosphere. I am proud and honour to be their friends. Rain or shine I will be with them….... same to you too zorro


Unknown said...

oh, oh, monsterball, you're getting someone crossed. Now you don't want a zee on your forehead do you?

Yeah, when United are doing good, the games are fixed, when Liverpool wins, they played well.

Jazzi said...

Came across your blog via screenshots. I must say, you do have a talent for writing with humour, however i sensed in your past few blogs it seems as if you have developed a unquenchable hatred towards this politician based on what he said, and have started making personal attacks on him.

Ever heard of 'address the issue not the person'? I think that's what we all should be doing.

Don't let a person's wrong words tempt us into making personal insults towards him and his manlihood. Funny as it may be (aka the crown jewels joke), it may not reflect well on ourselves as civilised people.

I'm sure even politicians have a good side, which their family and relatives can see in them and love them for it. Rediculing them would mean we make the same mistakes in allowing our thoughts and words hurt others?

=). Keep up the blogging. You do us Malaysians proud.

monsterball said... friend...who fights for villagers and kampongs...who knows next to nothing about fixed games...played by city life people..LEARN:
Fact One: Yes they are ALL multi millionaires.
Fact two: All big international league games have a mimimum US$100 million per game investment by the bookies.
Fact three: Biggest world bookies are from MALAYSIA
Fact four: Kuching Kurap small games...they are not interested.
Fact five: China is turning to be biggest football gamblers...that's why....few Asian footballers are playing in Europe and England.
Fact Six: Before you bet....and like a carsino...the odds are against you.....they having a 30& advantage against betters.
Some more facts...but enough lah.
Do you want to put an "X" on my forehead? Go ahead........I am a born loser anyhow.
But zorro is my friend.....defending me......right?

zorro said...

Jason, advised taken in true spirit it was given. Thanks. Really appreciate this. Yes, it does happen that the fingers on the keyboard move faster than the brain. TQ again.

monsterball said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
monsterball said...

kata tak nak...I am a born loser. Zorro can make as many "z" he wants on my body.
No gain....hahahahaha

Clark Gable of Pulau Duyong said...

Dear Zorro,
Aren't They Beautiful ?
Go on blogging sis

Unknown said...

Hey monsterball, in life we win some, we lose some sometimes we lose a lot of times, but as long as we know how to differentiate right from wrong we are not a loser.

On which part do you want the 'Z'?

zewt said...

MU will not lift the cup... but lift the cupS!!!

thanks for those photos.. after visiting my blog so many times, it's good to put a face behind the blogs.

monsterball said...

Any part lah kata tak nak. Why you so happy to see me suffer more?
Seriously...I used to wonder...why so many cruel selfish peole who love to disunite the country are living with so much happinness and if God is on their side....and why the good the hawkers...fishermen....rubber tappers... all need to suffer their whole life to survive and bring their families up.
Worst of all..those who found ill gooten wealth are from this class before and yet change entirely to another person...why change?
I guess the only logical answer is there is no GOD...BUT DEVILS RULING THIS SATANIC WORLD.
So we are the real lucky ones...if you see it in another way..for we can in realistic ways. I WILL NOT GIVE UP ALL THESE FOR BEING RICH WITH ILL-GOTTEN MONEY TO LIVE IN SHAME AND DAMMNED.

Unknown said...


Ah to be rich, the quickest way as possible.
Ah, to be rich no matter whose head you step on.
Ah, to be rich no matter how ill-gotten the riches is.
Ah, to be rich, no matter how many are deprived.

Aaaaaaaaah!!!! Hey! hell is really hot la. I thought they were joking.

monsterball said...

kata tak nak..How can jokers like us are labeled not true Malaysians by idiots....hahahaha
By the way...tell zorro to mark 'Z' anywhere...but my ball..only one left.....have a heart.....or else ......need to be a eunuch...mati mati tak nak.
Tak nak heaven pun..hell better...want to come?

monsterball said...

kata tak nak...Your interpretation of hell is different from mine. Hell is where Rose Chan ...our Malaysian most sexy and famous stip teaser is. Hell is where I can smoke my cigars and zorro is sure to go to hell..if he wants beer.
Hell is where you have a chance to be enlightened again.....since in this lifetime...idiots like me learn so little.
But there is a 'BURNING HELL'!! That's where those who cheats and con others will go.......OR maybe to so call mix along with Ghandhi..Mother Theresa..Jesus..Buddha..and terribly firece and no nonsense become a start life again as an animal or human...the LORDS WILL DECIDE.
So the worsts are Burning hell and in heaven as an amoeba.

Unknown said...

Do you know why these politicians are grabbing as much as they could? They know base on merit, they will be firewood in hell, so if can bribe your way here why not there?

Maybe start another political party there? Must bring SPR people along to help.

monsterball said...

kata tak nak...if you tak nak this and tak nak that..better be tak nak be a liar...tak nak corruptions and tak nak be a hypocrite..and worst..tak nak to diunite name a few.
Nak football...nak makan cheap and nice...nak be a human being with sense of dignity and clear conscience...with no two faces thick skinned LIARS.FACES...okay lah. I am with you all the way.

monsterball said...

kata tak nak..Beauty is but skin deep.It is the character..personality...the eyes...the sincerities..that we meet someone for the first judge if she can be accepted as a friend. But many are being mislead by concluding she is a nice person....this or that?
Then one day...such a person who is not sincere will let her true character out!!Her weak points... will have to come out as whoever that lady be ..she cannot play the game of a hypocrite all the time. Her real character will surely come LIAR or not...all can judge. Zorro is sharp and smart....and brave to expose the gang leader plus three...all ladies!!

monsterball said...

This is a true story kata tak nak..I helped 3 muslims ladies..trained them..teached them and gave financial help...whenever they asked. All became fat and contented..yet after few years working...they can ganged up and just disappear.. to discrupt and boycott ..and started a company to be my compeptitor!!
I always welcome competitions..but was taken aback ..why they are doing this to my company? It all started when my children employed a wrong manageress..who seems to increase all salaries and hpoe to manage from this style. I sacked her{chinese}and that started it. Anyway..I am just pointing my oldern days......the malays are most grateful and mild mannered people in Malaysia. Thy are not timid nor stupid...but since TDM took over for 22 years...a new generation has developed into cunning and ungrateful lot. Worst of all..some very educated malays like those 4...I am sure...can do anyting to you...and must find ways and means to gain their RESPECTS!! These are the little Napoleaness...Pak Lah must be refering to...totally kurang ajah and thick skinned people.

Unknown said...

I believe that a human being is a person. Malays, Chinese, Indians, Orang Putehs, Jews, Arabs, Africans and what have yous. There are good people from all these and there are bad ones who are a disgrace to their people.

To me what is more important is the person, not the race, religion or the colour of his/her skin.

I never see a friend as a Malay, Chinese or Indians. I see them as friends, as human beings, as equals. Who am I to think that I am more superior and therefore I never thought of myself as one and therefore I never ask that I be given more justice or that I am more equal.

I have been fucked up by Malays, Chinese and Indians alike and I have been helped by people of these races too. To me life is too short to think of such a thing.

When I was in school, my friends were of various races including Bengalis and we never, I repeat never saw the other as of another race. We were damned happy. We still keep in touch. When I started college racism reared its ugly head. I was approached by someone to treat someone unfairly because she was of another race. Belive me when I say, I was shocked. Yes I was shocked. What is this guy talking about. Whats wrong with being of another race? I fucked the bugger off and was not very popular with that group of people.

Believe me, I have seen those of other races who are as chauvanistic. I try to understand them. I try to understand why is it that they are that way. Are the Malays such because they feel threatened? Are the non Malays like that because they feel that they are treated unjustly?

I am not an expert in race relations and herd-instincts so Its better to leave that to the experts.

What I want to say is that why can't we live without hurting each other? There is just too much hurt. I want to live and die in peace and I dream of justice. Justice for All

Unknown said...

I forgot to say this, there must be SOLIDARITY and RESTRAIN

monsterball said...

I totally and whole heartedly agree with you...kata tak nak. Must have been fucked up too much by few ultras at kickdefella site...that make me talk like this...but that was a true story.

zorro said...

Monsterball, at 8.52am you said"Worst of all....some educated Malays like those 4...I am sure...can do anything to you and yet you must find ways and means to gain their RESPECT. These are the Napoleaness." If you are refereing to the 4 in the picture that I may have missed the purpose of my posting.Probably, you may have met Marina. She is her father's daughter. She is not Mahatir. You may not adore Mahatir, but you cannot put Marina in the same basket. You may not know Kah Teh, nor Maria, nor cant just call them Napoleaness? You clearly have misinterpreted the titile of my posting. I expect a certain degree of propriety, maturity and responsible blogging in this blog. Lets put aside personal dislike and tackle the issues at hand. Thanks.

monsterball said...

Catching your word to throw in some of my thoughts that maybe out of line......okay..apologise again to blog owner..but I do not regret my thoughts put out in words.
I noted you are not appreciating truths in Sheih's bolg to fight another day? Easier said than done.
Bless you my friend.

Anonymous said...

Kak Teh - well the biggest liar and hypocrite amongst the Londoner scene - behind that smile lies a vicious woman believe me!!