Friday, March 30, 2007


We create a precedent that cannot be avoided this week. Without any scruples the panel awarded this coveted title to the two Court of Appeals Justices. They are so well known that it would be an insult to do a roll-call in print. Suffice to say that because they could not make a decision from the heart, they hijacked the Constitution by dismissing Madame Subashini's appeal. However, in their magnanimity they threw her a crumb from their lofty judgment stools. "You can now seek recourse from the Syariah court." Such generosity and dispensed free!

Datuk Bernard Dompok was chivalrous enough to volunteer: "Some judges had allowed their personal sentiments to cloud their judgment." Star Deputy News Editor sharply reminded us that there are black sheep amongst us, but those who inhabit lefty heights are called mountain goats.

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