Thursday, May 15, 2008


"And now, the end is near".....before we draw the final curtain to this national dog and pony show, the top dogs, cats and rats are one on top of each other to rescue the flawed National Service extravaganza. They have come out with more razzmatazz to cover the shit that already stinks to high heavens. They have repackaged the NS....a poor , feeble attempt at damage control. But don't judge them too soon until you know what is in the new package.......the cute pig, the symbol of fertility ....statistics have it that they multipy faster than fact all the four-leggers featured are master-breeders. YES SIREE.....they are including sex education as a must-know (can do, must do) during the three months stink. Hantu feels that thus preoccupied the trainees wont opt for "sudden deaths".

Here's what from the Associated Press:

Malaysia considers teaching sex to graduates

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (AP) — Malaysia's government is worried that high school graduates may not know enough about sex.

Authorities in the conservative, Muslim-majority nation are considering teaching sex education to teenagers when they undergo national service after leaving school, Abdul Hadi Awang Kechil, director general of the National Service Department, said Wednesday.

Ng Yen Yen, the minister who announced the proposal, was quoted by the national news agency, Bernama, as saying that sex education, including lectures about preventing AIDS, could shield youngsters from unhealthy activities. Ng's aide confirmed the minister made the comments Tuesday.

Hadi and Yen Yen, you dont have enough doctors to do full medical check-ups on trainees and and now you are suggesting that our children undergo sex education under pseudo sexologists who might go beyond the call of duty to suggest certain preferred positional intrusions. God, please lah you got to help US. Our leaders are playing with shit and we will invariably be in deep shit if you do not intervene with a tsunami, cyclone, hurricane (no earthquake please) to cleanse this country whose leaders exhibit more of you-know-what than grey matter up there. If you cannot spare us a tsunami, cyclone, hurricane, least a good shower to flood and cleanse....please lah God. And Yen2, have you consulted Sharizat on this brilliant brain-wave?

As is often the modus operandi in this country, reinforcement is important to lend credence to an idea....the more the merrier, gotong-royong style. Here is an expert (?) contribution:

Adeeba Kamarulzaman, president of the Malaysian AIDS Council, said (tongue in cheek?):

Sex education classes in national service could prove useful because many school teachers are too embarrassed to expound on sex-related topics, she said.

"Better late than never," Adeeba told The Associated Press. "It's a good opportunity. They are at the right age to be receiving this kind of education."

Adeeba dahling, pure unadulterated hogwash! (apologies to Ena, for borrowing). The RIGHT age is when our sons and daughters ask why they are different and the purpose of these differences. As parents we do not tell them stories about birds and bees and such stupid stories about the stork bringing in little brothers and sisters. We tell it as it is.....we even bathe together and the deluge of questions least Mrs Zorro and I did with our kids whens they were of the inquisitive WHY period. That is the only time the long bath is a bit over crowded....but good for bonding as a family. Sex is perceived taboo when we dont talk about it to our kids. Sex is dirty when we avoid answering questions posed by our kids who want to know FROM their parents. So where do they get their answers? You know! And at NS-going-age, they can tell you many things you don't know. Go ask your own kids.....if you know how!

Admittedly some parents abdicate this responsibility and as such PARENTS should be re-educated along these lines. VALUES learnt from parents are nurtured and they become Aids-free good values preparing and equipping our kids for their future.



What A Lulu said...

the next wave may be "too many births after the National Service".

once again, i question why do they think that the NS program can be the saviour of everything that went wrong in school and society for these 18 year olds?
didnt mix with other races in the 18 years of their life - ok. get it fixed in 3 months at national service.
didnt learn to be independant in the 18 years of their life - ok. get it fixed in 3 months at national service.
didnt learn about sex in school in the 18 years of their life - ok. get it fixed in 3 months at national service.
what next? manners?

Anonymous said...

how about you, zorro. sure, you know a bit about sex.
damn it, they know the NS stinks but they are using every tactic to cover up the shit. you hit the spot when you question them on the availability of qualified personnel for this purpose.
soldier on, zorro, to squash this murderous program. for them 20 deaths are acceptable, but to me one death is too many.
Look forward to the FORUM.

Anonymous said...

BN is Babi nasional

Now NS is Nasional Sex

GobloKing said...

The mind boggles !

Did the deceased kids die as a result directly /indirectly from a lack of sex ed?


Would providing sex ed PREVENT more deaths?

And I still dun understand why "normal" ppl in this day and age feel sex is "Dirty"?

Aunty here volunteer to teach kids on sex ed AND the Responsibilities of sex & parenthood!

But will that STOP the senseless deaths?

DOCTOR NG YY - WAKE UP & don't just talk air...unless you guys did autopsies & investigations and found sex to be cause of deaths!

Sam Tam said...

Sex Education at NS camps?? Kids being kids, I can see this being taken one step further - the labs and practicals

And nine months later, another generation of NS conscipts are born

Anonymous said...

NS... Nice Sex?

Hoi Ms Yen Yen...!

I Want! I Want! I Want!

Donplaypuks® said...

All Those Malaysian Graduates Who Wish To Regsiter For Sex Education Please Fill In Attached Questionaire:

Q1 Sex Male Female

Ans. Yes, Please

With the quality of graduates we produce, what we first need is Re-Graduate the Graduates Course.

Anonymous said...

The present government is still refusing to listen to the Rakyat.
Scrap the NS ! Next GE make sure to vote for a new fed government. Send all those najises to hell.

Anonymous said...

I amazes me what those idiots can come up with to justify their existences. At 17-18, these kids probably have more knowledge/experiences on sex than all our grandfathers-grandmothers combined. This administration is so out of this world it just baffles my mind. God save this nation.

Old Fart said...

Hiya Zorro, why you go and zig-zag them? THese cronies who benefit from NS only Johnny comelatelys and still not yet make their big bucks yet. So of course all the contracts that they have been given for uniforms, for catering and all that got to run their term what. Oterhwise government got to pay millions in compendation if NS shut off like you want too.

And with UMNO's value systems kids die who cares? Million in compensation paid out of taxpayer money is more important. You see they want to take care of taxpayer money...So they say la....

Anyway, you go to see all those contracts they signed...even if NS stop now also with compensation all the cronies laugh all their way to the bank.

Oh, BTW, if first lady in waiting, angry with my post and she file complain then this is seditious or lielous or what eh?

Jefus said...

Hi, Bernard,

don't u think sex-ed would've better in school? not all 17/18 yo go to NS.

point is, they want the show to go on, irregardless, sex ed, knitting, or what have you crap. they don't want to back down, ..... the easy money is too good.

lives? who cares? as long its not their kids....

fie the elf said...

who's going to conduct the sex ed? some perverted guy??


stop NS NOW!

Anonymous said...

gila-babi idea from the babi-nagara (bn) mp.

Anonymous said...

sex education for 3 months in the hand of some perverts.

2 worst case scenarios...

either your little girl got knocked up or... your boy turning into a gay.

Cruzeiro said...

Graduates "need" sex education?
NS trainees "need" Sex education?

Hell man - these guys really think about sex all the time don't they?

Let's put Ng YY, Rosmah, Kak Pidah and that Lesbian in a room with Najis, JJ, Thamby, Vijendran, Soi Lek - let them shower together and educate each other .....

Like malaysia is collapsing because our kids lack sex education - they do lack good education, though.

Anonymous said...

as usual Mr Zorro your rampaging cannon misfirings though widescreen worthy and stinking of mass popular appeal did not address these pertinent essential real items:

1. what happened to the school sex education course? ( important issue here as otherwise you shud recommend our another super hopeless Edu Minister to go to hell first). Hello first things first ok ?

2. how do other advanced countries do this type of things and where do we stand vis a vis accidents or deaths ?

simple and neat is the way to go. As you can see only an experienced Pro with facts and figures can answer the above points I have raised. Are you the one ? are you qualified to speak with authority . other than as another layman parent ?

Without comparable facts you are just another wannabe blogger and bungling along going nowhere near giving a practical/realistic solution, except being again, hopelessly anti BN

the NS has seemingly failed , get the facts right and propose a solid viable alternative or if not time to S U ! and let the Xperts ( haha ) do the killing!

not a gutter hero

flyer168 said...

Dear Zorro,

They sure are stumbling over one another like little puppy dogs to help know who....!

Another wonderful idea for more people to make some more....

Is it National Defence Reserve training, after school sex training/experimentation or a Kindergarten school at RM500 Million plus per session of our tax money ???

A Pathetic solution to our unfortunate trainees who were abused, sexually harrassed by the trainers, etc plus those who died unnecessarily & their sad parents !

They are dealing with "Real Innocent Lives" not "Puppets in their show" !

I say we go all out to stop the unecessary "deaths" of our innocent kids & this BLEEDING !

Help the parents to sue all those responsible from top to bottom, have a forum & get a petition signed by all.

zorro said...

Anon9:56pm said:
Without comparable facts you are just another wannabe blogger and bungling along going nowhere near giving a practical/realistic solution, except being again, hopelessly anti BN

16 deaths are not facts? If you have been reading my last 4 postings and the comments posted by readers you would have had a sense on the direction we are taking. I would like to invite you personally to an impending forum. If you are outside the Klang Valley I will pay for your travel. Providing board and lodging would smack of patronising, so you got to take care of this yourself. I could get some BN sponsorship though.

As to being anti-BN, at least I am anti the party that got a beating.Gotcha. Better an anti-BN bungling wannabe blogger than being an anonymous lap-dog. Would you be aspiring to be a quick because the ship is sinking and the rats are jumping...into...

Malaysian Joe said...


Where there is money to be made, be rest assured that the money thirsty wolves will be circling.

Imagine the stuff they can sell! Besides volumes and volumes of books there are the paraphernalias!

I thought that after the 12GE, the government would have learnt their lesson as the PM so trumpet, but, they seem to be hot hot chicken shit with no sincerity at all. Lets get the movement going! I just cant wait!

Anonymous said...

Hmm...... But what happens to the deaths? Arent they going to do anything about PREVENTING more deaths? Now that NS is still going to go on, that is what the government should focus on instead implementing sex ed.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

pigs take the longest of time to ejaculate.

Shanghai Fish said...

This is the govt's ultimate goal....right ? real racial intergration in 3 months....see, let the kids have a go at each other and voila !....within a year (or maybe even under a year ) we'll have thousands of a "truly mixed" bunch of off-springs...with a truly Malaysian identity !Shit man !

Sheeesh !What an idiotic scheme hatched and uttered by our half-baked politicians.....will they ever stop this madness ??

Unknown said...

Whohoho....what are thinking?

Prevention or Encouragement? Who would be th right authority to teach them the topic? I mean without digressing and making the youngsters have the wild thoughts about trying it themselves...whohoho... i smell scary shit here

btw Cikgu B...Happy Teacher's Day to you Sir! God bless you, always dear.

Anonymous said...

Teaching sex education in NS camps? I can imagine how some saliva-dropping wolves in the camps must be rubbing their hands with glee now. Our ministers and those administrators in the government are born with the intelligence of a mosquito and it is impossible for them to do anything sensible and not do anything laughable. While our southern neighbours use their NS to churn out brave real men who dare to stand on the firing lines and make our men get cold feet, our braindead administrators use the NS to produce chimps who are only good on the beds.

Lee Lam Thye bemoaned that he could only do 'that much' as an non-executive director of the NS. My advice to him is stop acting like a scepegoat and a lapdog and harping on the merits of the NS.Get out of NS and throw the shits back to the givernment from the outside.

Zorro, kudos to you for the punch you deliver to those NS dogs. Keep up the heat in your blog and throw the shits back to their faces!

Anonymous said...

Mr Zorro
just so you know that I am no fluke, you have, in your typical rip it style... missed out on my 2 important points I have raised earlier. Your hollow invitation is rash and smacks of a "I dare u response". Anyway coming back to this whole NS issue : did it not occur to learned you that while the concept of equiping our youths on certain key traits of leadership and hands on practical realities of life under the NS is in itself a noble ecxercise, along the way the consistent inherent despicable traits of our Gomen officials of corruptible and incompetency have again come to the fore, or so it would seem. But wait is normal we have to find out the root causes, while the deaths are just symptoms of something else underlying. Its of course so easy to cry wolf but we have to do our homework diligently first is what I am trying to say. Have we done it , or has anybody else done the careful analysis at all? Other than conveniently lambasting the NS across the board ?

Your responsible Blog together with your noturnal kakis should show the ignoramus people in general this ( if you can tho I doubt ) then everybody will be on your side , me the first one ! otherwise silence is golden , leave the uncovering to the real killers ( like Najib )

anon 9.56

Anonymous said...

at ns sex ed you get to do practical, produce new ones to replace those they killed

GobloKing said...

hello cybertrooper!! WELCOME!

plse tell yr bosses to do their own homework and analysis on how many deaths occur during NS in "advanced" countries and how they run their NS.

The answer is actually NONE during NS because they vet people with health issues and assign them accordingly.

And SURPRISE! They have good medical services in the field!

Which advanced country? Switzerland, Norway and Germany. Advanced enough for you?

Wannabe Bloggers? Hey Sweetpea! ALL bloggers are wannabes - at least we are honest 'bout it

Laymen parent? Oh sorry. Ofcourse your bosses ain't laymen but the rest of us are!

17 lives lost not enough for you?

Then pray you never will know sorrow and pain because seems like a fler like you need 1st hand experience or nothing counts as important to you

Salaam CyberTrooper!!

theRev said...

Wow... what kind of losers do they think school kids are today? Waiting until they're 18, when the govt. starts teaching them about sex, then only they find out about what it's all about and what's wrong or right? I'm sorry, a kid like that doesn't exist nowadays, else they'd be social-outcasts on their own.

Go to any school today, ask any 15, 16 or 17 year old, and you most probably will learn more than you already know!

The internet 'helps' to teach them what parents fail to. They tell kids all they need to know, and much much more! And if they don't have the privilege of the internet, THEIR FRIENDS DO! So don't worry, the kids know what 'sex' is. And I'm pretty sure they all know to, at the very least, always use 'protection' when having sex with someone that's not your wife (unless its for 'family planning'). Whether they do, is of a different matter, and it's usually due to not having a condom in hand more than anything!

Seriously, if they proceed with this, it'll benefit some crony more than it would benefit anyone else.