Saturday, May 17, 2008


MALAYSIAKINI posted this story to tide us through a welcomed long weekend break:

Election Commission chairperson Rashid Abdul Rahman said the cabinet did not approve the use of indelible ink during the March 8 general election.

“I was told that I was to take the responsibility for agreeing to it. It's not easy being EC chairperson. I took the whole rap over the year,” Rashid told reporters after a function today.

Rashid’s comments further fueled speculations that the decision to scrap the use of indelible ink was an executive decision in light of whimsy excuses for the last minute U-turn in using the ink.

Last year, the EC had agreed to use the ink in the 12th General Election to put to rest claims of multiple voting. The plan was cancelled five days before the March 8 polling day.

A princely sum of RM2.4 million for about 48,000 bottles of the ink was bought from India, but Rashid had to call off the move on claims, that were never substantiated, that elements of sabotage had been detected by the police.

I am not sympathizing with you. You publicly proclaimed that there is no other party but the BN to run this country. They know that they got you down there and just waiting to squeeze and squeeze they did five days before polling day. DATUK, YOU SHOULD KNOW BETTER THAT WHEN YOU SLEEP WITH REPTILES, YOU SURE WILL BE BITTEN. HERE IS MY ANTIDOTE: RESIGN BEFORE THEY SWALLOW YOU WHOLE.

Note to a commentator "fair and square" on my previous posting : Now this is unadulterated BN Bashing. If I don't I might be considered neutered. I can take all types of insults but never will I allow it be said that I do not have the balls to say what I have to and want to say. You get my drift, "fair and square"?


I was eager to find out who this MCA running dog Tiong was. He was the guy who made a police report against Karpal Singh for showing disrespect to the Sultan of Perak. He was not moved to make a police report against Pak Lah and the Trengganu aduns who besides disobeying the King, also displayed banners referring to the King as animal! Mr Tiong King Sing, how come you did not Sing the sedition song when your King was insulted? Now this is pure breed, running dog.

However when I googled his name under BN Members of Parliament, this is what I got:

YSS98 - Key Performance Index for BN Members of Parliament

This site may harm your computer.
The recent announcement by Dato Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi on introducing an instrument of measurement on performance is indeed a timely one.

Careless as I was I did not read the warning and clicked on and this appeared:

Warning - visiting this web site may harm your computer!


Yo people....can somebody tell me what is happening....they shredded all documents and now this....sheeessshhh



Anonymous said...

is this tong or tiong? is he involved in PKFA fiasco?

zorro said...

Anon...Tiong I figure. In the first para M'kini reported TONG but in the third it was TIONG. Let me know what you have on him in the PKFA fiasco...we need to smoke these crooks out. Thans for the alert.

Anonymous said...

10 Golden Laws as a Running-Dog...
1. If my master like it, it's his.
2. If it's in my master mouth, it's his.
3. If my master can take it from you, it's his.
4. If my master had it a little while ago, it's his.
5. If it's belong to my master, it must never appear to be yours in anyway.
6. If my master is chewing something up, all the pieces are his.
7. If it just looks like one of my master, it's his.
8. If my master saw it first, it's his.
9. If you are playing with something and you put it down, it automatically becomes my master.
10. If it's broken, it's yours.

Anonymous said...


On reading Malaysiakini about the EC fiasco, I could not help responding almost instantly with a Letter to the Editors.

And if space allows I share those reservations with your readers too here below:

Indelible ink exposes indelible crimes against democracy

The EC Chief's reported admission (Malaysiakini, 17 May), that the cabinet directed him to scrap the use of the indelible ink in the 12th general elections, reeks of crimes against democracy.

And his admission that he was also told to take the brunt of the consequences only further demolishes this nation's 50 years of building a democracy which once was even deemed as a beacon in the region.

Who are the crooks?
And will the law catch up with them for all these acrimonious crimes against democratic rule?
Or will this episode soon be swept beneath the carpet with another orchestrated public issue?

In the first place, why is the EC chief only now spilling the beans? Is there yet another hidden agenda to further blind the rakyat?

At the rate the rakyat is getting doused with shocking overloads of breaking news almost on a daily dosage, it is indeed most worrying. And while we are still constipating with the EC chief's revelation, the former prime minister is bellowing that he would spill more beans if taken to court.

At the same time, each passing day's unfolding dramas speaks volumes of the long held suspicion amongst the rakyat that citizens are at the raw end of the pole. It is beyond any doubt then that there has been too much of currents seeping under the working rakyat's feet all these years.

In short, the widely held perception at the ground level that this nation of people have been robbed of their rights and well being by crooked politicians may after all be an indisputable truth.

The EC chief for one should know that he is just as responsible as the one or many who directed him to withdraw the use of the indelible ink at the eleventh hour. Where was his independence and absolute loyalty to the democratic principles that he was entrusted to uphold.

It appears that this nation is sinking further as the government of the day - and its fifty year reign, has much more to disclose let alone take responsibility for.

Where do we citizens who are struggling against the tide of super high costs of living, unaffordable education strangulations and no-money-no healthcare turn to now?

J.D. Lovrenciear

Anonymous said...

this tiong??? i google and one of the result ...

Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing (Bintulu-BN)- expresses dissatisfaction with the police and Telekom Malaysia Bhd.
Posted on 30 March, 2007

The New Straits Times

During the debate on the royal address yesterday, a backbencher expressed dissatisfaction with public order in the state. He said more ought to be done to maintain public order. Tiong called on the Internal Security Ministry and the inspector-general of police to look into this. He also said there was room for improvement in the police force.

Tiong also expressed dissatisfaction with Telekom Malaysia Bhd in Sarawak, which he said was not providing quality service.

The Borneo Post- Up to PM, IGP to decide on my position: Police chief
The New Straits Times-CID chief refutes allegations

Bengbeng | Politics and politicians

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

There seems to be no real choice but to take the rap
Since someone has to be chosen to turn on the black tap
There's also the price to pay after drinking the sap
When there's no better scapegoat around to wear the cap

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 170508
Sat. 17th May 2008.

Donplaypuks® said...

Dear Zorro

Out of the night, when the full moon was bright, I think was the 1st to raise this issue in my 'True & Fair' blog at
on 11th March 2008, 3 days after GE 2008.

The chicks have come home to roost!

Should'nt the EC Chief, I raja Polis, Agong Generalissimo and the Wooden Cabinet now resign en mass for this very black lie?

Anonymous said...

Rashid was the fall all along and we all knew it. It was a fabricated story after all, no evidence of illegal imports etc.. spin spin spin even appeared on TV3 to explain the invetsigations etc like puppets. Aiyo, how can one run an Election Commission, laughing stock only mah. Joker, perhaps the red paint on his gate was fixed also, who knows, who knows...

Anonymous said...


if this is the same tiong from Bintulu, the Port Klang Free Trade Zone(sorry not PKFA)is well documented. He is one of the architects behind the scheme which cause the largest bail-out in the history of Malaysia. Much bigger than Bank Bumiputra fiasco. The amount is RM4.7billion!
When Malaysiakini broke the story, the Tiong fella has the audacity to threaten the on-line portal with a suit. Funny, instead of being punished, he is now "promoted", i think, as the Deputy Speaker. What has this country come to?
I rest my case, Zorro.

lanaibeach said...

O the ink!
Spent millions on it
Suddenly it was put in storage
Giving excuses
Afraid to lose

Now the finger pointing
EC Chairman to Cabinet thing
I wonder why said it now?
When it had already gone

Consciousness playing
Sleep deprives in the dark
So it has to come clean
Otherwise the little darkness smile

A suggestion becomes reality
O the ink! Where you have been?
After 2 months your name speaks again
You want to come out and be free

These are the liars
Giving the country a bad name
Taking the people for rides
Now when it was over
They sing the melody

O the ink!
Go to their minds
Let them taste your anger
Telling you lies
Now let them taste your medicine

Anonymous said...

Zorro: Keep up the bashing, BN or otherwise, and make it more piercing so that it pierces the thick skulls of those snakes and scorpians in the administrations. The ruling elites already have too many lapdogs licking their arses, and it is you and a few others who can provide checks and balances to their excesses. A few months ago, before 8 March, I looked at the arrogance of some powers-that-be and thier abuses of power with much despair. I shook my head at the political scenario of the country and thought thst it was past redemption. The landscape has now changed for the better, partly thanks to bloggers like you. Tonight, I will drink to your health too.

Anonymous said...


Harris said...

Pak Lah says " I deny that the cabinet directed SPR not to use indelible ink ." Kalu tak caye , you all can confirm with my SIL . Betul tak Khairi ..? Aiyah lu pigi mana Khairi....

Donplaypuks® said...

And da Godfadda, Don Corleone said to his consiglieri Tom Hagen:

'Make a da friendly suggestion to dis piss of Rashit. Make him a da offer he can't a da refuse.'

'Or, a what, Godfadda?'

'Or Luca Nazi a da visit a da Rashit a da sleep with da fish. No a da Ali Babaji Gaji Buta Chairmaship of a da Plc's, Quangos, Govt Contract, non-tenderd direct negotiation billion $ project etc etc etc. Capice? !'

Anonymous said...

Surprise, surprise.. now this scumbag is spilling the beans..
whats his motivation? whats his agenda. He has held steadfast to his ground.. until now..

Now, the whole world knows the EC and this Shit is not independent. He had maintained all along otherwise..

why this sudden U-turn? if it is his conscience pricking him, the fear of hell, then lets hear what other "suggestions" he had acted on. what about delineation of the constituencies, phantom voters, registraion of voters, etc.etc.

Are these enough reasons to negate the last general elections?? Should the election results be declared null and void,and we have fresh elections?? Yes. Then this time we can completely vote out the BN.. no need for party hopping to get a new government. Lets have fresh elections to kick out the BN once and for all, at all levels. Federal and State!!

Lets do it NOW

Anonymous said...

The evergreen Bulbir Singh wrote in The Star today that Mahathir is “an upright and smart man”. Hasn’t old Bulbir been reading the news lately? I wonder whether he reads Malaysiakini or any of the Blogs.

I just can’t understand this guy Bulbir. Doesn’t he realize that his views of wisdom is actually been spun by the BN/Umno spin doctors of the MSM to make it look like what Bulbir says represents the views of the so-called silent majority?

How can he call someone like Mahathir as “upright and smart’? The sad thing about all this is that there are people like Bulbir out there who have been voting for donkey years for a corrupt regime like the BN/Umno regime to power. People like Bulbir live in a Utopian world where the BN/Umno regime is mandated by Heaven to rule. He does not see the evil that we see in BN/Umno and its’ leaders.

Bulbir will be quick to condemn anyone who opposes the BN/Umno regime. Dear Bulbir, for someone who is in his twilight years, please open your eyes and stop allowing yourself to be used as a propaganda tool by the BN/Umno controlled MSM. The person you praised as “upright and smart” actually believes he is living in 1969 by playing the race card to instill fear in the Malays. Mahathir is instigating the Malays that they are loosing their power and rights to the non-Malays. Is this what you call an “upright and smart person” dear old Bulbir?

If there is anyone out there who is reading this and knows how to get in touch of Bulbir Singh, please enlighten the old fool lest he wants to be cursed by 27 million Malaysians. Bulbir, what you need in your old age is prayers not curses. Please stop this crap and go spend quality time with your grandchildren.

Anonymous said...

has anyone found out where is the ink they ordered? Is it a real order or just a money trail.? And what are they going to do with the ink? Who is keeping it?

amoker said...

Hey, he got one year extension to be the fall guy mah...

Secondly, are we sure that they actually bought the ink? So far, nobody seemed to know what happen to it , if indeed it was bought on time.

Anonymous said...

Some local they-who-post in Blogs are obsessed with fighting imagined enemies of so-called Bangsa Malaysia. In the main these Don Quixotes are consumed with slaying foes that exist only in their florid imaginations.( it might not be dear troubled Najib or even Khairy ) Like the deluded knight-errant de La Mancha, these pub hoppers/forum/no-fail walk for freedom wannabes are oblivious to the fact that some in the knowing world mocks them ( behind their back ) with undisguised contempt.

It saddens me that this maligned predatory pack is led by otherwise staid albeit responsible peaceful pipe smokin Granpas and Rambolikes, previously intellectual society giants for whom I have the greatest respect. Except when after the usual Gung Ho single malts and what nots the herd mentor Hulk takes over

It seems that every few weeks this inimitable probably self motivated herd huddled in the usual hallucinary cockinfested dark
corner they call nirvana, go into spasms of agony and feel compelled to gather and pontificate on what ills our people, then spills out their manufactured spit to the unsuspecting public who regard them as newfound heroes of the people.

The pattern is also predictable: a flood of shrill screams complete with gory stolen images, followed by an elaborate congress officiated by some “new awakening" leaders, and the ensuing slew of high-minded resolutions calling on the government to “do something!” The hue and cry would persist for a few weeks, at most.

A few months later and all would be forgotten

( Musa , Nurin , et al ...wherefore art thou ? ),

tho the stylish photoshoppe images will still be left agonisingly hanging on the right bar to further inspire mostly those intellectually challenged ignoramus. Give a few more months and those same issues would again be resurrected, and the whole pattern repeated.

extracted from LKS's latest blog posting, from Bakri Musa ( now thats what I call a top class honest unbiased analysis),
with minor unaututhorised contextual improvements to suit possible alternative scenarios .

Doesn't this sound familiar my friend?

F * S ( as good as they come )

zorro said...

F*S...hiding as Fair and is the familiar stink that gave you away.

Honestly, are you lonely and friendless. Join us...malt takes away body odor.

A reader emailed me to get your IP. I said no. This is freedom of expression. Better to let him rant than to turn least ranting can sublimate some conflicts he is battling.

The invitation to malt is still open...again I say...malt can cure body odors.Still open f*s....we are a discerning crowd, but are willing to have you....just so that you do dont go into the trucking business.

Anonymous said...

Give the indelible ink to a local printer/ toilet paper manufacturer so that the faces of EC boss, Pak Lah, Samy Vellu, Chua Soi Lek and his mistress A.Yam, even Mahathir, Zakaria,Lam Thye,Toyo etc can be printed. It will be good use of the ink and it won't come off (it is indelible, isn't it) when you use the paper to wipe your posterior. Besides it will make the rakyat happy. We might even be able to export it. That's Malaysia Boleh!

Anonymous said...


I thank for taking the time to respond and even the graciousness to offer a drinking invitation ( which is under due consideration TQ ), in a most gentlemanly manner too I must add to my relentless sharp criticisms. Quite unlike your so-called drinking kakis whose busybody one sided outbursts to my friendly constructive attacks border on the ludicrous, oversensitive and overly defensive albeit crude aka packoftta wolflike responses. At least it shows to a certain extent you are still much in control of things around you and the wider picture, essential intrinsic values of the hero you have chosen to emulate.

I believe You have plenty of inherent strengths and a warm heart, hopefully you do not squander them away in some dubious dark corners among so called even more dubious friends. Traitors are everywhere in our midst.

good luck on your long term crusade. You will certainly need extra help

F & S ( sometimes your perceived enemies might just turn out to be your best buddies...and vice versa )

zorro said...

Thank you Fair & Square....we live in interesting times. However, as you advised, I will watch my never knows as projectiles fly around indiscriminately. Peace son.