Tuesday, May 27, 2008



This lake belonged to Yayasan Selangor. In fact our condominium complex was part of Yayasan Selangor land bank. The land was sold to Puncak Dana. Yayasan Selangor sold the lake to Puncak Dana too. It is said that this lake was sold to an Arab for a huge profit and they gave Puncak Dana to develop it. Then we got news that it was a Singaporean who bought the lake and want to develop it into a mall. In both cases Puncak Dana sold to foreigners......just like selling your souls. NO?

On the 31 May, Saturday at 10.00am the residents are meeting with the developer Puncak Dana. We do not know what tales will be told but we hope that our Member of Parliament (Subang) YB Sivarasa, our Adun (Kota Damansara) Dr. Nasir and YB Elizabeth Wong (State Exco - Environment) will lend their voices to ours. It would be great if our Menteri Besar Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim can make time for this too. Although they are not directly involved I hope to recruit the help and support of my buddies, YB Edward Lee, Adun Bukit Gasing, Tengku Nazaruddin, President CAHC, YB Ronnie Liew, MP Pandamaran and YB Wee Choo Keong, MP Wangsa Maju, YB William Leong, MP Selayang. Of course it will be great too if all the Pakatan Rakyat Members of Parliament and State Assemblymen can WALK this through with US.

THANKS CAPT. YUSOF, TONY YewTUBE ......my other blogger friends must have taken their children on vacation.


Anonymous said...

Zorro, you must remember Toyo and his bunch of morons were responsible for the shit. I dont think Khalid and co can do much except maybe to exert pressure on these land grubbers. The people of Selangor are paying a heavy price for putting up with the shithouse called Toyo for so long.

Anonymous said...

Dear Zorro,

Good luck to you. Keep us updated on the proposed development.

Thank you, ChoonLee

The Ancient Mariner said...


I believe you guys got some serious lobbying to do and the new state govt shud be receptive to this .. or else.

We of "Friends of Kelana Jaya Park" have been fighting for a couple of years to get our park gazetted and masih belum ada apa-apa. Check out our website:


Anonymous said...

The landscape in the Klang Valley has been callously raped and brutalised by the BN government for over 50 years. To the town planners, every piece of vacant land, every hill and even every lake and river is a greenfield site earmarked for concrete structures. The place is fast developing into a concrete jungle, yet the local authorities just don't give a hoot to this trend. Developers usually have the authorities under their thumbs and can dictate what they want: Money, money and more money. The common people now place their hope on the Pakatan government to stop the rape and bring back some sanity to their environments. Zorro, I hope you succeed in keeping The Lake.

petluc said...

Uncle Bernard,
Will be there on 31st morning to lend my support. Apologies for being unable to attend on the 27th evening.

You guys will not walk alone!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

maybe if we can get TS Khalid to come, we'll suggest that he demands for an answer or 8 from khir in the dewan. we've had enough of malls around here. cant they just take a hike and develop areas that are underdeveloped still? there are abundance la dei.

Anonymous said...

Well, it is of well-known fact that with development, there is always a price for mother nature to pay. It is happening everywhere else in the world, and when all we have are concrete watselands, THAT is the time we want to change something. So it is quite stupid to blame BN's 50 years of ruling for destructing the envirnoment. Puh-lease.

But that said, we see this happening a lot in the urban areas, especially so in Selangor, people in Subang regarding Subang Ria Park, and also for the Bukit Kiara park? We have the right to have these places for ourselves for that greenery is left in these areas. The Selangor government now should also look into the people's grouses and handle it well enough. And God forbid, if they use the "It's not our fault, it's the previous government's doing" (like how one commentor here was whining about) instead of TAKING ACTION, darn you! I know lah Shah Alam there got so many parks for you to for your morning walk and stuff, but we want fresh air and breathing space too!!

Unknown said...

Hi Bernard,

I hope that the so-called environment lovers or gate-keepers from the main stream media who frequently write articles about saving our green lungs and the environment will pick up on your stories.

They pay so much lip service about global warming, keeping the world green, and preserving the green spaces for our future generations in their articles, but they pay no attention to the sad reality of what is happening in our own back-yards.

I believe that charity starts at home, and I wonder when they will start practicing it.

Maybe they are more interested in gaining international recognition or journalism awards for championing such campaigns on an international basis, rather than on petty issues like a lake here or a play field there in Malaysia.

Although these articles presumably will not win them awards, I can assure them that their readers will definitely apprciate them.

We wish you luck in your fight to keep this lake, this play field, this green lung, or this hill slope ……

Your next Carlsberg is on me.


Anonymous said...

Lake, Island, Batu, semua boleh dijual. Jangan susah, cari kaki UMNO-MCA-MIC dll sekarang juga. Hey, what can we expect from this lot?

zorro said...

This lake was sold, but we can prevent them from building a monstrosity. We intend to propose alternatives, but first, we dont want them to start work. Thus this challenge to the Selangor Government (Yayasan Selangor) who owns it.

Unknown said...

Hi Bernard,

Although this lake was sold, let us not give up hope.

I like what I read in the Sun Newspaper today (29th May 08) about what our beloved Mentri Besar Tan Sri Abdul Khalid did for the residents of Bandar Mahkota Cheras. He intends to hold a EGM within the next few day to remove the barricade placed by Grand Saga via a boardroom move.

I hope he will do likewise here as the head of the Selangor Government(Yayasan Selangor) to get the relevant parties together to prevent the new buyers from building a monstrosity and making a mockery of our efforts to have more green lungs, lakes and playgrounds in Selangor.

Makkal Sakti!