Friday, May 9, 2008


THIS was reported by Malaysiakine and the MSM that Haidar had submitted the commission REPORT to the Agung this morning.

Earlier, I read that the chief of the commission said that it was up to the Cabinet to decide if it should be made public. Later on in the day he said that it should be made public.

But I thought this was a ROYAL commission. Yes? So what business has the Cabinet to decide. We are aware that most of their decisions will be partisan in nature, not discounting the fact that not all members of the Cabinet can boast of having squeaky clean closets. They have no business deciding whether it is fit for public consumption. The King should decide on the advise of the Commission. Period. LET IT NOT BE SAID THAT IN MALAYSIA, WITH THE COOPERATION OF THE GOVERNMENT, ALL THINGS NEFARIOUS CAN EASILY FIND SUCCOUR UNDER THE CARPET. I for one, wait with bated breath for some quality decisions for a change. Meantime, I hold my breath.

And it is about time, journalist start asking more open-ended questions rather than questions that get you a yes or a no when interviewing decision makers. You can't just let them off so easily. You have a public audience. Did anyone ask the PM: Why should the cabinet have to decide? If any member of the Cabinet or government is implicated what action would you institute against these wrong-doers in keeping with your stated desire.....It was a public hearing, why shouldn't the deliberations and recommendations be made public......Public funds were used, so why should not the recommendations be made public. I am no journalist....but I prefer to elicit information rather than get a bland yes/no answer.


Anonymous said...

All incriminating evidence against the occupying regime(ie. the United Malays Nazi Organisation) are hereby declared 'Official Secrets' under the OSA!

Maverick SM said...

This is not a Royal Commission. It is only accredited as a Commission of Inquiry of the validity of the Video-Tape. It was intended to be such (in the first place)

Anonymous said...

lucky they send to the true royalty..imagine what would happen if they had sent it yo the fake tengku.

Anonymous said...

The government, in the last few days, has been under the attack of the'sedition virus'. Hope it has recovered enough to consider taking actions recommended by the Commission. What it does now will determine whether AAB will get the support of the rakyat or whether he will lose the confidence of the rakyat in him for good. AS Elvis singed "It's now or never'!

Anonymous said...

See the "scoop" in The Star about the report. It looks like you were all 'correct,correct,correct' when you said it was very fishy Lingam said he was mabuk and boasting in the video.

flyer168 said...

If the PM can make such statements to ask the AG to pursue the next "seditious victim" YB Karpal....where is the independence of the Judiciary, etc, he is still in self denial mode so this is the next blunder to be.

Just give BN more rope to hang themselves at every turn....we have said our piece so just sit back & watch the action !