Saturday, May 24, 2008


On 22 November 2007, I put up this posting titled: SHAME, SHAME, ALL THE MONKEYS KNOW YOUR NAME. I reproduce it today in toto.
A few days ago our Minister of Information called together some journo bloggers and my non-journo buddy Captain Yusof aka The Ancent Mariner for a briefing on the impending outcome of the International Court of Justice deliberating who owns Pedra Blanca. According to the Ancient Mariner, the Minister was sort of preparing us for the worst. Current Foreign Minister, Rais Yatim hinted similarly but finally said that a win was possible. We know the results yesterday. But let's go thru some of the not so nice things we did, last November...................

SHAME....she forbade him to head for Hague

SHAME! Go so far poorly prepared to fight for a piece of rock!

SHAME! Somebody gave junior a leg-up...pulling rank aka nepotism.


For using this doctored foto

SHAME! To lie in an International Court!

SHAME! For sending an inadequate team of father, son and balding spirit.

SHAME! We could not perform in front of the international community.

SHAME! Something is dreadfully wrong with the house of Denmark. We get pinned down most of the time!

SHAME! That we have to end up in this posture in the international arena. Why do we offer ourselves to be buggered all the time.

UPDATED 8:15AM 24MAY 200

Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim said: We won half and Singapore half. So I say it's a win-win situation.
How can lah Minister, they won a rock and we won a pebble. Macam MU buy Christiano Ronaldo for millions of pounds and the bookies pay peanuts just to "buy" over a city's football team! Mana boleh?



backStreetGluttons said...

what now if our Spore friends laugh at us yet again, this time louder still ? ok lah we be like all your monkeys lah

malu lagi ! apa bolih buat ?

Unknown said...

Unc Zorro, i still cannot fathom the foreign minister's 'win-win' comments. how can i when we lost so much?

Anonymous said...

Dear Zorro,

How can it be a win-win situation? Wake up, Rais!

(1) Outcome is not a result of your negotiation;
(2) How can you win when you did not get what you claimed for?

Unless, of course if you think we dont deserve anything in the first place. Then again, why bother to waste taxpayer money?

Be a sport, admit that you have lost and learn from it!

Thank you, ChoonLee.

toyolbuster said...

They say people are like good wines that improve with age. What a bloody insult to my wine collections. This Rais is getting more stupid by the day. Each day he makes a new statement, he shocks the world with more idiotic utterances and unfortunately with such articulation that disgraces our entire nation. My prayer for tonight shall be for his resignation from UMNO. SO MALU!!!!

rodium_plated_pipe said...

Well this is clearly the result of nepotism. Putting incompetence "chimp" to head an important branch of govt. Will we ever learn so that we can "fight" the next global onslaught with the current set up ?
The malay peribahasa is a good pointer ...
" Tepuk Dada Tanya Selera "


CHee XtheMan said...

Again Malaysian was beaten again .... Rais .... there is no win win situation here ! That fucking island is belongs to us. YOu have no self pride at all ... where the f@#$ is wrong in you .... you telling Win Win ... if i were you i will made it clear to the world that we Malaysian feels Sad on out come on regards of this. Shame on you, Shame to all Malaysian.

Donplaypuks® said...

It was all a ploy for Rice, Ganesh Patel and a host of civil servants and MP's to enjoy a free trip to the Hague on taxpayers' expenses.

I'm sure a side trip to the famous Amsterdam Rossebuurt or Red Light District was an onerous imposition on the YB's and mandatory purely as part of the 'belajar sambil lawatan' duties.

Whatm you need to actually be there in person to hear the verdict? A phone call or video conferencing will not do?

The truth is we never needed Pedra Branca for the last 2000 years, and there is enough ocean for us to go look for oil and minerals, which we subcontract to Shell, Exxonmobil etc anyway.

Conclusion - a non-event. No Win-Win but certainly Paradigm-Shafted!!

Anonymous said...

BODOH SOMBONG. Don't understand shame.

Anonymous said...

Will we lose Iskandar the same way?.

Imagine years from now..Singapore shows efficeincy maintaining trasport efficiency, cleanliness, utilities etc in Iskandar, the govt of Johor pass the job to Singapore...then out of laziness. Some Johor joker will write to Singapore and say we have no interest in maintaining Iskandar since you are doing so well,and leave the administration to Singapore.

Singapore takes care of it for the next huundred years...and Iskandar identity changes to look like mirror image of Singapore. Then someone wakes up, panics...try to get back then Singapore so entrenched in Iskandar with their people etc,. Thye don't want to give it up. We go to ICJ???...Then...?

Anonymous said...

Rais Yatim, we lost the case. So say that we lost it, hands down. There is nothing to be sored about. Don't think the Malaysians public will behave like that group of UMNO mamak goons who ranted and raved in front of Komtar in Penang after GE12. Also, stop consoling yourself by thinking that it's a 'win-win' verdict, otherwise you'd never learn anything from the defeat and continue to think that you're superior to others. It's also time to direct the AG and his mediocre team to buck up and win cases that really count for the people, instead of spending time and taxpayers' money on those trumped up seditious charges that we hear so often nowadays.