Friday, May 30, 2008


From Malaysians Unplugged:

Special Appeal from Chegubard
(Badrul Hisham bin Shaharin):

Anybody out there with a cheap second hand laptop for sale or to spare. He is depending on cybercafe to update HIS BLOG (click here).

From Chegubard himself:

"Blog ini mungkin agak 'lembab' di update kerana laptop yang dipinjamkan oleh seorang teman sejak 2004 kini telah dipulangkan kepada pemiliknya... maka hanya bergantung kepada cybercafe..mencari sesiapa yang nak 'tolak' laptop 2nd hand murah2"

Surely, Somebody out there or PKR will have a spare laptop to give Chegubard a hand.

Please Contact: 0123696474 (NorAzizi)

Note: At the last election, Chegubard took on the Son-In-Law in Rembau. To the dismay of many, he lost due to postal votes. "


Unknown said...

Unc Zorro, a new and reasonable laptop cost approx. RM2,000.00. Please start a donation drive. RM10.00 each and with just 200 hundred contributors, we will have enough for Chequ Bard to have a new lappe.
I will start the ball rolling with RM10.00. But need an account to deposit the money into - yours maybe. Please advise.

Anonymous said...

Now is the time for all to come to the aid of the party. May I suggest that we approach RPK to contribute to buy one laptop from the proceeds that was donated when he was arrested.

In the meantime, RPK to please continue accepting donations with a Sivalingam a/c so whoever wants to contribute can do so anytime i/o the credit card system. Bearing in mind of the pending cases of others charged and they will need legal fees or to post bail or buy a computer.

Anonymous said...

to chegubard,

i'm a single mom with 2 schoolgoing kids, one income and many commitment. i bought my laptop last year, bayar bulan bulan. alahai chegubard, takkan tak boleh bayar bulan bulan kot? 6 bulan ke, 9 bulan ke... 12 bulan pun ada. jangan nanti orang kata semua pun nak minta ehsan...

just my $0.02 worth.

Anonymous said...

How come PKR so pathethic? Sure or not?

Tian Chua, Anwar's lieutenant was chauffered around during the election campaign/ceramah nites in a brand new Mercedes S280.

Ini case sandiwara kah?

People say Anwar cakap putar belit and with different audience; different message.

Anonymous said...

Here's my RM50 towards the fund. Lets have details where to credit the $$.

Its not question of 'bayar bulan bulan." If you don't have $$, you don't have it. Which company will let you take a laptop without some form of collateral e.g. regular salary slip?


Anonymous said...

Unc. Zorro, could you pls have a word with RPK to release some $$ from our donation to buy a Macbook Air for Chegu.

BTW, I'm sure PKR could take care of that too. They must have not known that Chegu's pc was a loaned unit. And of course he was too embarassed to ask, right or not?

zorro said...

Thanks to all who want to donate.
Anon12:24...will be meeting RPK tomorrow. Will feedback to you generous people come Sunday or Monday. Cheers good people.

Anonymous said...

If getting a lappie for the sake of blogging, there's no need to get a 2k lappie. A low end lappie like EEpc will suffice, which can do much more than blogging.

GobloKing said...

Sory all. too late to contribute this comment but my net was on the blink !

I like and respect don't get me wrong when I write this.

But the funds donated by people to RPK was sent in good faith & entirely for his defence.

I don't see how RPK can go back to ask donors to change tack and give support to buying a new computer for chegubard.

Furthermore I believe RPK is the accountable type (sounds like!)& he is nonpartisan so I hardly think he will do this even if he personally wanted to.

Let us try to get chegubard a used computer or start a separate fund for this.

Unknown said...

Unc Zorro, appreciate updates on what we should do. Tks.

Unknown said...

Unc. Zorro,
Has Chegu Bard got hos laptop yet?
How can we contribute? Pls update us. Tks.