Thursday, May 29, 2008


By now I am quite used to his AWOL.
Can't do much about this OWL
As he is not a hired-hand
and nobody's lamb.

First the good news he says
6 bottles of home-made budu coming your way from kickdefella sheih
The bad news is
Ezam has joined the 4th floor pricks!








g O O g l e





a la


DANG! The sight of, the thought of budu makes me so 9:42pm thirsty...malt-time from the milk bars.....ooppppss ...malt-bars.


hotrakyat said...

no wonder the hard on was only soft coz the ageing 2some looks stick-on pasted without the bouncy tits. Our country is in dire straits from wanton trepidations and excesses of the 4th floor Megapowers that be and yet you are incessantly shadow dancing in the Merdeka Park aka this Walk that Walk of hollow cannonballs. Din Hantu tell you you are now and have been misfiring mega blanks ?

Time to wake up from your long slumber and do what dear old Zorro would have done as a matter of course.

Go for the ultimate kill, sack UMNO once and for all or all your hollow canons will remain hollow...for the 4th Floor is still having a hard-on as as hard as never before. Failing which we shall regretfully demasked your fading status as the ultimate failure. Or that is not your job ?

Anonymous said...

No wonder Hantu got those big OO eyes! He's gonna strike anytime now.

Anonymous said...



shouldnt it be

g(.)(.)gle ..

just wonder ...


zorro said...

Hot....can you be more coherent.Dont have to tell everyone that your dad is a monomaniacal Nimrod with piscatorial propensities when you could say that he is a mere fisherman.....or that your father-in-law is a tonsorial artist aka the kampong barber. Sheesh you do need some alignment upstairs and downstairs.

fie the elf said...

please don't tell me men actually think pamela's boobs are hot! they are hard plastic. plus she wears wigs cause her hair's like all dropping off (she said so herself).

hotrakyat said...

You have finally gotten my point!
Well done ! Be coherent & consistent , you will be fine. Always keep track of your earlier runaway heroic albeit damn irresponsible loud trumpeting statements aka

"die for country" , "will not rest until murderers ..." and so on...I know these are no longer flavors of the month but...

are they all forgotten/buried like Nurin et al ?

Anonymous said...


Off topic... your good buddy Chegubard needs help.

See here:

Shanghai Fish said...

hey hot,
maybe you should join me for the walk this Sunday at Merdeka Square at 9 am...then maybe...just maybe I'd know how hot you really are.

Always am facinated and curious knowning anyone with balls commenting on issues hiding behind anonymity.see you then, and don't forget to say hello to me, hot!
Cheers !