Saturday, May 17, 2008


In keeping with the lofty office he holds he has the unenviable task of following orders from the Cabinet. The Cabinet, after a magnanimous move to allow the report of the RCI to go public, also agreed that investigations should be carried out into all the allegations against former PM, and 5 other VIPs.

This is a gargantuan task that could decide whether this assignment would be his "waterloo".

From past reports of his modus operandi I fear for him. Wasn't he the one who declared before the Alltantuya case that there were ONLY 3 suspects. Wasn't he the one who changed the judge and the prosecution team at the eleventh hour? Wasn't he sitting beside EC chief Rashid when it was announced that the indelible ink will not be used
‘following legal advice and looking at the issue of public order and security…’. Cabinet advise or Patai?

“no criminal offense appears to have been committed” and that Lingam “was in a monologue over his mobile phone and it was unclear who he was talking to”

Such keen perception reels one into a heady spin and thus to question his eligibility to conduct this probe. The above remark is sufficient to question
his understanding of and commitment to judicial independence, integrity and accountability; and his fitness to continue as Attorney-General.


*NFA,,,don't know ah? No Further Action, lah.


Anonymous said...

Susan Loone has an expose on this ugly man.

GobloKing said...

correct correct CORRECT

for once lingam is right..& so are you!
(yeah. looks like our foray into the dancing biz at dataran will be on hold INDEFINITELY bernard!)

And ofcourse, how can there be action against such VVVIPs?

Nobody wants to start a fire in which they will themselves be consumed later.

If a Dep PM can be arrested on trumped up charges (still think they may as well hv arrested him for sheer ambition); what more can the powers that be do to mere mortals.

I can't even blame this chap. He values the part of his body on which he hangs his necktie!

Letting the time pass me by said...

Investigation will take time to finish and even if the investigation has finish, there are still 50-50 chances whether it can be presented for trial in court....

TDM has said that he is willing to be trial, but we also need to be fair and just that there is really a case againts him for trial...

Since the media has already doing the public presecution and most of the media start the accusation, then can we have a fair case, there will also influence by the public sentiment?

toyolbuster said...

Why, Zorro, you want us to believe in Santa Claus? but strangely, I have had many encounters with some Santarinas, and they seemed so real.

Anonymous said...

Sack ALL them buggers, they are ALL crooks...!

Anonymous said...

TDM has too much sh*t on the ruling clowns...why else did he challenge to be charged on Lingamgate? AAB can only counteract by attacking surreptiously...chipping away at TDM's cash cows hoping old man's dam would burst...first Proton, what's next??

Anonymous said...


having this moron investigates the charges

is like

having a bozo trying to convince audiences that he is NO CLOWN.


flyer168 said...

Dear Zorro,

Spot on mate !

"Damage Control Time ma!" It is just another circus exercise after the Royal Comission of Inquiry !

Has anyone computed the cost of this RCI & many others to this nation...after all the investigative journalism exposures done by the Bloggers & all the BN LIES to the rayaat !

Suddenly ......
Election Commission chairperson Rashid Abdul Rahman said the cabinet did not approve the use of indelible ink during the March 8 general election.

“I was told that I was to take the responsibility for agreeing to it. It's not easy being EC chairperson. I took the whole rap over the year,” Rashid told reporters after a function today.

On the inside everyone is squeezing everyone's B...s (for the status, money & whatever little power the small Napoleons enjoyed) until they
they are squeezed out !

What is new in this Bolehland !

We just have to keep VOICING our demand for Justice - Justice delayed is Justice Denied....Period.

Give them enough rope to blame & hang one another - We cool off & sit back to watch the great BN Domino Tsunami !

Anonymous said...

susan's blog can't be DISPLAYED at all !?

Anonymous said...

ahoy there !
aha this one is quite fair and square but not many previous ones, I will be back after this short break, to Xpose why you shudn't cronysize with some crude drunken loose cannon hyenas hanging round you !

fair and square

Anonymous said...

Korek korek korek. Charge Lingam, Mahathir, Tengku Adnan, Eusoff Chin, Ahmad Fairuz. Another sandiwara will begin and I will start reading newspapers again. Love to hear what Mahathir got to say about our "learned" judges.

To Wong Chun Wai - you need to thank this sandiwara 'cos it helps to sell your toilet papers.

Anonymous said...

Mahathir has found his memory:

Former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said he would not settle for less than his day in court so that he could defend himself against allegations he was at the centre of a judicial appointments scandal in 2001.

He hoped that when investigations into the conspiracy were completed, which also involved a lawyer, a tycoon and a former minister, he would be charged.

Dr Mahathir said he would then reveal what really went on behind the scenes at the time, including instances of judges lobbying him for promotions.

Or he lied before the Royal Commission. On that alone there`s ground to prosecute him.

Anonymous said...

This hp6 of an AG should be condemned to grind his teeth in HELL!! he is an insult to his profession and his oath of office. Every crime that he has wishy washied as trivial, NFA, has now come back to haunt him, so what is his new proclaimation??

Zorro, I suggest you remove his pic from your posting so as not to dignify his pathetic face.

For his incompetence, insolence, arrogance, dereliction of duty, judiciary-invalid, he deserves to be investigated

GobloKing said...

what I don't understand is TDM saying he gets opinions from many people be4 he appoints the chief judge.

I didn't know the Govt during TDM's time was so "with it' that they conducted the 360degrees performance assessment???

Surely if he was using this evaluation system, he asked opinions of those in the law frat ie Bar council, Judges, etc?

But Vincent Tan?

Or maybe Lingam is the sole rep of the Bar Council too??

If TDM really believed in his "evaluation system" in appointing judges, he should at least have gotten the opinion of some MPs.

At least they represent the people - which would be far more credible no?

The most arrogant person during TDM's time was TDM

He thinks he is the damn smartest cookie to hit the planet!

hmmm.....he may not be so wrong.

After all he was heading the planet of amnonites!

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

Let's pray that justice will take its natural course
With all those wronged having their own recourse
Don't forget that even if earthly courts fail in their cause
There'll still be divine judgment which doesn't need any discourse

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 180508
Sun. 18th May 2008.

zorro said...

Fair and Square said:I will be back after this short break, to Xpose why you shudn't cronysize with some crude drunken loose cannon hyenas hanging round you !

Who I mix with is no concern of anybody, much less you who remains anonymous. You do not qualify to advise me. However, if by your remarks above you are attempting to sublimate some conflicts you have, go ahead if it purges you of some the toxins poisoning your system. It is ok for you to use me as a punching bag. I always like to help troubled minds. Have a pleasant break....meantime my crude drunken loose cannon hyenas hanging round me will circle you when you return. Meantime stay safe.

Kerajaan Rakyat said...

Saya bukan ahli politik, tetapi saya membaca sifir politik melalui pemerhatian serta pengamatan tindak-laku dan sandiwara para pelakonnya. Pelakon sandiwara politik adalah mereka yang menjadikan lapangan politik sebagai sumber pendapatannya.

Slogan dan retorik yang beraneka adalah skrip sandiwara kutu-kutu politik ini. Samada kutu-kutu ini mementaskan sandiwara politik mereka di peringkat nasional, negeri, daerah atau desa, matlamat dasar mereka adalah meraih perhatian, simpati dan sokongan rakyat demi meliliti mereka dengan kekuasaan yang lumrahnya berakhir dengan matlamat sebenar mereka – menggunungkan harta kekayaan dan wang ringgit.

Sejarah banyak membuktikan, terlalu banyak mereka yang telah berpuluh tahun berkhidmat sebagai guru atau pengetua atau pegawai PTD yang hanya mampu memiliki sebuah rumah kediaman yang sederhana dan hanya termampu memiliki kereta paling hebatpun mungkin Proton Perdana atau Honda Accord 2.0 atau Volvo secondhand.

Manusia yang sama apabila terpilih sebagai wakil rakyat samada sebagai Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri atau Ahli Dewan Rakyat dalam jangka masa 4 atau 5 tahun telah berubah menjadi jutawan dengan hartanah, kereta dan perniagaan yang berbagai dalam nilai jutaan dan mungkin puluhan juta ringgit.

Anonymous said...

let TDM have his day in court. Whatever he reveals will either be in contempt of RCI (failure to disclose) or concocted lies (how can one tell what one does not remember?)...another nail in credulity coffin...

Donplaypuks® said...

Sunday, 18 May 2008



Rip Van Winkle
Zzzzzz. Who, what, where? why did’nt they leak it to me first?
I never met her. The 2-books were all done by the book and will show no commissions were ever paid
the RCI report was stolen from 4th floor, in Dec 07. Putrajayagate!
There were 2 suitcases full of evidence in Bahasa
BDS Fujimori Toyota
It was a toothless inquiry. Zzzzzz has snatched defeat from from the jaws of victory!
A Gung Ho Generalissimo
NFA. It was a drunken monologue between two people, or possibly, more
I Raja Polis
There may be links to Tiger Beer & Anchor Beer Terrorists
We could not investigate since more than $9 changed hands
Extraditable from Timbaktu?
Extraditable from Timbaktu?
Eh Vik, can book flight to Timbaktu, ah? Make sure different itenerary, this time. The old bag can stay in KL in the double-storey bungalow house
How sad, we could have had an ex-parte RCI
Get me a stiff G&T. London, here I come again. Shit, can’t do that now I’m not in charge of tourism anymore.
Maha Firaun I
Now I remember. It was a malaysiasoros.con Zionist-Bush-Blair-Howard conspiracy
Maha Firaun II
The PM must resign immediately like a gentleman. That is our adat. (But sir, Firaun I was the PM at that time). Oh, I see. Then all the people must resign for misleading Firaun 1
Crazy, am I? Now who will be asking for asylum?
Go Burnem
The longer I recorded it, the more accidental it became
Wigs Samy
Ve did the wrong thing the right vay
Justice must be videoed to be seen doing to be seen to be done
Master Yoda
Foreman of the Jury, a verdict you have? Yes Master, guilty they are
Obi Wan Kenobi
Maha Darthvader is now down on all Fours
Judge Ididit
2 down, 38 more to go!
Don Corleone
Firaun, why didn’t you come to me before. We could have made the RCI an offer they could not have refused. Horsehead Curry & Sleeping With The Fishes
Wigs Samy (again)
This vill take a heavy 30-year toll on the people
These Ingdian lawyer buroks ah, I suppo you can knaver thrust what they do behind chamber doors and rubber estate bushes. You get it ah, dontch know what I mean ah?
Kapak Malkitsiang
Don’t stop now. Korek, Korek,Korek!
Mahatokguru Nicholas Azizi
That’s the throuble wis Secular procedures. If My Way, all kena whipping and stone
EC Chief
I am taking the Rap for Snoopdoggydog,
I am only a humble servant, a mere cog
In da wheel of life
For another extended year of strife

Posted at 09:02

Adidas Cat said...

ahh...our AG, one funny man...
I wonder if they put up this elaborate show just to put an end to Dr M's bad mouthing of the PM and implicating him and his gang of merry men for all the wrong doings that has been going on, perhaps AAB might end up looking whiter than white...any thoughts on this?

Anonymous said...

IS AG independent? He takes instructions?

If someone ask him to jump..he will ask how high.?

Politics of the impossible is possible. If he cannot even frame a proper charge then he has no business where he is? There are six of them. I don't expect him to catch all..but surely one or two is not asking too much.

The world is watching. One of the reasons many foreign investors don't do business here is because the don't tust the courts.

Big opportunity to come clean..if we don't take it this time, the Judiciary is doomed big time.

Trashed said...

Now that Tun Dr M has quit UMNO (as reported on Star Online @ 12.37pm 19 May), is he taking the gloves off and ready to start the "fight"?