Sunday, May 11, 2008


THIS NST pic is definitely in bad taste. Long ago we used to cut ribbons, bang the gong, or press some button. Now the VIP have to simulate something explosive to implode whatever function they are gracing. This is the second time I am seeing this contraption in public. Haven't we learnt from the infamous C4 incident? Whoever thought of this idea is certainly rather thick up there.

It was at this function in Bera, after he had depressed the detonation stick that the BN's PM-in-waiting declared:

The government will not stop the National Service programme, but will enlist the help of the private sector to conduct compulsory medical check-ups on all trainees. (never thought of that before?)

"We cannot scrap the programme just like that as many parties are involved," Najib said after launching the National Youth Day and Week at Felda Sebertak. (of course, many money making cronies will be affected!)

"In many cases, the trainees who died at the camps had the illnesses before they joined the programme." (so that is why medcal aid was delayed in most cases?)

The NS Training Department had been instructed to study the implementation aspect and cost of compulsory medical check-ups. (yes, money is more important than lives.....thats some innovative thinking!)

Now, get ready for another gem from no less than the Health Minister one MSM reported:

Meanwhile, Health Minister Datuk Liow Tiong Lai said NS trainees may be asked to declare if they have constipation before entering camp.(Meaning if you cannot shit, you don't come to camp, is it?)

Liow said he had instructed all medical assistants at the NS camps to immediately send any trainee to a hospital if they had doubts about the trainee's condition.(Best-in-class idea for the future but a bit too late for Ms Too.)

courtesy of Bodohland

Haris Ibrahim and I have made enough postings asking for the permanent cessation of this National Picnic, which besides manufacturing new millionaires have also taken away the lives of 17 young Malaysians.

However, we finally have some credible voices, voicing for the termination of this get-rich-quick scheme:

In George Town, Melissa Darlyne Chow reports that DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng wants the federal government to scrap the NS programme if it cannot ensure the safety of the trainees.

Tunku Abdul Aziz: asks "Will they never learn?"
He further added:

The current garden-variety "national service" should be scrapped because it is not meeting the objective of integrating young people of this country, and it costs too much with little to show for it.

Prof Dr M Tajuddin M Rasdi hits out at parents: NS deaths: Are you parents dead too?

"How many National Service deaths does that make? I have lost count. They are dying right in front of our very eyes. Wake up or are you dead too? Never mind our different races, religions and socio-economic status. We are parents and we are patriotic Malaysians who love our country dearly."

He took Berita Harian to task for its page 19 meager writeup:

"This probably shows that The Star people are very concerned about the incident and the Berita Harian people mungkin tak berapa kisah sangat. Is it about ‘protecting the National Service or simply that the victim is - dare I say it? - is a non-Malay? Your guess is as good as mine."

"Listen parents. To me they seem to be intoning their standard mantra again - ‘It’s YOUR FAULT that your son or daughter died. Lain kali make sure dia sihat dulu sebelum masuk kem lah. What gall."





Anonymous said...


The NS reeks of apparently scandalous intitiatives and knee-jerk patchwork. We have lost 17 young hearts and the leaders don't seem to demonstarte any care? PERIOD.

The NS is a failure by any standards. What we fail to do over 11 - 17 years of educating our young we now expect to transform through a 3-month so-called NS workout. That is a sure one for the Book of Records.

It is time that our caring lawyers put the culprits who are responsible -- in no uncertain terms, for the death of 17 young children to the test.

Can the blogging community give some prioroty to this URGENT mess?

Anonymous said...


The NS reeks of apparently scandalous intitiatives and knee-jerk patchwork. We have lost 17 young hearts and the leaders don't seem to demonstarte any care? PERIOD.

The NS is a failure by any standards. What we fail to do over 11 - 17 years of educating our young we now expect to transform through a 3-month so-called NS workout. That is a sure one for the Book of Records.

It is time that our caring lawyers put the culprits who are responsible -- in no uncertain terms, for the death of 17 young children to the test.

Can the blogging community give some prioroty to this URGENT mess?

Anonymous said...

NS is making schme in expense of our children lives.Mr EX DAP strongman how many percent interest you hold in those deathcamp?? Can you sleep well with so many death trainees hanging over your head? When money is invovle you are dead silent.Their KARMA will be back to haunt you

flyer168 said...

I totally agree with Zorro, Haris & J.D. Lovrenciear.

Get the 17 victims' parents to sue them all (from the top to bottom) with our Blogger lawyers to make their cases foolproof.

In my opinion, if we want National Service, then the purpose is to provide a “Disciplined & well trained support service reserve” of atleast a minimum of one year training in the Army, Navy, Airforce & Police at their Academy. Yes…their “Boot-Camps” !

Yes, we had in those days the Outward Bound School (OBS)stint, where it was a pre-requesite for some jobs/profession.

Why are they “reinventing new wheels” when all it needs is to refine/stregetise the the original wheels !

Yes, you all said it loud & clear….vested interest ($$$) at our expense !

Just think of the taxpayers’ wasted Billions for this useless redundant Nonsense to achieve so little & useless to the basic needs of a “Disciplined & well trained support service reserve”

Why is Singapore so successful ? Because the Taxpayers’ Dollars are used wisely with minimum to no wastage.

Their NS training had been thoroughly deliberated & refined before they embarked on the project. It has proven itself after more than 2 decades. All their NS graduates are well trained to be deployed in the front lines, etc & they have no qualms should the need arise !

The same with their Govt. scholarships allocated for their Intellectual / Research & Development / Professional , etc NEEDS.

To control the demand/supply & not have wastages that does not meet the market employment demands.

Now that is what we call Accountability & Taxpayers’ money well spent !

Please wake up people !

Old Fart said...

Aiya Bernard, see for yourself la, who are those who died? For policy makers they are just statistics only.

The National Picnic, as you call it, will only cease when a child of one of these goons in UMNO dies and one up so high that even the entire cabinet has to attend the funeral.

But then again, the chances of this happening moght be so remote because I suppose their children will all get exempted I suppose.

Anonymous said...

A message to all Socio-Political Bloggers & Wannabes

When a pretty young girl died and the cops / powers that be couldn't do nothing / dun care , many of you "caring" bloggers were fired up with a "noble" initiative to set up an "Alert". Such as the pix right on top of Zorro's blogs ( and many more ).

What next ? Looks good ain't it on all your highly "ranked" blogs ?

But here as Zorro mentioned 17 more young ones have died unecessarily and mysteriously under this dubious NS programme. Incredulous ? Tragic ? Impossible ? Why ?

If you overactive bloggers are genuine and not bona fide marketing /self ego fakes , do something realistic and effective like declaring the NS Syndrome a National Trajedy worthy of every Malaysian's utmost attention and action.

Time for a March aka Bersih ! show the world you are real ! Not expert writers / award winning publicists!

Both feet and hands on the ground

Anonymous said...

I hoped and prayed that he'd blow himself up, but too bad, bad fuse kot.whats happening with our local procurement people so inept.

Crankster said...

Uncle Zorro, Najib has got a lousy PR advisor I think. Take a look at this pic in Triggering Trouble.

zorro said...

Guys & Gal (crankshaft):thanks for the imput. A few of us are thinking this thru. Haris, RPK and I are meeting tomorrow over this. You will agree that we do not want quick-fixes and some sensational knee-jerk remonstrations just to prove that something is bieng done. Barking is just barking. We need to BITE, and in the process bite the bullet.

Both feet and hands on the ground - that is a compromsing position and one can get buggered. Will you identify yourself and join me and the others when we come up with something tangible. Will be great to have your support. on and as always, proud to have a student like you.

Hoi, old have been missng....malt-less?

Anonymous said...


i am dead against this russian roulette program where you test your luck to the limit. count me in, zorro.
by the way, did you see lee lam thye cry anymore for the deaths? crocodile tears dried up?

CK said...

uncle, i couldn't help but borrow your pic and put in my blog. can i? let me know if you don't allow.

Anonymous said...

all they ever wanted is money!

Life is not important to them...

NAJIB! Watch your back!

zorro said...

CK, feel free to use anything you find here....though I acknowledge owner of poster.

lanaibeach said...

NS programs and the billion reign
For the cronies of the UMNOBN
It isn’t hard not to see
When so many deaths piling up
As statistic pinning on the white wall

Najib says it is hard to scrap the programs
Too many commitments for the crony links
It is all about the gravy train, isn’t it?
It isn’t about the teaching the young
Be the upright citizens one day

The deaths in his soul
The way he has drown his own
The program from the beginning
It was badly managed and supervised
As I could recall on the reports in the newspapers

The programs do it in the schools
On the school breaks no disturbance of classes
The army personnel can show them a thing or two
The parents will not hide their heartaches
Seeing loved ones out of their sight

How many deaths will soil his hands before he wakes up?
How many cries ringing in the night will UMNOBN realize?
To me NS program should be shelved…………………….
It brings no good cheers
Only to the cronies of the UMNOBN
It is money – the pot of gold after the rainbow

The death will come
Money blinded the leaders’ minds
Until the frogs decide to make a stand
Then there will be changed……………

Anonymous said...

Ask Najib and family declare whether they have any financial benefit derived directly and/or indirectly from the NS scheme? If have, quantify and disclose? Declare and disclose to God, I suppose.

Ask also Lee Lam Thye the same.

Swear/Declare with full sincerity please.

GobloKing said...

I am with You Zorro.

Stop the Senseless Deaths of Our Children!!

Can anyone tell us if ANY of our beloved Ministers have their kids at NS; and if so were they given special treatment?

Actually that is a rhetorical question - I think we know the answer to tht one!

And to anon who says Bloggers are more concerned about egos & featuring photos of those beautiful dead.

Plse don't lump all so-po bloggers into 1 pot. To each his own.

But here's an idea for you.

As you are already commenting on this blog; this "qualifies" you to set up yr own blog.

Maybe this way you can be as "constructive" as the next blogger and be able to make a difference too.

Adidas Cat said...

very saddening indeed...
to die so young for a stupid cause...
the very least that they could do is perform their basic duty and provide for the safety and health of the this too much to ask? Fcuking idiots! If any of the big shots' kids suffered the same fate, then of course it'll be a different story.

plus how do they plan to instill patriotism in such a short space of time? in any case, having personally gone through the BTN program, they gave me more reasons to hate the country than to love it. hopefully the NS is not that bad.

Lim Sey Wee said...

I'm for abolition of NS but on second thought, we should not deprive those who are willing to take part in NS. So make it on voluntary basis will be acceptable to me.

20 Cent said...

I know I'm going to get a lot of flak for this, but I personally think that having a National Service stint isn't such a bad idea at all.

However, the idea and the implementation of the idea are two different things.

Even theme parks have a better safety record that this death trap our government is passing off as National Service.

Anonymous said...

wow, Detonator thingy to officate opening, is there C4 at the end of this thing?

tajudin said...

ha ha yes, (photo) he is pumping (don't-know-what) somethin'....

Anonymous said...

the value perception of a life is subjective matter to different people. as a mother, the value my child's life is beyond any monetary value. in fact, the very thought of any person's senseless death, even a stranger's, is abhorrent to any normal person.

the question that begs to be asked: are these people human? where human lives are disregarded for greed (lives of youths in NS in exchange for $$$), for pride & fear (a life taken to avenge and/or hide a man's adultress life), for ego and/or stupidity (leaving a man with a potentially life threatening heart condition to languish in jail) and God knows what other atrocities that have been covered up for personal follies...

today, everywhere i walk and everything i say, is done with caution, not knowing when the tables will turn.

that's a LOT of wrong to becoming from the people who are affecting the destinies of you, I and our children..

Crankster said...

Hey Zorro, I'm keen to join you guys - will identify myself when we meet.