Sunday, April 25, 2010


REALLY SIGNING OFF .....thanks for all the support .......we did try our best but maybe our best is not good enough against some forces. Thanks again people......there is always another day...CIAO. I miss Karen very has been some 10 days.


Official: BN 24997 PKR 23272

811pm.....cant just leave like that yah? Hanging on despite....
Latest: BN 20.012 PKR 19,354.

Signing off: we fight another day yah?

BN wins by majority of 2,000

















645PM OVERALL: PKR 7053 BN 6010

Batang Kali PKR 901 BN 798

Ampang Pecah

PKR - 148
BN - 216


PKR 3150
BN 2883


Tak Rasmi

Undi Pos

PKR - 120,
BN - 767
Rosak - 12

SMK Dato haji Kamaruddin

PKR - 407
BN - 192

Ulu Yam Barat

BN - 94
PKR - 171

5:55 pm

PKR - (138)
BN - (226)

Bukit Fraser:

PKR - (22)
BN - (15)
Spoilt - (1)


PKR wins Bukit Frasers: PKR (22) BN (15) Spoilt (1) 38/68 (55.9%)


Polling ends....we hope to bring you the results as they filter through. Thanks for being with us.Many untoward incidents have taken place today and the three days preceeding. I have this feeling that if Zaid makes it IT IS DIVINE very personal take.


5 buses entering Bukit Sentosa in convoy. At305pm voter turnout stood at 40%. We wait to see if the five buses will jettison the voter turnout percentage.



Kg Jumut, Hulu Bernam 70%
Bandar Kalumpang 65%
hulu Yam Timor 71%
Sg Tengi Selatan 81%
Bukit Berungtung 58-3%
SK Taman Buaya Raya 38.96% of 1350 eligible voters.


The following are residents in Hulu Selangor but have been relocated:

Chey Thin Loy (620513065027) di tukar di Kota Damansara
Thangarajoo a/l Balasundram (621103106847) di tukar ke Kuang.


SRJK(C)Sg Gurney: What started with BN-PR fracas has now turned into a BN/FRU fight..



Sg Buaya 67%
SJKC Batang Kali 70%
SRJKC Choong Chee 81%
SMK Bukit Sentosa 40%
SJK(T) Sg Choh 70% (situation here has turned chaotic....FRU has been deployed)
SRKRT Changkat Ledang Asa (Hulu Bernam) 63%
SK Sg Selisek (Hulu Bernam) 73%
SKGesir \Tengah (hulu Bernam) 45%
SJK(T) KKB 53.54%




Dun Batang Kali: SMK Bukit Sentosa & SK Bukit Senorosa.
Pondok Panas closed. Place crawling with rempits.



Batang Kali....SK Sg Buaya 60% have voted.
SJKC Batang Kali 70% have cast their votes.


Hulu Yan Lama....Tan Kim Chong, a voter reported that out of the 766 registered voters, almost 200 have already died or moved away. Voting is going on smoothly. 400+ have voted. PKR party members are going to houses to ferry those who have not voted. Syabas Hulu Yam Lama


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't worry about the blockades, they are just preventing the older generations of bn supporters from voting. My 80+ years old aunt in KKB(diehard MCA supporter) is not voting as she cannot walk the 3 km to the tamil school. Apparently the whole KKB is jammed, anyone on ground who can confirm? As for the young and abled PR supporters (my cousins included) they will make their way there.


Batang Kali - 62% voted.


Sg Selisik - Saluran 1 - 69% voted
2- 63-6% voted

Kg Gesir Saluran 1 - 47% voted
2 - 76.8% voted


Ulu Bernam : SMK Gedangsa - voter turnout 60%- 2 youths from BN hauled up by police for disruptive behavior.

SK Kg Soeharto - voter turnout 50%


Hulu Bernam......overall 45% turnout....mainly Chinese and Indian voters. Malay voter presence slow. Problem with ferrying PKR voters to polling stations.

SMK Ampang Pecah - voter turnout 47% - predominantly PKR people.

SJTK, KKB: Saluran 1 47.42% voted; Saluran 2 51.86% not voted; Saluran 59.34 have voted; Saluran 4 63% have yet to go to polls. (2824 registered voters)


7 police trucks heading towards Batang Kali/Serendah area.....more cops in Batang than in Serendah.


Anonymous eddy chua said...

Are u ok?Understand that you were rough up by some thugs.Take care and be safe.

No I was not roughed up. We are safe. We stood our ground and cleared the barricade at 1:45am this morning.


Dun Batang Kali, Sungai Choh, Hj Bakir optimistic. Voter turnout about 55%

Kg Baru Cina, KKB.....situation hot....voters delayed by 1/2 hour to accommodate Najib's car.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Reports elsewhere says close to 8000 have voted by 9am, over 12%. Sounds like a very good turnout for the 1st hour. That's 133 people voting each minute. I don't have a clue on this but just wondering whether the brisk pace is normal?



Voter turnout about 40% out of which 30% are young voters, the rest elders. Voting smooth.


Ulu Yam: SPR vehicles mobilised with police escort....wonder why?


SK Rasa, Batang Kali: heavy FRU presence have discouraged earlier tense situation. 600 have voted.


Taman Bunga Raya 2 Centre: SK Taman Bunga:

Kicking match between opponents. PKR cars ferrying voters are pelted at, Duty officer Md Faisal made police report. A few BN supporters arrested.


SMK Bandar Sg Buaya....3 busloads of school children from Sek Gemanceh, NS arrive, to help in the jeering or creating disturbances. Go start to debating skills.....must congratulate HM and Minister of Education....the black-faced DPM I am told.

FRU called in.....young schoolchildren bussed in to assist in disrupting voting process by taunting voters. BN employing the young


Another phantom voter detected. Mohd Mahadzir b Jamil (IC 821125085123) is not resident of address given.

Ulu Bernam......Sg Tengi Selatan......busload of ladies arrived but not using party colours. LADY PHANTOMS?


SK Ulu Yam Baru: BN supporters outnumber PKR. A busload of orange clad students from Cheras dropped off at polling station to jeer and taunt at PKR. Good pocket money this weekend for sure.


Pekan Rasa being distributed....amount unknown but one voter said he took money but voted for Zaid.

Taman Bukit Teratai ....MIC and PKR supporters taunting each other. PKR numbers overwhelm BN. PR supporters confident PKR will win.

SMK Ampang Pecah..... (1831 voters) .....voter turnout satisfactory....number voted unknown at time of of report


Sg Selisik (793 registered to vote)

45% pt 395 have voted. Sentiments tense between opponents. BN more boisterous. Police presence seems to make no difference.


Ladang Nigel Garden, Batang Berjuntai.....BN Indian supporters attempt to create havoc but PDRM intervenes.

At Ulu Yam Baru, BN supporters outnumbered PR.



Sg. Tengi Selatan: Ulu Bernam
Faizura bt Mohamed (760816105932). In her attempt to vote it was revealed on checking that she does not reside at the address.

SK Seri Fajar, Sg Tengi Selatan 18% (140) have voted.

Kg Baru, Batang Kali 40% voter turnout currently. Peaceful


In Ampang Pecah....the usual shouting match between opponents....same new innovative variations.

In Sg Choh, no smooth.

Ladang Changkat....calm.


At SMK Bandar Baru, Batang Kali wanita UMNO dressed in Keadilan's blue and waving 1 Malaysia flags.

In Bukit Sentosa 1250 voters are registered to vote. Heckling in most polling stations.


At SMK Datuk Kamaruddin PR supporters are outnumbered by BN supporters.


In SMK Bandar Kalumpang. Ulu Bernam, voters verifying at pondok rehat. No problem

In Batang Kali, at SK Kampung Baru, Voters streaming in. 2147 voters are registered to vote


In Batang Kali, Tm Bunga Raya 1 & 2 voters trickling in steadily.....940 have voted.
In Bukit Sentosa things moving smoothly.


In Ulu Yam there are 3 voting centres......3 busloads of BN supporters are statationed at each polling station.....just wondering why? More BN people than PR.

URGENT: BN blocking voters from going to the three polling stations - SK Ulu Yam Baru, SRJK Kg Gurney, SR Agama Ulu Yam Baru. Media should be present to see what is happening here. PDRM is just looking on.


Police and SPR do nothing as BN supporters attempt to prevent PR supporters from assembling near the polling centre.

In Sungei Cho, a predominantly Chinese community, elderly early voters were not allowed to speak to reporters. SPR directed cops to ensure this.


SK Rasa - 112 have cast their vote.....big PR support outside school...BN crowd can be counted.
Both side behaving


Sek Kebansaan Bandar Baru Batang Kali - Saluran 1 - voting brisk. Saluran mudah slow.


Anonymous said...

Reports elsewhere says close to 8000 have voted by 9am, over 12%. Sounds like a very good turnout for the 1st hour. That's 133 people voting each minute. I don't have a clue on this but just wondering whether the brisk pace is normal?

eddy chua said...

Are u ok?Understand that you were rough up by some thugs.Take care and be safe.

Jong said...

This is Mother of all BUY-Elections!!!! BN/UMNO is desperate, see how low they stoop - cheat and intimidate to win this election. Yeah they must win. Why not, after dishing out so much goodies with the help of Rela, PDRM and Election Commission(SPR). If Zaid Ibrahim wins which he should, BN/UMNO should disband and close shop!

Anonymous said...

who cares? does not matter who wins.makes no difference to the indian malaysians.screw by no one.

Jong said...

Looks like lawlessness reign in Hulu Selangor BUY-Election!

Even Election Commission(SPR) which should be independent(?!!) openly support BN. What were the "Undilah BN" slips doing on SPR table at SMK Kamaruddin Polling Center?
Read Anilnetto's "live" - 09:05 posting with pix.

Malaysian Joe said...

What is Jibby doin there on election day? Rakyat diketepikan.. Rosmah di UTAMAKAN?

Anonymous said...

would you know whether suzana and her friends from perlis, kedah, pulau pinang and perak arrived safely?

Anonymous said...


gracias for the coverage of the prk...your corage is highly appreciated....

sincerely from
bond permatang pauh

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about the blockades, they are just preventing the older generations of bn supporters from voting. My 80+ years old aunt in KKB(diehard MCA supporter) is not voting as she cannot walk the 3 km to the tamil school. Apparently the whole KKB is jammed, anyone on ground who can confirm? As for the young and abled PR supporters (my cousins included) they will make their way there.

Anonymous said...

No, Jong, if Zaid wins despite all the money distributed thus far, UMNO will be even more desperate to hold onto power by all crooked means, including employing more ways & methods to disrupt the country's peace and harmony in order to declare emergency and avoid calling for the next GE as they know for sure they will lose. The country will plunder into chaos and civil unrest when people have no rice to put on the table, they will say PR brought it onto the people and that's why they should vote for BN-UMNO for stability. It's going to be very predictable if UMNO loses, they will unleash PERKASA at it's fullest strength.

Nevertheless, we will brace for it. Still hoping that Zaid wins, coz a win for Zaid (despite the lockdown and phantom voters) is a signal of awakening among the people!

Anonymous said...

corruption :-
pm : if BN wins , 3juta for the chinese school there; kalau loses
NO need to see me in kl !

master said...

I think there will be a surprise tonight as PKR will win with 2000+ votes majority. A slap at Najib's face.

Ghaafar said...

UPDATE at 3.35 pm - PKR supporters threatening voters with bodily harm, police trying hard to protect the elderly who wanted to go and cast their vote.

new fart said...

I pray to the Almighty that Zaid will win tonight! For the sake of our beautiful country!

Jong said...

" ...if UMNO loses, they will unleash PERKASA at it's fullest strength."
- Anon 1:35 PM

Yeah, it's all about
UMNO(+Perkasa!) and PKR/PR isn't it? What is happening to lapdogs MIC/BN, of no relevance anymore huh?

Anonymous said...

Hello bernard,

Moments ago i read your post abt ADUN Sungai Burung passed away...what was that all about? I refreshed your page and suddenly its gone...What the heck?

Anonymous said...

once PKR Zaid Ibrahim wins, PM Najib will get sudden shocked and heart attack comes along, GOD willing, and Malaysia will call GE13 sooner than expected.

with such incident, all 27millions Malaysians will be cheering of happiness like 31 August 1957 at Merdeka Stadium then.

zorro said...

Anon408pm...false alarm.I apologise for this indiscretion.

Anonymous said...


i buy MONEY.

so BN will win this buy election

ee chia said...

Thank you Uncle Zorro and team for your efforts!
Yes, I agree with you, if Zaid wins, it has to be the Divine Intervention! :)

Anonymous said...

Well we have another 4hrs to go for the result hope, The Best for PKR & Zaid. Hope there is no any more fallplay from the BN & EC..

All the Best for Zaid.


Anonymous said...


pls look after the bn big leader... if they are start to leaving HS then is a good sign to PR,

if they start to gather at the counting station it mean bad sign to PAKATAN... pls take note!

FMZam said...

Najib, Rosmah, Muhyiddin and SPR are the "war criminals" of Hulu Selangor. Track them down and take them for trial, win or lose this by-election.

Anonymous said...

Well, thank you for the correction, bernard. I'm with the other side but errors, man.:)

Anonymous said...

Well are there that many postal votes 899??? Only GODS Knows...??


KiyoshiJoz said...

holy crap @ the undi post... dont make sense since we're not at war or armies are not away .... such an ancient and __(insert terms which defines old here_____) rules

Anonymous said...


It's all about UMNO la! All the other parties have shrunken so much that they are all hiding under Dotty's kain! Only visible partners are SPR, MACC, PRDM (yes, this is the correct version!), all extensions/branches of UMNO as is the newest branch called PERKOSA (yes, also correct version ;)).

My2cen (Anon 1:35 PM)

Anonymous said...

Does the result include postal votes?

Anonymous said...


Thank you vey much,,,,,from the botoom of our hearts,,,for your sacrifices on time,,,,as well as effort,,,,in keeping us updated.

All from Penang.

Anonymous said...

thanks bernard and gang for current updates

Anonymous said...

I know as a fact that a number of govt agencies have gotten their budgets for this year and next year slashed very heavily. Some even up to 80%.

Make what you want out of it, but to me its either a sign of the next GE coming sooner than expected or that the govt is running low on money.

Anonymous said...

If PKR loses, it is good. THere is still much work to be done by the fledgling coalition.

Many votes are till not for PKR, there are given to spite BN. But now that BN has made amends, their sheer force, media, money will tip in their favour. There is no level playing field.

The work to be done is:
Work on leadership. One Man. He needs to exude confidence and lead PKR and Malaysians to their rightful future. Charisma alone is not enough.

If PKR wins, BN will work even harder for the next GE.

frank said...

I pray to God - "May the almighty God shower upon Zaid Ibrahim the winning fate and with majority!"

PR must win and BN - OUT!!!!

Habib said...


i told you your personnal attacks against Kamal will only do you harm. Too much focus on his degree authenticity.

And the racism from PR supporters were nauseating . Kudos to BN.. this is a good message to PR.. you keep losing your head, we the rakyat will take your head and shove it in the mud

Ugly umno said...

Just be cool becos zaid will win this election, cleanly.

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

thank you uncle Zorro and all PR voters in hs.
There is always another battle.
Next stop , SIBU

Donplaypuks® said...


I picked this up from STAR online:


Published: Sunday April 25, 2010 MYT 8:29:00 AM

Updated: Sunday April 25, 2010 MYT 7:36:35 PM

Polling day 'Live Coverage': PKR ahead in official voting result (Update)

Follow the Hulu Selangor by-election updates on Facebook ( and Twitter (

Unofficial result
BN won by more than 2,500 votes."

Now where did STAR get this unofficial info when NTV7 reporting on national TV at 8.05 pm from KKB counting centre said PKR was ahead?

Something very fishy here!!

we are all of 1 race, the Human Race

Anonymous said...

maybe next time ,if pakatan rakyat hold the higher ground ,stop racial slur towards the indians abd actually help them,and be honest.GE13 would be the D-Day where votes comes from very spectrum of the malaysian life.

Anonymous said...

If PKR because we choose the wrong candidate....1sthes not local boy

2nd Zaid have too many muslim personality draw back and are open too attack...

We can use him in GE when attention is widespread...not during PRK like this where the whole nation are focusing on them...

oh well...Sibu next....hope DAP can field a better candidates


Unknown said...

Thank you very much for your sacrifice and love for the people of Malaysia...surely God will rewards your good work on earth!yeah..well done...arigato gozaimasu..

Anonymous said...

Looks like UMNO's man Kamal-Alan-Nathan has manage to cheat through. Now, let the FELDA workers claim their 50k and the Chinese school will get 3 million tomorrow. The estimate floated around was 160 million to win the 1600 majority! That's an awful lot of money to buy this election.

Have a good rest everyone, and thanks to Zorro and the special bunch for bringing us the updates and helping out at the election on behalf of the rest of us who can't be there physically.

Next stop is Sibu. We hope the East Malaysians are ready for change!

For now, I hope Zaid will persevere. Maybe he can come to Kelana Jaya in the next GE! Zaid for Kelana Jaya!!


Ibab said...

Habib said... April 25, 2010 8:18 PM

Your sick racist party UMNO won, by lying, intimidation and payoffs. And you the nerve to call PKR racists? You want racism? Malay first, then Malaysian. And where does that leave you, mamak?

telur dua said...

They bought it. Those m...f... bought it.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the live commentary. A heartbreak but there will be other elections, hopefully fought on a more even ground

a voter said...

BN won't by buying, if it's 160 millions as reported, or more ?? Then each vote cost them RM6,400, That has not taken into a/c of TV/MSM media advertisement, + dirty tricks, kampong folks who don't read internet news. A majority of 1,725 only, LOL.

Who's the genuine winner ??

Anonymous said...

Thank you uncle zorro and team. another day, another time, no matter how long it takes, WE WILL WIN THE WAR!

Anonymous said...

The people of HS reject PR.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Zorro,

Thank you very much for your hard work put in in order to deliver the up-to-date news from HS to us. I know being away from your loved one is hard.

I feel so sad that Zaid lost. The cursed BN/UMNO won due to dirty tricks, throwing money to voters, cheating and etc. Celaka UMNO/BN. Hope they die soon.

Now, our sights should turn to Sibu!

orang kampung

Anonymous said...

To ZI and the tireless people who are striving to bring change to Malaysia, you don't need to win to be heroes and heroines in the hearts of many. Thank you for your effort. Lose one battle doesn't mean we lose the war.

Anonymous said...

Dear Zorro,
You should have listened to YB LKS!!!
He had conceded even before nomination day!!!
It is a shame that Pembangkang Rakyat (PR) likes Politicking instead of working for the Rakyat!!!
Pity the Voters who had voted for these PR YBs.
You should advise them to stop Politicking and get back to work for the Rakyat!!!

Anonymous said...

Senor, you must be very tired. Go and get a good night sleep. Give a thought to what I've commented in your earlier posting. Take care Senor.

nightcaller said...


Don't take it so hard...there are many more battles to be won before the next war. Will meet you again at your regular waterhole in the first week of May...

Till then...g'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

flyer168 said...


Our gratitude to you, all the Bloggers with their supporters, all the PR supporters from their Leaders right down to their members, etc. for the great effort.

With the official results out,

Official: BN 24997 PKR 23272

Zaid should be congratulated for the "neck-to-neck" results giving his best effort together with his charming wife, under the circumstances...

This is only ONE of the many battles to come to win the War against the Opressors.

Everyone should now have a good rest after this 10 day episode.

My sad conclusion is this......

"Winning with a 1,725 majority, at what cost to the nation & Tax payers??? (The actual amounts had reportedly been in the region of at least RM51 million.) vs the Good fight of the "People's Power!"

Just want to share this with you..

Winning is only glorious if ... — Goh Keat Peng

"APRIL 25 — As I write this at 9am on Sunday, April 25, 2010, polling has just begun and of course the outcome of the by-election in Hulu Selangor is not yet known.

Nevertheless, what is already known is the way in which the campaign had been conducted.

A doctored picture of the opposition candidate holding a liquor bottle to his lips had been a centre piece of the ruling party’s campaign. (While the candidate in question had admitted to his past practice, the doctored picture was calculated to show his current physical form and to give the impression that he was downing an entire bottle of hard liquor, etc.)

Millions of ringgit of taxpayers’ money had been given/promised to prospective voters in the constituency. (The actual amounts had reportedly been in the region of at least RM51 million.) So much so that some quarters have described this particular election as a “buy-election”.

Even more grievous (flagrant, outrageous, atrocious) was the fact that a large block of voters in the constituency have had their polling stations relocated without being informed (until this matter was publicly revealed by the PR election team).

The large police presence in Hulu Selangor had been another factor that must be examined to see if the actions of police personnel have been fair to both sides of the contest." Unquote.


The Way I See It said...

Zorro, I told u that you cant win election with votes just from one community. The Chinese come in force 2/3 voted for PR.. but 70% malays voted for BN.

PR failed miserably when it come to the malays issue..

Anonymous said...

you know something zorro,people who support pakatan rakyat really makes things worse for people who actually want to see change in this country (a real change not dividing people further).commenters like Aria and lynn who have insult the normal people of this country,these people(hulu selangor) have to live their lifes eveyday with hardship (you should know,you been there).so,aria i hope you sleep well for the racist vile comment you made against the indians in hulu selangor.

Starmandala said...

Bravo, Uncle Zorro! Having the pleasure of your warm and jolly company in KKB has been among the highlights of this by-election, notwithstanding the utterly disappointing outcome. Hawkeye has pointed out a mysterious surge around 4:30PM in the voting pattern. I strongly suspect that BN arranged for "emergency" ballots to be delivered to certain polling stations in the boondocks while everyone was distracted by the outbreak of violence in Ulu Bernam. Thanks for being there with the updates when Malaysiakini was inaccessible!

Anonymous said...

Uncle Zorro
Thank You and all Bloggers along with PR voters in Hulu Selangor. You and your team have done great service to the Silent Majority. The Postal Votes surely have backstab Zaid Ibrahim as expected.

At the end of day, the loser remain BN supporters especially the DUMNO of Feldas and Orang Asli will continue in their jungle-life kampong style.

There is another battle ahead, Sibu. In meantime there's no harm hoping more corrupted MPs and ADUNs falls to the ground and Sei!

Take care Uncle.

Anonymous said...

Zaid Ibrahim & Co. (you included), can give a million reasons for his defeat but the fact remains that the Hulu Selangor people has spoken that they wanted BN and not PR. Pakatan Rakyat can accuse the BN of playing dirty but can they claim that they have been playing clean? No, I don't think so. Politics is meant to be the way it is. If you cannot beat them, join them. And in the Hulu Selangor by-election, I can say that Pakatan Rakyat was beaten by Barisan Nasional at it's own game. Will I be seeing you in Sibu after this Senor?

temenggong said...

Yes, we'll fight another day.

Jong said...

Thank YOU Zorro and your wonderful team for a job well-done keeping us updated throughout the weeklong campaigning period.

Let's not lose heart, though some setback but it was not unexpected was it?
When they withdrew accredition for Mafrel, it already signaled that Hulu Selangor would be the dirtiest BUY-Election ever. Not that it would make any difference but at least they got everybody off its back and made sure the 'coast was clear'.

Don't get annoyed, get curious. Try to understand the minds of those Felda settlers. The $ and sens were obviously too tempting but then they could have taken all that was due to them and still vote for Zaid but they didn't.

Observer said...


BN only won because of the cheating votes they stuff into the ballot boxes and all the dirty rasuah money they threw to pollute Hulu Selangor.

@Zorro & all:

In actual fact, Zaid won the by-election by a very slim margin. But with the fake votes, phantom voters, stuff votes and bribery, that slim margin was clearly erased. Mr Kamal "UMNO/PERKASA ASS-KISSER" has a FAKE MAJORITY.
Now Malaysia's parliament will induct one of the weakest, most yes-man ass-kisser MP this country has ever seen.

Jonas said...

April 25th marks the absolute end of democracy in Malaysia. The recent turn of events locally, Hee being awarded the datukship and the 2 other frogs being freed of all corruption charges only goes to confirm the state of political affairs in Malaysia. It seems that there is very little left to be done other than hope for divine intervention.

Anonymous said...


We must look into new ways to increase pakatan's voter. In America, Obama won because he have great ground crew that pull voters. They knock on doors even before the election. They build strong network with local. Maybe we can learn something from Obama's campaign style.

SOBA said...

Thank you Zorro Bhai
You have done your best and I for one am very grateful for your sacrifice.
We might have lost hulu Selangor but GOD is still in control
You think this politicians run the country...NOOOOO...God is still in CONTROL. God Bless you Zorro

flyer168 said...

Bernard & Anon 06.01,

There are lots of info here, so take your pick....

Strategies for Election Political Campaigning...


flyer168 said...

Bernard & Jonas,

Did I hear Divine Intervention...!

Early reward for Jibby, Mama & Co on BN's win in HS.

Just read Margeemar Blogspot for

Eat your heart out!


pinsysu said...

uncle z

many thanks. najis bought perak & now he bought HS. he dun have the means to buy GE13. we'll fail only when we give up. God bless Msia!

Anonymous said...

Indian folks , pls take very good care & dun complain anymore against
umNO & perkasa if ...if they destroy your temples or .....!!

Yoda said...

Let's not feel despondent, Pakatan lost a battle but the outcome of the war is still anyone's guess.
Let's focus on the next battle... SIBU ! Again it would be Pakatan versus BN... Sibu gives the opportunity to get even for losing Hulu Selangor.

Anonymous said...


Thanks a million for keeping us updated. It is really a pity some segments of the voters could be bought with a few ringgits and empty promises. Haven't they had enough of BN and their hypocrisy the last 50 years?
GE13 will be the real battle. PR should be ever ready for it. We will be ready. We will conquer.

Anonymous said...

The corrupted and unethical BN/UMNO politicians lavished M$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ just to buy the rakyat votes. Lets see these politicians and their rich cronies will keep their promises.
Its ok PKR lost this time. Zaid has done a great job and a great service to the rakyat of U.Selangor.
At least they will enjoy the $100 million we hope.
But we PKR will be back and much much stronger the next time.

tamingsari said...

A win is a win.To me its a fair election by SPR standard. Federal Govt vs State Govt. Both parties put at their disposals with what they got. Thank God nothing serious took place between supporters of both sides. Give peace a chance. Too bad,divine intervention is against Zaid. Take a good rest brother Zorro,its been a hard days work. Dont take life seriously cause you can never escape from it.

Appreciate your reporting very much. See you...

Anonymous said...

RPK's article about Hindraf and his boast about Zaid winning HS with 3K majority turns out to be a blessing to BN.

You all BR bloggers should do a self check. The people of HS clearly rejects PR.

Come the next GE, Selangor will be returned back to BN.

Anonymous said...

Indian folks , pls take very good care & dun complain anymore against
umNO & perkasa if ...if they destroy your temples or .....!!

April 26, 2010 10:30 AM

Anon 10.30,

I wish to point out that not all the Indians voted for BN , by the same token some Chinese voted for BN and so did Malays. Your statement is wrong and does a disservice to the struggle. No one promised it was going to be easy, but lets not start pointing fingers and alienating others just because of hiccup.

I will lay some of the blame on the Selangor Pakatan government. They should have been proactive in engaging the people of Hulu Selangor over the past 2 years, instead of waiting for the by-election. Whatever, lets take this one on the chin and learn from the lesson.


Jong said...

To Zaid Ibrahim, I say "THANK YOU"! You did your level best.

I agree with Harry 1.03PM, it was not your fault; your PKR leadership is much to be blamed for not mobilising a reinforcement team to address the needs of HS residents and to assist the late MP when he was sick and traumatised by cancer the past 10 months.