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Posted by Erin
Tuesday, 06 May 2008

PLEASE we only need RM1 from you, nothing more.

Latest Update :

updates 16:16 - Account statement made by RPK's wife on the donation as at 4pm today

From CIMB bank account : RM24,500.00
From Paypal account : $3,283.61 USD (net total, after deduction of fee charges by Paypal services)

Message from RPK's wife and family:

Only RM5,000.00 is needed to bail out RPK. The remaining balance will be given to charitable home of RPK's choice. We would like to thank you all for your tremendous supports.

Message from MT's Team: 5.30pm 6th May 2008

We would like to CALL OFF the donation campaign as we already collected enough fund to at least bail out our dearest YM RPK. It is the matter of RPK principle, and collecting excess wouldn't be appreciated by him. As stated aerlier, all excess will be given to charitable home/center, and RPK or his family will make known of the statement from time to time. Thank you MALAYSIAN for supporting MALAYSIA TODAY!

"ONE RINGGIT ONE PERSON" RPK's court bail donation can be deposit into this account:


There are still many cases of Malaysians in remand or in jail because they could not post bail. We call to mind that East Malaysian boy who could not produce his IC and had to remain in jail because he could not afford to post bail. Lawyers could point us in the right direction if we intend to use some of these donations to "free" some Malaysians. Just a thought....not yet a suggestion.

we are so proud of you malaysians who responded so speedily....GOD BLESS YOU ALL.



Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

i agree with zorro.

The extra money could perhaps go and bail someone else out.

Thank you, from me, to all generous Malaysians.

RPK, we are with you.

Unknown said...

the excess money can also go towards a new pc/notebook for RPK.

Anonymous said...

I think RPK didn't need the money. He just didn't want to post bail. He just want to be detained, to prove a point maybe. The donations makes it sounds like he is in need of funds.

Nevertheless Malaysians have once again come forward for a cause. But will RPK WANT to use these donations to bail himself out when he could well afford it?

Maybe he prefers the government's hospitality and wants to embarrass the government further, make Mr and Mrs Najib and Abdullah have nightmares.

What is on RPK's mind really?

Anonymous said...


my tears are streaming down. at least, i know the country still has a soul.justice will prevail.
marina and kids, stay tough for him.

Anonymous said...

is rpk's safety guaranteed in sg. buloh? i watched a lot of movies about the lawlessness in prison and i m kind of worry...

zorro said...

chow kit cowboy....allow me to say this. You do not know Pete as I know him. You have not crawled into his skin as I have. You are entitled to what you think. I just have this to say: just empathise and try not to read into too many things about what we are doing. It is a common stand we make.....a better place for us and those who come after us. Idealism is a fluffy cloud. Realism is what makes things happen that otherwise will not happen. What if he has the money? His stand is as I said it... he will not post any bail on a filmsy trumpt-up charge. I wont too even if I have the 5k. Tomorrow, as I know him, he will tell Marina, post it another day. You are spot on here. But he hasn't got the funds that you all think he has. Believe me, he hasn't. He is self-employed for the past ten years. And did you know that he was teary for being remanded. Did you know that his eldest daughter couldn't take it that his father was cuffed with the hands at the back. We don't need a hero....we just want somebody to say to the powers that be....we are different today and you people who rule us better believe that we are different and we want things to be different. Peace son. Believe in us and what we try to do. Thanks for your one ringgit contribution. We really appreciate the gesture.

bakaq a.k.a ~penarik beca said...

Cik Gu, Mat Sabu told me (he called me from Kuala Terengganu yesterday):

"Urusan Raja Petra bukan urusan dia seorang. Itu urusan kita semua. Dia bukan tulis untuk dapat kereta baru ka, rumah baru ka. Dia tulis untuk kita, rakyat Malaysia.

"Aku hormat Raja Petra. Sapa-sapa saja yang lebih berani dari aku, aku hormat. Raja Petra lebih berani dari aku. Aku tak takut nak mengaku kelemahan aku".

Anonymous said...


haha check this out.

Anonymous said...

A TURNING POINT for yangmulia RPK :
Creat a by-election ( one mp pls vacate a seat )put RPK in the parliament as the PR opposition leader & work his way UP,UP UP.... as the next PRIME MINISTER OF MALAYSIA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

well said zorro on your reply to chowkitboy and i agreed with BEERANYONE to let the donation to snowball. it could be used to fund the blogger's house when there is a need for new equipment and so on.

GobloKing said...

Well said zorro.

now can you plse go to rocky's site and do the same for all those amnotroopers who appears to think it is great to bash when someone's down.

what chowkit said is not even offensive compared to what was said abt rpk there.

Anonymous said...

Thanks zorro for your perspective.

Empathise? Of course I can empathise with the whole situation, with RPK and his family. I have been there before (been there, forced to endure that) and knows whats it like for the family and anyone who's concerned. Gave away some years of my prime time because some lowly paid officials reported of "leftish leanings and therefore a threat" to the country. He probably got promoted for his efforts but his Minister had no problems (or conscience) signing the papers. After all it was all "properly done" according to the laws.

And when you finally get your "yellow ticket of leave" (Jean Valjean), you can't get a decent job because everyone's suspicious of you.

The same ex-Minister is now a "blogger" and therefore now a "hero". What irony. But what of the scars that have been left behind on the many who were his "unwilling guests" at the local "Hillton".

It would be good if no one has to spend even a day in jail, even temporarily. We urgently need to correct and straighten out this whole social and administrative mess. But you can only do so and be more effective if you are outside, not inside (but I am sure some will have a different opinion and quote Mandela). Sometimes I am perplexed by the modus operandi.

It is good and honourable if one stands by his / her principles like not willing to "post any bail on a filmsy trumpt-up charge". Like one Dr Basmullah who refuses to pay the RM 120,000 fine imposed on him for not registering under the PHFSA. He currently serves a 120 days jail sentence. He did not pay then nor thereafter. He stands by his principles.

Today we hear RPK is incommunicado, not willing to see anyone, not even his wife. Is this voluntary or forced? Is he affected mentally (I hope not)? Has he been given the "black eye treatment" (I hope not)? So whats happening man? Keep us posted.

I would prefer he be a free man. I prefer every man be free.

Cheers bro.

Old Fart said...

The Aparthied Police state of South Africa made a martyr and legend of Steve Biko. Who remembers the cops or the prosecutors or the politicians who killed him? But Steve Biko's name ives on.

Let the those who think they are powerful toda know that they will like the aarthied regime of South Africa become like them, forgotten. But Raja Petra will be forever remembered.

AS for the fund for his bail, I thought the message was that so very quickly 5,000 individuals deposited RM1 each intot he accout. Do you think Najib wil be able to get 5000 volunteers for anything in such short time without first paying them something?

all-in-one said...

Dear Zorro,

Yesterday, I went to nearest CIMB branch to bank-in my humble RM10 as my support to repeal OSA.

I pray for RPK's wife and family. I pray for their good health and their endless support for RPK.
I pray for all Malaysian to be prepared for more changes in Oct08!

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I was trying frantically to surf Malaysia Today. Have they closed it down? Is there an alternative venue for all MT supporters to convene?

Faraway Malaysian

fie the elf said...

Even if I'm overseas at the moment, anytime financial help is needed for RPK or Malaysians who are wrongly jailed, I'm willing to donate. We must show BN that we're not afraid of supporting the innocent.

Unknown said...

Sedition act, read the scary version here:


Anonymous said...

Please Start a malaysian awareness program !!!!

we need more people to be aware of what has this country done !!!

this just not right .... we need to make it right ...

Anonymous said...

UMNO-BN is a bloody disgrace.

zorro said...

GOOD PEOPLE....thanks for your kind thoughts and donation. I salute our Malaysians overseas who made that difference. GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

Anonymous said...