Friday, May 9, 2008


Over brunch, it was decided by Raja Petra and bloggers who gathered after his release, that the funds will be used as a DEFENCE FUND for bloggers and commentators , should the currently-in-office government decide that they do not like what we write.

Blog owners hold in high regard commentators who form an integral part of the blogging community. RESPONSIBLE commentators inspire blog-owners in this chosen vocation.

Raja Petra has magnanimously directed that the donations be used for the best cause - protection of bloggers and commentators. Do let us know if you are agreeable, especially those of you you made the donations. However, let's focus on the reason behind this donation initiated, and let us know accordingly. THANKS AGAIN FOR YOUR UNSTINTING SPONTANEOUS RESPONSE IN OUR TIME OF NEED. GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU, NEAR AND FAR....and to the bank officer whose RM1 is really appreciated.


Unknown said...

before anything, use some of the money to get rpk a computer then yes, the balance as a defence fund.

Anonymous said...

That's a good idea indeed. Raja Petra won't be the last blogger to face the wrath of the Sedition Act, the ISA, the OSA or whatever draconian law the gov't decides to use against a citizen exercising his/her free speech.

Anonymous said...

Yes, agree. Get a computer for RPK as well.

Justice for Altantuya.

Dave Avran said...

Absolutely. Valid commentators are vital to keep dialogues going and to stimulate intelligent discussion and share viewpoints across the platform.

I agree and fully support that the balance of funds be used to defend fellow bloggers and responsible commentators.

I join bro zorro in thanking those who responded so speedily and contributed to RPK's bail appeal.

GobloKing said...

Hi Bernard!
I only balik 18/6 lah! Can or not do the "satay party" as scheduled. That would be timely !

I have just decided
seditious materials = telling anything resembling the truth
not seditious = lie lie lie

So now I write this & you can decide if this is seditious or not..

Some VVIPs are robbing and stealing the country blind

Some VVIPS are misleading the rakyat so they can continue robbing and stealing the country blind

Some binis/biniswannabe have more assets than they can (ac)count without being to the manor born; nor being able to justify for them based on the sole provider's income

Some kerises are not meant just for decorating the desk/wall !

Wah...if I go somewhere uncomfy, you plse bring my pillow ah?